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Special category – failure of Chandrababu or Jagan?


The special category status is a subject that has done no good but a lot of harm to Andhra Pradesh. The national parties know full well that it’s not that easy to confer status on any state as many other states will start demanding the same. While this is a promise to be fulfilled by the national parties, the YCP and TDP leaders are blaming each other in AP.

The big question being asked now is whether the AP people will forgive Chandrababu on the special status issue. Jaganmohan Reddy terms it as a total failure of the TDP and nobody else. The BJP leaders are also cleverly asking why Chandrababu is not able to bring status despite his lot of political experience.

Interestingly, the TDP leaders are putting the blame on Jagan for supporting the BJP which has not fulfilled the status promise. It’s PM Modi who promised special status at his Tirupati public meeting prior to 2014 election. This is being highlighted as the deliberate indifference of Modi to the AP status cause. Jagan has a secret understanding with Modi and Amit Shah but he is not able to get assurance from them on the status. Rahul Gandhi promised to put his first signature on AP status file. Many promises are being made again around special status. Nobody knows whether the status issue still has hope.

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Tollywood biggies meet CM and extend support on SCS


Tollywood bigwigs met Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu today and conveyed their full support CM and his fight for Special category status.

Director K. Raghavendra Rao, Ashwinidutt, KL Narayana, KS Rama Rao and Gemini Kiran were among those who met AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu. They expressed the solidarity of film industry to CM and conveyed they will wear black badges till April 6th to express their displeasure over Center for not granting Special category status to AP and not even fulflling the assurances made to AP during bifurcation. They also assured CM that they will also be part of the fight for Special category status for AP.

But it is to be noted, they met CM personally but not as a body of film industry – like Movie artist association or Film Chamber or producers council or director’s association or even as one unit like Telugu Film industry. Some people in film industry (like Posani, Tammareddy etc) earlier spoke against supporting Chandra Babu and his fight on SCS. We have to wait and see if other film personalities support the cause of SCS at least, if not TDP government, in future or not!!

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Pawan Kalyan takes U-turn over special status to Andhra


Taking a U-turn on the issue of special category status to Andhra Pradesh, actor-politician Pawan Kalyan on Monday said the tag was not important.

In an interview to a television channel, the Jana Sena chief said that it doesn’t matter whether the state gets the tag of special status or not.

“What is important is the financial help from the central government,” he said.

Pawan, younger brother of superstar and Congress leader Chiranjeevi, also ruled out any truck with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) till the state’s demands are met.

The actor had been targeting Andhra Pradesh’s ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP) ever since it accepted special package from the BJP-led NDA government last year in lieu of the special category status.

Pawan had been addressing a series of meetings to target TDP. He had also described the special package as a “stale laddu”.

Last week, he had even threatened to launch an indefinite fast to seek special status.

The u-turn came amid the allegations by the TDP that Pawan has secret understanding with the BJP. TDP president and Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu had criticised the actor for making allegations of corruption against the TDP government instead of targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not fulfilling the promise of special status.

Pawan, however, denied the allegations that BJP is behind him. “I have people behind me,” he said.

Denying that he suddenly started making allegations against the TDP government, the actor claimed that he had taken up the matter with Naidu but he did not seem serious about looking into the problem.

Meanwhile, reacting sharply to Pawan’s latest remarks on special status, state minister Amarnath Reddy said this proved beyond doubt that he is playing into the hands of the BJP.

Pawan had campaigned for BJP-TDP alliance in 2014 elections. TDP last week pulled out of NDA, accusing BJP of not fulfilling the commitments made to the state, especially granting special category status.

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Will start Amarana Nirahara Deeksha – Hero Sivaji


Hero Sivaji has been leading the ‘Special Category Status’ movement right from the very first day. In Andhra Pradesh, announced that he will start fast-until-death (Amarana Nirahara Deeksha) for AP Special Category Status. Talking to the media, he said, ‘if AP SCS is not granted before the Parliament Budget are completed, I will start fasting-until-death.

PM Modi deceived the people of Andhra Pradesh. What’s pathetic is that he backstabbed us. From now on, if someone deceives anyone, let us ask, are you human? Or Modi?’.

Sivaji took the attack even to the Vice President of India, Venkaiah Naidu. ‘We have been telling Chandrababu Naidu that, Venkaiah Naidu will fooling us regarding the Special Package. We are fighting for the Special Category Status, not for us. It is for the future generation of Andhra Pradesh.
I know that Telugu people are clever, and will teach everyone a lesson. The Centre should spend taxes it receives from a state, for the development of that particular state itself,’ said Sivaji.

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Will support BJP, if ..: YS Jagan


YS Jagan Says Will support BJP

Jagan who has been doing Pada yatra surprised many when he told he will support BJP in his recent interview to an English daily.

YS Jagan told that his party backed demonetisation and GST since they are much-needed reforms, which are being taken up across the globe. The only factor that is causing some disturbance is the rates and slabs of GST. In fact, GST has benefited some manufacturing sectors like steel and cement. YSRCP’s support to the BJP is issue based. YSRCP went against the BJP on special category status and land reforms. We will support the BJP if they agree to confer special category status to Andhra.

When asked about court dismissing his plea to exempt from personal appearance at the court during padayatra, he told “I don’t think the BJP has any role (in CBI court’s decision). In Andhra, we don’t need the BJP or Congress. They need regional parties than regional parties needing them. But we need the BJP’s support for special category status to Andhra. Only the incentives associated with special category status will help Andhra attract large scale investments and jobs to scores of unemployed youth.”

He also added that Congress party has no place in Andhra. The BJP has some vote share. Communists too have little vote share. We hope response to my padayatra will help the BJP change its stand on special category status.

So, when he told, he will raise the issue of Special Category status (SCS) during padayatra, people thought he may fire on BJP for not granting SCS. But surprisingly, he is going too soft on BJP and moreover he is saying, by seeing the response to his padayatra, BJP will change its stand on SCS. So, it is very clear that he is not going to utter even one harsh word on BJP during his padayatra and he will be happy if BJP extends their hands to join him. At least, this is what the message people get from his interview

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Two Yuva Netas, Two Yatras and Special Category Status


Andhra Pradesh has two parties which are nascent and run by Yuvanetas. While the YSR Congress Party is currently playing the role of opposition, Jana Sena party is structuring itself towards real time politics.

Both the leaders, Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and Pawan Kalyan are crowd pullers. Kalyan’s political experience comes from leading the youth wing Yuva Rajyam during his stint with now defunct Praja Rajyam party.

In his re-entry, Kalyan wants to avoid turncoats and said that at least 65% new comers will be given tickets. On the other hand, Jagan’s party is a party of defectors and Y S Rajashekar Reddy supports.

Legendary NTR who marched in the assembly with entirely new faces, had to depend on experienced politicians who later secured place in the then TDP cabinet.

Conversely, the seniors have become voiceless in Jagan’s party. Likewise, Kalyan will indisputably have a final go even if he gives chance to seniors.

YSRCP explicitly said that they are not looking for alliances. But Kalyan remained tentative on partnerships. Jagan bluntly said that he wants to be Chief Minister. But Kalyan discreetly said he will work for people and is not aspiring posts.

In the meantime, Jana Sena announced Padayatra or Bus Yatra which would stretch for about two months. While Jagan has given a date for his six months Padayatra, Kalyan is yet to enter fulltime politics.

Nonetheless both are going into people with one agenda – Special Category status for Andhra Pradesh. Jagan said that due to yearly exams, college admissions and various reasons for about six months he did not raise the SCS topic. He indicated that without students help, it is difficult to achieve.

On 26January, when students wanted to protest, Jagan came forward to support them while Kalyan tweeted support. In these six months’ political equations changed, but finally YSRCP decided to go alone, with SCS as agenda into the people.
On the other hand, TDP clearly stated that Janasena is ally while the latter noted that alliance ended after 2014 elections. Kalyan has been going soft on the not-an-ally (maybe ally).

With several situations that transpired, will the two parties be able to create confidence among people that special status can be achieved remains an unanswered question.

In this backdrop, Chandrababu Naidu may want to avoid alliance with BJP if these two Yuva Netas with their Yatras manage to strengthen the SCS sentiment among the people.

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Jagan’s Yuvabheri to seek SCS in Anantapur


After a prolonged wait, Andhra Pradesh Opposition Leader Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy will be demanding Special Category status again. He will participate in the Yuvabheri (a youth convention) scheduled to be held on 10th October in Anantapur. The Yuvabheri will be demanding special category status and other items in the AP reorganization act which were not realized.

The Yuvabheri programme has been successful many a times in the past with a large number of students coming forward to participate.

He will also meet the incharges of all the constituencies in the district. Jagan’s will be discussing the measures to be taken to strengthen party and constituencies and the plan for his Padayatra.

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Special category status protests in Vijayawada this month


Andhra Pradesh Prathyeka Hoda Sadhana Samithi or special category status (SCS) council decided to conduct protests in the state demanding SCS on 25th of this month. CPI, CPM, YSRCP and Loksatta party representatives participated in the round table conference. Samithi convener Chalasani Srinivas said that everyone should collectively struggle for accomplishing the status. The Samithi will hold protests and conduct rallies with intellectuals and students in Vijayawada on 25thMay.

Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy who met Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said that they cannot ignore the SCS as AP cannot compete with other states unless the status is accorded. However, his actions were differed from his word. Nonetheless YCP participated in the meeting of the council.

It may be recalled that Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee President N. Raghuveera Reddy last week said that many as 14 parties supported the Special Category Status. Congress will apparently hold a public meeting in Vijayawada where Party’s vice-president Rahul Gandhi will highlight the injustice meted out to the State.

As the parties unite for protesting SCS, the state might likely witness some action again demanding status.

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Pawan Kalyan backtracks on Special Category Status protests

The less men think, the more they talk. Especially when one is sitting in a luxurious room this hot summer and whenever possible following politics is bound to access social media and tweet about it. Wise men speak because they have something to say and then we have Pawan Kalyan who speaks because he has to say something.

In fact, media critiqued the leaders of congress and YCP for raising SCS issue as there is no strategy and it is a “closed chapter” as per the ruling party. When the state was united to fight for the cause of SCS in January, Kalyan did not come forward to lead it but continued to tweet. Now that people seemed to have accepted it, he is seen congratulating YCP and TS Congress leaders for supporting.

Anyone who speaks for SCS will get Kalyan’s support. After the special category protest, in the press meet, he said that Jana Sena will soon start protesting for SCS. It is apparent that he is influenced by the ruling party, who seem to back track on their words. After the press meet in January, the Jana Sena chief took up various issues and side tracked this issue. Never again he spoke about protesting for SCS. If the actor is serious about it, he wouldn’t find reasons like in February groups exams, in March tenth exams, in April Eamcet exams etc. If protesting on twitter will get SCS, then the state would have got status in the republic day week itself.

Jana Sena chief said that the TDP MPs forgot the insults they faced during the state bifurcation. What about the students who were beaten up during January26? Isn’t it an insult to the youth who hoped that this would trigger agitation? The actor who takes tweet-holidays, is portraying himself like Chandrababu Naidu, who out of nowhere speaks about bifurcation just to remind people of the injustice meted out by Congress and keep them in sync with TDP. In fact, following Naidu’s guidance, even Kalyan ensures to remind people of the bifurcation.

He even questioned if the central government would ever divide Uttar Pradesh. I think the actor-turned-politician may want to find out how Uttarakhand was formed before tweeting. It was carved out from UP and was created by NDA led BJP under leadership of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It’s high time for Kalyan and all other leaders to stop talking and start taking action, to stop promising and start proving.

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Naidu sends SOS to Modi


Muni Koti’s self-immolation demanding special category status (SCS) to Andhra Pradesh has set in motion a chain reaction. While opposition parties intensified their agitation, chief minister Chandrababu Naidu has sought an appointment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He dashed off  a letter to PMO seeking immediate audience with the PM. He is said to have informed the Prime Minister about the growing disquiet among the people over the lack of clarity on the much-needed special category status to Andhra Pradesh. Naidu sought convey a strong message that the SCS was not the demand of state government, it was demand coming from the people of Andhra Pradesh.

According to sources, Naidu wants some categorical assurance over the  special status or at least financial package to the state in lieu of the special status on the lines of the one  announced by UPA to Vidharbha.

“I have sought an appointment with the Prime Minister Modi. I am writing letters to all Union Ministers concerned with the implementation of AP reorganization Act. Very soon, I will request them to cooperate in resolving these issues tormenting the people of Andhra Pradesh,” Naidu said in Visakhapatnam on Monday.

Following the death of  Muni Koti, who had self-immolated at a Congress rally demanding SCS at Tirupati on Saturday, the TDP-BJP combine in the state is under intense pressure over the issue of special category status.

While a bandh is being observed today, YSRC has called for another bandh.

In Kurnool, a JAC has called for protest march today. Many more local level marches, dharnas are planned across the state. In this backdrop, on Monday, Naidu had a closed-door meeting with senior party leaders at Visakhapatnam ostensibly  to formulate a strategy on neutralizing Opposition’s attack.

He called upon  his colleagues to launch an no-holds barred attack on Jagan and Congress which are bent on fomenting the trouble in the state at a time foreign companies are coming forward to participate in the development of capital.

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TDP stages Dharna “Drama” in Parliament


The problem of TDP in Parliament is that it is neither here nor there. Since the party is a partner in the Mody led NDA government it is not expected to shout like the Opposition in the parliament and rush into the well, at the same it can’t afford to remain silent when part-time politicians like Pavan Kalyan also started attacking it. This predicament of the party is making it butt of a joke even among the party MPs.

As if it is a reply to Pavan, who asked what were the TDP MPs doing parliament to get special status accorded to Andhra Pradesh, TDP MPs today staged a dharna demanding special category status to Andhra Pradesh.

The MPs led by Rajya Sabha MP CM Ramaesh demanded the implementation of all assurances given at the time of passage of Telangana Bill such as incentives to industries, grants to bridge the deficit created by loss of revenue of after bifurcation and granting the special category status .

Holding placards, the TDP MPs chanted slogans such as “grant of special category status” and “implement all promises made to successor state of Andhra Pradesh”.

The MPs finally ended up criticizing Congress for disrupting the house and  preventing TDP members from raising the special status issue in Parliament.

But, JC Diwakar Reddy cracked serous joke on the dharna.

The Ananatpur MP, who might have participated in a dharna probably for the first time in his political career, was not happy with party’s  perfunctory approach to these issues.

“This dharnas is staged perfunctorily,” he let the cat out of the bag.

” This dharna program has been taken up as a knee jerk reaction to Pavan Kalyan’s attacks. This won’t take you any where,” he revealed what is in his mind.

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