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Sreemukhi begins a new relationship with Rahul Sipligunj


Singer Rahul Sipligunj and anchor Sree Mukhi, the former inmates of ‘Bigg Boss 3’, have put their differences behind and started bonding. “Let bygones be bygones. We have started a new relationship,” Sree Mukhi declared sharing a photo taken with Rahul on Instagram.

Rahul Sipligunj won the title of ‘Bigg Boss 3’ while Sree Mukhi stood as runnerup. She was the hot favorite to win the title but Rahul clinched it with popular votes. This has led to differences. Meanwhile, Rahul’s close friend Punrnavi made some startling comments against Sree Mukhi.

Now, they have put all the differences aside. They have started focusing on their respective careers.

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Sreemukhi not happy with Bigg Boss 3 team


Sreemukhi may have received a huge paycheck for her stint in Bigg Boss 3 but she is not content with this. She wanted winning title badly, not the money.

When she was approached for the show, the team reportedly gave her promise that they would see that she gets the title at any cost. Sreemukhi remained in the show till the last hour. Even when she was not playing well and many contestants made serious accusations against her, she did not get evicted from the show. The showrunners “managed” as per their promise. But winning the title is decided by the general public through votes. Singer Rahul Sipligunj emerged as the winner thanks to the voting system.

Since the grand finale, Sreemukhi is sulking that she was cheated. Sreemukhi feels Star Maa should have intervened in putting a cap on last-minute votes for Rahul Sipligunj.

Sreemukhi entered the house for the sole purpose to become the winner of ‘Bigg Boss Season 3’. She will have to resume her TV shows again.

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SWOT analysis of Bigg boss 3 Telugu finalists: Sreemukhi


Bigg boss season 3 Telugu entered the final week. There is curiosity among the audience to see who will be the winner this time. Ali Reza, Baba Bhaskar, Rahul, Varun, and Sreemukhi are the finalists. Out of these finalists, each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. Earlier Telugu360 has done a SWOT analysis on the finalists of Bigg Boss 1 and Bigg boss 2 and now coming up with SWOT analysis of Bigg boss 3 finalists.

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Sreemukhi joined the show as a favorite and since day one she has been the main contender for the title along with Varun Sandesh. Now, as expected by the audience, she reached the finale and SWOT analysis on her as below.


Her main strength is her energy in the tasks and her entertainment. It is not an exaggeration to say, this season would have been boring on weekdays without the entertainment provided by Baba Bhaskar and her. She has even agreed to have permanent tattoo of Big boss on her hand that shows her passion for this show.

Among the finalists, she is the one who is the busiest artiste outside the house and one can say she joined the show because of her personal interest to participate in the show.

She also gave 100% in each and every task till date. Her IQ levels also much better than some of the finalists as is evident that they could not understand some tasks. Her performances in some skits also came extremely well and entertained the audience.


Her hyperactive nature is not liked by some sections of the audience. Her over-enthusiasm in tasks also brought some negativity on her. Even though she gave 100% in tasks, at times, it looked like she was bullying other contestants and not giving them their space. This also brought her negativity.


She is the only female contestant to reach the finale this season and she never played gender card in the show. Her fan following outside the show also an asset for her. The way she played the game in the last 100 days also brought lot of fans to her.


Her hyperactivity and the way she targeted Rahul are big threats for her to win the title. Had she not targeted Rahul, probably he would have been eliminated the house long back as he got sympathy because of the way she targeted him.

Overall, Sreemukhi is definitely among the top 3 contestants along with Varun and Rahul. We will have to wait and see whether Bigg boss will give the title to the female contestant at least this time.

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Will Bigg boss give title to a female contender at least this season?


It is season 3 of Bigg Boss in Telugu. In both the previous seasons, Bigg boss gave the title to male contenders despite female contestants giving a very strong fight. 

Hari Teja:

Whenever somebody talks about Bigg boss Telugu season 1,  the three names people recall is Jr NTR, the host of that season, Shiva Balaji, the title winner, and Hari Teja, the contestant who won the hearts of people. The way she entertained the house is still talked about and her ‘burra katha’ episode became blockbuster and director Anil Ravipudi used that episode again in ‘Raja the great’ movie. She was the one who entertained the most in season 1. No other contestant left such a huge mark in the mids of people in that season. When many thought she will be the title winner, suddenly Shiva Balaji emerged favorite during the last couple of weeks because of some different reasons. Hari Teja had to adjust to 3rd place.    

Geetha Madhuri:

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 became Kaushal vs rest of others because of the sympathy factor on Kaushal. Kaushal played a different game and strategically targeted the housemates and made them negative. Influenced by his game, his army and his fans even abused female contestants in social media and Geetha Madhuri was the one who got the most vitriol on social media from Kaushal fans. When an elderly lady, a fan of Kaushal, abused Geetha Madhuri, Nani had to pitch in social media.

Click here: https://twitter.com/nameisnani/status/1035852416590209024

Geetha Madhuri displayed extraordinary courage to confront Kaushal despite knowing how his army was behaving outside the house as re-entry contestants and wild card contestants gave some clues. Also, she played secret tasks near perfectly. But all her efforts went vain as Kaushal army was a big force at that time. Geetha had to adjust to 2nd place in that season. 


In season 3, Sreemukhi became the sole female contender to reach the finale. Undoubtedly, she has played the game with near perfection and she gave lots of entertainment in this season. Obviously, she is the contestant with a good IQ and she was seen explaining the tasks to others. Even Rahul, her rival in house, told that she helped him with correct lyrics for ‘pedave palikina’ song. Vitika told that Sreemukhi helped her while preparing for weekend performances. Even though she has been helping others in their performances, in addition to giving her best, the audience still doubts whether Bigg boss will give the tile to Sreemukhi or not. 

Other Languages:

In Hindi, 6 out of 12 times, female contestants won the title. In Tamil, the female contender won the title in 2nd season. However, in Telugu female contenders never won the title. We will have to wait and see whether Bigg boss season 3 title will be won by a female contestant or not.  

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Bigg Tidbits: Sreemukhi’s phenomenal rise in voting in last week


Sreemukhi has been hot favorite in the Bigg boss season 3 Telugu ever since she joined the show. However, her graph fell down in the middle of the show and there were even doubts that whether she will make it to final at some point of time. However, she improved her voting by leaps and bounds in the latest nomination process as per the reports.

As Rahul won the ticket to finale, the rest of all housemates are in nominations. Out of the 5 contestants in the nominations – Sreemukhi, Baba, Varun, Ali, and Shiva Jyothy, reportedly, Sreemukhi alone got more than 35% votes and the remaining 4 contestants shared the remaining 65% voting. Getting such huge voting just before the finale is considered as an advantage to Sreemukhi. In fact, Rahul also got very good voting but he is not in nominations this week and regular voters who vote for him might have chosen some other contestant this week. As per the Bigg boss history also, winning Ticket to the finale is a negative thing for finale in one way.   

We will have to wait and see if she sustains such huge voting during the grand finale as well.

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Bigg boss episode 69: Sreemukhi becomes captain for the first time


Sreemukhi becomes captain of Bigg boss house for this week for the first time. She won in captaincy task contended by Baba Bhaskar, Shiva Jyothy and Ravi.

As per the captaincy task, Bigg boss gave the contenders bowls of color liquid. Each of them has to save the liquid in their bowl. They cant keep the bowl down or give the bowl to others or even hold it with single hand. If they do so, they will be out of the task. In the end, whoever has the bowl with more liquid, will be the winner. Housemates can save their favorite contestant’s bowl and try to spill the liquid from other contenders.

Captaincy task:

As Baba Bhaskar and Shivjyothy have already become captains in previous weeks, housemates didn’t support them. Housemates were divided between Ravi and Sreemukhi though, in their support. Ali Reza told, he wants to support Ravi as he is in nominations this week and may get evicted and so he will leave the house with a satisfaction of serving as captain. Varun also supported Ravi. However, Sreemukhi’s arch rival in the house Rahul also supported Sreemukhi. Varun’s wife Vitika supported Sreemukhi despite Varun supporting Ravi. Ali took bowl from Baba Bhaskar and as per rules, Baba was out of the game for giving away his bowl. Later Bigg boss announced that Shiva jyothy also out of the task as she held the bowl with single hand. However the task turned interesting after this as it was direct competition between Sreemukhi and Ravi and both of them have never become captain in the house and both of them are in nominations this week. As per rules of the task, contestants can re-fill the bowl once and Ravi utilized the opportunity and refilled it with help of Varun. Sreemukhi didn’t refill. her bowl.

Ravi’s blunder costed him captaincy:

At this stage, Ravi did a blunder. Even though his bowl had more liquid and if he sustained he would have become captain. But he moved towards Sreemukhi and tried to spill the liquid from Sreemukhi’s bowl with his leg. Meanwhile Vitika tried to save Sreemukhi by pushing Ravi’s bowl and all the liquid from his bowl spilled and he was out of the game.

After becoming captain, Sreemukhi took sweet revenge on Baba by forcing him to do mean tasks as he did the same to her when he was the captain. We have to wait and see who will get evicted from house this weekend.

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Sreemukhi on Bilingual Flick Chandrika

It is not Chandramukhi but Chandrika, the bi lingual Chandrika is being presented by Sajid Qureshi who made Pustakam Lo Konni Pageelu Missing. “He was looking for a Telugu girl, one girl who was already finalised was Kamna Jetmalani. He saw my work on Saradhi and Prema Ishq Kadal, he narrated the story on the phone. One day he did a trial shoot and uploaded on the youtube and got a good response. He made it in two languages both in Kannada and Telugu. Muni Siddhappa is the director”, reveals Sreemukhi to Telugu360.com.

Ask her if there are any similarities with Chandramukhi she replies, “People think that Chandramukhi is similar to Chandrika but it is totally different, only the genre is a common point. The director made sure that the plot looked novel, and I am sure people will not find any similarities. Kamna Jetmalini comes in the flash back and I play the housewife and her aatma comes into me, Second part too there is a small part as a flash back. We tried to play with colours, like gulal…It is an out and out love story. It is a challenge for me to take up such a role and yes, this is a debut film for me in Kannada. Hundred percent was shot in Bangalore and Mysore, at Lalit Mahal Palace.”

How easy was Kannada?

“It took a lot of physical effort and I had to shout, scream a lot. The language was similar, when I was hosting Adhurs I was witness to seeing the Kannada part being filmed so I could grasp most of it and so it wasn’t difficult. I heard horror films in Benguluru do really well. Lot of people have already started enquiring after the trailers came out. My next film is releasing Dhanalakshmi Talupu Thattidi. This is a comedy thriller and that former is love story and horror.”

Sunitha Yalavarthi.

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