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YCP leaders panicky over Undavalli comment


Former Congress MP Undavalli Arun Kumar is known for his wide contacts in political circles. He frequently gets lots of attention by making sharp comments on the current political situation and its future repercussions. All of a sudden, Undavalli commented that even top leaders like PV Narasimha Rao and NT Rama Rao had to resign within nine months. This comment came at a time when news spread about the CBI filing a counter in the court against the exemption for CM Jaganmohan Reddy from personal weekly court appearances.

Most of the present YCP Ministers and MLAs are close friends of Undavalli who, like them, also owes his political launch to YSR. These leaders are now left in a deep shock at Undavalli comment. Undoubtedly, the ruling party leaders are in grip of panic and they have started enquiring about the BJP’s next move with regard to Jagan court cases.

Till now, YCP leaders blindly believed that the BJP is totally supporting YCP though indirectly and that Jagan would find complete relief from CBI cases. But things changed now. There are also rumours that at a later stage, the CBI may even ask for the cancellation of Jagan bail. This is because CM may be influencing witnesses by giving them prime posts in the government.

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Undavalli on Operation ‘Dravida’ – It can only happen in cinemas


Expressing his views on operation ‘Dravida’, as claimed by hero Sivaji, Undavalli Arun Kumar said that, such kind of things can happen in cinemas. ‘It is foolish to think that political parties will spend money on political operations.

Every political party wants to win in all states. The way they execute their plans will differ from those shown in movies. At the same time, one should understand that parties can only win with people’s voting, and not by strategies’.

Talking about Sivaji, Undavalli said, ‘I don’t say Sivaji has fabricated this story. If that is the case, he could have shared the same long back. I believe someone going by the name Kalyan Ji, might have shared with Sivaji, and hence the later has informed us all’.

At the same time, he also made a mention of the quantum of funds with Ambani’s and Tata’s. ‘If all that is money that can bring down governments, Ambani’s and Tata’s can surely change the governments within minutes, given their massive assets’.

The Telugu people who have gone with Sivaji’s latest revelations are left in a puzzled state. Though we can argue about the authenticity and possible of operation ‘Dravid’, it wouldn’t be fair to cast doubts on Sivaji’s motives.

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Undavalli compares ‘MP’s resignation’ to that of, a child’s tantrums at food


Former Congress MP and a key committee member of the JFFC (Joint Fact-Finding Committee) Undavalli Arun Kumar took a satirical jibe at TDP and YSRCP MPs resignation call. He referred them as mere tantrums.

Speaking at the closure of the 2nd day JFFC meeting at Hotel Daspalla, Undavalli made the following comments to a reporter’s questions. ‘MPs resigning is another way of protesting against the government. It is similar to that of a child playing tantrums that he wouldn’t eat his food. The child expects the mother to come and please him. But given the juncture at which the MPs are coming out with resignation, I would rather suggest them to come up with a no-confidence motion. The no-confidence motion is not only brought in to bring down a government, it is also used to expose the government.

The speaker should implement no-confidence motion if more than 50 MPs support it. The TDP or YSRCP MPs can come up with no-confidence motion. In this way, they could force the parliament to exclusively conduction session on resolving the motion, putting aside rest of the things. The AP Special Status issue can have a nationwide attention, if the AP MPs put forth the no-confidence motion, and then resign over it.

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It was Bauxite ‘Whitewash Paper’ : Vundavalli


Former Congress MP from Rajahmundry Vundavalli Arunkumar said the white Paper released on Bauxite by TDP government was in fact ‘Whitewash Paper’. Because, the paper, instead of placing facts before the public, sought to distort the facts and provided inaccurate data meant to mislead the public.

Arun Kumar, once staunch supporter of YS Rajasekhar Reddy, quit the Congress following the party’s decision to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh. He did not join YS Jagan later. But, of late, it is said, he is inching towards the YSR Congress. For quite some time, he is on war path with the TDP government. Against this background, Arunkumar took on Naidu government’s bauxite white paper.

He said he was ready for public debate on the so called white paper of chief minister Chandrababu Naidu since the bauxite mining was a burning issue and it was he who was responsible for whole contoversy . He asked Naidu to tell the people of the state who had opened the bauxite controversy in Andhra Pradesh first.

“We would have appreciated if the government had come out with the facts. Everyone knows that it was chief minister Chandrababu Naidu who brought the bauxite issue to the fore first. Now the CM is indulging mudslinging on YSR and his son to cover up his culpability,” he said.

Stating that Tribal Advisory Committee opposed when Naidu proposed the bauxite mining during his previous tenure as Chief Minister, the former Rajahmundry MP said the TAC had also opposed the similar proposal tabled by the late YSR government.

“Surprisingly, the chief minister Naidu is now trying to divert the attention of the public from the real origins of the controversy and hiding his role in the blame game,” Arunkumar said.

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Naidu lands himself in embarrassment


What would be the reaction of chief minister Chandrababu Naidu now, as his challenge to opposition parties for a debate on the special status is accepted by two leaders?

Chief minister yesterday hurled a challenge for a open discussion on the special status and his efforts to get it. Opposition parties are not sure that Naidu was sincere and believe that he had traded the special status with centre intervention to bail him out in cash-for-vote scam in Telangana. Now, they accepted the challenge.

First to accept the challenge was APCC president N Raghuvira Reddy, later former Rajahmundry MP Undavalli Arun Kumar announced he was ready for open debate at anyplace and at any time ” I am ready for a debate. Fix up the date and venue,” Raghuvira Reddy said on Friday . He asked the chief minister to fix the date, timing and venue at his convenience and he had no reservation whatsoever on these matters. “We will discuss what you placed before PM. Your deputy CM says he was not taken into confidence. Let us discuss all the issues, including the package for Rayalaseema and North Coastal Andhra,” he said.

Undavalli has gone a bit further and conveyed his readiness for the debate in writing. Writing a letter, he requested the CM not go back on the challenge and fix the venue as early possible. Welcoming Naidu’s bold decision for a public debate, the former MP urged the CM, “to provide him with an opportunity to raise the sentiments and emotions pent up in the minds of the people in debate within confines of agenda you fix up and on the date you choose.” He said he wrote many letters earlier expressing his desire to debate the issues like Pattiseema, but he did not get even acknowledgement.

” This is it heartening that you (the CM) had invited us for a debate,”  he said hoping that CM would invite him the debate. Now we have to wait and watch if Naidu would backtrack on the challenge or go forward to fix date and venue for the great debate..

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