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TDP women chief faults Mahila Commission chief meeting DGP


TDP women wing – Telugu Mahila – president and former MLA, Vangalapudi Anitha, on Thursday dared DGP K V Rajendranath Reddy to take action on the complaint given by AP State Mahila Commission chairperson, Vasireddy Padma.

Anitha said that Vasireddy Padma had met the DGP and lodged a complaint against the social media posts on Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s wife Bharathi. She wondered why Padma needed to be the chairperson of the Women Commission to lodge complaints in favour of the chief minister’s wife. She said that Padma had downgraded her position by this act.

She said that when the women commission chairperson was going to meet the DGP, we thought that she would discuss issues of protection to women in the state. But, she had disappointed everyone by giving a complaint to the DGP on behalf of the chief minister’s wife, Anitha said.

A YSRCP activist resorted to sexual harassment against a six-year old girl and the Mahila Commission chairperson did not raise this issue before the DGP, Anitha pointed out. According to the report of the National Crime Records, atrocities against women in the State are very high and at least 17,000 women fell victim to this kind of molestation, she stated.

Is it not shameful that she did not make any complaint on these issues but only pointed out the trivial issue of some posts on the Chief Minister’s wife, the TDP leader asked. “The Mahila Commission chairperson, who should discharge her duties above any political considerations, is unethically supporting a particular political outfit”, Anitha maintained.

Why is she silent when some highly objectionable comments were made against Bhuvaneswari, the daughter of the late NT Rama Rao, she questioned. When the former minister, Kodali Nani, made some offensive remarks against women, Padma did not respond though several women in different parts of the State approached the police, she stated.

“We will not remain silent if such a situation continues and the prestige of women is degraded. The ruling party leaders, including the Chief Minister, do not dare to face the public without tight security,” the TDP leader stated.

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Women’s Commission Chairperson fires at TDP leaders


AP Women’s Commission chairperson Vasireddy Padma took strong exception to the way the opposition TDP leaders held a protest at the Vijayawada government general hospital, the other day. The TDP leaders, led by its chief N Chandrababu Naidu staged protest seeking justice for the gang rape victim.

They also raised slogans against the Women’s Commission chairperson who also visited the victim in the hospital. Following this, the commission had already served notices to Chandrababu Naidu and former MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao asking them to appear before her on April 27.

Responding to the TDP leaders’ attitude towards the commission, Padma said that the TDP leaders tried for political mileage rather than getting justice done to the victim. She also regretted that Chandrababu Naidu, who worked as the chief minister of the state, forgot that the Women’s Commission has judicial powers.

She welcomed the political parties for holding protests for the cause of women. However, she sought to advise them to remember that justice to the victim, punishment to the culprits are more important than political mileage.

She also took exception to the way the TDP leaders behaved towards her when she visited the hospital to console the victim. “How did they forget that the chairperson has judicial powers and an assault on the chairperson is liable to punishment?” the chairperson asked.

Vasireddy Padma said that she would take severe action against Chandrababu Naidu and Bonda Uma if they fail to turn up before the commission and give their reply.

It is to be seen if Chandrababu Naidu would attend the commission for enquiry or take legal help as the chairperson reiterated that those who have received the summons should appear without fail!

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Special district units to curb human trafficking: Andhra women panel


Vasireddy Padma, the Andhra Pradesh Women’s Commission Chairperson and YSRCP leader, on Tuesday said the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) government has set up special units in every district to crackdown on human trafficking of women.

Padma said human traffickers are deploying newer techniques to kidnap women as well as sexually harass them.

The state government manned these units with police officials, she added.

She made these remarks while participating in a webinar organised by Mary Stella College in Vijayawada.

She inaugurated the webinar which saw participation from representatives of USA, Africa, Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam and Italy, including representatives from 13 states within the country.

Padma said the State Women Rights Commission will start forming anti-human trafficking cells in colleges and universities in collaboration with the international justice mission.

These cells will work towards raising awareness on human trafficking, she added.

The YSRCP leader said there is a need to create awareness about predatory men on the prowl in the virtual world among school children.

She highlighted that human traffickers are deploying new online techniques to target women.

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‘Declare all mandals as drought-hit’


In wake of the spate of suicides by farmers, YSR Congress has demanded the TDP Government to declare all mandals as drought hit and waiver agriculture loans in toto. ‘The deficit rainfall during the sowing season was 54 % and the late monsoon has scaled down the figure but the farmers are in distress and drought conditions are prevailing in the State,’ party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here on Friday.

Four more farmers have committed suicide in Andhra Pradesh yesterday and the drought conditions prevailing in the State are pushing them to many hardships. The State announcing that the deficit rainfall is only 6 % does not reflect the true picture as the figure was much higher during the sowing season.

‘Unless all mandals are declared as drought affected and loans are rescheduled agriculture will be in a bad shape in the State and we demand the government to waive all agriculture loans in one go to save farmers from the present distress,’ she said.

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