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Declare 175 candidates now, Bonda Uma dares Jagan


Can YSRCP president and Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, dare enough to declare candidates for all the 175 Assembly segments in the State, asked TDP politburo member, Bonda Umamaheswara Rao, on Monday.

Talking to media persons at the party headquarters here, Bonda Umamaheswara Rao expressed confidence that whenever elections are held for the Assembly the TDP will sweep the polls. The situation for the YSRCP has come to such a pass that the majority of the sitting MLAs are not willing to contest on the party ticket and the YSRCP has to search for suitable candidates, Bonda Uma said.

This apart, the recent survey conducted by the IPAC revealed certain shocking facts that the ink people are no longer reposing faith in the YSRCP and Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy, he stated.

Particularly after this IPAC report, the sitting MLAs are not coming forward to re-contest the elections. All this is because of the inefficient administration and large scale corruption of Mr Jagan, Mr Bonda Uma added. While Jagan himself has announced that he is not going to give party tickets to at least 40 sitting MLAs, some have announced that they will not be in the race at all, he pointed out.

Perni Nani, Dharmana Prasada Rao and Chevireddy Bhasker Reddy are among those who are not ready to contest the elections again on YSRCP symbol, he stated. ”I am now asking the Chief Minister whether he can announce the names of the candidates of his party for all the 175 Assembly segments,” Bonda Umamaheswara Rao said.

Also, Perni Nani should tell the people of the State as to how many problems Jagan Mohan Reddy has solved though he made more than 20 visits to New Delhi in the past four years, Bonda Uma said. The people have totally lost faith in this Government and the IPAC report itself revealed that the party will confine itself to a single digit in the coming elections, he remarked.

Has Jagan fulfilled even a single promise made to the voters, the TDP politburo member asked and said that Jagan has minted lakhs of crores by selling poor quality liquor that claimed thousands of lives. ”The TDP is already prepared to defeat the YSRCP whenever the elections are held,” Bonda Umamaheswara Rao said and made it clear that his party is ready to face even early polls.

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MLC elections give wake up call to Jagan


The graduate constituency MLC elections have given a wake up call to YSR Congress president and chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. The results of these elections are in favour of the opposition TDP and give a clear warning to the ruling party.

Jagan Mohan Reddy had moved heaven and earth to win all the three graduates’ constituency elections. He had asked his party MLAs and Ministers to work and had deployed them in the respective constituencies two months before the schedule was released.

He also held two rounds of meetings with the rank and file of the party and one meeting with the MLAs and Ministers. He told them to win all the three seats and nothing less would be acceptable to him.

Now, the results are against his wishes and plans. The results show that the ruling party did not improve its popularity among the educated and urban voters.

Saddest news for the party is its defeat in North Andhra where the party had been focusing more from the past two years. Jagan Mohan Reddy had announced that he would be shifting to Visakhapatnam in July and the announcement was made in the middle of the election at the investment summit.

However, it looks like these announcements have not convinced the educated votes, if one goes by the results. He is unable to move these voters who are still in favour of the TDP.

The TDP’s alliance plan also worked well for the party. It was able to convince the educated voters that the Jagan Mohan Reddy government had failed to develop the state. Despite Jagan holding the investment summit and displaying the big investors in Visakhapatnam, the voters rallied around the TDP and not backed the YSR Congress.

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu said that the end of Jagan Mohan Reddy started with his defeat in the graduate MLC elections. He claimed that the people are turning towards the TDP and would dump the YSR Congress in the Bay of Bengal in the 2024 general election.

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APNGO Association President calls on Jagan


Bandi Srinivasa Rao, who was elected as the President of APNGO Association, along with general secretary KV Siva Reddy and panel members called on the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy at his camp office here on Thursday.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister congratulated Srinivasa Rao and his panel members for their victory in the Association elections held on Wednesday.

APNGO Association new executive committee members P Purushottam Naidu, DV Ramana, P Krishna, Ch Srinivasa Rao and Government Advisor (Employees’ Welfare) N Chandrasekhar Reddy were also present.

This is the second term for Srinivasa Rao to be elected as the APNGOs Association president. He was in the same position last year when the government held consultations with the union leaders.

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Jagan taking credit for works completed by Chandrababu, says Gorantla


TDP senior leader and MLA, Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdhury, on Tuesday said that the Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, is taking credit for the works almost completed by Chandrababu Naidu.

Jagan Mohan Reddy is just cutting ribbons to declare open several projects that were almost completed during Chandrababu Naidu regime. Jagan should feel ashamed to just change the name of such projects, the TDP leader commented.

Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdhury was talking to media persons through zoom. He said Chandrababu Naidu completed 82.86 per cent of Sangam project works but Jagan Reddy could not take steps to complete even the remaining 20 per cent works.

The State Water Works wing is totally inactive as a result of which there is absolutely no progress in several irrigation projects works, including Sangam barrage, he observed. Only 18 percent of works of Nellore barrage and Sangam barrage remained incomplete when Chandrababu Naidu demitted office, but Jagan Reddy could not complete even 10 percent of these works, he stated.

Now he is saying that we will declare these projects open. Chandrababu Naidu has completed major portions of the works but Jagan Mohan Reddy is now taking credit for them, the TDP leader added. As Jagan Reddy is concentrating more on his Enforcement Directorate (ED) cases and has been making efforts to safely come out of these cases, development in the State has taken a back seat, Gorantla commented. What happened to the main demand of Jagan Reddy that he would strive for special category status to the State, he asked.

The State is witnessing heavy losses due to the inefficient administration of Jagan Mohan Reddy, he said, adding that the pending bills of almost all the contractors are yet to be cleared. Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdhury demanded that the Chief Minister, at least now initiate measures to complete all the pending projects.

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Will Jagan give one RS seat to the Adani family?


Wide debate is on in Andhra Pradesh over the Rajya Sabha biennial elections, scheduled to be held on June 10. The AP Assembly is to elect four members for the Rajya Sabha this time as YSR Congress Member V Vijay Sai Reddy, BJP members Suresh Prabhu, Y S Chowdary and T G Venkatesh are retiring in June.

While BJP is losing three seats, the YSR Congress is gaining them to increase its strength to 9 in the Upper House. It is for sure that Vijay Sai Reddy would get another term as he is heading the Parliamentary Party of the YSR Congress and is a trusted lieutenant of Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy.

The debate is only on the remaining three seats that the YSR Congress would be getting from the BJP. Sources say that Jagan Mohan Reddy had cleared the candidature of industrialist Beeda Masthan Rao for the second seat.

While several names are doing rounds in the state for the third seat, sources indicate that the chief minister had made up his mind to give the fourth seat to the Adani family members. It was a special request from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to accommodate the Adani family, sources say.

Interestingly, in the last election, Jagan Mohan Reddy had accommodated Ambani’s quota for the fourth seat. He gave the ticket to Parimal Nathwani, the vice-president of the Reliance Group. Though Nathwani had been the MP for twice by then, Jagan Mohan Reddy made it so that Nathwani took the YSR Congress membership and became YSR Congress MP.

Likewise, this time too, it is said that Jagan Mohan Reddy would offer the Rajya Sabha ticket and the YSR Congress party membership to Adani family members to take the fourth seat. The deal was said to be decided during the recent visit of Jagan Mohan Reddy to the national capital, sources say.

Now, the big question is will Jagan give the RS seat to the Adani family? Will the family member take the YSR Congress membership like Parimal Nathwani?

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Jagan govt gives another woman home minister


Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy gave the home ministry to another woman in his cabinet on Monday. Taneti Vanitha, who is one of the 11 ministers in the first cabinet to get renominated, was made the new home minister of Andhra Pradesh. She succeeded Mekathoti Sucharita, who held the post till she resigned on April 7.

The chief minister had swapped the portfolios of Botsa Satyanarayana with Adimulapu Suresh. Now Botsa Satyaranarayana was given the education portfolio while Suresh was given the Municipal Administration and Urban Development portfolio.

Dharmana Prasada Rao was given revenue, stamps and registration, while Seediri Appala Raju was given his previous portfolio of animal husbandry, fisheries and dairy development. Gudivada Amarnath was given the industries, investments, and IT, while Dadisetti Ramalingeswara Rao was given Roads and Buildings, Pinipe Viswaroop was given Transport, Karumuri Nnageswara Rao was given Civil supplies.

The chief minister continued his five deputy chief ministers policy for the second cabinet too. This time he made Peedika Rajanna Dora, Budi Muthyala Naidu, Kottu Satyanarayana, K Narayana Swamy and Amzad Basha as the deputy chief ministers.

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Jagan takes more loans than what undivided AP took in 50 years!!


The AP Government’s profligacy and indiscriminate borrowings are now the talk of the town. The Government is borrowing to sustain its vote-catching welfare schemes. This is now crossing all norms of economic and financial sustainability. The AP Government is ignoring the warnings from financial experts about the impending economic doom in the state.

If the total borrowings of the government, including the pre-bifurcation period stand at Rs3. 14 lakh crores, the total borrowings of the AP government within three years after coming to power of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is a staggering Rs 3.60 lakh crore. Sadly, these borrowings were not spent on any infrastructure development but on sustaining the welfare schemes.

According to official sources, the government secured loans to a tune of Rs 229317.60 crore from STLs. It got Rs 1500.10 crore from compensation bonds. Rs 10158.40 crore were taken from NSSF. Another Rs 41.90 crore was taken from the LIC. The other organizations that have lent money to AP are: Nabard (Rs 6800.40 crore), NCDC (Rs 99.40 crore), Central Government (Rs 21711.80 crore) and PF (Rs 22878 crore).

In addition, Rs 31.40.40 crore were secured from Reserve Fund, Rs 62745.40 crore from Deposit advances and Rs 50 crore from Contingency fund. At this rate, the state would go bankrupt soon, warn financial experts. They suggest that the state government should take immediate corrective steps.

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Remove Jagananna, YSR names from central schemes: Centre warns Jagan


The Centre has warned YSRCP government in Andhra Pradesh headed by Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy over naming the schemes of the central government after CM Jagan and his father YSR.

The Centre dashed off a letter to AP government seeking explanation on changing names of Centre’s schemes. It asked Jagan government to remove those names.

After Jagan became CM of AP in May 2019, he is naming all schemes after himself or his father YSR.

All the welfare schemes of YSRCP government have prefixes ‘Jagananna” or YSR.

The Centre took a serious view of Jagan naming Centre’s ICDS, ICPS schemes as Jagananna Goru Mudda, Jagananna Paalu, YSR Sampoorna Poshana etc.

Because these schemes are implemented by the Centre’s women and child welfare department with its own funds.

Jagan named these schemes after him as if the YSRCP government was sanctioning funds.

The Centre also asked the Jagan government to submit expenditure details of these schemes following complaints that the Jagan government had diverted these funds to state government’s schemes.

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Modi shock to Jagananna, YSR cash programmes


The BJP Government at the Centre has come out with a master plan to get full control on the implementation of all its 57 programmes in the respective States. It will no longer release Central funds directly to the State Governments. Also, funds will be released in four phases every year. Funds will be released only when 75 percent of funds would be spent with proof of works in the previous phase.

This has come as a rude shock to the AP government. For long, the BJP AP leaders have been complaining that Jagan Reddy has become a ‘sticker CM’ by using the Central funds for his programmes. They also complained to the Centre over how the AP government was giving more publicity to its Jagananna and YSR direct benefit transfer schemes while using the Central funds for the same.

The diversion of the NREGS funds for the YCP cash transfer schemes became a big issue. Now, no more diversion will be possible for Jagananna programmes. There will be round-the-year monitoring through nodal agencies formed by the Central Government. Bank accounts will be opened for each Central programme.

Also, there will be Central funds only when matching grants are released from the State. Too much hype on Jagananna, YSR programmes is proving disastrous. No doubt, AP would have to depend more on loans for its cash transfer schemes.

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Jagan issues GO to circumvent HC order on removal of party colours on govt buildings

Two days after the AP High Court directed the state government to remove party colours on panchayat offices and government buildings, the government seems to be in a defiant mode and in no mood to honor the court’s directive.

On Thursday, the government instead of removing the colours continued painting the walls of panchyat offices and government buildings with the party colours. The government cleverly added one more colour – terracotta (mud colour) above the three colours of the party – green, blue and white.

On Thursday, the state government issued a GO explaining what each colour indicates. As per the GO, green colour painted on the walls of the government buildings and panchayat offices indicates agriculture (green revolution), while blue (water resources, aquaculture industry) and white revolution (milk and milk products). Experts believe that the state government’s move to add mud colour to the existing three colours is an attempt to circumvent the High Court order. Mud colour, according to the YSRCP GO, indicates earth.

Several panchayat offices and government buildings were painted in the white, blue and green colours of the ruling YSRCP, ever since Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy rode to power. Hearing a petition filed by Muppa Venkateswara Rao, the High Court directed the state government to remove the party colours from the government buildings and pointed out that the colours could influence voters during the civic body elections.

Last week, the High Court noted that the manner in which entire the issue is being dealt with by the state government compels the court to think and observe that the state government was not removing the colours associated with the ruling YSRCP, from the walls of panchayat offices and other government buildings with an eye on the elections to civic bodies. The advocate general sought three months time and informed the High Court that the colours can be removed only once the lockdown is completely lifted and that the government will inform the court time needed to remove the party colours in the next hearing. Refusing to give three months time, the HC pulled up the government for dragging its feet on the issue. “We will give three months time with a condition that the state government will not hold elections till that time,” the High Court observed.

Recently, the state government also stated that it will move the Supreme Court challenging the HC’s order of scrapping the GO to make English medium of instruction compulsory in the government schools

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