TANA Membership Lawsuit : Election counting on hold


Fake memberships in TANA is well  known to all NRI’s in USA. There was a total gain of 10,000 members during two months before the election cut-off date in November. There are widespread allegations that a number of these memberships were sponsored by a election contestant. Telugu360 broke this news and has been picked up by mainstream media.

This controversy has reached Maryland court. Judge asked both parties to settle out-of-court. As per negotiations, a third party that is agreeable to both sides will be commissioned to re-verify all the new members. Upon re-verification if more than 4.25% memberships are found to be fake, then elections will be cancelled. In that case for all the positions which were not unanimous, elections will be held again.

Chowdary Jampala, TANA President, sent a email to all the members “TANA and the plaintiffs agreed that both the parties acted in good faith. We reached a tentative settlement agreement and resolved pending issues amicably.”

TANA Enrollment details as of 11/30/2016 (~15% of enrollees were not verified)

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