Vijay Sai name on Simhachalam committee triggers fears


Political and general circles are full of rumours that Vijay Sai Reddy has been behind all the major scandals breaking out in North Andhra and especially in Visakhapatnam. Rivals are even calling him as the de facto Chief Minister of North Andhra as he is virtually running the administration in all its aspects there.

Now, the Government has put him on the Simhachalam land committee which is dealing with the temple lands located in the port city and surrounding areas.

Interestingly, Visakhapatnam YCP MP MVV Satyanarayana has not found his place on this committee. Also, the TDP MLAs in the Vizag city assembly constituencies were also not given a chance. But, Anakapalli YCP MP Satyavati and Endowments Commissioner were included on the committee along with Vijay Sai.

The entry of Vija Sai name has triggered speculation and fears in Vizag circles that the ruling party is opening flood gates for another scandal soon. Already, the unilateral change of MANSAS Trust Board by creating differences within the Gajapathi Raju royal families has shaken up the socio-political life of North Andhra people. Opposition is saying that it is now clear that Vijay Sai is brought in to loot the precious lands of Simhachalam Devasthanam soon.

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  1. బాగానే. గెస్ చేసారు. ఎప్పుడో చెప్పారు ప్రతిపక్షాలు. ముంచెత్తారు వైజాగ్ ని. వినకుండా. A1 బ్యాచ్ ని పీఠంఎక్కించారు. చేసిన పాపం ఊరికే పోద్దా ? అనుభవించాలిసిందే.


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