YSRCP for welfare, TDP for deceit, says Jagan


Slamming TDP for its opportunistic tie-ups, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said people are YSRCPs natural allies and they would spread the message of welfare across the State as it is tangible and seen all over.

He called upon the Party rank and file to take the message of welfare strongly to the people in their respective areas for making a clean sweep of 175 assembly and 25 Lok Sabha seats in the ensuing elections.

Addressing a mammoth gathering at the fourth Siddham public meeting here on Sunday, the Chief Minister asked them to make it clear to the people that the welfare measures will continue only if Jagan continues to be at the helm.
Stating that the YSRCP would soon release its election manifesto, he said that it contains only the promises that the Party could implement unlike the TDP which promises heaven but shows hell after coming to power as it did after winning the 2014 polls.

He said he is seeking political power to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of all demographic groups like women, farmers, the aged, school-going boys and girls and the youth for handing them over a golden future while Chandrababu Naidu is seeking political power for pursuing again the policy of plunder, stash and devour.

TDP which has copied its manifesto from other parties in the neighboring states in the name of six guarantees is seeking power for selfish ends while YSRCP wants political power for relieving the poor from the fetters of poverty, he said and told the Party cadre to publicize this.

“I seek political power for creating history in elevating the lives of the poor and transforming the society while having a permanent place in the history books and in your hearts while Naidu needs for his selfish ends.

Naidu has forged alliances with political parties which have no political stakes in the state, which have illogically and unethically divided the state, which have defaulted on the promise of special status for the State and which have only generals and no army, he said, adding his alliance is with people only.

Our welfare schemes have benefitted 87 per cent of the people across the State and the Party has fulfilled 99 per cent of the election promises, he said, adding that the TDP has no political credibility.

Describing the forthcoming elections as a war between YSRCP that stands for credibility, social justice and represents the poor and TDP that stands for deception, injustice and represents feudalistic forces, he called upon the cadre to convey the message that Naidu is approaching the voters again with fake promises which can’t be implemented. The ulterior designs of TDP and its allies should be exposed and defeated.
Stating that the YSRCP Government has delivered welfare benefits worth Rs. 2, 65,000crore through DBT schemes and Rs. 1,10,000 crore through non-DBT schemes to eligible beneficiaries without bias spending Rs.75, 000crore per year in the last 58 months, he said TDP and its allies have promised welfare schemes worth Rs. 1,40,000 crore every year.
How can Naidu pool the funds required for the schemes, he questioned, pointing out that the TDP leader wants to cheat the people again as he did in alliance with Jana Sena and BJP in 2014.

“My alliance is with you and God and YSRCP will take on the TDP and its allies alone,” he said, asking them to caution the people about the false and misleading election promises of Naidu.

Naidu’s cycle is unable to move as it has no wheels, tires and tubes and hence, he is seeking the alliances of other parties to move it, he said, asking how come the TDP is seeking alliances if it thinks YSRCP has not done any good for the people.

Naidu’s political party is just like a tree infested with pests and YSRCP is just like a fruit bearing tree.

The Chief Minister said that while YSRCP draws energy from its credibility and the smiles of every house that benefitted from the welfare schemes, Naidu draws his strength in alliances with others parties which do not matter in the State.

The Chief Minister stated that Chandrababu is a zero and its alliance will only make a big zero as the TDP leader and his allies can’t seek votes from the people as they have not done anything good to the State.

Fan should always be in the house while cycle should be kept out and the used tea glass should be in the kitchen sink, he said, asking the Party cadre to remind this to people.
“Beneficiaries of welfare schemes are my star campaigners and you should ensure they work like an army to work for the victory of YSRCP in the elections”, he said, saluting the lakhs of people who turned out for the public meeting.

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