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2.0 Final Report :

Shankar and team delivered a Box-office winner in the form of ‘2.0’.

First half is average , second half is good AND last 30 minutes pure VFX Extravaganza ! Story wise not much to rave about , Shankar’s mark in effectiveness or Emotional connect has been limited to Pakshi Raja ( Akshay ) ‘ s flashback and that episode is the soul of the movie.

Background score is of international standard , can be rated 10/10 throughout ; Graphix / VFX work will WOW common audience but it is patchy at times , on a whole satisfactory. Rajini’s charishma has been used in last episodes.

Overall , Given the big names behind and Commercial elements put together 2.0 delivers a boxoffice winner !

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7:15 AM Dont miss the post titles scene

7:05 AM ‘ Yantrapu Lokapu sundarive / Endhira Logathu Sundariye ‘ song at the time of rolling titles !

6:50 AM Climax grandeur is outstanding , VFX team has done some good work. Shankar plays to Rajini’s image as well

6:30 AM After Pakshi Raja flashback ends , movie is back to proceedings of Chitti Vs Pakshi Raja

6:15 AM Social message conveyed by Akshay Kumar flashback is good , and of typical shankar mark !

6:05 AM Akshay Kumar flashback time. He has been introduced as an ornithology professor

2.0 Interval Report :

First half of 2.0 is OK. Spectacular visuals. While VFX Work & Background score are good. A lot is dependent on 2nd half

6:00 AM Rajini , Chitti build a device to counter the evil forces , Interval block reveals Akshay Kumar’s face

5:45 AM Finally government agrees to re – launch Chitti. First confrontation scene between the cell-phone bird and Chitti came out well

5:30 AM In a high profile meeting , Rajinikanth proposes to government to bring back dismantled robot CHITTI to combat the situation !

5:15 AM Rajinikanth tries to find out the reason behind the cell phones disappearing case.

5:00 AM In Entire city ..Cell phones fly out , disappear from owners’ hands . Police department is clueless

4:40 AM : Titles VFX work , backgroud score are slick. Movie opening scene is on Akshay Kumar

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4:30 AM Much awaited extravagant film ‘2 Point 0 ‘ premier show begins ! Titles !

2.0 Movie – Telugu360 Live updates from world’s first premiere show begin at 6PM EST WEDNESDAY New York Time. Keep refreshing this page

Superstar Rajinikanth’s 2Point0 is all set to take the box office by a storm from this Thursday. Touted to be the most expensive Indian film, which is loaded with heavy duty VFX and CG effects, 2Point0 is directed by Shankar. Amy Jackson and Akshay Kumar are essaying prominent roles in this science fiction thriller which is said to be the follow up to the 2010 blockbuster Robot.

2Point0 is going to be the ultimate showdown between the humanoid robot Chitti and the fifth force led by the crowman played by Akshay Kumar. The breathtaking trailers and teasers filled with eye popping visuals and strong technical bravura have triggered a solid buzz among audience and trade circles. The film is all set for a grand opening in different languages all over the world.

With nearly 500 Crores at stake, 2Point0 is going to be the cynosure of all eyes. Can the film repeat the gargantuan success at box office like Baahubali. Let’s find out.

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