Ali’s Political Retirement: A Result of Closed Doors from TDP and Jana Sena


Ali’s Goodbye to YSRCP:

Popular Tollywood comedian Ali, who had been a supporter of YSR Congress Party president and former Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, has announced his resignation from the party. He recently released a video stating that he will now focus on his career in movies and television and step away from politics. This decision marks a significant shift for Ali, who has been actively involved in politics for several years.

Previous Tensions with Jana Sena

In 2019, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan criticized Ali in Rajahmundry for joining the YSRC despite receiving a ticket from Jana Sena. Ali responded sharply to Pawan, pointing out that, unlike Pawan who had the support of Chiranjeevi, Ali had to make his way in the industry. He founded a charitable trust and helped people of all communities in Rajahmundry. Ali argued that while Pawan’s career was taking off, he had already established himself. Ali questioned Pawan’s support claims, noting he had never received a role in Pawan’s films or financial assistance. However, these statements were perceived as arrogance by many Telugu people.

What did he get in YSRCP:

Furthermore, despite his support for the YSRCP, Ali did not receive an MLA or MP ticket in any election. Instead, he was appointed to an insignificant post as an electronic media advisor. This move alienated many of his supporters, who viewed him as a traitor to Pawan Kalyan during a crucial period in his political career.

Speculations and Rumors: No Open Doors for Ali in TDP and JSP

Following Ali’s announcement of his political retirement, rumors began to circulate that he might join the TDP or Jana Sena in the future, especially since the YSRCP suffered a significant defeat in the 2024 elections. However, sources indicate that both the TDP and Jana Sena have closed their doors to Ali, leaving him with no viable political options. This lack of support likely influenced his decision to retire from politics entirely.

Ali’s resignation from the YSR Congress Party and his decision to retire from politics appear to be the result of the closed doors from TDP and Janasena. At the same time, with no significant role within the YSRCP, Ali has decided to return to his roots in the entertainment industry. We need to wait and see if he will become busy in movies and regain his old glory.

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