Bigg boss 5: Eight contestants in danger zone


In Bigg boss house, Monday is the day of nominations. As always, this nomination episode also was interesting and this week it’s jumbo list of 8 candidates. Nomination details of this week is as follows.

Priya vs Lobo:

Priya nominated Lobo and Sunny for not responding to her properly. Lobo retaliated by nominating Priya. He alleged that Priya ridiculed his love story last week. He cried a lot while arguing with her. Priya clarified she never ridiculed his love story. Priya bursted into tears after the argument. Lobo also nominated Siri for her loose talk at the time when Kajal narrating her love story. Shanmukh nominated Ravi and Lobo. He nominated Lobo for shouting at Priya. Siri also nominated Lobo for trying to get sympathy by repeatedly playing poor man card. Manas too nominated Lobo for using foul language in the house. Manas nominated Nataraj master too. Swetha too nominated Lobo for his double standards that he says he respects women but he shouted at Priya. Hamida too nominated him for same reasons. She also nominated Nataraj master. Priyanka also found fault with Lobo’s behaviour towards Priya and nominated him.

Anne master’s feminism:

Sriram nominated Swetha, who was one of his best buddies in the house. He nominated Anne master for making gender specific comments. But Anne master very logically explained that the first 3 candidates to leave the house were women and she has every right to say men are definitely stronger in the house.

Anne master is also very clear in her nominations and said she will nominate either the strongest person or the one who nominates her. As per the same logic she nominated Sriram and Siri.

Nataraj master’s over confidence and wrong gestures:

Vishwa nominated Ravi for not supporting him during captaincy task despite promising. He also nominated Nataraj master and said master has sarcastically spoken about him. Kajal nominated Nataraj and Sunny.

Nataraj master retaliated by nominating Vishwa. He commented that Vishwa is not at all a strong contestant. Nataraj master’s antics during the conversation with Vishwa were overboard. He seems to have become overconfident after getting saved in second week. He also nominated Ravi. The way he is showing fingers to others and calling himself tiger and others as fox or other animals is not liked by many.

Ravi’s confession:

Ravi sincerely apologised for whatever happened during the last week nominations. He apologised Lahari and his mom too. He nominated Kajal and Nataraj master. He said Nataraj master is indirectly calling him fox ( gunta nakka) and named it as the reason for nominating Nataraj. Sunny nominated Priya and Kajal. Jessie nominated Ravi and Priyanka.

Finally, Nataraj, Lobo, Ravi, Priya, Kajal, siri, Sunny and Annie are in the final nomination list this week.

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