Hanu-Man Movie Review


Hanu-Man Movie Review

Hanu-Man Movie Review


Teja Sajja and Prashanth Varma are working on a superhero film from a long time. Their film Hanu Man is a small attempt among the Sankranthi films but the pre-release sales are exceptional. Hanu Man also has a devotional touch and the makers spent lavishly on the VFX work. Amritha is the leading lady and Niranjan Reddy is the producer. Hanu Man is heading for a clash with Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram in Telugu and the film is also having a record release in Hindi. Here is the review of Hanu Man

Hanumanthu (Teja Sajja) is a youngster who leads a peaceful life in the region of Anjanadri and he is a weak person. His sister Anjamma (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) loves him so much and she stays single for him. The entire region is ruled by the Palegallu and they are habitual of crimes against those who raise their voice. In an unexpected twist, Hanumanthun gets superpowers and the entire village will be left in shock. On the other side, Micheal (Vijay Rai) has desire to attain super powers. He is a criminal who kills his parents during his childhood days. He comes to know about the power of Anjanadri and the rest of Hanu Man is what happens next. The film also discusses the clash between Hanumanthu and Micheal and the role of Lord Hanuman.


Hanu Man is a regular template of a common man getting super powers. The new element is Lord Hanuman turning the power of Hanumanthu. There are no logics needed for a socio fantasy film and when the film has the touch of Lord Hanuman, the film turns a devotional one. The story starts with the introduction of Micheal’s character and it raises curiosity about how the superpowers can be misused. The story then shifts to Anjanadri and it narrates about the domination of Palegallu.

Soon, Hanumanthu gets the superpower and the film turns racy. He uses the powers when needed and all those episodes are impressive. There is not much drama needed for fantasy films. Hanu Man is a film that banks of visualization and full marks for Prashanth Varma for presenting Hanu Man in the most impressive manner. The region of Anjanadri ws presented well along with the waterfalls and the huge idol of Lord Hanuman. The heroic acts of Hanumanthu after he gets the superpowers are very impressive.

Some of the action episodes are presented well. The climax episodes are highly impressive and they reveal about the visual sense of Prashanth Varma. Getting the best output of VFX and CG shots are a risky task and Prashanth Varma handled them well and he got the desired output. Samuthirakani as Vibhushanudu narrating about the greatness of Lord Hanuman is sure a goosebumps moment. The audience will remind about the Anupam Kher’s episode from Karthikeya 2. Satya managed to entertain the audience at times.

Hanu Man also has its flaws. There is a big question of why Lord Hanuman comes to resolve the problems of Anjanadri. The issues are restricted to the village of Anjanadri. Prashanth Varma also hinted about the sequel of Hanu Man titled Jai Hanuman. The team brings the link of Ramayana through the dialogues of Vibhushanudu. There are curious moments of Lord Sriram’s promise for Lord Hanuman and all these answers would unfold in Jai Hanuman.


Teja Sajja is transforming himself for every film. There was a question of Teja Sajja fitting into a superhero film. But Hanu Man is an apt film for the youngster and he made a right move by picking the film. The role is a tailormade one for Teja Sajja and his look, performance are impressive. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar’s role was well designed and she surprised in an action episode. Vinay Rai looks stylish and his role should have designed well. All the other actors are ok.

Hanu Man is a wow film when it comes to technical standards. The visuals and the background score added life to the film. The action episodes are done well and this would be a turning point film for the music composer Hari Gowra. The film’s producer Niranjan Reddy should be appreciated for believing the vision of Prashanth Varma and betting big on an actor named Teja Sajja. Prashanth Varma did his part well and his vision was well presented on screen. Hanu Man will impress the Telugu audience and it would be a huge boost if Hanu Man does well in the North Indian belt.

On the whole, Hanu Man is an impressive film that makes a good watch during Sankranthi season.

Director : Prasanth Varma
Music : Anudeep Dev
Hari Gowra
Krishna Saurabh
Cinematography: Dasaradhi Sivendra
Sumer Verma
Producers : Primeshow Entertainment


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