HIT : The second Case Movie Review


HIT THE Second Case Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5


KD alias Krishna Dev (Adivi Sesh) works as a SP in Homicide Investigation Team in Vizag. He stays in a relationship with Arya (Meenakshi Chaudhary). KD is quite sharp and he can grasp the culprits in minutes. He is so capable that he finds the accused in a case with just a phone call. “I don’t need much time to trace the criminal” says KD during his media interaction. A girl named Sanjana gets murdered brutally and KD gets the assignment to solve the murder mystery. The forensic report says the found body parts belong to four women. The rest of HIT 2 is all about how KD handles this case and how he traces the real culprit in the series of crimes.


HIT 2 is a psycho killer story. KD’s characterization is well designed and elevated. The director gets into the real story without wasting much time. The murder of Sanjana is so brutally done and presented that the audience would turn curious to wait about who the real culprit is. But as time passes, KD’s intelligence will not match as per the expectation. The investigative narration happens at a slow pace. The narration in investigative thrillers should be racy and so gripping. But KD investigates the case at a slow pace and there are no great thrilling elements. The first half of HIT 2 is just focused on Raghavudu and he gets arrested by KD. The psycho himself reveals that Raghavudu is innocent. The first half of HIT 2 is decent.

The second half of HIT 2 too is focused on the investigation drama. The real culprit in the case is kept under wraps till the climax. The references of the first installment of HIT are used in HIT 2 and this excites the audience. There are several loose ends in this investigative thriller. The forensic reports about the tooth, KD’s questioning of Sanjana’s friends and Veeraraghavudu episode have many flaws. As per the template, the identity of the psycho is revealed during the climax portions. The body language of the psycho looked apt and the climax episodes remind us of films like Rakshasudu.

HIT 2 follows the template of a proper thriller film. There are not many deviations in the script and the narration. There are no songs and the screenplay looks racy for the most of the time. The colour and the lighting of the film matches the mood and the genre. The background score of the film is apt.


Adivi Sesh is in terrific form. All his recent films are money spinners. He did the role of KD with ease. There is a lot of style and punch words in his role. He impresses the audience with his body language. Meenakshi Chaudhary looks beautiful in the role. Rao Ramesh, Thanikella Bharani and Srikanth Iyyengar did their best for their roles.

The production values of Wallposter Cinema are good. The visuals are created inline with the mood of the film. The cinematography work is one of the major highlights of HIT 2. Editor Garry makes the film even gripping with his work. The only song is decent on screen. Sailesh Kolanu penned an interesting crime thriller and he should have worked more on making the film more engaging and gripping.


HIT 2 would make a decent watch if you go without expectations.Adivi Sesh brand is the saving grace. Production standards are good, audience do experience a slick film.

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

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HIT The Second Case Review
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