Jai Simha Review – Cliched story that works with Mass audience !


Jai Simha Review

Jai Simha Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating : 2.75/5

Narasimha (Balakrishna) a resident of Vizag moves to Kumbhakonam in Tamilnadu along with his one-year old kid. Narasimha takes shelter at Muralimohan’s bungalow. He gets into trouble by involving in issues of Police office versus Local don Kanniyappan’s (Baahubali Prabhakar). Narasimha’s fight with ASP and Don gets serious until the day he figures out that ASP is the person who married to Gowri (Nayanatara). Gowri is the woman whom Narasimha wanted to marry when he was in Vizag.

In the Second half of the movie, flashback narrates incidents between Narasimha (Balakrishna) and Gowri (Nayantara). Narasimha, a car garage owner, likes Gowri initially but why and how alienated from her? What led to his sacrifice twice in his life? etc elements are the crux of the story


Nandamuri Balakrishna did a controlled performance in this film. As the story revolves around sacrifice, his characterization is not over the top. At the same time, to cater his fans director made sure NBK’s trademark dialogues are delivered in two scenes. His diction elevated the scene in which he explains the importance of Brahmins (Purohitulu). Nayanatara is still good looking and acted decent. Two other heroines Natasha Doshi, Hariprriya are wrong choice. Natasha danced good in Amma Kutti song though.

Prakash Raj as usual did good role, Brahmanandam failed in generating comedy as his track is not supportive. Muralimohan got a small role, nothing good or bad about it.


Story by M. Ratnam is a decent pitch for masses and his dialogues worked well. “Dharmam nalugu paadhala meeda kaadhu, Nee lanti vaalla tyaagala meeda nadusthundi”- the way he summarized the story is commendable. Tamil director K S Ravikumar ensured mass elements are stuffed adequately. His senority is visible in dealing with the sentiment scenes. Chirantan Bhatt’s background score is surprise of the day as his BGM elevated the action blocks.

Praveen Antony’s editing is fine except for the pre-climax scenes. Since these are emotional scenes, it is difficult to expect him to make them slick. Production values by C.Kalyan is adequate.


Jai Simha movie’s first half caters to the exact needs of fans and masses. ‘Amma Kutti‘song, Balakrishna’s dance in it and couple of confrontation scenes steal the show. Second half takes off adequately but turns sentimental halfway through with KS Ravikumar’s trademark sacrifice scenes. Lead scenes to climax with 90’s style taking, tests the patience for almost 25minutes, but the climax certainly works.
Jai Simha is very routine story with fast screenplay (except for last 25 minutes) and is better than Balakrishna’s recent films. As story has sacrifice angle, Balakrishna’s over the top scenes are limited. One complain that it stands out as old school story and the related treatment. Another energetic song in second half would have increased the commercial range.


  • Slick screenplay by K S Ravikumar
  • Balakrishna’s energetic dance in “Amma Kutti “song
  • Chirantan Bhatt background score is too good in action episodes
  • Brahmins scene, Dharna scene and Interval dialogues
  • Climax is good with the sacrifice element, but scenes that lead are in 90’s style


  • Brahmanandam Comedy is not good
  • Balayya looks in first half
  • Except Nayanatara, other two heroines are poor
  • Nothing to offer for class audience

Verdict :

Jai Simha is a much better movie from Balakrishna in recent times apart from Krish’s GPSK. Fans and Masses will embrace it. However, with its old school treatment, it alienates class and youth audience. As there is no much competition for Sankranthi season it will be the better choice in mass centers.

Release Date : 12th Jan, 2018
Director : K. S. Ravikumar
Music Director : Chirantan Bhatt
Choreography : C. Ram Prasad
Production : C.K. Entertainments
Starring : Balakrishna, Nayanthara

Telugu360 Rating : 2.75/5

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