Raja Vikramarka Movie Review


Raja Vikramarka review

Raja Vikramarka review

Telugu360 Rating: 2/5

After the super success of RX 100, youngster Karthikeya is rushed with offers. He could not score a solid hit after RX 100. He could not pick up the right script and all his recent offerings tanked at the box-office. He is testing his luck Raja Vikramarka and he pinned many hopes on the film. Raja Vikramarka is a stylish action entertainer directed by Sri Saripalli. Tanya Ravichandran played the leading lady and Sree Chitra Movie Makers are the producers. Here is the complete review of Raja Vikramarka:


Raja Vikramarka is the story of Vikram (Karthikeya) who is an NIA cop. The state’s Home Minister Chakravarthy (Sai Kumar) lands in trouble because of the Naxalites. It is due to the mistake of Vikram, a crucial evidence gets missed. It is then, Vikram takes the responsibility of the security of the Home Minister without his notice. This happens to be his major task and it is then, Vikram turns a LIC Agent and impresses Kanthi (Tanya Ravichandran), the daughter of the Home Minister. He finally stops the attack on Home Minister and gets the mission accomplished. The real twist comes here and the rest of Raja Vikramarka is all about what happens next. Watch the film to know about the story and about the real twist.


With the arrival of web series and web-based projects, Tollywood audience watched enough number of thrillers and actioners in the recent months. They are expecting some solid content along with thrilling twists to get satisfied. But Raja Vikramarka is a film that falls short of the expectations of the audience. There is no strength in the script and the screenplay of Raja Vikramarka. Dealing about the security of the Home Minister of the state without his knowledge is something quite silly to think about. The lead actor gets easy access into Home Minister’s house which sounds quite funny. The director struggles hard to narrate the plot in the name of saving Home Minister. Most of the episodes look unwanted.

The love track between the lead actors makes no impact. The first half is completely boring except the interval bang that brings hopes on the film. The second half too starts on a boring note with several silly episodes. Home Minister’s daughter gets kidnapped and the Intelligence, NIA cops fail to trace her. NIA which happens to be the country’s best agency holds talks with the kidnappers. The exchange scene is the major disappointment of Raja Vikramarka. The episode that unveils the major antagonist too was not convincing. The audience can easily guess all the twists and Raja Vikramarka fails badly right from the narration to the execution.


Karthikeya looks handsome on-screen and he fits well in the assigned role. He tried to expose his comic side in Raja Vikramarka. He looks super stylish in each and every frame in the film. Tanya Ravichandran has no looks of the heroine and she hardly has any screen presence during the second half of the film. Sai Kumar’s characterization looks quite routine and he never looked like a Home Minister in the film. Thanikella Bharani was good in his role. Sudhakar Komakula will get a mixed response for his role and performance. He did well during the second half of the movie. Harsha Vardhan happens to be the major relief factor of Raja Vikramarka.

The story looks pale with predictable twists and poorly written script. One wonders how could the director convince Karthikeya and the producers of the film. The production values are good and every frame looks good. All the songs are not impressive and they are placed wrong. The action episodes are good. The editing work and others are pretty average. Raja Vikramarka offers nothing on the whole and will end up as one more dud for Karthikeya.


Raja Vikramarka is one more bad attempt from Karthikeya and will end up as a huge disappointment. Can be given a skip.

Telugu360 Rating: 2.75/5

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