RGV Power star: Rude shock to anti-fans of Pawan


Maverick director RGV has been in news recently because of his movie ‘Power star’ and OU JAC leaders’ attack on his office. The film released today 11 am but gave a surprising shock to the viewers as Varma seemed to have taken U-turn and dished out completely unexpected climax. In fact, most of the viewers who booked the movie got a rude shock after watching the movie. Details as below.

This is NOT a completely negative movie on Pawan like those SSK movies on NTR:

Fans and their adulation has always been a sensitive issue in Telugu and Tamil film industries. When RGV announced Power star movie, the fans of Pawan Kalyan became very uneasy and feared what this maverick director will offer through this movie. Usually, such satiric movies end with strong negative comments on the lead role. For e.g. Gandipeta Rahasyam movie, a sarcastic movie on NTR made by Superstar Krishna, ends with a scene in which people pelt stones on NTR character. Most of the movies made on NTR by Super star Krishna as well as others between 1985-89 had similar climaxes where NTR character is either beaten up by people or flees from the country.

“Power star” not only goes soft on Pawan but also certifies his integrity:

Pawan fans also feared if Varma would give such a negative climax to their favorite star and started opposing the movie. However, as everyone knows, there are not only fans for film stars of South India but also many more anti-fans and Pawan is not an exception. These anti-fans of Pawan promoted and supported the movie in a big way in social media. But after seeing the movie they received rude shock for 2 reasons. One, the movie does not end with a negative tone on Pawan. Rather, it ends on a very high positive note on Pawan and his political future. The initial scenes that target Pawan negatively also do not cross the line. Moreover, the film portrays Pawan as an honest man who lost the elections mainly because he was misled by people very close to him. It even condemns the allegations that Pawan took the package from TDP, as alleged by his political rivals.

Negative scenes/ words on CBN and NBK:

Secondly, instead of showing Pawan in a bad light, as expected by most of the ticket buyers of the movie, the film shows Chandra Babu Naidu character in a bad light and there was a scene that shows Pawan regretting joining the hands with Chandra Babu in previous elections. This scene may not go well with fans of TDP and fans of CBN. Moreover, there is a scene in which hero Bala Krishna is referred to as ‘Bul Bul Krishna’, probably after the famous blooper of the star in which he mispronounces the words in ‘Sare Jahaa se Acha’ song.


Overall the film gives a rude shock to the viewers who expected satires on Pawan Kalyan, not only by going soft on him and certifying his integrity but also by criticizing the stars and politicians of the other party.

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