Sakshi media’s ultimate report against ABN RK


With each passing day, the Sakshi media’s attacks on rival media were becoming more and more curious and hilarious. A latest report published in Sakshi paper is indeed creating ripples in news circles. This report was published as a counter to ABN Andhra Jyothi’s recent story on ‘honey traps’ laid by the ruling YSRCP leaders on some IAS officers to make them toe their line blindly.

Now, the Sakshi report says that the District Collectors concerned had condemned the story published in Andhra Jyothi and that they had decided to take serious legal action against them. Also, the YCP Government public prosecutor K Srinivasa Reddy issued a legal notice to ABN Radha Krishna to tender a public apology. Otherwise, his paper would have to face serious legal consequences. In his notice, Mr. Reddy said that the District Collectors were very pained at the ABN report and they were very furious and angry against RK.

Having said all this, it was not mentioned which IAS officers and which District Collectors had threatened legal action against ABN RK. Even the Andhra Jyothi report had not mentioned any names of any IAS officer or bureaucrat in its controversial report. The Andhra Jyothi report simply said that some IAS officers were caught in the traps laid by the YCP leaders and that they were unable to come out of that. There were rumours within the bureaucracy circles about the helpless conditions in which these trapped IAS officials were working.

Though there were no names mentioned, the Government could as well identify the particular officials about whom the rival party’s report was written. Even if their names could not be given out, at least, the Government could get IAS officers association to issue the legal notice. But, the state public prosecutor issued the notice without any names knowing full well such vague charges would not stand legal scrutiny. The war of words among AP media houses is becoming more and more hilarious.

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