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Jodi Trailer: Content is no match to the Title


One of the most struggling heroes Tollywood has ever seen is Aadi Pudipeddi, the star kid who is trying it hard to make himself a star. The trailer of his long delayed movie ‘Jodi’ is here, which has a set of good actors but commits some primary mistakes.

The moment you hear about the title ‘Jodi’, we remember a love story that features Prashant and Simran, and also some terrific melodies that haunt music loving souls even now. After grabbing that title, including font design from the old movie, Aadi’s film is about a hero and his father who invests every penning in cricket bettings, thus creating major troubles. Oops, is this Jodi not a love story?

Going by the trailer, one would definitely say- ‘Aah contetnt enti? Aah title enti?’ as the film’s commercial nature with a beaten to death storyline sounds like another cliche. Hero working hard for the family, heroine still reeling with 90s mindset, hero’s father addicted to all bad habits, heroine’s father not accepting the hero, stylish villain saying his ego is important to him- is this not a cliche?

Aadi, come on man!!

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‘Next Nuvve’ Review : Tedius Horror Comedy

Aadi’s Next Nuvve Movie Review

Next Nuvve Review Rating

TELUGU360 Rating 2.5/5

Click here for “NEXT NUVVE ” Review in Telugu 

Final Report :

‘ Next Nuvve ‘ is yet another run of the mill , farcical movie in the name of ‘ Comedy Horror ‘ genre. Aimed at mass audience, comedy works only in parts. Horror part is poorly executed with no quality in this cliched story film. New Director ETV Prabhakar has shown no mark.

Positives : Brahmaji character , some double entendre comedy , Aadi is OK as Resort owner. Rashi Gautam appeals to masses

09:26 AM With routine climax movie ends

09:07 AM Raghubabu as RGV entered

08:55 AM Flashback episode is silly , could have been better

08:40 AMAs a twist about serial deaths is revealed , Kiran ( aadi ) shocks !

First half report :

Run of the mill horror comedy genre film so far , director ETV Prabhkar topped it with some double entendres. Movie fate depends on second half

Brahmaji Characterization , some sleazy moments for masses are positives in 1st half

08:10 AM With nothing special scene, Interval

07:55 AM All guests staying at the resort dies mysteriously. Brahmaji Characterization is interesting

07:35 AM Aadhi buys a hotel ( resort ) , maintains it with help of Brahmaji and his sister Rashmi Gautam

07:25 AM As Aadhi owes money to Jayaprakash reddy , JP warns him to pay in a week’s time

07:15 AM Kiran ( Aadi ) has been introduced as TV serial director.

07:03 AM #Showtime Next Nuvve

Among numerous releases this week, young hero Aadi’s Next Nuvve is garnering decent attention from trade circles and audience, thanks to the strong promotions by the production house.

Next Nuvve is tipped to be a horror comedy with an interesting plot point. The film has Vaibhavi Sandilya and popular TV host Rashmi in crucial roles. Comedians Jaya Prakash Reddy, Vennela Kishore and Brahmaji are essaying humours roles in this film which marks the directional debut of ETV anchor Prabhakar. Young composer Sai Kartheek rendered the soundtrack for the film.

Bunny Vas is the producer and the film is gearing up for a decent release tomorrow.

Let’s see if Next Nuvve can withstand the flurry of releases this Friday and emerge as a winner at the box office.

Here are the live updates followed by detailed analysis about the film.

Release Date : 3rd Nov, 2017
Director : Prabhakar
Music Director : Sai Kartheek
Choreography : Vishwa Raghu
Production Company : V4 Movies
Starring : Aadi, Vaibhavi Sandilya, Rashmi Gautam

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‘Kaatteri’ will be a special Tamil debut: Aadi


Telugu actor Aadi Sai Kumar, who is set to foray into Tamil filmdom with upcoming horror thriller “Kaatteri”, says the project will be a special debut.

Best known for his work in Telugu films such as “Sukumarudu” and “Shamanthakamani”, Aadi is kicked about his Tamil debut.

“It’s going to be a special debut. Need to thank my producer Gnanavel for introducing me to Tamil audiences. He got me this offer and suggested that it’s time I venture into a new industry. I really liked the script, so I thought why not,” Aadi told IANS.

To be directed by Deekay, the project will be bankrolled by Studio Green, which is also the banner behind Aadi’s upcoming Telugu horror-comedy “Next Nuvve”.

Talking about the film, Deekay said: “This is not a horror film, though it has horror element. This is an adventurous film and it also has a fantasy touch. The film will have a period portion as well. The story will go back and forth in time, 1960s to be precise.”

On signing Aadi as the hero, he said: “His next Telugu film is the remake of my Tamil film ‘Yaamirukka Bayamey’. He was perfect for the role in this film.”

“Bigg Boss” fame Oviya has been signed on as the leading lady. Deekay has confirmed the film will have three more heroines.

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Mohanlal’s son’s debut film ‘Aadi’ starts rolling


Pranav Mohanlal’s maiden Malayalam film “Aadi” went on the floors on Tuesday and the first schedule will be shot in Nedumbassery, according to director Jeethu Joseph.

“Apart from Kochi, we will also shoot in Bangalore and Hyderabad. The principal shooting should be wrapped up by October. Originally, we had planned for Christmas release but now I doubt if it will be able to come out on time. We have post-production and VFX work so it will take time,” Joseph told IANS.

Also starring Siddique, Sharafudheen, Siju Wilson, Anusree, Aditi Ravi and Lena, the film doesn’t feature a romantic track.

“Although there are female characters, you won’t find a romantic track. Pranav doesn’t have a love interest in the film,” he said.

The film is being produced by Antony Perumbavoor under the banner of Aashirvad Cinemas.

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Shamanthakamani Movie Review : Needs more glitter !

Shamantakamani movie Review

Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5  

Spoiler Free Review : 

Two genres are safe bets for small and medium budget films in Tollywood currently. For past 4-5 years, the trend is that these two genres namely ‘Crime Comedy’ and ‘Horror Comedy’ [ with a dose of action] have proven to fetch minimum guaranteed revenues. Films such as ‘Swamy Ra Ra ’ ,’ Kshanam’, ‘Shankarabharanam’ (new) and ‘Keshava’ belong to the Crime Comedy category. Whereas ‘Prema kadha chitram’, ‘Rajugari Gadhi’,’ ‘Ekkadaki Potavu Chinnavada’ and ’Karthikeya’ fall under Horror Comedy.

Shamanthakamani belongs to the former. The story is woven around one crime episode and ensuing events are narrated, ultimately unfolding the mystery behind the crime.

Four individuals named Krishna (Sudheer Babu), Shiva (Sundeep Kishan), Karthik ( Aadhi) and a Car mechanic ( Rajendra Prasad) attend a party at Provotel pub located in Hyderabad city. Sudheer Babu, after the party realises that his Rolls Royce vintage car valued 5-crore rupees is stolen from the parking lot. C.I. Ranjith (Nara Rohit) investigates the case, probes the suspected attendees of the party. As the movie unfolds, Ranjith listens to each of the suspect’s (Sundeep Kishan, Aadhi and Rajendra Prasad ) version on what had happened that night. It is the Pre-climax and Climax that reveals the shocking facts and twists.

The story in this genre is thin, so the writers and the director should be able to build strong situations and characterizations to make the film engaging. Especially when the film has multiple unrelated threads (characters) which concur at certain point in the story. Director’s strengths are reflected in how well he/she can infuse entertainment and characterization in the limited scenes for each thread.

Shamanthakamani opens in an interesting fashion. The narration falls flat as it shifts to the flashback to establish the scenes which eventually lead to the main event. Sundeep Kishan as a tapori boy from Rajahmundry, Aadhi as middle class lover boy whose girl friend is an NRI from a rich family, a mechanic Rajendra prasad who falls in love with Indraja ( a vegetable seller); all three threads lead to Provotel pub to an ill-fated night filled with non-stop action. C.I Ranjith (Nara Rohith) is also part of the game unknowingly. First half ends where it has started – i.e. a vintage car has been stolen from a hotel parking lot.

As second half progress, the interrogation part is somewhat engaging. Each person involved narrates their version which matches with the evidences collected by the C.I. Climax scenes are good and different reflecting some creativity. In other words, Shamanthakamani offers something worthy only towards last scenes.

Director Sriram Adittya who also handled story, screenplay and dialogues could not do complete justice to any department. He was only moderately successful. Dialogues were pale in most of the segments.


The key strength of the film is in its cast and their performances. All youngsters did fine but Sundeep Kishan leads the pack in performance.His diction and ease in action is getting better with every movie. Sudheer Babu’s character demands portraying some sad moments which he handled well. Aadhi and Nara Rohith were fine and their roles are kind of fun oriented. Senior actors Rajendra Prasad and Suman were adequate. The two female actors Chandini Chowdary and Indraja had very limited scenes. They did decently for their part.


  • Performances of the artists
  • Better second half
  • Pre-Climax and Climax scenes
  • Sameer Reddy DOP
  • Manisharma Re-Recording


  • Poor First half
  • Comedy and Mother sentiment elements did not work out well
  • Mediocre Characterizations
  • Filler scenes could have been better

Shamanthakamani is a pretty mediocre Crime investigative film. If you are a fan of any of the four young heroes, you could watch it. Being a multi-starrer, the openings may be encouraging in domestic market. Overall, it could have been better.

 Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5

Release Date : 14th July, 2017
Director : Sriram Adittya
Music Director : Mani Sharma
Production : Bhavya Creations
Cinematography : Sameer Reddy
Starring : Nara Rohit, Sundeep Kishan, Aadi Saikumar and Sudheer Babu

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Crisp Runtime, a huge advantage for Samanthakamani


With huge line up of films in Tollywood in the coming months, many small films are gearing up for release during this month. Young actors Nara Rohit, Sudheer Babu, Aadi and Sundeep Kishan joined hands for Samanthakamani which has been directed by Sriram Aditya. The recently released teasers brought good buzz for the film which is slated for July 14th release. Manisharma composed the music.

The movie’s runtime has been locked to be 130 minutes which is said to be a huge advantage for the film. Samanthakamani has been carrying good buzz and the industry response too has been quite positive. The movie will lock horns with Jagapathi Babu’s Patel SIR which has been aimed for Friday release. Bhavya Creations produced Samanthakamani which has been made on a budget of Rs 10 crores.

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Working on ‘Shamanthakamani’ competitive, fun, say its heroes

Actors Sudheer Babu, Sundeep Kishan and Aadi say working on forthcoming Telugu multi-starrer crime-thriller “Shamanthakamani” was fun and at the same time kept the competitive spirit in them alive.

Directed by Sriram Adittya, the film’s story is centered on a car and it features Sudheer, Sundeep, Aadi and Nara Rohit in the lead.

On the experience of working together with three more heroes, Aadi said all of them have equal screen space.

“It never bothered us who will have more screen space. Each character has its highs and lows and there are plenty of moments for each of us to shine. Instead of worrying about whether each of us will have ample screen space, I was more concerned about my character,” Aadi told IANS.

He wanted to be sure of whether he can do justice to his character.

“I had to be sure if it was a suitable character for me. I remember asking Sriram if this is what he wanted me to do because I wanted to be sure if I can deliver. By bringing us together, I believe we only became competitive,” he said.

Sudheer Babu says it’s a script written for the characters and not for heroes.

“When you try and place a hero in a certain character, you will find it challenging. This is a script written for the characters and not for the actors. When Sriram approached me with the script, I wanted him to choose the role that he thinks would be apt for me,” Sudheer said.

Last seen in “Baaghi”, Sudheer did initially feel apprehensive about the idea of a multi-starrer at this stage in his career.

“After ‘Bhale Manchi Roju’ and ‘Baaghi’, where I had scope to shine individually, I asked myself why a multi-starrer now. I wondered if the idea will work. But when I heard the script, I was totally blown away,” he said.

Sundeep said each of the characters has a purpose in the film.

“Each one of us knew what is expected of our character. We had a ball working together because all of us have been friends for a long time. There was absolutely no room for ego on the sets,” Sundeep said, adding the camaraderie between them was quite evident even off the sets.

Sundeep added, “All of us will gain something from this film.”

Produced by Bhavya Creations, the film is slated for release on Friday.

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Most awaited Multistarrer Release Date


Young director Sriram Aditya who scored a decent hit with Bhale Manchi Roju managed to convince young actors Nara Rohit, Sudheer Babu, Sundeep Kishan and Aadi for his next movie Shamantakamani. The entire film’s shoot has been wrapped up recently and the teaser has been receiving wide response from the audience. The movie has been made on a budget of over Rs 20 crores and the post-production work is currently on cards.

As per the update, Shamantakamani is all set for July 14th release and Rajendra Prasad, Suman, Indraja, Chandini Chowdary, Ananya Soni, and Jenny Honey will be seen in other crucial roles. Top technicians like Manisharma and Sameer Reddy worked for the movie which has been produced by Bhavya Creations banner. The interesting thing is that Sundeep Kishan’s Nakshatram which has been directed by Krishna Vamsi too has been slated for the same day release.

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Shamantakamani Teaser: Interesting Multi-starrer


Young actors Nara Rohit, Sudheer Babu, Sundeep Kishan and Aadi joined hands for a multi-starrer titled Shamantakamani. Sriram Aditya who made an impressive debut with Bhale Manchi Roju is helming the film which completed entire shoot. Touted to be a thriller, the makers released the first teaser which looks colourful. With some interesting cast and proved technicians on board, the glimpses of Shamantakamani teaser raises the expectations for sure.

Manisharma’s background score need to be mentioned specially. Shamantakamani is aiming at July release and all the lead actors are expecting a huge break with the film. Rajendra Prasad, Chandini Chowdary, Ananya Soni, and Jenny Honey essayed other crucial roles in Shamantakamani which has been produced by Bhavya Creations. V Anand Prasad is the producer.

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Aadi’s New film with U.S Productions and Vijayalakshmi Entertaiments


The young and dynamic hero Aadhi began his career with Prema Kaavali and has been consistently doing interesting films throughout. His latest film with U.S.Productions and Vijayalakshmi Entertainments banner has begun officially today at Film Nagar temple. Vishwanath Arigela will be directing this flick and produced jointly by Uppalapati Charan Tej and Gurram Vijayalakshmi. Telangana’s cinematography minister Talasani Srinivas Radav offered the clap for the first shot and Charan Tej’s parents Uppalapati Ramakrishna and Anuradha switched on the camera.

The director said that he is quite happy to do a film with Aadhi and has special liking for Kala Tapasvi K.Vishwanath. He also said that Swarna Kamalam is one of his all time favourites and when he wrote a female character similar to that of Bhanupriya in that film, he was scouting for a leading lady who is well versed in classical dance. He found Sharddha Srinath to be the ideal choice for this flick and A.R.Rahman’s student Phani Kalyan will be composing music for the film. Dasaradhi Sivendra’s cinematography will be a highlight of this film. The first schedule for the film is going to start from 19th June and the film is touted to be a family entertainer.

The producers spoke saying that they came to India from USA with extreme passion towards Cinema. They also said that quality will be the biggest priority for this film and there wouldn’t be any compromise. Apparently, Vishwanath Arigela narrated this film’s storyline two years ago and has been in touch with the producers ever since. The hero Aadi said that he is quite happy to work with a young and energetic team and this film has all elements to make it a fun filled entertainer.

Shraddha Srinath said that she has already worked in two Tamil films and Kannada films as well earlier but finding it great to work with an energetic star like Aadi now for her debut in Tollywood. The film has all fun elements such as love, family drama which also carries a good social message. The actress thanked the director as well as the young producers for giving her the opportunity to act in this exciting project.

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4 Months hardwork for a Scene that lasts for 4 seconds


Young actor Sudheer Babu made his debut as brother-in-law of Mahesh Babu however he proved his acting skills and gained enough recognition in Tollywood. The actor is eagerly waiting for the big break and is working hard on his next projects. Sudheer Babu teamed up with Sriram Aditya for a multi-starrer in which Nara Rohit, Aadi, Sundeep Kishan will play the other lead roles. The regular shoot of the film started recently and is being made on a massive budget.

Sudheer Babu has been working on his abs from the past four months for a scene that lasts for less than four seconds. This alone shows his dedication and passion for cinema. The scene will be shot tomorrow and Sudheer Babu took twitter to reveal about the news. V Anand Prasad is bankrolling this project and the makers revealed that the film is a trendsetter in Telugu cinema. Ananya Soni is the female lead and Rajendra Prasad will be seen in a crucial role in the movie.

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Chuttalabbayi Review : A Monotonous Film


Chuttalabbayi Review, Chuttalabbai Review

Telugu360 Rating 1.5/5


Babji ( Aadi) works as a loan recovery agent in Hyderabad. Money lenders utilize his services to recover overdue money from their customers. Kavya ( Namita Pramod) is the sister of ruthless ACP ( Abhimanyu Singh). She tries to run away from home to avoid marriage proposals. At one such away attempt, Kavya bumps into Babji’s life.

Thinking that the pair is in love, ACP sends his police team to attack them. Feared by police, Babji and kavya runs into forest. Interval reveals that another team too chasing the pair.

In second half, Dora (Saikumar) makes an entry as Devarakonda village head in Telangana. Babji and Kavya who were on the run seeks shelter at Dora’s home. Rest of the story deals in establishing what is the relation between Dora and Babji, how they will be rescued from Police as well as another goons’ team.


Mediocrity is the name of the game in Chuttalabbayi. There is not even a single scene where we can see a spark or novelty in the direction. The film is mainly aimed at B, C centers’ audience. Prudhvi as Ego Reddy has provided some comic relief for audience. Posani Krishna Murali has been given lengthy and tedious role as second heroine’s father. Ali as Kidnap Kish enters at pre climax stage.

Cheap dialogues in this movie are mass oriented. Sai Kumar role should have been taken care more emotionally.  Another irritating aspect is casting. Few character artistes are miserable especially the one played hero’s mother role.  This movie is not a low budgeted one, producers have spent decent budget but don’t know why the casting is such poor quality

Talented actor Aadi should focus on picking right script and technicians for his upcoming movies.


  • Aadi acted with a lot of ease and shown good skill in dances
  • Few action blocks are composed well
  • Namita Pramod looked fine in her role
  • Prudhvi comedy to some extent will be a saving grace


  • Songs are not good on screen
  • Predictable and monotonous second half
  • Comedy did not work out except for Prudhvi’s character


Chuttalabbayi has neither fresh content nor entertaining elements. The clichéd story and poor direction makes it a disappointing film. At B,C centers this film may work to some extent but rest everywhere it will be a disaster. Easily avoidable fare.

Telugu360 Rating 1.5/5

Producer: Venkatesh Talari
Director: Veerabhadram Chowdary
Music: S. Thaman
Cinematography: S Arun Kumar
Editor : S R Sekhar
Cast: Aadi, Namitha Pramod, Sai Kumar, Posani Krishna Murali, Krishna Bhagwan
Released on : 19-08-16

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Acting with my father was surreal: Aadi


Actor Aadi has worked in a film produced by his father Sai Kumar before but with Chuttalabbayi, the duo team up for the first time as co-actors and speaking to a leading English daily about the experience, Aadi shared that the experience was “surreal”

Going into specifics, he shared, “I was both nervous and excited on the first day of shoot. But to my surprise even dad seemed nervous.”

On being asked why his dad was nervous, Aadi shared that it was probably because of the pressure of working with his son! Well, we hope this Jodi rocks it on screen.

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Will Upen match Aadi’s height?


After Shankar’s I, Upen Patel made many an effort to be a part of Telugu cinema. But unfortunately sentiment rules here. It takes a while for people to register that a particular character fits into their scheme of things. Upen Patel finally bagged a movie in Aadi starrer Chuttalabbayi being directed by Veerabhadram. It is a little surprising that Upen who stands really tall at 6 feet something will be playing adversary to Aadi Saikumar who is so short. The shoot is in progress and it has Namita Pramod, a Malayali playing the female lead. Upen has been a part of BIg Boss and some other inconsequential Hindi films.

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