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TRP War: Bigg Boss 5 launch TRP higher than EMK launch, Nag thanks


Ever since the news came about Bigg boss 5 hosted by Nagarjuna and Evaru Meelo Koteeswarudu hosted by NTR will clash as they will be telecast in the same month, there has been curiosity about who will be winning the TRP war.

Bigg boss proves yet again that it is the top rated show on Telugu television. TVR rating( earlier called TRP rating) for Bigg boss season 5 launch episode is out now. The show garnered 18 points TVR. Nagarjuna reacted to this and tweeted, “Thank you all for 5 much Love!!!. You made Starmaa the unbeatable No 1 with BiggBoss Season 5 launch. “ Actually the rating was 15.7 but if HD viewers included it will count to 18 points.

On a comparative note, the launch episode of Evaru Meelo Koteeswarudu got only 11.5 TVR ratings despite having NTR and Ram Charan in the episode. Moreover, Bigg boss sustained the ratings despite three fact that it was a 4 hour long episode. However, these ratings prove the popularity of Bigg boss show among the Telugu audience rather than the popularity of the stars. But anyway, at this moment, Bigg boss program proved it’s upper hand on all other Telugu programs except for some TV serials.

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Bigg boss 5 : New captain and celebrations


Bigg boss season 5 is going good right from the day 1. Today’s episode also filled with tasks, emotions and celebrations. Details as follows

Vishwa is the second captain:

In Big boss season 5, Vishwa selected as captain today. After playing various tasks for the last three days, it was the time to select the new captain. Sriram’s team won over Manas team in the tasks and so Big boss asked Sriram to select four contestants who played well during the tasks and can be the contenders for the captaincy task. Hamida, Priyanka, Annie master and Vishwa were selected for the captaincy task. These 4 contestants played another task, Vishwa won the task and became captain of the house.

Lobo vs Uma:

Lobo and Uma started separate track today and were seen flirting with each other. However contestants like Ravi pointed out that their behaviour looks like acting instead of a real chemistry. Later Big boss gave a task to Lobo and Uma and announced that who ever wins the task will get the single bed which has been locked since day 1. In fact these two folks don’t have a bed in the house. Uma has been sleeping on a sofa and Lobo has been sleeping on the floor.

Lobo and Priyanka’s super hit skit:

Lobo and Priyanka played a comedy skit in which Lobo acts as an auto driver and Priyanka acts as a beggar who fakes like a rich person. The skit was hilarious and the housemates gave standing applause for Lobo.

On the other hand Uma and Siri played another skit in which they acted like mother-in-law and daughter-in-law . Even though both of them acted well, the skit was so old fashioned.

After watching both the skits, housemates selected Lobo skit as the best skit by vote. But after winning, lobo offered the bed to Uma and told he will continue to sleep on the floor. But Uma, did not agree for that.

Birthday celebrations and surprises:

Birthdays of Shweta Verma and Shanmukh were celebrated in the bigg boss house today. Sweta became so emotional after seeing parent on the video call.

Most of the people who follow social media know that bigg boss season two contestant Deepti Sunaina is the girlfriend of big boss season 5 contestant Shanmukh. On the occasion of his birthday, Shanmukh received a pleasant surprise from Big boss who arranged video byte with Deepti Sunaina. He became emotional while watching it.

Overall the episode was good.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Jessie’s mother emotional appeal to audience


Bigg boss season 5 is running successfully. Even though the show is starting at 10 pm, unlike previous seasons that started at 9:30 pm, this season is garnering huge response from the audience. This week there are 6 contestants in the nominations and out of these, 3 are in real danger. Hamida, Sarayu and Jessie are the bottom 3 as of now. There is a discussion among social media that Jessie might be eliminated this week. Jessie mother came out in support of him and made an emotional appeal to the audience.

Jessie mother responded on the netizens comments that Jessie is not doing well. She revealed that Jessie became successful in modelling industry without support from anyone. She added, he faced many hardships in life. She revealed that Jessie’s father had health issues, his brain got damaged and it resulted in gradual paralysis of his body parts. She told, Jessie lost focus on career because of these issues and now only he came on to the track because of opportunity in Bigg boss. She appealed to the audience to support Jessie as he is hardworking and a responsible guy.

We need to wait and see whether Jessie will continue in the house or not.

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Bigg boss: Who’s the best and who’s the worst?


Bigg boss show today started with celebrations of Vinayaka Chavithi festival. Later Bigg boss asked the housemates to select one best candidate and one worst candidate out of all considering their performance in tasks and behaviour in this house till date.

Housemates liked Lobo’s entertainment:

Ravi selected Lobo as best player and Jessie as worst player. He justified it by reminding how Lobo’s entertainment gave the much needed relief to all and how Jessie is doing mistakes. Priyanka told she loved Lobo’s entertainment and stated that she never laughed this much in recent times

Jessie was selected worst player:

In addition to Ravi, Lobo also selected Jessie as worst player. Annie master too nominated Jessie as worst player and cited his mistakes during the week. Sarayu too mentioned Jessie as worst player but she tried to correct his mistakes rather than criticising him.

Vishwa selected as best player:

Uma selected Vishwa as best and Kajal as worst player. Vishwa selected Priyanka as best player and became emotional while talking about her. He selected Kajal as worst player. Lahari too selected Vishwa as best player and Kajal as worst player. It seems many others selected him as best player but the footage was not telecast in today’s episode. Probably it might be telecast in “Bigg bossunseen”

Uma vs Priyanka altercation:

Priya selected Uma as worst player and pointed out her arrogant nature. The argument went beyond the limits as housemates dragged personal lives into the argument. Ravi and Lobo signalled her to cut the conversation. Priyanka later realised and immediately apologised but Uma didn’t accept the apology. Sweta Verma too selected Uma as worst player. She justified the reason for her selection. Siri chose Nataraj master as best player and she also chose Uma as worst player.

Jessie goes to Jail:

After the task was over Bigg boss asked Siri to reveal the best and worst players. She told, as per votes, Vishwa is the best and Jessie is the worst. Bigg boss told that the worst contestant should be sent to jail and he should be there in the jail till further notification. Housemates encouraged Jessie to be brave.

Neither best nor worst :

Housemates like Shanmukh, Sunny, Sriram, Swetha, Priya, Lahari and Hamida were selected neither the best player nor worst player. This indicates that these housemates are yet to open up fully. Contestants like Sriram are not getting any footage and the audience are wondering whether he is still in the show or not.

As of now, Hamida, Sarayu and Jessie are in the bottom 3. We need to wait and see who will be leaving the house this weekend.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Lobo trolled for previous comments on BB


BIgg boss 5 started just yesterday but social media is already full of discussions, memes and trolls on Bigg boss season 5. Lobo, the contestant of this season, is trolled by netizens for his previous comments on this show. Details as follows.

Lobo is known to Telugu audience through Maa music channel. His name was heard as contestant during previous seasons of Bigg boss too. But Lobo condemned the rumours at that time. He didn’t stop there but he commented that Bigg boss is a stupid show and it is definitely not his cup of tea. He even told that he will not participate in Bigg boss show. However, he now joined Bigg boss 5. Netizens are now trolling Lobo by reminding his previous comments on this show and stating, if Lobo had any integrity, he would not have joined the show this time too.

However, this has become common nowadays. Even the host Nagarjuna also criticised Bigg boss house during season2 when Nani was hosting but he started hosting the show from next season itself. we need to wait and see how long will be Lobo journey in the house.

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Buzz: Rana Daggubati to host Bigg Boss 5?


The fourth season for Bigg Boss Telugu got delayed last year due to the pandemic and it was scheduled during the second half of the year. Now, there are ongoing discussions about the fifth season of Bigg Boss. It was Tollywood actor Nagarjuna who hosted the fourth season. The hunt for the host for the fifth season is currently on. Tollywood hunk Rana Daggubati is now holding talks for Bigg Boss 5. The makers approached Rana and the actor is yet to take the call.

Rana also hosted the latest season of No 1 Yaari and it was a hit. Rana Daggubati’s hosting skills are widely appreciated. Star MAA now approached Rana for Bigg Boss 5. An official announcement will be made soon. The contestants are finalized currently and Bigg Boss 5 is expected to start in August.

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Bigg boss 5 Telugu from September


It’s almost 6 months since Bigg boss Telugu season 4 completed. There have been rumours about Bigg boss 5 being pushed to next year due to Corona 2nd wave, but as per latest info, Bigg boss 5 Telugu is all set to air from the month of September. Details as follows.

Bigg boss makers have already started interviewing prospective contestants of the upcoming season through zoom app. Like season 4, this time also makers are following strict quarantine rules and this is coming as hindrance for some of the celebrities to join this show. As per grapevine, makers of the show are in talks with many celebrities of media and social media. The names include – tik tok star Shanmukh, TV9 news reader Pratyusha , TV 5 Murthy, anchor Varshini and comedian Praveen. Also, it seems there will be a couple this time too like in season 3. There will be more celebrities from social media this time too like in season 4. Nagarjuna will be hosting season 5 as well. This will be his hat trick season.

As per the inside info, promo of the season 5 will release in the first week of September and the first episode will be telecast during last weekend of September.

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