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Change of plan – TDP targets YCP MLA Kodali Nani


AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has taken special interest in the Gudivada assembly segment in Krishna district. This segment lies in the heart of delta area but the YCP has taken stronger roots here because of producer turned politician MLA Kodali Nani. It was also very painful for the TDP leaders to tackle Nani who is known as a strong critic of CM. The TDP is changing its plan in 2019 election to make sure that Kodali Nani is defeated this time.

Party insiders say Chandrababu is not interested to field Raavi Venkateswara Rao again from Gudivada. The CM is actively considering the candidature of TDP Youth Wing President Devineni Avinash. There is a considerable following for the Devineni group in the entire segment. Raavi group is also expected to adjust with the change of plan. When the issue has figured in a review meeting, Avinash has also indicated his readiness to contest from Gudivada.

The TDP local leaders are hoping the ongoing changes may increase the winning chances of their party. It has become a matter of prestige for the entire TDP district unit to defeat Kodali Nani in Gudivada this time.

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KCR wants AP as his ‘Subordinate State’, says Chandrababu


Just like in Telangana 2018 election, the main focus is shifting to the clash between AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and Telangana CM Chandrasekhara Rao. YCP leader Jaganmohan Reddy is being seen just as a protectee of KCR and KTR. Consequently, the TDP is focusing more on criticising and attacking the TRS boss. Chandrababu says KCR wants to dominate the AP state as well and he wants to treat AP as his ‘Samantha Rajyam’ or ‘Subordinate State’.

If there is any slippage, there is not doubt that Andhra Pradesh will be reduced to being an inferior state to different anti-AP forces. If KCR has so much love and affection on AP, why is he not giving Rs. 5,000 crore power arrears? Why is it that the KCR government has filed cases against the Polavaram lifeline irrigation project? asked Chandrababu.

KCR is focusing on AP not just to defeat the TDP but his main agenda is to dominate AP state as a whole. Chandrababu says Jagan is all prepared to give total domination to KCR and Modi on AP state. The YCP leader is just interested in saving himself from the too many illegal assets cases before the CBI. Chandrababu asserts that the TDP will stand up and fight against the game plans of KCR, Jagan and Modi.

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Check your status in voter lists – Chandrababu tells voters


Never before in India’s electoral history, this kind of a situation might have arisen. There used to be instances of voter lists tampering but not on this massive scale. Both the ruling TDP and the opposition YCP leaders are accusing each other of resorting to these electoral malpractices. But the truth of the matter is largescale form-7 requests were filed for deletion of voters. These forms are filed far away from computers located in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Against this backdrop, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has personally called upon each voter to check the status of their name in the voters lists in their respective areas. If any voter’s name is found deleted or missing, he or she should question Jaganmohan Reddy and his party leaders there. The aggrieved voters should also enroll again and make complaints before the electoral authorities concerned. There is no instance of a CM asking voters to check their votes ever before.

Chandrababu said Jagan has no capability to run his own party affairs which is why the YCP president is depending totally on the Bihar-based consultant who is Prashant Kishor. Is it necessary to have such a party and such a leader in this state? Naidu blamed the YCP for indulging in criminal activities but holding the TDP responsible for those activities only for electoral benefits.

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Bihari consultant may also get my vote deleted, says Chandrababu

TDP National President N Chandrababu Naidu is stepping up his attack on the Opposition YCP on the issue of data thefts and misuse of TDP voters’ information. Naidu sharpened his attack on especially Prashant Kishore, who is the Bihar-based election consultant working for the victory of Jaganmohan Reddy in the coming 2019 AP Assembly election. It is well known PK has already told Jagan that it would be difficult for the YCP to single handedly defeat the TDP and that it would be possible if Jagan would tie up with Pawan Kalyan.

Under the prevailing political circumstances, Jagan is forced to contest alone and his party chances have not improved when compared with the ruling TDP. Against this backdrop, the adviser of Jagan is accused of coming out with innovative election offences like deletion of TDP voters by making false complaints to the election authorities. The YCP has also levelled similar allegations against the TDP leaders.

Alarmingly, the TDP MLAs in different segments have found that their voters’ names are deleted in the range of a few hundreds to several thousands. Naidu says mockingly that the Bihari consultant may even get his vote deleted though he is CM.

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Don’t link India’s security with politics – Chandrababu tells Modi


AP CM Chandrababu Naidu made a reference to Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan’s statement against the BJP. He asked PM Modi not to link India’s safety and security with politics. Over two years ago, the BJP leaders told Pawan that the country would have war with Pakistan just before the general election. This statement of Jana Senani created a lot of embarrassment to the BJP both within and outside India.

The BJP leaders hit back saying their opponents were speaking only to favour Pakistan. But Chandrababu said PM Modi had also made embarrassing statements against former PM Manmohan Singh when there was a tension on the border. At that time, Modi even demanded the resignation of Manmohan Singh that sent a wrong signal to the people of the country. In the present context also, Modi should take up responsibility for the deteriorating situation on the border and he should resign for not able to tackle the situation efficiently. CBN made this comment deliberately to bring pressure on the BJP government at the Centre ahead of the general elections.

The present war-like situation with Pakistan is going to become a major issue in the coming election. It has all the potential to make rival leaders make more controversial statements on the country’s security as well.

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Chandrababu speeding up MLA tickets allotment


TDP chief and CM N Chandrababu Naidu is almost completing MLA ticket allotment for Kadapa district. Candidates are finalised in 7 segments now. Kamalapuram assembly segment ticket is given to Putha Narasimha Reddy. TTD Chairman Putta Sudhakar Yadav got Mydukuru seat while former MLC Batyala Chengalrayudu is selected in Rajampeta assembly seat. These confirmations are made during the review of Rajampeta Lok Sabha constituency review held by Naidu.

The ticket allotments are being made based on the party internal surveys. The strengths and weaknesses of each candidate are discussed and differences between different aspirants within a particular segment are sorted out. Naidu is making sure all the groups in a given segment agree for the final candidate. In Rayachoti segment, the ticket is announced for ex MLA Ramesh Reddy. Narasimha Prasad, son-in-law of MP Shiva Prasad, is given Railway Kodur ticket.

In Chittoor district, Pileru segment ticket is given to Nallari Kishore Kumar Reddy, who is brother of former chief minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy. Naidu gave preference for BC community in Mydukuru this time where Sudhakar Yadav got the chance. Chandrababu is spending considerable time on this MLA ticket allotment exercise. The reviews are being held till late in the night at his Undavalli residence near Amaravati.

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YSRCP Leader at Chandrababu’s Residence!!!!


Yadam Balaji, YSRCP in-charge of Chirala, Prakasam district met with Chandrababu Naidu at his residence on Monday evening. It is known that Chirala MLA Amanchi Krishna Mohan recently quit TDP to join the YSR Congress Party and it seems Balaji has decided to join TDP.

According to the party sources, Yadam Balaji had already started negotiations with his followers to take a decision on his future political journey. According to credible sources, two TDP leaders from Vijayawada had some meetings with Balaji. Meanwhile, in Chirala constituency pressure has increased from the leaders of both the parties on the lower level leaders. With the joining of Chirala MLA in YSRCP, TDP high command has promptly made some changes and additions as the political environment has become a hotspot.

As per the party sources, Balaji wants to make a decision after consulting with his followers in the constituency who believed him for the past nine years. He already started contacting his key followers from Sunday. According to the information received, Balaji is willing to join TDP along with his followers.

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Chandrababu worried about Daggubati


Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, till date haven’t made any comments about any party member resigning and joining the rivals.

CBN is well known for his unique approach to attract other parties key members into TDP an example is Operation Aakarsh. In the last 25 years, 23 YSRCP MLA’s and couple of MP’s has joined TDP.

In the meanwhile he never made any comments on party members who left. But for the first time he made serious comments on his co-brother Daggubati Venkateswara Rao and his son Hitesh joining YSRCP. He made some serious comments like ‘Daggubati don’t hold any political values, he has switched n number of parties’.

He even dragged Lakshmi Parvati into this issue that just to spoil the reputation of TDP Lakshmi and Daggubati joined the YSRCP, TDP doesn’t fail in its reputation and its trademark,the soul of NTR would be weeping due to these damages. ‘

CBN is getting panicked, as Daggubati is also a son-in-law of NTR which would be a strength to his rivalry YS Jagan.

Daggubati’s move would be a clever one, as his wife is continuing in BJP which may cause Narendra Modi to bring some serious troubles to TDP further.

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TDP MLAs worried of CBN’s Frank analysis

The Telugu Desam Party MLAs are a worried lot these days. Party chief and CM Chandrababu Naidu is calling them one by one and putting before them a list of their strengths and weaknesses for rectification prior to election. For the first time, Naidu is making frank analysis of each MLA’s mistakes and the steps to be taken for preventing their impact. The MLAs who have already faced their party chief have now started silently doing their work.

The next few weeks will be crucial for the sitting MLAs as Naidu will keep finalising their names for contesting the coming elections. Already, some MLAs’ names are being cleared. Full details of what each MLA has done in their constituencies are available with the party leadership now. Some MLAs have told Naidu that their rivals were deliberately creating rumours about them in the segments.

Given the tough election it is going to be, Naidu is weighing pros and cons regarding track record of MLAs in the past four and half years. He is asking them to mend differences with their local opponents and rival groups so as to prevent hurdles for their winning chances.

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CBN fires at Jagan over Sharmila episode


Breaking his silence, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu accused Opposition leader Jaganmohan Reddy of bringing the Sharmila episode to the forefront as a mere diversionary tactic. Naidu said Jagan was scared of the huge response to 100 per cent hike in pensions to the poor families which was why unhealthy ideas were being used against the TDP. The social media posts on Jagan’s sister Sharmila were over 6 years old but she was now forced to complain in Telangana for political benefits.Naidu had passed serious comments on the TRS government. He said KCR is bent upon creating needless controversies only to disturb the political situation in AP. CBN asserted that the TDP had never resorted to hurting the sentiments of women in any manner and there were just attempts by rivals to deface the party on this count. He mocked at rival leaders for levelling allegations of Rs. 6 lakh crore corruption in last four years in AP while others said it was Rs. 11 lakh crore corruption.CBN said the government was giving top priority to protection of women’s well being as part of which it was being considered to give Rs. 10,000 to DWCRA women groups members. There is also a proposal to extend financial assistance to the tenant farmers which is still in the formative stages

G. Ravikiran

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KCR return gift ready for Chandrababu: TRS ex Minister


Former Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav is raising political heat in AP with his damaging comments against AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. During his visit to take part in Sankranti celebrations in Bhimavaram, Talasani said his visit is primarily aimed at discussing political plans of TRS with different sections in AP. He asserted he came here to do politics and their party chief KCR’s return gift is already ready for Chandrababu.

TDP leaders say Talasani is actually visiting Bhimavaram as it is known for cock fights and other related celebrations. But Talasani is deliberately making embarrassing statements against the TDP leadership. He talked of how KCR is going to give the gift to CBN. Talasani held meetings with leaders of BCs and SC, STs during his current visit. What he exactly discussed is not known till now.

KCR is sending his party leaders and also those of MIM to AP to raise political temperatures here. In fact, more political heat is being generated in AP these days because of TRS and MIM leaders rather than Opposition leader Jaganmohan Reddy. For various reasons, the YCP leaders are lagging behind TDP. KCR, Owaisi, Srinivasa Yadav and others are trying to fill this gap.

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Chandrababu fires at Jagan over KCR’s Federal Front


AP CM Chandrababu Naidu made fun of Jaganmohan Reddy’s statements with regard to KCR’s Federal Front. Naidu accused Jagan of beginning another drama promising Andhra people to bring special status by working with the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). CBN challenged Jagan and KCR to form an open alliance and contest the AP election unitedly if they were really genuine in their efforts to help the AP cause.

Naidu gave his strong comments on the Jagan-KTR meeting on carrying forward the Federal Front plans among regional parties in the country. He said Jagan, KCR and PM Modi are all working together to hurt and damage the prospects of AP in development and welfare sectors all through. The Modi government has to release Rs. 75,000 crore to AP towards its promised assistance to the state as part of separate statehood.

CBN said while PM Modi and KCR are doing outright injustice to AP, Jagan is colluding with them as part of secret deals to cause further damage to AP people. Naidu said KCR and Jagan are forming not Federal Front but it is Modi Front with their aim only to bring back Modi to power at the Centre and destroy AP forever. CBN asserted his TDP party will work with all anti-BJP parties in the country to prevent Modi from continuing as PM in coming election.

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Return gift: CBN welcomes KCR challenge

TDP National President and AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu reacted sharply to the sarcastic words of Telangana CM K Chandrasekhara Rao. Naidu has said at a meeting in Ongole that in a democratic country like India, any leader can go anywhere and do public service. He was referring to KCR’s victory speech at a media conference after winning elections. KCR has said he will come to AP and give a ‘return gift’ to Chandrababu Naidu just as the TDP chief came and interfered in Telangana politics.

Ever since KCR talked about his gift to TDP, it has triggered reactions from several sections. Finally, Naidu reacted saying the TDP would continue to work in every place where Telugu people are residing as NTR has founded this party for protecting the interests of all Telugus. Naidu pointed out that KCR was making comments against him because he went to campaign in Telangana elections and the TDP would not ignore the needs of Telugu people.

KCR’s gift remark has triggered speculation in political circles as to what exactly he is going to do in AP politics. Moreover, the elections in AP are just a few months away. The TDP is facing a challenge from both the YSR Congress Party and the Jana Sena Party. The TDP has some organisational structure in Telangana but the TRS has no presence at all in AP. There was speculation in the past that KCR would try to bring anti-TDP and anti-Congress parties in AP closer.

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Save Democracy: CBN talks to J&K ex CM Mehbooba


Taking forward his ‘Save India and Save Democracy’ campaign, AP CM and TDP chief N. Chandrababu Naidu has spoken to Jammu and Kashmir former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti. His sole aim is to get support of as many leaders as possible for the cause of outing the Modi government from power in 2019 general election. CBN has stressed the need for stopping BJP from continuing its attacks to undermine the constitution of the country altogether.

CBN told Mufti about the historic necessity to defeat BJP thereby to protect the established institutions from being demolished for the sake of political interests. He again lashed out at the Modi government, saying that national institutions like the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and so on were being crushed and crippled by the Centre. The TDP has started an all-out war to protest against misuse of these institutions by the BJP to harass and destroy opponents.

CBN has already spoken to many leaders across the country as part of mobilising support for his ‘Save Democracy’ campaign in the past few weeks. He had put serious embarrassment to the Modi government by addressing national media in Delhi recently when he spoke on ‘Democracy in Danger’ under the BJP dispensation. Naidu is rallying support for an anti-BJP national level front that would adopt a pro-Congress approach.

CBN has taken his ‘Save Democracy’ personally to different states. For this cause, he already met former prime minister Deve Gowda, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Bennerjee, DMK leader Stalin, Karnataka chief minister HD Kumara Swamy, Nationalist Congress Party leader Sharad Pawar, Loktantrik Janata Dal leader Sharad Yadav, BSP supremo Mayawati and so on.

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CM-Governor meet raises curiosity in political circles


AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu met with Governor ESL Narasimhan and discussed about the current situation in the state. Their meeting assumed significance in the light of the fact that Naidu took strong objection to Governor directly talking to AP DGP at the time of Jaganmohan Reddy knife attack case.

At that time, Naidu also raised the issue at the national level during his visits to Delhi. TDP leaders have levelled allegations against the Governor for acting like an agent for the BJP government at the centre. Governor’s visit to Delhi and his reports also became controversial.

During today’s meeting, Naidu was stated to have discussed about the issues confronting AP state and how the Centre was giving problems by not giving funds during Titli cyclone and stopping of backward regions assistance.

Governor arrived in Amaravati today to administer oath to the newly inducted two ministers into the AP cabinet. The CM-Governor meeting became a matter of political discussion in the state.

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Naidu meets Stalin, wants opposition parties to sink differences


Continuing his efforts to forge a grand alliance against the BJP in the next Lok Sabha elections, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on Friday met DMK President M.K. Stalin and urged opposition parties to sink their differences in the interest of the nation and democracy.

“We are all together in bringing parties on one platform. One or two may have differences of opinion. We (TDP) had differences with COngress for 40 years but at the same time now we are working how to bring together all. Democracy is important. It is for people to sink their differences. People are prepared now,” he told reporters after an hour-long meeting with Stalin at his residence.

Naidu said he had a meeting with former Prime Minister H. D. Deve Gowda and Karnataka Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy in Bengaluru on Thursday and had a good meeting. “I am in touch with Mamata Banerjee (West Bengal Chief Minister) and would be meeting her soon as part of these efforts,” he said.

Recalling his meeting with Congress President Rahul Gandhi last week in the national capital, he said, “All of us want to join together and save the nation.”

The TDP chief deftly avoided answering questions on who will be the face of the opposition grouping against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“There are so many leaders. Even Stalinji is better than Modi. We might have differences with Congress. But when you think of nation, national interest is utmost importance. Everybody is joining together on one platform. Today, you are talking of individuals. I am taking of democracy. If democracy survives only then you can elect leaders. If there is no democracy, there is nothing.”

Replying to a question, Naidu said Rahul Gandhi is the Congress President and is the main anchor for the opposition against the BJP and his party has an all India presence.

“We are regional parties. Even Mamata Banerjee is strong in West Bengal. I am strong in Andhra Pradesh. Deve Gowda is strong in Karnataka and Stalin is strong in Tamil Nadu,” he said.

To another question, Naidu said he was not the face of the opposition grouping. “I am not an aspirant. I am only a facilitator. I will bring everybody together,” he said.

On his part, Stalin said that he welcomes Naidu’s efforts to bring together opposition parties against the anti-people and communal government of Modi.

“I have already welcomed his meeting with Congress President on this account. Naidu has told me that he was planning to convene a meeting of like minded parties either in Delhi or any other state capital to draw up a strategy to defeat BJP in the Lok Sabha polls. I have accepted his invitation,” he said.

Both the leaders attacked the Modi government for undermining the autonomy of institutions like the RBI, CBI, office of Governors, saying that democracy and the nation were under immense threat.

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Opposition will defeat BJP with unity, says Rahul and CBN


AP CM Chandrababu Naidu, during his current tour to Delhi, met with Congress President Rahul Gandhi and addressed the press jointly. They asserted their resolve to defeat BJP and save democracy in the country.

Rahul said that the democratic institutions are under attack from the BJP government and there is a pressing need to save the nation. He asserted that the opposition parties will work together in 2019 to fight against BJP which has failed to check corruption and create jobs, prevent Rafale scam and solve farmers’ problems.

Naidu avoided answering a question as to who is the prime ministerial candidate of anti-BJP front. He said in a light-hearted manner that while they were interested in the welfare of nation, the media is interested in the prime ministerial candidates of parties. Naidu’s Delhi visit raised curiosity in political circles as he is hell bent on bringing unity among anti-Modi parties at national level. He met with Rahul for a detailed discussion as Congress is the main opposition party.

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CBN aim: Sort out differences between Rahul, Mamata, Left, Kejriwal and Mayawati


All eyes are on AP CM Chandrababu Naidu’s visit to Delhi today amid doubts over coming together of various anti-BJP parties at national level because of their differences. Naidu’s immediate goal is to meet Rahul Gandhi, Sharad Pawar and other big leaders and try to convince them on how to remove differences of opinion between anti-Modi parties.

There are many issues confronting Naidu in this effort. In Delhi, there are differences between CM Aravind Kejriwal and BSP leader Mayawati. They have to be reconciled if BJP is to be given a tough time there. In West Bengal, Trinamool Congress chief Mamata and Left parties are rivals for a long time now. Additional efforts have to be made to make these two parties to overcome local issues and be united to fight against the BJP.

Naidu is spending a hectic time throughout the day. He is going there with a clear cut agenda to impress upon the Congress, BSP and other parties to set aside their differences for once with the sole aim of stopping Modi in 2019.

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Team Modi a vicious circle, says Chandrababu


AP CM Chandrababu Naidu addressed national media in Delhi this afternoon when he made a no-holds-barred, 360 degree attack on Prime Minister Modi’s leadership. Naidu expressed concern that India’s democracy, secularism, economy and industrial development are all under threat because of Modi’s narrow-minded, dictatorial and victimising nature of leadership.

Naidu deplored that all politicians, regional parties, industrialists and investors are being targetted and threatened now if they are supporting any party other than BJP. Modi government is using CBI, Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax departments to harass everybody who is opposing BJP or who is sympathising with other parties.

AP CM lamented that all the systems and institutions built over decades in the country were now collapsing one by one because of victimising approach of Modi. CBI is the immediate example of this collapse, for which only PM Modi should be answerable to the people of India for bringing disrepute to such a top level organisation.

Naidu said that a feeling of being betrayed is sweeping across all sections of Indian society because of the BJP’s utter failure as a the single largest ruling party at the Centre these four and half years. The people are realising now that only coalition governments with participation of various regional allies delivered better than single largest party governments at the Centre, he added.

National media posed a variety of questions to Naidu during his prolonged media conference. They questioned him about TDP government’s failure in attack on Opposition leader Jagan in Vizag airport. Naidu explained that it was a small incident that took place in exclusive jurisdiction of Central government forces ie CISF where local State police have no role to play. Yet, Jagan tried to make use of the incident to take political advantage. BJP leaders GVL Narasimha Rao and Kanna Lakshminarayana spoke in favour of imposition of President’s rule.

Naidu said that it all looked like a joint strategy planned by Jagan and BJP leaders to destabilise and remove TDP government in AP. It was aimed at bringing in BJP’s Central rule in the state through the back door. Modi government is sadly encouraging this sort of unhealthy political practices which will damage overall prospects of country in the long run.

Naidu said that Modi has brought Rakesh Asthana as special director into CBI from Gujarat who is responsible for so much damage done to CBI now. Naturally, it is Modi who has to answer to the nation for this monumental shame. It is just tip of the iceberg. Modi government is misusing CBI, IT and ED staff to conduct massive raids all across India where there is political opposition. These raids were carried out in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and so on.

As many as 19 IT teams were sent to AP recently to target TDP MPs and leaders. IT officials from Uttar Pradesh were being brought with specific instructions to create all possible problems for TDP leaders. This sort of victimisation has never been there before, he added.

Naidu said that economic slowdown happened in India now because of improper and biased implementation of demonetisation and GST by Modi government. There is no impartiality and transparency. Every system is misused and abused to politically target rival parties leaders under Modi leadership. This has forced me to come out and fight back as part of my minimum responsibility as a dutiful citizen of this country, said Naidu.

He accused Modi government of trying to dislodge ruling TDP in AP by using Governor’s report on Jagan attack case. Governor Narasimhan crossed his limits and directly spoke to local authorities in order to create problems for TDP government.

Naidu said it is all a kind of vicious circle that is operating the country under the BJP now. Because of this, the people of India are in grave danger. Team Modi is forgetting the fact that they are part of a democracy which is not good for themselves and for the country, he added.

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‘Democracy in danger – Target AP’: Chandrababu power-point


AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is making a power-point presentation on the theme ‘Democracy in danger – Target AP’ in Delhi. He has met Delhi CM Aravind Kejriwal, Loktantrik Janata Dal leader Sharad Yadav and other national leaders.

His presentation is aimed at exposing BJP’s unholy nexus with YCP leader Jaganmohan Reddy to remove the TDP government and impose President’s rule in AP. There is an evil plan to disturb TDP government with the help of Governor Narasimhan and his reports on the recent attack on Jagan at Vizag airport.

Naidu is bent upon creating a nation-wide awareness campaign against Modi government by raising the issue of how TDP has become a target for the Centre ever since the party has distanced from NDA and BJP earlier this year. Funds were stopped for irrigation projects including the lifeline Polavaram project. Special status was not given to AP despite the fact that it was a promise made by the Centre as per the Reorganisation Act. Many promises made under this Act were not fulfilled as part of plans to sabotage AP as a whole.

Naidu is also talking about the issue of multi-crore Rafale jet fighter scam and the CBI controversies in order to hit back at Modi’s rule. AP CM has virtually taken up a crusade against the Centre at national level by trying to rally together anti-BJP leaders together to challenge Modi’s bid for PM post in 2019 elections.

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