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Eenadu’s famous cartoonist Sridhar quits


Most popular cartoonist in Telugu journalism, Sridhar Rao, has quit from Eenadu Telugu newspaper.

Sridhar, famous as cartoonist Sridhar in media circles, himself announced his resignation on his Facebook page on Monday (today).

Sridhar just posted a single line message which reads, “Left Eenadu. Resigned.”

Eenandu and cartoonist Sridhar are inseparable. Both are identified with each other for over four decades.

Sridhar recently completed 40 years of his illustrious career in Eenadu.

Such was Sridhar’s popularity that a large chunk of Eenadu readers still see Sridhar cartoons first before reading other news or columns every day.

However, Sridhar did not cite any reasons over why he left Eenadu after serving for such a long period of over four decades.

His decision to quit Eenadu has come as a shock to crores of his fans worldwide who say it will be a big loss to the Eenadu brand.

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Ad business: Sakshi half page equal to Eenadu full page


Journalists are greatly surprised when Jagan Reddy Circar started giving bigger ads to the non-Sakshi media papers recently. Especially, Eenadu was given a full front page advertisement while Sakshi was given just half page ad on the launch of government’s Arogyasri monthly assistance programme. So, common readers may feel that the largest circulated Eenadu is being given due share as per the official guidelines. But the real facts present a different picture.

The government has approved arbitrarily high ad rates to the Sakshi Media. It’s so illogical that Sakshi half page will cost equal to Eenadu full page. Some say Sakshi may get even higher rates. These ad rates variations are being considered beyond the common business logic. Analysts say that there’s a method to this madness too.

A general impression is that Sakshi is literally run with AP people’s hard earned money. It has no real big business other than government ads. Moreover, many Sakshi employees are getting government salaries while they actually serve the paper. Now, the master plan is to dilute the negative impact of this unfair business practice. But, nothing can be hidden for long from the search lights of the media.

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Vijayasai complains to LS Speaker against ABN and Eenadu


The ruling YCP has taken its fight against the media to the Lok Sabha as well. MP Vijayasai Reddy complained to the LS Speaker that the Andhra Jyoti and Eenadu groups have defamed him by giving bad reports on the recent all-party meeting in Delhi. Vijayasai appealed to the Speaker to cancel the entry passes given to ETV, ABN and their respective newspaper reporters. They should be banned from covering the House proceedings. Vijayasai has taken it personally saying that the reports on Amit Shah and Congress MPs getting angry at him were false and highly damaging to his reputation. That incident has given Vijayasai lot of embarrassment within the YCP Parliamentary Party.

In a quick but sarcastic counter, TDP MP Kesineni Nani suggested that Vijayasai ask the Lok Sabha to pass a legislation to ban all the other media except Sakshi TV and newspaper. The TDP is stepping up its counter attacks against YCP on each and every issue nowadays. The TDP has already raised in the Parliament about the issue of YCP Government harassment against the media in AP in the name of GO 2430.

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Indian readership survey: Eenadu finds place in top 10, retains top slot among Telugu dailies.


The Indian Readership Survey (IRS) is the largest continuous readership research study in the world with an annual sample size exceeding 2.56 lakh (256,000) respondents. IRS collects a comprehensive range of demographic information and does extensive coverage and provides information based on study. This survey is conducted by MRUC (Media Research Users Council) and RSCI (Readership Studies Council of India). Recent survey on 2017 proved that domestic newspaper market continued to defy global trends i.e. while globally readership for print media is on declining trend, India has different trend, recording healthy growth numbers and have added as many as 11.2 crore new readers during the past four years.

Another important revelation is – contrary to popular belief that English dailies have more readership, it is actually Hindi and regional language papers that rule the roost. In fact, there is not a single English daily in the top 10 list. Among top 10 dailies are the regional language papers- Daily Thanthi (5th, Tamil), Lokmat (6th, Marathi ), Malayala Manorama(8th) and the Eenadu (9th). Hindi paper Dainik Jagran has been the number one daily since sevral years. It now tops the list with 7,03,77,000 readers. Times of India comes at a distant 11th slot with a total readership of 1,30,47,000.

Among Telugu dailies Eenadu retains its numer uno position.

  1. Dainik Jagran leads the readership with 7,03,77,000
  2. Hindustan at 2nd place with 5,23,97000.
  3. The Amar Ujala at 3rd place with 4,60,94,000
  4. Dainik Bhaskar at 4th place with 4,51,05,000
  5. Tamil paper Daily Thanthi 5th slot with 2,31,49,000.
  6. Marathi daily Lokmat at 6th place with 1,80,66,000
  7. Rajasthan Patrika at 7th with a total readership of 1,63,26,000
  8. Malayala Manorama at 8th with a total readership of 1,59,99,000.
  9. Telugu daily Eenadu is at the 9th spot with 1,58,48,000
  10. Prabhat Khabar occupies the 10th position with a total readership of 1,34,92,000.
  11. English genre market leader Times of India comes at a distant 11th spot with a total readership of 1,30,47,000.

However, around a decade back, if one remembers, Eenadu used to be at 3rd place most of the times and Dainik Jagaran and Dainik Bhaskar used to occupy 1st and 2nd place. It is surprising to see Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam and Rajasthan dailies surpassing Eenadu. Probably arrival of Sakshi and revival of Andhrajyothy impacted Eenadu’s readership. But among Telugu papers, no other daily is even closer to Eenadu. While Eenadu is at 1.58 crore readership, Sakshi has 94 lakhs, Andhrajyothy has 63 lakhs, Namasthe Telangana has 32 lakhs. If we consider only Telangana state, Eenadu has 70 lakhs readership, Sakshi has 35 lakhs, AJ has 23.5 and Namaste Telangana has 31.5 lakhs. This survey is about readership of printed papers only. Online readership is separate and not considered for this study. In that arena too, it seems Eenadu is lagging .(https://www.telugu360.com/te/andhra-jyothi-crossed-to-eenadu-in-alexa-rankings/).

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Huge cost cuttings at Eenadu?


Eenadu is the largest circulated Telugu newspaper in Telugu states. Its maintaining its numero uno position for past couple of decades. Even though it faced stiff competetion from Andhra Prabha, Udayam, Sakshi and Andhra Jyothy at various points of times, it was successful to retain its preeminent position.

But of late, Andhra Jyothy and Sakshi are giving tough competition as they are coming up “special pages” in addition to the general edition. Especially Sakshi’s family page is so popular and some readers buy this paper only for that family edition. Even Namaste Telangana paper has an attractive special page edition. So Eenadu also planned to have special editions. It hired some freelancers as well as ex-employees of Eenadu paying very high salaries.

However, it seems Eenadu stepped back on this proposal of Special pages. Bigwigs at Eenadu suggested, cost benefit ratio of bringing this special pages is not conducive because of skyrocketing price of news print. Moreover, circulation of magazines of Eenadu – Chatura, Vipula and Sithara is very low and have been white elephants for so long. So, if reports are to be believed, Eenadu will soon close down these magazines. Probably official announcement may come by the end of this year.

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Eenadu corrects it’s mistake


Yesterday, when Eenadu wrote article regarding the rankings of the Indian states and India as country regarding “ease of doing business”, we at Telugu360, highlighted that this article is misleading as it conveniently omitted the disclaimer on final deadlines and the fact that ranks are not yet being finalized. There has been debate among media circles as well as common people whether Eenadu did it mistakenly or was it intentional to promote Modi and KCR’s governments.

Today, Eenadu published story in main page which is a corrigendum of its earlier article. This story has been given the heading that final ranks are not frozen. Also, Eenadu admitted the numbers reported in the story are not the latest and the historical data was presented by mistake as the latest data. While Eenadu showed no hesitance in admitting the incorrectness of the story, now, interestingly another debate got triggered.

The debate is about the reason of this corrigendum. Is it because the social media as well as many others pointed out the mistake of Eenadu’s story or is it because Chandra Babu was terribly upset with the story as AP got 15th rank as per the story and this put CBN in a very embarrassing situation as he has been touring several countries to attract investments. It seems CBN had meeting with high level officials regarding this story and asked them to present the real facts to the media. But it seems both of these might not be the real reasons as Eenadu has the history of showing no hesitance when admitting the mistakes of its story and providing corrigendum.

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Misleading Eenadu banner story – mistake or intentional ??


Today, Eenadu published a banner story that  reports India got 100th rank worldwide in “ease of doing business”. The report also claimed that, among Indian states, Telangana got first rank.

But the Indian government website http://eodb.dipp.gov.in/ , that declares these ranks amongst the indian states , has clearly put a banner disclaimer like this – ” Please note that the last date to upload evidence of reforms implemented has been extended to 7th November,2017. Please note that the ranking displayed on the website is dynamic and will continuously undergo changes, until the freezing of rankings. Please note that the scores are based on implementation only and scores on feedback evaluation have not been considered in the rankings displayed.”.

So, that means, still there is time for submitting evidence documents and so whatever ranks shown as of today are not final and they may change as others submit documents. So, why is Eenadu so hasty in publishing this story today, instead of waiting till deadline is done and ranks are frozen. We are not debating here whether Telangana , Andhra Pradesh deserve their current ranks or not. But  many readers who follow these reports are wondering why Eenadu has to publish this article before the ranks are frozen. That too, they conveniently ignored the details on deadline and nowhere mentioned about ranks are subject to change until the deadline. Moreover, this is not first time Eenadu doing this and last year also it was the same story.

Eenadu published this as banner story and dedicated full business page for this today. As Eenadu has lots of reputation in Telugu states, whatever published in eenadu daily is treated as perfect and final by Telugu people. So eenadu has a moral obligation to tell the readers about the disclaimer.

Now, there are questions among media circles whether eenadu did this mistakenly or did they do it intentionally. If it is a mistake, eenadu team has to do more research before publishing such stories. Also, need to check why same mistake is repeating year after year. If it is intentional, it’s clear that eenadu has done this ONLY to project KCR and Modi governments in positive way. In that case, one thing they need to understand is people are slowly changing and they are not buying any story as is and readers are verifying the facts and debating on those in Social media.

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The Rising Importance of Jagan in Eenadu

The special attraction at C Ramoji Rao grand daughter’s wedding last week was the presence of the opponent Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. While it could be termed as courtesy call, it did give rise to several discussions. Known to be arch-rivals, the media barons are being more cordial to each other which is evident from their regular interactions at several functions. However, one significant change is the coverage the Opposition leader is getting in Eenadu in recent times.

The media house which had a tag of being inclined to TDP and NDA is unexpectedly publishing stories about Jagan. Previously, one would need a lens to find an article underscoring Jagan in the paper. However, the direction of the winds seemed to have changed, especially with Eenadu putting Jagan’s speech as front page banner item. Be it the YSRCP Plenary sessions last month or Nandyal public meeting on Thursday, Eenadu’s coverage had raised several eyebrows in disbelief. The coverage has been reportedly way better than Jagan’s own Sakshi.

This is a bombshell for the ruling TDP especially with the channel and newspaper continuing to give weightage to Jagan. While the TDP leaders keep wondering the reasons for Eenadu to promote Jagan, it is definitely a relief to the readers.

Is Eenadu gearing up for future winds and adjusting its sails now? Is it Modi meets Jagan after effect? Hope, Eenadu’s choice of covering Jagan reflects hopes and not fears.

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