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Suicides in TS & Andhra : A doctor’s prescription


[intro]The following is the passionate appeal of Dr Rammohan Rao Nimmagadda to Mental Health Professionals in India to work towards rooting out the psychological sources of suicides and to guide the politicians in preventing them from acting as catalysts in the suicides of farmers and youth. The appeal is also addressed to all right thinking people to take up the responsibility upon themselves to prevent suicides of farmers and youth for a political cause. Dr Nimmagadda is a respected practicing doctor in New South Wales, Australia.[/intro]

Dear Mental Health Professionals in India,

We all know these facts and need no references.Over 90 percent of people who die by suicide have a mental illness at the time of their death. And the most common mental illness is depression.In the UK also, research has shown many people who die by suicide have a mental illness, most commonly depression. “Society made people view depression, a very common illness, primarily as a consequence of our failures, but not as a cause” Hundreds of young people killed themselves because their demand for a separate Telangana state was not met. Politicians went to their houses and praised them as if they are heroes who sacrificed for the sake of their native Land.Farmers all over country are committing suicide daily. Politicians in Government go to their houses and give them money. Opposition believes that their only duty is to blame Government for everything.This is what we see daily in TV.

These actions of praising them as heroes and giving money to families of dead persons further contributing to more suicides. One more incentive to die for people who are thinking of suicide due to untreated invisible mental pain. No one had a doubt on why these young people from average common families are killing themselves for a separate state while children of current Chief Minister of Telangana Mr. KC Rao and others who were working much harder for Telangana state and will be the biggest losers if Telangana state is not formed never tried to commit suicides? Why these farmers are killing themselves while many other farmers in same village with much higher debts and more suffering are not doing it?

People of all backgrounds are committing suicides daily but politicians and media are not interested in them. India accounted for the highest estimated number of suicides in the world in 2012 and officially stated suicides more than 100,000 every year according to a WHO report. People or politicians have no doubts of cause of suicides.They only know that financial problem caused the death. Probably people who cannot think or learn has no doubts.

Their current problem or disappointment or frustration only triggering something they already have. Actions of people and politicians only adding another incentive to commit suicides.
Finding the real cause to remove it may require first thinking and then Psychology autopsy of dead person. If we fail to do it, suicides will never stop. For example if farmers are provided everything they need, are the suicides going to disappear in farmers?

Do we blame ignorant plus arrogant politicians made by people who are forced to live with current imported Democracy and Constitution unsuitable to them? Are we agreeing with Winston Churchill who said that giving freedom and democracy to Indians is like giving stones to mad people? Let us try to look at ourselves first before blaming others. Are the mental health professionals in India doing enough to educate people and Government? Shall we ignore and be silent because politicians are not listening or not consulting relevant professionals on important problems? Are we silent because no one pays us for doing it? As Dr Peter Young, former director of international mental health services recently said “Clinicians are ethically responsible to advocate to policy makers when policies result in measurable heath harm”, we all have ethical or moral responsibility.

Is this negligence by profession not responsible for India having only 37 mental institutions for 1.2 billion people and India spending only 0.8% of its already small health budget on mental health? As a share of the total health budget for mental health, Britain spent the most (12.1 per cent), followed by New Zealand (11), Germany (10), the Netherlands (8), Denmark (8), the U.S. (7.5), Australia (7.4), Ireland (6.8).USA (6) % of the health budget. Is this because mental illness is more in those countries? Please note this spending is unrelated to richness and it is percentage of what we spend. (Correct me if recent figure are not same).

No one can believe that India is a poor country to provide minimum required health services to people if they see how much was spend directly and indirectly by Government for its president visiting Tirupati temple!Look at financial benefits MPs are taking and they are no less than advanced rich countries or how much it costs for Prime minister to attend marriage of his friend or parliamentary delegates visiting other countries? But the country is poor to transport dead body of soldier died in border!

I appeal especially to mental health Profession in India to take it as your responsibility to help to stop these regular suicides. Each suicide permanently destroys whole family. If politicians fail to listen, let us start educating people. All of us agree to Albert Einstein saying that “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Is this not relevant to educated people in India and more importantly those Indians living overseas who love to discuss for hours about situation in India?
Thank you for reading completely,

Yours sincerely,

Dr Ramamohana Rao Nimmagadda
NSW 2747, Australia

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Millet Telangana : Solution to Farmers’ Suicides


Farmer’s suicides in Telangana have reached 1400. This accounts to 30 deaths in every month and one every day. Medak district, which had known no farmers suicides reported 145 deaths this year. This is leading to a state of hopelessness in the agriculture sector.

It is indeed amazing to see how the situation in four mandals in Zaheerabad contradicts the hues of public and media on farmers desperations. No farmer so far has committed suicide in the four mandals of Zaheerabad despite their farming practice being completely independent on water, electricity and chemical fertilizers. The farmers in this region have been engaged in growing traditional crops with traditional methods (ecological and biodiverse farming). All these farmers express a high level of confidence and motivation who are an inspiration to other farmers.

Meedoddi Vinoda in Nagwar village, Raikode Mandal grows 18 variety of crops worth 2 lakh rupees in her 3 acre of land despite the unfavorable climate conditions using her own seeds and manure. Adjacent to her field is where Tenugu Yadaiah in his farm grows BT cotton as a mono crop with an investment of Rs. 50000/- and earns Rs. 80000/-. He buys seed, manure and pesticides from the external market adding to his borrowed knowledge of farming. His farm fails to fetch him food, fodder for his cattle, a pulse or an oil seed making him completely dependent on an external sources for all of these. In contrast, Vinoda could earn food (Jowar, Korra, pulses, oil seeds) sufficient for her whole family for an entire year making her completely self sufficient. These stories of Vinoda and Yadaiah reflects the current situation of Telangana farmers as a whole. If one story talks about self confidence and hope the other story talks about the hopelessness, dependency and desperation.

Today we are at the cross roads, one of which is to dream high in the path of destruction and the other to accomplish the small hopes and leading aspiration a well being and prosperous state. In order to make Telangana a people friendly State, Government should encourage farmers growing Millets and recognize them as natural assets of this region rather than neglecting these climate resilient crops. Making the traditional knowledge of these farms as the foundation, we should build the Bangaru Telangana.

This is high time for the state to declare Telangana a Millet State. In view of the acute water crisis that stares Indian agriculture in the face Government should declare water bonus for millet farmers who use no irrigated water at all to grow their crops. Issues of searching for piecemeal solution for food and fodder security it should be dealt with a comprehensive approach that is possible with millet cultivation rather than finding discrete solutions.

Such an approach can save upto Rs. 50000 crores which can be used for welfare of farmers and other development activities in agriculture sector. These traditional method of agriculture contributing to environment and human wellbeing fare becomes a help worth thousands of crores to the farmer families.

-Dr PV Satheesh
Internationally renowned developmental communication specialist,
Deccan Development Society (DDS).

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Is Kodandaram launching a new party?


Telangan JAC chairman and university teacher Prof M Kodandarao appears to be dissociating from his mentor and chief minister KCR. There has been speculation about the his future course of action. Some say he is planning a new political outfit with a post-separate state agenda while other say he would launch a mass movement for the time being around issues the TRS government ignored and the issues thrown up by the bifurcation.

In Telangana he is a loner now. Though he still wears the title “JAC chairman” on his sleeves, few take him seriously. Though now and then he raises his voice against the issues like section 8, shifting of Osmania General Hospital etc. they were proven inconsequential. Once a commander of umpteen number of JACs that sprang up in very town, street and village, the soft-spoken political science teacher is now rendered non-entity in Telangana politics as well as administration.  He has not been given any role in the so called reconstruction of Telangana. One of the brilliant teachers of Osmania university is retiring next months. The post-retirement oblivion  seems to be haunting him.

So, he has chosen a way out to prove that he is still relevant in Telangana. He joined hands with another Professor Yogendra Yadav of New Delhi and participated in his Farmers Rally yesterday. Yadav, after quitting Aam Admi party, floated an outfit ” Swaraj Abhiyan, to fight for a ” Just India”. Talk is that Kodandaram will work under Swaraj Abhiyan banner for some time and work towards cause of farmers.

Many think, all those who are disillusioned with the policies of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao would rally around the Osmania Professor and he would again acquire a JAC-like dimension to bring the TRS government to its knees and force it to work for people’s Telangana.

Giving credence to this speculation, prof Kodandaram accused TRS government in Delhi of doing nothing for farmers of nascent state. Interacting with media in national capital, he rubbished the talk that there were no suicides among the farmers of Telangana.

“The estimates of union government say about 800 farmers committed suicides in Telangana. All previous governments are responsible for this tragic situation. Unfortunately, the TRS government also has done nothing to prevent the suicides among the farmers,” the TJAC chairman said.



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Rahul’s New Andhra Politics – No Sonia, only Indiramma


Rahul Gandhi’s trip to Anantapuramu district on the pretext of consoling the families of those farmers who committed suicide in the past one year in TDP rule out of indebtedness is not an innocent yatra of a Congress leader to extend some monetary assistance.

There is a clear and ambitious political design to relaunch Congress party in Andhra Pradesh and reposition it as the active opposition party.

Rahul took up Padayatra from Obuladevara Cherutu (ODC)  in the backdrop of a significant political development in the  state. Choosing ODC itself as the starting point of his padayatra is a politically loaded move.

Rahul's Padayatra

Void in Opposition

Rahul was quick to notice that there is no opposition party in the successor state of Andhra Pradesh.  He noticed that  farmers and weavers are bereft of any real political backing as both Opposition YSR party and ruling Telugu Desam party have surrendered to Prime Minister Modi for different reasons. YSR Congress leader Jaganmohan Reddy who is neck deep in corruption charges and probes is not in a position wage a war with centre to extract major concessions to state as his clash with Modi only strengthen the hands of his rival Chandrababu Naidu. He would be finished in no time if Modi and Naidu were to join hands. So Jagan is behaving like a party that has “observer status” in NDA. His fight, even though centre is backing out on in the implementation of provision of Andhra Pradesh Reoragnization Act-2014, is with  Naidu alone. Centre has no role in his scheme of things.

Naidu’s Achilles heel

Similarly chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu doen’t want to antagonize Prime Minister Modi, despite the brazen apathy being shown to Andhra Pradesh post-bifurcation.

Naidu knows very well that Modi is not extending the expected support on lines previous the NDA led by Vajapayee used to do. But, he can’t afford to say it in public and invite wrath of Modi, who is on a stronger wicket. In the past one year, there has been no public meeting where Naidu has not admitted that  Modi was his leader and the country was in safe hands. The cash-for-vote scam has further weakened his position at the national level. There is no force in TDP’s fight for special status, grants to bridge deficit, liberal assistance capital construction etc. Rahul is quite  aware of the weak points of Naidu.

Rahul’s Ambitious Plan

When ruling party and opposition party have jettisoned fighting spirit, Rahul wants Congress to fill the gap as real and active opposition party. He wants to turn the non-presence of Congress in Assembly into an opportunity and transform the Congress into a party among the people and on the streets to fight for every issue. PCC president N Raghuvira Reddy has been implementing this for quite some time. Today Rahul formally launched this line of struggle.

No Sonia, only Indiramma

Another important political element in Rahul trip is setting aside party president Sonia Gandhi, who is largely being seen as responsible for the painful division of Andhra Pradesh. People are still not coming to grips on Sonia’s role in carving out Telangana. In sync with the mood of the people, Rahul  did not talk of Sonia Gandhi much in his speeches. However, the AICC vice president invoked the name of Indira Gandhi, his grandmother,  in more than one way. The tour of Rahul is governed by the realization that  Indiramma is more relevant to Andhra now than Sonia Gandhi. The choosing of Obuladevera Cheruvu is a calculated decision and meant to evoke memories of Indira Gandhi. He could have started his payatra from any other village. But It misses the political element. In 1979 India Gandhi visited the village and addressed the people. Rahul paid tributes to his grandmother and planted a sapling at that place to keep the memories of Indiramma alive for ever. Similarly, he uttered name of  Indiramma several times and said his grandmother had great affection for Telugu people and he also inherited the same love for Andhra People. Though fresh in mind, he did not recall his mother’s tours to Anantapuramu district.

We have keep our fingers crossed for Rahul meta design to revive the party and make it politically fit to contest 2019 elections. Or it has to search for an ally in YSRC or some other non-entity.


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Rahul woke up from slumber- YSRC


The Principal Opposition party strongly responded  to Rahul’s biting  criticism that there was no oppostion in Andhra Pradesh.

YSR Congress wondered that howAICC  vice president Rahul Gandhi suddenly woke up from a deep slumber  and all of a sudden wanting to console the farmers of of Andhra Pradesh.

The party   said its only a ploy  to regain a foothold in the state.

“Rahul Gandhi who did not react to the major issues that have been affecting the State suddenly descended on the State only with ulterior and political motives as the Congress Party, which was responsible for division of the state, was and is working in tandem with TDP,’ Party leader K Parthasradhi  remarked  on Friday.

Before pointing  accusing finger at the Opposition  he  should first make it clear as to why the Congress Party did not raise in Parliament the issue of the tragedy at Godavari Pushkaralu  and  the encounter deaths of Tamil Nadu workers at Sheshachalam forest in the name of red sanders smugglers, he said.

He said it was the main Opposition YSR Congress that had taken up the issue of Polaravam, special status and others with the Centre time and again.

Rahul Gandhi’s  tall talk would  be of no help to him or his Party, Partha Sarathi said.

He alleged that the entire exercise seems to be sponsored by TDP as the two parties had worked in tandem on earlier occasions .

Attributing  Congress victory in the State in 2004 and 2009 to YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s persona he said the Congress was wiped out in post- YSR elections and had no scope of any revival.



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Rahul consoles Anantapuramu “victims” of TDP rule


AICC vice president Rahul Gandhi assured the people of Andhra Pradesh that he would go to any place to fight for the implementation of Polavaram project and to achieve the special category status to the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Addressing a rally in Obuladevaracheruvu village in Anantapuramu district on Friday he said he would not back out from these demands like TDP and BJP.

Recalling that BJP had assured to bestow special status on AP,  he said now both TDP and YSRC leaders had conveniently compromised with Modi government.  Rahul said  to reach the top rank among the Indian states AP needs special category status.

He said Congress would stand by the farmers and weavers of the state and fight for the improvement of their lives.

” My grandmother Indiramma had a special bond with Andhra Pradesh people. She visited this village when I was a child. I am proud to say that I too have an equally strong bond with the people of Andhra Pradesh,” he said.

Rahul who arrived in the village this morning  from Bengaluru to console the families of farmers and weavers whose committed suicide because of growing indebtedness during the one year rule of TDP.

He  accused PM Modi of trying to rob the lands of formers to give away them to corporate companies.

“ The UPA government had  brought about the land acquisition bill in such a manner that no government can take away their lands on the pretext of SEZs or some other purposes. Now, Modi government is planning to dilute statue. We won’t allow,” he declared.

Rahul gave away ex-gratia on behalf of Congress party to 45 families.

He visited the place and planted a sapling  where his grand mother Indira Gandhi  addressed the public meeting in 1979.

Rahul, after interacting with farmers launched his 30 km-long  Padayatra from Obuladevaracheruvu to Mamillakunta village to meet other families of farmers and weavers.

Earlier,former union minister and Congress leader K Chiranjeevi rapped Telugu Desam government for cheating farmers in the form of  loan-waiver. He said suicides among the farmers were on the rise in state. In the past one year, Chiranjeevi  said, state reported an increase of 35 per cent in suicides. This data was official and compiled by national crime records bureau, he added.

He lambasted the TDP chief minister Naidu for cheating poor farmers after getting votes on the promise of loan waiver.

He said a farmer present in the meeting told him that for a loan of about Rs 4000 he got only Rs 110 waiver.

“Just like Sonia visited the area before 2004 to console the families of farmers who committed suicide as a result of 9-year TDP rule, Rahul was here to again console and reassure the victims of present TDP rule.  He said as in 2004, in 2019 as well, history would be repeated and Congress would come to power,” Chiranjeevi said.

PCC president N Raghuvira Reddy translated Rahul’s speech in to Telugu.

All senior leaders from the state including C Ramanchandraiah, KVP Ramachandra Rao, T Subbiramireddy etc participated in Padayatra.


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Rahul can’t pay homage to YSR


YSR Congress has said that AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi has no moral right to pay homage to YS Rajasekhar Reddy  as the Party had worked in tandem with TDP in harassing his family member by foisting false cases against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to garland  YSR Statue in Anantapuramu district during his padayatra on  July 24.

The party alleged that after Congress drew a blank in 2014 election, now Rahul Gandhi is trying to invoke YSR for mileage and this was  a shameless  act, the party said.

“Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Andhra Pradesh to console the family of farmers who committed suicide is ridiculous as Congress has worked hand in hand with TDP right from the death of YSR till the division of the state and even after,” party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma remarked.

Congress has played a crucial role in the division of the State and helped out TDP on many aspects, including transfer of votes in the general elections and now the Congress leader coming to the State to console the farmer suicides is ridiculous, she said.

“When YSR family members sought permission to carry out the Odarpu Yatra, it was denied and they were insulted by the high command and when YS Jagan Mohan Reddy came out of the Party he and his family members were harassed and false cases were foisted.

This apart the high-command has seen to it that the name of YSR was included in the FIR. How can such a party pay homage to YSR now,” she asked

She recalled how Congress which had announced Rs 1 lakh ex-gratia to the kin of those who died of shock on hearing the sad demise and backed out.



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Rahul to walk 10 km to meet Anantapuramu farmers


Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is arriving in Anantapuramu district on July 24 to interact with farmers and weavers who have been in distress for years.  Anantapuramu is one of the districts in the country where farmers and weavers committed suicides more in number following crisis in their field affected their livelihoods. Suicides are still continuing in the district. Rahul has chosen the district for  padayatra to enthuse the Congress leaders and workers who have also been in distress since 2014 election, when the party failed win a single seat in Assembly. Following rout many leaders, including former PCC president Botsa satyanarana, left the party to join YSR Congress. In the padayatra, consisting of three stretches, Rahul will spend time with farmers, weavers and students from rural areas to instill confidence in them that Congress would stand by them and fight for redress. Following is the route map of Rahul’s padayatra and his proposed activities in Anantapuramu district.

06:30 am:                  Dep from Bangalore

07:15 am                    Reach Kodikonda Checkpost (Karnataka – AP Border)

VP is received by APCC leaders at the Border

08:00 am:                  Arrival ObulaDeveraCheruvu in AnanthapurDist

08:05 to 09:45am     Padayathra begins (Obuladevera Cheruvu to Mamilakuntapalli): 3 kms

Padayathra commences from Indira Gandhi Dias in the village.


  • Garland statues of Dr B.R. Ambedkar and Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy (5 minutes)
  • Interaction with Farmers and Weavers at Dias 1 of the village (45 minutes)
  • Interaction with Students (10 minutes)

09:45am                      Reach Mamilakuntapalli village

09:45 to 10:00am        Meet late Harinathreddy’s family (suicide victim’s family)

10:00 to 11:00am        Padayathra second stretch (Mamilakuntapalli to Daburavaripalli): 5kms

11:00 to 11:45am        Interaction with women Self Help Groups and visit Deburavaripalli habitation

11:45 to 12:30pm        Padayathra final  stretch (Daburavaripalli  to Kondakamarla): 2Kms

12:30 to 1: 30pm        Interaction with MGNREGS workers and family members of migrant labour

2:30pm                        Arrives in Puttaparthy

3:15 to 4:45pm            At Puttaparthy

  • Receive representations from people
  • Interaction with Senior Congress leaders
  • Visit Mahasmadhi of Sri Saibaba


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JC Brothers ko gussa kyon aata hai


Many leaders lost relevance after 2014 elections- some became irrelevant following their defeat while some following their defection. Popular as JC brothers, JC Divakar Reddy and JC Prabhakar Reddy, are not taken seriously in Telugu Desam party. Both switched over to TDP from Congress before the 2014 election. While Divakar Reddy won Anantapuramu Lok Sabha constituency, his brother Prabhakar Reddy Tadpatri Assembly segment. Their grip in local politics is pincer like. It is difficult to wrest the two seats from them, at least for the time being. For the first time, the brothers, find themselves powerless, despite being in a party that is in power. Diwakar Reddy used to say before elections that TDP would win 12 seats in district. It did. But, his contribution to victory is not credited to his account. One thing is true, the dusty town Tadapatri changed a lot during their heydays.

Naidu is also maintaining long distance from them. They also know what they are in TDP. Elder JC is not at all a visitor to NTR Trust Bhavan.

In Delhi, where any language other than Hindi is considered barbaric, Divakar Reddy doesn’t matter much. In TDP, unless you have the open endorsement of Big Boss, you are unwelcome in the corridors power. So, cynical has the Anantapuramu MP grown these days, he remarked, “MPs are being used as curry leaves. MPs, MLAs are sheer waste in this country. We don’t need any democracy. Who matters in Andhra politics in Delhi and Hyderabad? Prime Minister there, and chief minister here,” elder JC lamented some time back. They both are known for their off-beat and sensational comments. While elder JC spares none in his attacks including Modi and Governor.

Younger JC is always seen seething with anger. This time the target is Rahul Gandhi. Talking to media in his home town Tadpatri Monday, the angry MLA demanded that Rahul should first distribute ex-gratia to the families of farmers who committed suicide during Congress regime. “About 600 farmers committed suicide during the recent Congress rule in the district. Congress vice president should first console these families rather than harping on the suicides happened during TDP rule in the past one year,” he said.

Rahul is visiting Anantapuramu district to console the bereaved families tomorrow.

Prabhakar Reddy warned that, “We, along with family members of farmers who died, will stop Rahul Gandhi’s visit in 300 vehicles if he doesn’t first visit the families of those farmers who died when Congress was in power.”

Prabhakar Reddy is forgetting that during 10 year-rule of Congress, his brother was minister for some time and MLA for whole period.

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