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K A Paul detained at Tirupati by police


Global evangelist-turned politician, Dr K A Paul, was detained by the Tirupati police on Tuesday. He was taken to the police station when he was trying to meet the women students of Sri Padmavathi Mahila University.

He is accused of trespassing into the women’s hostel in the university. However, Paul said that he had entered the hostel premises with due permission from the security personnel.

Dr Paul was at Tirupati on the day as part of his tour in the state. He started his tour at Srikakulam and addressed the meetings in Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, Rajamahendravaram, Bhimavaram, Eluru, Vijayawada, Ongole, Nellore and Tirupati.

He had been interacting with the cross sections of the people ahead of the 2024 general elections. Dr Paul plans to contest both Parliament and Assembly elections in the two Telugu states.

He blamed the state government for targeting him and obstructing his programmes in the state. He said the ruling TRS too had done similar acts against him in Telangana and asserted that he would not stop his programmes with such threats.

Meanwhile, Dr Paul is heading for Kadapa, the home district of chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, against whom Paul is making allegations of corruption.

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K A Paul wants TDP, YCP to merge with his party


Evangelist-turned-politician, Dr K A Paul said that he was born as a Hindu and would die as a Hindu. He gave this statement during his visit to Tirupati on Tuesday, where he addressed a media conference from the local press club.

Dr Paul, who is currently touring Andhra Pradesh, is holding meetings of his Praja Shanti Party aiming at contesting the next general elections in the two Telugu states. He is also aiming to win some Parliament seats to contest for the Prime Minister post.

Whatever he speaks creates a lot of fun for the Telugu people. He claims 80 per cent support for him in Telangana and 60 per cent in Andhra Pradesh. He finds just 15 per cent support from the people for the TRS in Telangana and 16 per cent votes for the YSR Congress in Andhra Pradesh.

He discounted the existence of BJP and Congress in Telangana. He also found a similar situation for the Telugu Desam Party and the Jana Sena in Andhra Pradesh.

Much to the amusement of the media persons in particular and people in general, Dr Paul asked Jagan Mohan Reddy, Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan to merge their parties in his Praja Shanti Party.

He has nearly half-a-dozen bouncers providing security for him wherever he is going these days. He also has his own convoy of five highly sophisticated vehicles and he stays in the star hotels as he visits.

He meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Union Fisheries Minister Parshottam Rupala often but again criticises the Modi-led government at the Centre. He has been pleading with the chief ministers of the two Telugu states to give him permission to hold a global peace summit. Since neither of the chief ministers have given permission, he is into politics claiming to form his government in the two Telugu states.

Whatever he says, Dr Paul is becoming an entertainer for the people of the Telugu states. Let’s see what is in store for his global evangelist.

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K A Paul complaints to CBI against KCR and family


Noted global evangelist and Praja Shanti Party president Dr K A Paul had lodged a complaint to the CBI against Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and his family. He went to the CBI direct Subodh Kumar Jaiswal in Delhi on Wednesday.

He alleged that the KCR family is indulging in massive corruption and have accumulated innumerable properties in Telangana. He listed KCR, his son and minister KTR, daughter and MLC Kavitha, nephew and Minister Harish Rao, as having looted the state.

He said that the state was divided in 2014 with a Rs 60,000 crore surplus budget. However, in the last 8 years of KCR rule, the state had borrowed Rs 4.50 lakh crore, which indicates that the KCR family members have looted the money from the exchequer, Dr Paul said in his complaint.

He also complained about the Kaleswaram lift irrigation project which was built with a budget of Rs 10.05 lakh crore. He said that the project was actually built with a cost of Rs 30,000 crore and alleged that the KCR family grabbed the balance amount.

The evangelist requested the CBI to book a case against the KCR family and start probing into the corruption involving the family members including chief minister KCR. He also said that he is ready to assist the CBI in collecting information in some cases.

Well, for some reasons, Dr Paul has been campaigning against KCR in Telangana, more than what the BJP and the Congress have done. Dr Paul is also lobbying with the BJP government at the Centre to go against the TRS government in Telangana. He has access to Home Minister Amit Shah and had met him a couple of times in the recent past.

It was with a similar letter by then Congress MLA Shankar Rao that the CBI had booked cases against Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy in 2010. It is now to be seen whether the CBI acts on the same lines or takes Dr Paul easily!

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K A Paul responds positively to Pawan’s option, not Naidu!


Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan wanted the TDP to come forward with some sacrifice and work together in the 2024 elections to defeat the YSR Congress in Andhra Pradesh. The sacrifice he meant was making him the chief minister.

There was no response from TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu to Pawan Kalyan’s statement. However, there were adverse comments from the TDP leaders and its social media activists who trolled the Jana Sena chief for asking big questions without even winning a single seat.

Surprisingly, evangelist and Praja Shanthi Party chief K A Paul came forward with a mouth-watering offer. He asked Pawan Kalyan to merge his Jana Sena Party with his Praja Shanthi Party. Paul said he would offer the chief minister post to Pawan Kalyan.

“Join my party. I will become the Prime Minister and you can become the chief minister. It is a fact that 98 per cent of the people in the two Telugu states want me as their chief minister. They are not in favour of KCR in Telangana and Jagan in Andhra Pradesh,” Paul said.

Paul further said that he was contesting as the Prime Minister candidate, a true alternative to Narendra Modi. He claimed that he has the support of 18 regional parties in the country, which he would make public at the right time.

The evangelist said that people were joining his party in the two Telugu states in large numbers, while leaders of various regional parties at the national level were asking him to take the responsibility of being an alternative to Narendra Modi.

“I will be the Prime Minister after the 2024 elections. If Pawan Kalyan merges his party with my party, I will make him the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh,” Paul announced proudly. He wanted Pawan Kalyan to stop dreaming and be realistic.

Well, can someone tell Pawan Kalyan about Paul’s offer?!

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Brother Anil to be another K A Paul in Politics!


Evangelist K A Paul was a highly respected and widely accepted spiritual leader in the 1980s and 1990s. He used to travel by his own flight between the countries and by his own helicopter in India. It was difficult to meet him in person or get an interview in those days.

After 2004, whatever the reasons are, he entered politics and started speaking the mother tongue – Telugu for the first time. Till then, it was thought that he was born and brought up in the US and couldn’t speak Telugu as his speeches were translated by some pastors in those days.

But, once he started speaking Telugu and speaking politics, people began to have fun. He became a joker in politics, when he launched a political party – Praja Santhi Party – and contested the 2014 and 2019 general elections. Though he did not win even a single seat in both the elections, he gave a lot of entertainment to the people, particularly to the politicians and the media. A great and successful evangelist had thus become a joker in politics.

Brother Anil Kumar, brother-in-law of AP chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and husband of YSR Telangana Party chief Sharmila, is now becoming another K A Paul. Recognised as a great speaker and a good evangelist, Brother Anil Kumar enjoys considerable support among the faithful Christians. Several Pastors follow him in the two Telugu states and they respect him for his oratory and organisational skills.

These days, he is speaking politics and is giving indications of launching a political party in Andhra Pradesh. It is not clear whether he is seriously thinking of launching a political party or a creation of media or some force, it is for sure that he would end up becoming a laughing stock. The Pastors or the faithful who respect him as a preacher or evangelist, will make fun of him if he speaks politics.

People in South, particularly those in the Telugu states don’t subscribe to religious politics. They are wise enough to draw the lines between politics and religion. In fact, this knowledge or the wisdom of the people had made K A Paul a laughing stock. Anil Kumar is not going to be different if he moves forward with a political agenda.

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KA Paul files a complaint against RGV


From the past few weeks, director Ram Gopal Varma made fun of KA Paul directly through his next film Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu. A song on KA Paul too has been released which criticized KA Paul directly. KA Paul who has been inactive in the recent times filed a petition against Ram Gopal Varma in the High Court. He claimed that he was defamed through the film Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu.

KA Paul asked the High Court to stall the film’s release as the film triggers several controversies. The High Court will take a call on this and will announce their decision soon. Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu is slated for release on November 29th across the globe.

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NBW issued against KA Paul in brother murder


Praja Shanti Party President KA Paul went out of sight after creating political sensations during 2019 general election in Andhra. His name resurfaced now as the Mahbubnagar court issued Non-Bailable Warrant against him. It was because of his continued absence from the court appearances in connection with his brother David Raju’s murder case. Paul is one of the accused persons in this murder.

Paul has become almost king of political comedy in last elections. He contested in Lok Sabha elections while his nomination was not accepted for Bhimavaram Assembly segment because of his delayed arrival at that time. With his non-stop interviews, Paul cracked jokes and made challenges to main political parties.

Paul made critical remarks against YCP President and CM Jaganmohan Reddy during elections. Videos containing his political interviews were among the most seen at the height of the election campaign. KA Paul’s bitter rivalry with Jagan dates back to the YSR Regime when his evangelical missions were hampered in Andhra. Paul is also a bitter competitor for Jagan brother in law Anil Kumar in conducting evangelical missions.

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Video: KA Paul Sensational Comments on KCR And YS Jagan

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Jagan gave 400 crores to Prashant kishor‌, says KA Paul


Evangelist turned politician KA Paul is regularly appearing before TV channels and expressing his confidence on winning the elections this time. While most of the people have just ignored his praja shanti party during elections, he almost gave a shocker to YSRCP with his party symbol as well as the names of his party candidates before the election.

Even though most of the statements by KA Paul look silly and entertaining, sometimes in the flow, he will make some serious comments based on the inside information of political sources, and such comments actually catch the attention of viewers. In one of the interviews in a TV channel, Paul commented that YSR CP chief Jagan has actually paid amount to the tune of 400 crores to Prashant kishor for the consulting services he gave to Jagan during this elections.

Obviously, it is a whopping amount and the people are discussing , from where Jagan got such huge amount to pay Prasanth Kishore and what services Prashant kishor is offering Jagan for such a huge price.

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Why is Vijayasai targetting KA Paul so strongly?


Already, the YCP is facing a very difficult time to counter the TDP in the April 11 election. Adding to its problems, there is another issue coming up to embarrass the YCP. Its election symbol ‘fan’ is allegedly looking just like the ‘helicopter’ symbol which is allotted to the Praja Shanti Party of international evangelist KA Paul. Two weeks ago, the Central Election Commission rejected the YCP petition to change the symbol given to KA Paul.

In the midst of increasing tensions, the YCP once again appealed to the Election Commission to change the symbol of Praja Shanti Party as the election day is drawing nearer. Speaking on this, YCP senior leader Vijayasai Reddy got irked by the media questions. He lost his temper and described KA Paul as a joker who is appearing every day to provide a lot of comedy in state politics.

Seeing the YCP’s weak position, KA Paul is making good advantage of this by increasing his attack on Jaganmohan Reddy. He says Jagan will not become CM even if he spends not just Rs.100 crore but all the Rs.3 lakh crore he has reportedly earned illegally. Paul said there is increasing support to his party from all sections of the people.

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Paid news: Did KA Paul buy “slot” in TV channels?


Evangelist turned politician KA Paul has suddenly become cynosure of all eyes in this election season. He is seen in almost all TV channels nowadays, he is giving interviews to them and even his statements are scrolled prominently in almost all the top channels. People are wondering why his statements are given so much importance by the media even when they don’t make much sense and they doubt whether he “bought” any slots in TV channels.

Concept of paid news:

The concept of paid news is not a new phenomenon in Indian media or Telugu media. If a politician spends amount on advertising his candidature, the amount spent needs to be revealed by the candidate to the election commission of India. There is a cut-off on the amount spent so that rich candidates do not get undue advantage in the elections.

However, Indian politicians are experts in circumventing such rules and regulations and there have been instances of political leaders doing ‘ motivated propaganda’ in the media on the pretext of news. Also, many people believe this concept is there in both print media and electronic media. Many people also believe, if one has an “agreement” with media, he may get good coverage of his activities or statements in the media in such a way that it will benefit them in elections.

Is screen space allotted to Paul in sync with his prospects or people aspirations?

People expect media to reflect the opinions or aspirations of people. However, to be frank, KA Paul’s party doesn’t have much prospects in the upcoming elections, even though he is claiming that his party will get 79 seats as per the surveys. Moreover, people are not taking seriously KA Paul’s statements or his politics. Yet, the proportion of screen space given to KA Paul’s statements and interviews in the electronic media shocking the people. Even his ridiculous claims are being scrolled in top TV channels.

Obviously, this is triggering many doubts among people whether media is doing this as part of the “agreement” they have with media. Moreover, Paul never hesitates to boast about his money power. He offered 100 crores to Vangaveeti Ranga if he joins Praja Shanti party. He also told he can bring crores of rupees as donations to the state. Whether his claims are real or not – we don’t know, but one thing is sure – he believes politics can be managed with money.


By seeing media giving too much of coverage to KA Paul’s statements and his opinions, people getting doubts if the media is paid heftily by Paul. Moreover, given the facts that the same media not even giving coverage for the activities of other political parties like Janasena or communists even when lakhs of people attending their meetings, people getting such doubts is completely justified.

– Zuran (@CriticZuran)

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Humble RGV touched my feet, says KA Paul


Evangelist turned politician KA Paul is providing enough comic relief to the people who are stressed out after following political news. He is generating some serious comedy by saying he will be next chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. Of late, RGV also trolling KA Paul in social media and Paul is giving befitting replies to RGV.

KA Paul recently posted in social media that RGV came to him and touched his feet in reverence. He tweeted, “WOW! Humble RGV met me in Mumbai hotel shocked Jyoti & Vivek by touching my feet and told he never did it to his guru Dasari. When my people make me CM of AP In just 4 months we will prove the world we are the best, then the Nation.”

People were shocked to know that RGV touched feet of Paul and the maverick director Ram Gopal Varma responded on Paul’s comments. He tweeted , “I didn’t touch his feet in reverence. I just thought of pulling his legs so that his head rams to the floor and then his mind would set right. But I didn’t do so as he may hurt” .So it looks like RGV did touch the feet of Paul and Paul is trying to boast himself about that.

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Modi behaved like a child prior to 2014 poll: KA Paul


Praja Shanti Party President and International Evangelist KA Paul passed interesting comments on PM Modi and also BJP veteran LK Advani. He said prior to 2014 election, Modi himself came to his place and made humblest request for his support in the election at that time. In Paul’s words, Modi said they both were backward classes persons and both were without marriage and families, which would be the basis for a good relation between them.

Paul said he extended his full support as Modi himself came to his doorsteps and also because of the Praja Shanti Party’s commitment to the idea of secularism in India. The evangelist however said he himself went to meet LK Advani’s place following a request from the BJP former president. Paul disclosed that Advani had asked him not to support Modi under any circumstances and in the interests of everybody.

KA Paul said Advani himself invited him for a dinner and made this request with folded hands. Advani told Paul that Modi would not fulfill any of the promises he would usually make and hence it was not good to believe him. Ahead of 2019 general election, Paul is creating sensations in AP politics. But there are fears among YCP leaders that Paul’s party may split dalit vote bank which will eventually benefit the ruling TDP and also Jana Sena.


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KA Paul comedy continues: Loan waivers through international donations


It is known news that Evangelist KA Paul, who floated Praja Shanti party announced that his party will contest in all constituencies of Andhra Pradesh in 2019. His statements that there won’t be any alliances with any other parties for his Praja Shanti party evoked a few laughs among people. His other statements like -, already booth level committees and village level committees are in place for the party also evoked similar response from people.

Now he revealed his brilliant plans to solve all the issues of AP. He told, he earlier convened several meetings with delegates from 200 countries. He added, if he comes to power, he will again do the same and convene similar meetings with those international delegates and ask them for donations. KA Paul was confident of receiving around 7 lakh crores of money from such meetings as donations. He revealed, out of those 7 lakh crores collected, 2 lakh crores will be spent on waiving off farmers loans and remaining 5 lakh crores could be utilized for the annual budgets for 5 years of his rule.

It seems the leaders of the country don’t know this brilliant idea and that’s why they spend lot of efforts on writing and refining policies on taxation to collect money and preparing budgets to spend those amounts. Maybe they need to consult KA Paul and seek his advice!!

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