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What if there is a hung parliament?

Conventional wisdom has it that the current polls will not produce a clear-cut result as in 2014.

The reason is that there is no definite trend for or against any party at the national level although such tendencies are there in some states such as Tamil Nadu.

However, in the absence of an all-India “wave”, neither of the two main groups of protagonists – the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and the parties in the “secular” camp – is expected easily to cross the half-way mark of 272 seats in the Lok Sabha.

The general assumption is that the NDA may barely cross the finishing line or just fall short while the BJP will not get a majority of its own although it is likely to emerge as the largest party.

In that event, there is every possibility of the BJP being given the first chance by the President to form a government. Furthermore, there will be no difficulty for it if the NDA has a majority.

However, the thinness of the NDA’s lead over the other parties can pose a problem. For instance, the critics are bound to interpret the NDA’s slender majority as a virtual rejection by the voters of its legitimacy in view of the fall in its seats from the present 336.

There is a political need, therefore, for the BJP to repeat its 2014 performance if the party wants to persist with its current dominance.

The scene will obviously be even worse for the BJP if the NDA is unable to get a majority and there is a hung parliament. It has been suggested that it will then have to look for potential allies to cross the magical figure of 272.

In this context, several names are already in the air, such as those of Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao and the rising Andhra Pradesh leader Jagan Mohan Reddy, although both have been critical of the BJP.

Rao, for instance, had once taken the initiative to constitute a non-BJP, non-Congress federal front in Mamata Banerjee’s company, but the project went nowhere.

Reddy is at present too focussed on his battles with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu to pay much attention to national politics. But he appears to have decided to keep his lines open for both the BJP and the Congress.

Another party whose name has figured in the speculation is that of the Biju Janata Dal (BJD), a one-time ally of the BJP which is now engaged in trying to maintain its dominance in Odisha against a combative BJP which has replaced the Congress as the BJD’s main opponent in the state.

At the all-India level, the BJD’s position is for maintaining equidistance from both the BJP and the Congress. However, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is of the view that he will go with that party at the centre which will show special consideration for the state.

It doesn’t take much perspicacity to believe that if push comes to shove for the BJP, struggling to maintain the NDA’s majority in the Lok Sabha, it will listen to Odisha’s plea for help with greater sympathy.

Given such possibilities, it is obvious that the BJP will not be able to display the kind of chutzpah that it does at present. It is bound to be far more subdued, a posture it adopted recently when concluding pre-poll seat arrangements with the Shiv Sena, the Janata Dal (United) and the Lok Janshakti Party.

How will the national opposition fare in these circumstances? For a start, it will have to accept the inconvenient truth about itself that an inability to get its act together to stand united against the BJP made it lose the race.

Moreover, the ego hassles among its senior leaders which scuttled the earlier talks about forming a mahagathbandhan (grand alliance) with a single opposition candidate against the BJP in every constituency will continue to help the BJP retain its hold on power.

The only card which the opposition can play even in its fractured state is to assert that the 2014 outcome was an aberration caused up by two factors – the unexpected rise of Narendra Modi as a popular leader and the equally unexpected collapse of the Congress because of corruption – an old malady – and policy paralysis, a new affliction.

In the absence of either one or the other of these two factors, the scene would have been different. In a way, this is what appears to be happening at present, with the BJP losing some of its earlier momentum and the Congress partly recovering its old self under new leadership.

From this aspect, there has been a return to a more or less level playing field with a slight tilt in the BJP’s favour. But the opposition can make good the lost ground if the BJP is foxed by the complexities of a hung parliament.

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NDA continues to be well ahead of UPA in seat and vote share: IANS-CVoter 2019 survey


The State of the Nation March 2019 Wave-II opinion poll conducted by CVoter for IANS shows a marginal change in fortunes for the NDA and the UPA in seat share as compared to an earlier CVoter poll put out on March 10. However, there is a sharp increase in vote share for the NDA compared to the March 10 figures of the CVoter poll.

Seat share projections for the NDA, based on pre-poll alliances, indicates it will fall short of a House majority with 261 seats — the March 10 opinion poll said it had put this number at 264. The second survey shows that the BJP will get 241 seats on its own.

The UPA, however, could fall way behind the NDA in seat share projections. According to CVoter, it will get just 143 seats on the basis of alliances it has sewed up so far with the Rashtriya Janata Dal in Bihar, the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha alliance in Jharkhand, the Janata Dal (S) in Karnataka, the UDF constituents in Kerala, the Nationalist Congress Party in Maharashtra and the DMK in Tamil Nadu.

The break-up, the survey says, will be 91 seats for the Congress and 52 seats for the allies. The CVoter survey earlier this month had estimated that the Congress would get 86 seats and the pre-poll allies another 55.

The State of the Nation March 2019 Wave 2 opinion poll finalised on March 24 is based on a sample survey of 10,280 this week, and a cumulative base of 70,000 respondents since January 1 covering 543 Lok Sabha constituencies.

For both alliances, the numbers would change sharply if some post poll alliances work out. As the NDA is already well ahead of the UPA, the surge from post poll alliances would push it well clear of the majority mark of 272.

This is how the CVoter opinion poll says the numbers are like to stack up for the NDA should the post poll alliances click.

The YSR Congress Party of Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy is expected to win 10 Lok Sabha seats in Andhra Pradesh, the Mizo National Front is likely to get one seat, the Biju Janata Dal 10 seats and the Telangana Rashtra Samiti 16 seats — a total of 37 seats.

Added to the pre-poll NDA alliance, the BJP-led alliance is expected to have an overall tally of 298 seats according to the CVoter opinion.

For its part, the Congress-led UPA too would see a dramatric rise in numbers but would still be well behind the NDA in the tally.

The CVoter opinion poll lists possible UPA post-poll allies as AIUDF in Assam (one seat), the LDF alliance in Kerala (three seats), the ‘mahagathbandhan’ in Uttar Pradesh (48 seats) and the Trinamool in West Bengal (34 seats). These would give a boost of 86 seats to the UPA and raise its tally to 229 seats overall — though still not good enough to come to power and well behind the NDA even without its post poll tie-ups.

There are two further scenarios. What happens if there is an Aam Aadmi Party-Congress tie-up in Delhi and how will the seat projections change if there is no mahagathbandhan in Uttar Pradesh?

In the first case, the CVoter opinion poll says the UPA will get four seats in Delhi and the NDA the remaining three Lok Sabha seats in the national capital. If there is no ‘mahagathbandhan’ in Uttar Pradesh, the UPA would get a mere two seats, the Samajwadi Party four, the Bahujan Samaj Party two seats and the BJP was likely to get 72 seats, that is close to its tally of 73 in the 2014 elections.

However, if ‘mahagathbandhan’ works out in UP, it would get only 28 seats — the March 10 figures had put this number at 29.

So far as the vote share projections are concerned, there has been a big gain for the NDA compared to the March 10 opinion poll. In terms of vote share, the NDA is likely to get 31.1 per cent of votes against 30.9 for the UPA according to the earlier poll.

The other parties are likely to get 28 per cent. However, the pre-poll alliance scenario for the BJP-led NDA formation, according to the March 24 poll figures said would help it garner 42 per cent of the vote nationally while for the Congress-led UPA alliance the vote percentage for the pre-poll allies would be 30.4 per cent.

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Odisha CM says no to both NDA and Mahakutami


Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik has made a clarification to all leaders who are trying to push their respective national level alliances and fronts. He said his party will contest the 2019 general election all alone and without tie-up with any party or front. He asserted the Biju Janata Dal will not become close to either the BJP-led NDA or the proposed Mahakutami. It means BJD will not consider KCR’s Federal Front as well. Ahead of elections, his comments assumed significance.

Analysts say Navin Patnaik is taking all the care not to get trapped and stuck between national parties and their fronts at this juncture. He wants to maintain a safe distance. It is already clear AP has lost heavily due to lack of enough central funds after the TDP broke away from the NDA last year. Moreover, Chandrababu Naidu’s direct confrontation with the Modi government has created a big rift in the Centre-State relations.

Patnaik is carefully avoiding such political standoff. He is also under heavy pressure to counter the BJP’s big efforts to win more MP seats in 2019. The BJD won 20 seats while the BJP got one seat only in 2014 election. The Congress could not get a single seat. The BJP is hopeful of winning more seats as it had done well in panchayat elections there.


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NDA’s Harivansh elected RS Deputy Chair


National Democratic Alliance (NDA) candidate Harivansh Narayan Singh was elected as the Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman on Thursday defeating the Opposition’s nominee B.K. Hariprasad.

Harivansh, a veteran journalist representing Bihar as a member of Janata Dal-United (JD-U) in the Upper House, received 125 votes as against 105 of Hariprasad.

The current strength of the Rajya Sabha is 244 but the members present in the House were 230.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and YSR Congress party abstained from voting.

Following his election, Harivansh was conducted to his seat, which is beside the Leader of Opposition, by Leader of House Arun Jaitley, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananath Kumar and Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Harivansh on his win, saying: “I congratulate Harivanshji on being elected the Deputy Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha.”

Modi described Harivansh as a “well read” person who “has written a lot”.

“He has served the society for years,” the Prime Minister added.

“I also want to congratulate B.K. Hariprasad for being a part of the election.”

He said that there were two “Hari’s” in the race and hoped that with Harivansh victory, there will be “harikripa “(God’s blessings) in the House.

Jaitley, who attended the Rajya Sabha for the first time in the ongoing monsoon session, also congratulated Harivansh on his election, saying that he was confident that he would uphold the post’s integrity.

Rajya Sabha members cutting across party lines felicitated the new deputy chair.

Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad said he hoped his experience in journalism would benefit the House in its conduct.

He expected that Harivansh will discharge his duties in a non-partisan manner and work for all sections of the society irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Ram Gopal Yadav of the Samajwadi Party, Derek O’Brien of the Trinamool Congress, Sanjay Raut of Shiv Sena and leaders of other parties also conveyed their congratulations.

On his part, Harivansh assured the members that he will conduct the proceedings of the House in a non-partisan manner.

“Now, I do not belong to any party,” he said seeking cooperation of the members in the smooth conduct of the House.

He said that it is a matter of pride for him to reach the corridors of power and pledged to work for the development of the nation.

After Harivansh ended his speech, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu invited him to conduct the House proceedings.

“The House stands adjourned to meet again at 2 p.m.,” Harivansh said in his first ruling.

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Live Blog – TDP comes out of NDA Govt

TDP verge of breaking with NDA

Mar8 07:18PM

Mar8 06:30PMNarendra Modi called Chandrababu Naidu , spoke for 20 minutes.

Still TDP did not concede , both ministers resigned from union cabinet

Y S Jagan’s request to Andhra Pradesh : Don’t trust others , In coming elections vote me 25 out of 25 MP seats.

11:00 PM Chandrababu in detail explaining how and when utilization certificates are being submitted to central government allocated funds

10:50 PM 

As per sources from Delhi, Naidu is deeply hurt with Arun Jaitley’s statement today evening and this expedited the decision.

10:40 PM:

Tried calling Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to communicate his decision to Modi, but no response from PMO.

10:33 PM :

Chandrababu announces that two TDP union ministers are resigning. As of now, Naidu tells only resigning from central ministry. Still part of NDA.


Sudhish Ramabhatla BJP official spokesman releases an official statement that this is a ‘Shuba Parinamam’ and BJP will expose all the truths about funds allocation to the state.

9:50 AM BJP state ministers also to quit post TDP central ministers’ resignation.

Rumors swirling that State Health Minister Kamineni Srinivasa Rao might quit BJP.

09:40 PM : NDA’s key alley TDP to exit from the alliance

09:35 PM : TDP ministers to resign from Union cabinet on Thursday morning

09:20 PM : Chandrababu Naidu to address the state in a press meet shortly

Following the denial of special status to Andhra Pradesh, the ruling Telugu Desam Party is very disappointed over BJP. There have been several speculations that the TDP might split with its ally very soon. Here comes some interesting updates

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KCR fires on centre: We gave Rs 2.5, you gave us only 1 Rs back


KCR who is planning to play key role in third front, has questioned Delhi’s over-intereference in states. He also touched the financial aspects and lambasted Center for giving pittance to Telangana state. He said that Telangana has got only ₹ 81,362 crore from the Centre in the last four years while the contribution of Telangana State to Centre’s revenues was two-and-a-half times more.

KCR said, center released only what was guaranteed under Article 270 of the Constitution under which taxes are collected by the Centre and shared with the State governments. Centre did not give ₹ 1 more than this constitutionally guaranteed amount. Center did not even consider the recommendation of NITI Aayog to sanction ₹ 19,000 crore to Mission Bhagiratha and ₹ 5,000 crore to Mission Kakatiya programmes.

KCR also revealed, for setting up Horticulture University was at least ₹ 300 crore needed but the Centre released only ₹ 135 crore so far. KCR also remarked, the budget allocations for was negligible Kazipet Railway coach factory and new highways in the state. In addition, ₹ 450 crore was yet to be sanctioned and released as backward area grants to Telangana, KCR said.

Overall, KCR also joined the bandwagon of leaders who are fighting Modi for doing injustice to their states.

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NDA ally Akali Dal blames BJP government for injustice to AP


In a rather surprising move, Akali Dal MP Naresh Gujral came in support of TDP and openly blamed BJP government for it’s injustice to AP in the latest budget. He went to the extent of saying BJP was unfair in its treatment to allies. Out of the 40 + parties that are part of NDA, Akali Dal is 5th largest partner with 4 MPs out of total 332 MPs of NDA. First one being BJP with 275, 2nd is Shivasena with 18 MPs, TDP is 3rd largest with 16 MPs, Lok Janashakti at 4th place with 6 MPs.

In a recent interview, when Akali Dal MP Naresh Gujral was asked about some allies like Shiva Sena leaving NDA already and other allies like TDP are considering leaving NDA, he told – ” TDP’s concerns are genuine as AP was promised package and special status on the floor of house but the government later told it is not possible to give any special benefits (like tax incentives) to AP because of GST. AP is a deficit budget state and Akali Dal totally sympathizes with TDP and we completely believe central government is responsible for this injustice done to state of Andhra Pradesh”. Moreover, when he asked why Finance minister chose to neglect AP, which was ruled by it’s ally, he gave even more shocking response. He told, “I don’t think this decision was taken at the level of finance minister. It must have been taken at even higher level. I don’t mind saying this decision is taken at the level of Prime minister Modi”. He added, BJP and the center should sort out the matter with the TDP at the earliest.

When asked about BJP coming into power in 2019, he replied very candidly, as he said BJP will not get majority in 2019 on its own and it must depend on allies. But he categorically denied, when asked whether allies are flexing muscles because of BJP losing in some of recent elections. With NDA allies polarizing on one side against BJP, pressure is expected to be mounted on BJP to grant at least some benefits to AP.

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Why Jagan is silent on Budget? Did he lose his fighting spirit totally?


BJP’s last budget of this tenure brought lot of disappointment to Telugu people. Several leaders, analysts and common man are literally blasting NDA government for not giving any benefits to Telugu states. The assurances that were given to AP during bifurcation were completely ignored. Yet, Jagan, the opposition leader of the state, chose not to respond on the issue. What’s the reason?

Though some of the MPs of YSRCP have criticized the budget, it is the party leader’s response that registers in the minds of people. It is known to everyone that Jagan actually rose to fame in early 2010s by waging war against the then most powerful Sonia Gandhi. The way he embarrassed ruling Congress by defeating them in each and every bi-election, made him a hero among the youth as well as masses. But it seems, all of that is past and Jagan is not showing any sort of fighting spirit in the recent past.

Especially, when the final budget has been debated a lot and everybody openly criticizing the budget, NDA and BJP, Jagan choosing to keep mum on the topic is not going well with masses as well as youngsters. When both state and center were ruled by same congress party, he was brave enough to fight against both the governments. But after he released from Jail in 2013, he did not even attempt to rub the national parties on wrong side. Immediately after releasing from Jail, he made subtle changes to his argument – and started saying it is because of Chandra Babu Naidu and his letter, state is bifurcated. He intentionally “diverted” the “sin of bifurcation” on to Chandra Babu from Congress. From then on, he has been following the same “strategy”. Post 2014, he started saying NDA is not granting special category status to AP because of Chandra Babu’s inability. Even Sakshi paper seems to be following the same strategy as it wrote, because of AP CM’s inability and compromising nature, NDA did injustice to AP in the budget.

People who are observing all this are doubting whether Jagan lost his fighting spirit completely. Also, let us assume for a moment – Jagan becomes CM in 2019 and NDA or any other party comes to power at center and Disproportionate Assets case is still alive. Will Jagan be able to fight with center for Special category status ? Will he be able to dictate terms to the center to grant more allocations to AP in central budgets ? By seeing Jagan’s way of dealing with ruling governments at center and national parties, anyone can easily predict how he would respond. Some even opine, Jagan has completely lost the fighting spirit he showed in his early 2010s and we should n’t expect him to fight with anyone other than CBN.

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Did Center dropped the idea of Dredging corporation of India?


Dredging Corporation of India Limited, or DCI, is a Miniratna Indian public sector unit engaged in the business of dredging. DCI is headquartered at Visakhapatnam and has project offices at many seaports in India. It reports to the Ministry of Shipping. Recently it has been in news because of the proposal of its privatization by Union government. But by seeing the latest budget, people are getting doubts whether the NDA government has dropped the plans of privatization.

It is known news that Pawan Kalyan visited family of Venkatesh, an employee of DCI who killed himself in protest to the privatization plans of the NDA government. Employees explained him details about the profits and the privatization proposal which will impact 1600 employees. Pawan also requested the governments to drop the proposal of privatization at that time. Now, in the latest budget, Union government did allotments to DCI too and didn’t mention any plans of disinvestment. So those who followed budget, by seeing around 19 crores being allotted to DCI, analyzing that NDA might have, at least temporarily, postponed plans of privatization of DCI.

However, official announcement from NDA is still awaited on this issue.

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Shiva Sena, 2nd largest party in NDA, going alone in 2019 elections


Shiva sena, 2nd largest party in NDA (National Democratic Alliance) announced it will contest the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and Maharashtra Assembly elections on its own and will no more be part of NDA. Currently PM Modi led NDA has total 334 MPs in Loksabha. Out of this, 277 from BJP, Shiva sena has 18 MPs, TDP has 16 MPs and remaining 40+ parties have around 23 MPs. So, going by numbers, Shiva sena leaving NDA will definitely have impact on NDA though there is no immediate impact.

The BJP and the Shiv Sena have been allies since the early 90s. But in recent times the relations have turned soar. In 2014 elections and later, BJP emerged as largest party in Maharashtra with respect to number of MPs as well as number of MLAs. Shiva sena, once was main party while BJP was supporting party but now with roles reversed, Shiva sena is finding it difficult to live down with the facts.

There has been suspense on this since several months and finally Udhav Thakre brought down the curtains by officially announcing that they will contest alone.

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CBN changed his tone towards NDA


Chandrababu Naidu changed his tone towards NDA

Chandrababu Naidu surprised everyone by saying, will smoothly leave (NDA) if central government doesn’t help the state and doesn’t keep up bifurcation promises.

It is true that BJP led NDA government is not giving helping hand to the state that is ruled by it’s ally. Forget about promises like ‘Special Category status’ that do not have any statutory or legal obligations but even those promises that are clearly mentioned in Bifurcation act also have been neglected, like – Vizag railway zone. On Polavaram also, Central government is not giving any helping hand.

Chandra Babu’s statements that “will smoothly leave” expected to give tremors because if really means it, it will change entire political equation of the state. Also there are couple of reasons attributed to the timing of this statement. One reason that CBN supporters say is – being a clever politician, CBN is able to gauge the public pulse in the state that is actually against BJP for not giving special status. So he intentionally gave this statement to put pressure on BJP to keep up bifurcation promises before elections. If they don’t yield, CBN is preparing ground to ditch them for the benefit people. Another argument is – CBN gave this statement exactly on the day when the file on increasing seats in state legislature came to the desk of Union home ministry. By threatening on quitting the alliance he is actually putting the pressure on BJP to increase MLA seats in the state which is very much needed for CBN and TDP as they joined anyone and everyone from opposition party.

Anyway, whether CBN will stay with NDA or not depends on many other things and we have to see how NDA, that is doing threatening politics nowadays, reacts to this!!!

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NDA will get 55% votes in 2019, claims BJP


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will get 55 per cent vote share in 2019 general elections to retain power, party’s national spokesman G.V.L. Narasimha Rao claimed on Saturday.

He said with 73 per cent Indians supporting Narendra Modi’s government, as showed by a recent survey, and the BJP coming to power in one state after the other, the NDA’s vote share would go up to 55 per cent from the 42 per cent it polled in 2014.

Rao said this would be only the second time in the independent India that a government would be formed with over 50 per cent vote share.

The BJP leader also forecast that for the first time, the Congress would get less than 10 per cent votes.

He also cited the survey by global polling giant Gallup, which revealed that with the support of 73 per cent, Modi is the most popular leader and his government is among the most trusted in the world.

Rao said that the BJP was expanding across the country and coming to power in states, where nobody gave it a chance. “What opposition has seen is just a trickle. BJP electoral tsunami will take states like Telangana, Karnataka, Odisha and West Bengal,” he said.

The BJP spokesman claimed that Karnataka was already in the BJP fold as the party was sure to win with a two-thirds majority.

He attributed the massive expansion of BJP across the county to its positive politics and positive governance and the leadership of Modi and party president Amit Shah.

“On the other hand Congress has become symbol of all negative values in politics. It’s contraction is due to corruption, its support to Pakistani elements and Kashmiri separatists and its vote bank politics,” he said.

Rao said Congress would be completely wiped out under the leadership of Rahu Gandhi. “Rahul Gandhi will be the last dynast in the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty,” he added.

Pointing out that the NDA had 33 parties, he said the partners were benefiting because of their alliance with the BJP.

He blamed the Congress and the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) for losing their government in Bihar, saying they did not learn lessons from their mistakes and supported corruption.

Defending the BJP move to join hands with Janata Dal (United), he said the people of Bihar had given a mandate for good governance but Nitish Kumar realised that he couldn’t deliver this in alliance with the RJD.

Rao said it was a master stroke by the BJP as it not only got a state back in its governance but also weakened the opposition Grand Alliance.

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Ease of Doing Business: TS upset over World Bank


The World Bank report on ease of doing business in the Indian states seems to have affected morale of the new-born Telangana state. The state expressed displeasure at the World Bank report that pushed the TS to the 13 positions with 42.45 pc. marks. Telangana government which recently released its investor-friendly industrial policy is hopeful of attracting huge investments. The very objective 10-day trip to China by chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is to woo Chinese investors to the state banking on the friendly enviroment created in the state by the TRS government. But, the findings of the World Bank study have told a different story. What worried the TRS is the time of the report ie it is made public when KCR busy in showcasing the investment attractiveness of Telangana. If it is an ordinary study, Telangana would not have taken this into congnizance. But, the reports is prepared World Bank in association with professional organizations.

TRS expressed doubts over authenticity of the report. Party MP from Bhongir Dr Boora Narasiah Goud said all the NDA ruled states had got good ranking in the report. ” As we all know , Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu stand first in attracting the investments. But, the ranks are given to Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. And Telangana is assigned 13th rank. This naturally gives rise to doubts in the minds of the people,” he said questioning reliability of the parameters followed in the preparation of report.

“The T state is attracting investments in a big way. Telangana is faring well on all the parameters individually such as Corruption, Land availability, Getting permission, Power, Land registration etc. Then, how can Telangana be pushed to 13 position. Doubts are being raised on the authenticity of the report,” Dr Goud said.

He also said the preparation of report lacked transparency. ” An organization like World Bank should adopt a transparent methodology while assigning ranks to the state as a whole,” he added.

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Speical status not possible: Centre tells Lok Sabha


The NDA government has finally let the cat out of the bag.

Much to the chagrin of its regional partner Telugu Desam, the planning minister Rao Jitender Singh made it clear that  there was no plan with the center to accord special status to any state.  The minister said it on the floor of Lok Sabha to the  members agitating for the special status to Andhra Pradesh during question hour.

The unambiguous statement from the minister came at a time when  union minister of state for science and technology YS Chowdary has been day in and day out claiming that the decision on special status is in the final stages of announcement.

However, there are no takers for Sujana Chowdary’s statement. The TDP MPs  last week staged dharna in the parliament premises demanding the special status to Andhra Pradesh, though this was in response to the jabs taken at them by movie star Pawan Kalyan who said the businessmen-MPs were doing more business than fighting for rights of the state like special category status.

Similarly, another movie star Sivaji also entered the fray to fight for the special category status. Sivaji appointed convener of a joint action committee set up to take forward the movement.

Even though the demand is gaining momentum, the TDP government, being a partner of the NDA, not able to raise the matter beyond a point. Because, Prime Minister Mody has been maintaining an honorable distance from Naidu ever since he entered the 7 RCR. Besides, the TDP is only an important ally of BJP,  its support is not critical to NDA. Hamstrung by these factors Naidu has long back stopped demanding special status. Rao Inderjig  Singh’s statement is more embarrassing for the TDP  than the pressure being built by YSRC, Congress and CPI.

Inderjin Singh was categorical in that  no proposal for according special status on any state was pending with the centre. “There are no criteria for bestowing the special status. But, we can’t give special status to any state. There has been, however, a proposal to give special financial packages to some state. Government is yet to take a decision on financial packages,” the union minister told the House.

Let us watch how TDP supremo reacts to the Centre’s statement.



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