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YSRCP leaders in the trap of political opponents, Jagan irked


YSRCP leaders seemed to be fully trapped by the political opponents in the last couple of weeks and the inability of the party leaders to counter the allegations made by the opposition seems to have irked the party supremo Jagan.

Pawan trapped the Nanis and other YSRCP leaders:

YSRCP leaders spent the last week of 2020 completely defending themselves against the allegations made by Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan. In fact, YSRCP leaders did not expect such a huge response to his tour. Pawan too targetted the sycophancy of some leaders of YSRCP vehemently and his comments went viral on social media, giving headache to YSRCP leaders. In a vain attempt to defend themselves, they lambasted Pawan as a package star, but that allegation has now become a cliche and didn’t have any impact on the people. At the same time, Pawan’s allegations on Kodali Nani that he is more interested in his clubs rather than the roads of Gudivada found huge acceptance among the people of his own constituency. While YSRCP leaders targetted Pawan with personal attacks, Janasena leaders question YSRCP not assisting cyclone-affected farmers.

Now YSRCP in BJP’s trap:

BJP, the party that got lesser votes than NOTA in 2019, has now found an agenda to embarrass YSRCP in the state. The damage to Hindu Temples and the government’s inability to find and punish the victims has become a huge turning point in the politics of AP. The way the Ramateertham incident unfolded is a clear indication of how AP politics will turn in the near future. Jagan and his party leaders are not able to counter strongly whenever ‘religion’ is at the core of the issue.

Jagan irked with YSRCP leaders getting trapped:

Jagan seems to have been irked with the current developments. It seems Jagan’s plan was to heavily advertise the government’s scheme of distributing housing plots to the people but even the ministers who convened the press meets to praise the government and hail Jagan’s decisions got trapped when the reporters asked them questions on Pawan’s comments about Gudivada roads and farmers’ issues and on the attacks on Hindu temples. They spent more time answering these questions and defending themselves rather than publicizing the housing for all scheme. At the same time, there are more people who did not get the plots than those who got and those who did not get the plots are accusing about politicizing the scheme and benefitting only a few.

Overall, YSRCP government seems to be in an embarrassing position at the moment as they are yet to punish the culprits who damaged the temples and yet to provide the assistance to the farmers.

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Pawan Kalyan hails Modi govt


Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan on Wednesday hailed BJP’s victory in Bihar assembly elections calling it an indication of the strong support for politics of good governance and development.
The actor-turned-politician said described the BJP’s victory as the reimposition of faith in the Modi government’s policies. The people of the country reposed its trust in the welfare work done by the Modi government as was witnessed in the results of the Bihar Assembly elections, the bypolls in Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Manipur. “The NDA has once again won the faith of the people in Bihar. The Modi’s government’s policies for all the sections of the society seems to be the main reason for such resounding faith being reposed by the voters,” Pawan Kalyan said.

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Pawan is CM candidate of BJP- Janasena alliance: BJP MP


Janasena party forged alliance with BJP yesterday, which is termed as crucial development in the politics of Andhra Pradesh by political analysts. BJP leaders like Sunil deodhar and GVL Narasimha Rao reiterated that this alliance will form the government in 2024. However, they didn’t openly announce that Pawan Kalyan is the CM candidate for their alliance. 

But many BJP leaders opining in their private meetings that Pawan Kalyan will be the CM candidate of their alliance. But, Pratap Simha, BJP MP from Karnataka tweeted that Pawan Kalyan will be CM in 2024. He also revealed that, it is Santosh, national level general secretary of BJP, who was instrumental in bringing BJP and Janasena on to the common platform. He tweeted,  “The man behind BJP and Jana Sena alliance is none other than @blsanthosh ji. Am very sure @PawanKalyan Sir, vl be the CM of Andhra in 2024.”

We have to wait and see what kind of mark BJP Janasena alliance leaves on Andhra Pradesh politics.

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Why CMs from Rayalaseema didn’t develop region, questions Pawan


Hyderabad: Several leaders from Rayalaseema became chief ministers of united Andhra Pradesh and present CM N Chandrababu Naidu and opposition leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy are also from this region. But, why Rayalaseema still remains as a backward region. If I am voted to power, I’ll adopt Rayalaseema and develop this into a prosperous Rayalaseema by spending Rs50,000 crore over next 10 years.

“TDP chief and chief minister Chandrababu Naidu is among several leaders from this Rayalaseema, who became CMs of united AP. Why they’re not developing this region. Our opposition leader YSRCP chief YS Jaganmohan Reddy also belongs to Rayalaseema. But, no one developed Rayalaseema region. I ask you all to vote for Jana Sena. Once we’re voted to power, Jana Sena government will allocate Rs50,000 crore for Rayalaseema for next 10 years. We’ll make this backward region as prosperous Rayalaseema. We don’t want Pulivendula-mark ruling. I assure of Srikrishnadevaraya-mark ruling. Every assurance mentioned in the AP Reorganisation Act-2014 for Rayalaseema development will be implemented. We’ll implement a special package for industrial development in Rayalaseema,” remarked Pawan Kalyan.

The Jana Sena chief further stated that he likes Rayalaseema culture, accent and dialect. The assurances for Rayalaseema announced by him include Rs100-crore tourism hub, transforming the region into a cultural platform, development of Pedda Darga, which is known as south Indian Azmir, setting up a steel factory by Sai, etc.

Pawan Kalyan has further maintained that YS Jaganmohan Reddy is political partner of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao.

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‘Thata Theestham’ ‘Thanni Thagalestham’: Pawan roars


Pawan’s kavathu (march past) at Dowleswaram barrage in East Godavari raised lot of expectations among common people and political circles, as everybody waited eagerly as to what Jana Senani would speak at this Praja Porata Yatra public meeting today.

There were more numbers of youth, fans and his party’s die-hard activists who kept cheering their leader and showering flowers on him all through. They made it an impressive show in accordance with their statements in past few days.

Pawan’s long speech was mainly aimed at criticising AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and his minister-son Lokesh. He also made allegations against YCP and BJP to say that he was not attached to any party secretly.

His answer appears to be to TDP’s leaders’ allegation that Pawan has been acting in such a way so as to support YCP and BJP agenda in 2019 elections. All through his speech, Pawan spoke in defence of his actions in the past four years when he gradually distanced his party from TDP government.

He made an unsparing attack on Chandrababu, saying that he had failed to create enough jobs as per his goal of generating 2 crore jobs under Vision 2020 and PM Modi was no exception in this regard. So much corruption is taking place in the name of Janmabhoomi Committees which turned into ‘goonda committees’, he added.

Pawan’s continued attacks angered TDP and YCP leaders who began asking as to why Jana Senani started making personal attacks rather than highlighting the more important issues of Special Status for AP, state division promises and Central funds. Kavathu speech triggered immediate TV debates raising concerns over diversion of Jana Sena path into a different direction.

At one time in his speech, Pawan used harsh language and threatened to throw TDP and YCP leadership into Godavari river if they do not stop carrying out an misinformation campaign. He accused Chandrababu of not inviting him during his 29 visits to Delhi for Special Status. He also charged Jagan with trying to spread his native culture of factionism in Godavari districts, which would not be allowed any more. He said Jana Sena activists would stand for law and order but they would quickly hit back if rival leaders use threatening tactics.

Mainly in a defensive mood, Pawan said his party would never stay away from people’s issues such as strengthening panchayat raj system in villages, supporting small employees and small businessmen and vendors in streets. He tried a lot to remove his name from the tagline BJP for ‘Bharatiya Jagan Pawan’ (BJP) Party.

Pawan strongly criticised Chandrababu for frequently referring to him as a cine actor. He asked CM, “When Lokesh could aspire for CM post despite not having any experience, why can’t a constable’s son like Pawan become CM? I am proud to say that I am a grandson of a postman. It is my strong desire to be on the side of people and uproot the crippled political system.”

As Pawan kept speaking out his ideals in a high-pitched tone, Jana Sena youth kept interrupting his speech with their slogans and shouting. Those in front of the dais were more interested in clicking photos of the matinee idol in their smartphones instead of listening to his speech.

Sometimes, Pawan turned emotional using an angry tone, using such words as ‘thata theestam’ (we will peel off skin) and ‘thanni thagalestham’ (we will beat and burn you).

Without doubt, Pawan’s kavathu speech raised political temperatures in the entire state.

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Early polls: Pawan and Jagan clueless


By forcing early polls on Telangana, KCR has made sure that there will not be much time for all his rivals to prepare their parties to give a tough fight to TRS. Major opposition parties like Congress and TDP are caught by surprise in the beginning but later slowly regaining their positions to some extent.

Little is known regarding YCP’s strategy and preparedness. Maybe, Jagan is showing lesser interest in Telangana this time and YCP is trying to contest in 30 seats but there are no big takers for its tickets. In 2014, YCP had some demand and it won three MLA seats in the state as against 15 of TDP.

Now with regard to Jana Sena, there were plans before Pawan earlier to field strong candidates in at least 24 seats in Telangana polls. In his own words, the early elections came as a big blow to those plans as it denied Jana Sena enough time to plan and prepare.

As a result, Pawan is left with no concrete plan as to how go about Telangana election. As a new party, Jana Sena should weigh pro and cons before straightaway jumping into the election. Pawan’s dilemma seems to be whether to contest or not going by the high-pitched tone that campaigning has already reached there.

Moreover, Pawan has no immediate choices to ally with in Telangana. Left parties may have been seeking Jana Sena’s support in AP but in Telangana, CPI has already joined Congress-TDP alliance. Pawan is not willing to join any formation that consists of Congress, TDP and BJP.

Eventually, early polls have pushed Pawan into a situation where he cannot take a clear decision on how many seats to contest and whom to ally with. There were plans to ally with CPM there but there is not yet clarity on this. CPM is not joining Mahakutami there and it is struggling to find an alternative anti-KCR alliance.

KCR’s game plan seems to have worked well for TRS while Congress-TDP alliance struggled hard to overcome initial troubles caused by early polls. On their party, YCP and Jana Sena are left with no choice but maintain a low profile.

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Pawan announces first MLA ticket to Pithani


Pawan Kalyan announced first MLA candidate from janasena and explained the reasons for that. Pawan Kalyan announced ticket to pitani Balakrishna from Mummidivaram constituency. Pitani Balakrishna belongs to settibalija community , Pawan Kalyan explained the reasons for giving first ticket to settibalija community.

Pawan Kalyan announced ticket to Pithani in public meeting and told that he likes commitment of Pithani as he really worked hard even though never assured of MLA ticket. Pawan Kalyan told that his father also was police constable like Pithani.

Pawan Kalyan also told that many people say Settibalija people and Kapus do not gel well, which is absolutely wrong. He remembered his fans who died because of electric shock while hoarding flexs of Janasena and told that they also belong to Settibalija community. He told this to prove that he has fans across the communities and it is wrong to say these two communities don’t gel well and fight with each other. He also told that, it is also one of the reasons for giving first B-form to Settibalija community. Pitani Balakrishna became very emotional after learning this and told he will serve the party with all his efforts.

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Friends in 2014, foes now for 2019

It is quite interesting to note that Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan had pledged that his party would not allow Telugu Desam Party supremo and Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu from coming to power in the next elections. Because in 2014, had had taken a similar pledge to bring Babu back to power, along with Narendra Modi at the Centre. The three leaders were friends in the last election, but they are rivals now for this election.

Nearly four years after the last general elections, Chandrababu Naidu realised that Modi will not do justice to Andhra Pradesh. Modi believes that Chandrababu Naidu is not a trusted leader anymore. At the same time, Pawan Kalyan realised that Chandrababu Naidu will not do justice to Andhra Pradesh.

The three leaders, who campaigned together in 2014, praising each other and standing for each other, are now three separated poles. There are no stakes for Narendra Modi or his party in Andhra Pradesh. Given the situation, the BJP may not get even a single Lok Sabha seat to help Modi retain his strength in Lok Sabha after the elections. But, the Modi-followers in the State are strong enough to defeat the rivals. They have voted for Chandrababu Naidu in the last election, which had given him that small 2.06 per cent margin over the rival YSR Congress.

Pawan Kalyan did not have his candidates and he only sought the votes for Chandrababu Naidu and Narendra Modi. This time, after parting ways with Chandrababu Naidu and Narendra Modi, he wants to contest on his own, may align with the Left parties. Kapu vote share, which stands close to 15 per cent in the State, is not consolidated around Pawan Kalyan. The Kapus are divided, some backing Chandrababu Naidu and some opposing him. But, there is not much support from this caste to Pawan Kalyan, as he refused to own this caste.

When Pawan Kalyan was part of his brother Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party in 2009 elections, the party with Mega Star and Power Star fighting together, secured just 18 MLA seats and now without Mega Star on his side, it is anybody’s guess to make an assessment on Pawan Kalyan’s prospects. However, he too can play spoilsport for the TDP by taking away that small margin of 2.06 per cent votes.

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Pawan questions AP govt on lands given to Patanjali , Zindal and CM’s relatives


Pawan resumed his ‘Porata yatra’ and during this political tour he questioned yet again, the injustice meted to North Andhra region.

As part of this tour, he held public meeting, at S. Kota town in Vizianagaram district and he told in that meeting – “AP government failed not only in achieving Vizag railway zone but also in achieving ‘Railway Under Bridge’ at Kothavalasa in Vizianagaram district. And it is unfortunate that locals here had to do hunger strikes for the bridge” He added, “Government has given 3000 acres of land to Zindal and 200 acres for Patanjali in this area. But there are no industries set up by them till now. He also alleged, Chief minister’s relative could get the land here for Rs 35 lakh per acre while genuine industrials of North Andhra were demanded 3 crore. ”

He also fired salvos on CM as he said, “If I ask all these questions, CM says I am provoking North Andhra people. I am not here to provoke people but I want to ask these questions to governments on behalf of people”.

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Pawan’s meeting: Was he able to clarify on those things?


Pawan started ‘Praja Porata yatra’ today and held public meeting in Srikakulam district. He tried to give clarity on several critical comments that analysts and opponents have been making on Janasena.

First thing, there has been criticism on janasena party for so long that Pawan Kalyan failed to build cadre and leadership in his party. Pawan Kalyan replied to this criticism by stating, even Chandrababu Naidu did not build cadre for his party but he took the party from NTR. He added, his cadre is not similar to cadre of conventional parties and all these lakhs of people who admire him are his strength.

Second, there has been criticism on janasena party Pawan Kalyan himself does not know how many seats his party will contest for in 2019 election. In this meeting he tried to give clarity on that, buy emphasising his party will contest to all 175 seats. In fact has been giving similar statements of late.

Third, recently there has been criticism on Pawan’s party that he is dancing to the tunes of BJP and reading the scripts of BJP. Pawan tried to mark-off these allegations by coming down heavily on BJP. Pawan directly criticized Modi as well as BJP for cheating people of Andhra Pradesh on special category status. He even did a foot march on special category status. He even made strong comments as he questioned his critics “Do you think me a puppet to dance to the tunes of Delhi and read the scripts of Delhi. I am not a puppet, I am Pawan Kalyan”.

Fourth, there has been criticism, especially from analysts on Pawan’s earlier statements that goal of him and his party is not the power but help solve problems of people. Analysts have found issues even with this statement. They remarked, aim of political party must be to come into power and if social service is the goal Pawan should have gone for an NGO rather than political party. Pawan, now busted this criticism too as he clearly stated that his party will strive to come into power in 2019.

He even attempted to give clarity on his stand on fisherman community vs Adivasi community issue as he blamed TDP for creating rift between these 2 communities. He also tried to clarify why he broke up with TDP. In addition to TDP failing to fulfil the promises, as Pawan mentioned, TDP insulting Janasena in their private discussions as the reason for breaking up with TDP.

Overall, Pawan’s meeting was a huge success and he was successful in giving clarity on most of the critical comments on Janasena


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Scant coverage in Sakshi to Pawan’s Padayatra


Pawan and left parties padayatra yesterday was a grand success as per those parties and media as thousands of people joined the event at Vijayawada. However, the coverage to this padayatra has been discussion point.

Yesterday, during the event also most of the media channels did not give LIVE and AP24X7 channel criticized other channels for being partial and not covering Pawan’s yatra completely ( https://www.telugu360.com/ap24x7-criticizes-channels-regarding-coverage-pawans-yatra/ ). Now, if we see the coverage in today’s dailies, Sakshi paper’s coverage again became a discussion point. While main and front pags Eenadu, Andhrajyothy covered the agitations of all 3 parties – TDP, YSRCP and Janasena-left group, Sakshi dedicated its front page only to Jagan and YSRCP’s agitation.

So, Pawan’s yatra got coverage in a very small article in page 13 and nowhere else it got any mention. Compared to the coverage Sakshi gave to TDP or Janasensena demonstrations, the coverage for Jagan in Eenadu and Andhra Jyothy is much better. Of course, people are now so matured and able to understand the ground realities regardless of the coverage given to the events in news papers.

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Pawan responds on JP comments


It is known news that Lok Satta Jaya Prakash Narayana formed “Independent Expert Committee” and made sort of sensational comments that Pawan is not taking any action on Joint Fact Finding Committee (JFC) report. Pawan responded on JP’s comments through twitter and he even welcomed committee formed by JP.

He tweeted – “I respect & welcome Loksatta’s ’Sri JayaPrakash Garu’s’ initiative to continue the spirit of JFC with an independent committee comprises of a team of Public policy experts to probe more deeper into AP Bifurcation act & on issue of Spl. Category Status.”

It is interesting to note Pawan didn’t make any negative comment on JP or his committee even though JP questioned Pawan’s commitment on taking forward JFC’s findings.

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Pawan seeks explanation from TDP on Pendurthi incident


Pendurthi incident that happened couple of days back shocked many in the state as a dalit woman was dragged and assaulted allegedly by TDP leader over a land dispute. The video where she was dragged and her clothes were torn off by the culprits shown in media. Reportedly, the woman had objected to the digging work on a piece of land and that led those leaders to assault on her.

The incident took place on Tuesday and the woman registered a complaint with the Pendurthi village on Wednesday. Leaders from opposition party questioned TDP leaders on the incident. YSRCP MLA Roja asked where are those woman ministers now when there is attack on a dalit woman. She reminded these were the ministers who immediately show up to attack Roja whenever she makes some comments.

Now Pawan joined the bandwagon and seeks explanation from government of AP as the assault was allegedely done by the members of ruling TDP party. He even warned the government of serious consequences similar to those in Rohit Vemula case if government doesn’t address this incident. He tweeted below –

“People seek an explanation from AP Govt on the Visakhapatnam incident where a helpless woman was brutally assaulted by some political leaders( as the reports say they are from TDP).I was deeply disturbed by what i heard & saw. If the Govt doesn’t respond in the manner it has to then the outcome for sure will not be pleasant one.Think of Rohit Vemula incident how it shook up the entire nation and request the authorities not to be mute spectators.”

We need to wait and see how ruling party responds to this.

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Trivikram and Chinna Babu – What is the balance sheet ?


Producer S. Radha Krishna, fondly called as Chinna Babu, is working with Trivikram Srinivas for the fourth time. Before Agnatavaasi, he produced Julayi, S/o Satyamurthy and A..Aa under his Haarika and Haasine creations. As all three films raked in decent revenues, industry circles believe that Chinna Babu made good profits while teaming up with Trivikram Srinivas. But, he is reportedly lamenting publicly that he didn’t see considerable profits with the director’s earlier films.

Though A..Aa performed well at the box office, it just touched the break even point to the producer given the amount spent on the film. The same is the case for Julayi and S/o Satyamurthy.

Now, Chinna Babu wanted to cash in on the huge craze and hype surrounding Pawan’s Agnatavaasi and wanted to make 25-30 Crores profit. But, with increased production costs, the producer is likely to make only 10 Crores from Agnatavaasi. Also, he is concerned of the fact that if the film was sold for exorbitant prices and fails to meet the high expectations, it might put distributors in a spot of bother. So, he is really concerned with the production cost of Trivikram’s films.

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Pawan and Trivikram heading to Europe

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan teamed up back with Trivikram Srinivas for an emotional family drama which is yet to be titled officially. The movie showcases Pawan as a software professional and the shoot of the film is taking place currently in Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. A lavish set worth Rs 5 crores has been erected for the movie in which crucial episodes along with the climax will be shot. Keerthy Suresh and Anu Emannuel are the female leads in the film.

Pawan Kalyan, Trivikram and his team will head to Europe on July 19th and a 20 days long schedule has been planned. Some crucial action episodes along with a chase and couple of songs will be shot in this schedule. Anirudh is the music composer and S Radha Krishna is producing the film. There have been several rumours about the film’s title which is yet to be announced. The film is expected to hit the screens during October this year.

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Pawan’s promise for Dil Raju


Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is busy wrapping up Trivikram’s movie which has been aimed for Sankranthi release next year. There are talks that Pawan signed a film for Mythri Movie Makers however there has been no official confirmation on this. Pawan is in plans to wrap up as many films as he can before he makes his full time entry into AP politics. Popular producer Dil Raju revealed his interest to produce a film with Pawan Kalyan in the lead role and Pawan too expressed that he would love to work with the ace producer if he finds an interesting script.

During a recent interview, Dil Raju revealed that he met Pawan Kalyan on the sets of Trivikram’s movie and Pawan asked him to come up with an impressive script so that they can work together soon. Dil Raju expressed that Pawan promised him a film and he is currently in hunt for the right script. Raju is riding high with back to back hits like Shatamanam Bhavathi and Nenu Local. His recent production Duvvada Jagannadham opened strong despite of poor word of mouth from the audience. Allu Arjun played the lead role and Harish Shankar directed the film.

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Chiranjeevi continues to stay behind the scenes in politics

Congress launched “praja poru” in Tirupati demanding Special Category status for the state in August 2015. That was perhaps the last time Megastar Chiranjeevi was seen last time demanding SCS to the state. It took some time for AP SCS to become a sentiment for the people of AP. Evidently congress which conferred SCS would try to make the most out of it. Almost after two years now, Congress organized a massive program in Guntur for SCS which was attended by who’s who of Congress on Sunday. Instead of Chiranjeevi, this time his brother Pawan Kalyan extended support to Congress rally.

It has become a routine for the Rajya Sabha member of the party to avoid all the meetings organised by APCC. Initially Chiranjeevi stated that he was busy with 150th film and later sited personal reasons. Speculations are rife that the Tollywood actor is going to say goodbye to the Congress especially because Kalyan is gaining momentum in politics. But the former Tourism minister responding to such allegations said that he will remain loyal to congress.

The actor turned politician neither attended SCS discussion in Rajya Sabha nor in Guntur. Congress doesn’t need a passive leader but needs a star campaigner. If only Chiranjeevi takes active part, at least for SCS which was given in his presence, it will be beneficial not only for his party but also for his dormant political career.

It may be noted that from the time his brother’s Jana Sena Party has become vigorous, Chiranjeevi remained mute spectator. His political future is uncertain particularly with Jana Sena appearing to emerge as strong political force. It is apparent that the megastar prefers to be on screen in movies but will likely remain behind the scenes in real politics.

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Will Pawan and Jagan share stage with Rahul Gandhi ?

Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) is gearing up for Prateyka Hoda Bharosa Sabha demanding the implementation of special category status (SCS) for the state as per the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act 2014. Congress called for all the parties to unite for protest against NDA to join them at Muslim College at Guntur on 4th June along with Vice-President Rahul Gandhi . The Congress which lost popularity among the people post bifurcation is using SCS as an opportunity to reach out to its electoral in the state.

Congress is clearly gearing up aggressively for the 2019 elections and the process is initiated by the Guntur meeting. APCC which is well aware of the political dynamics, gave a call for all parties on one stage. In this backdrop APCC leader Dr Raghuveera Reddy met leaders during his Delhi tour last month and sought assistance from various parties. SP leader Akhilesh Yadav, CPM leader Sitaram Yechury, JDU leader Sharat Yadav, CPI leaders Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy, D.Raja, DMK, NCP and RJD and 14other party leaders are likely to participate in the rally. Raghuveera Reddy in his open letter invited YSRCP leader Jagan Mohan Reddy and Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan who earlier staged protests for SCS in their own way. If the political parties in the state are seriously concerned about SCS, they would unite analogous to the parties that united during Telangana Agitation. The response to this meeting will change the political atmosphere in the state.

On Friday, Chairman of NITI Aayog, Arvind Panagariya said that SCS is a closed issue. AP has been granted special package which has more benefits than SCS and said that no state has SCS now. He quoted that after 14th finance commission the entire funds are directly given to state.

Navyandhra Pradesh which was established with deficit budget was promised special category status by Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu for ten years at Tirupati public address in 2014. But NDA government backtracked on the request and gave special package instead of Special category status. Chief Minister Chandrababu also welcomed the announcement of package by the ally BJP. This has become a boon for the Congress, which literally lost its popularity.

SCS has become a sentiment for the people of state. Congress accusing BJP and TDP for cheating the people is conducting programmes like public ballot and public charge sheets. Not only SCS, they are also demanding special packages to backward areas of Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema immediately as per the provisions of reorganisation act.

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Pawan Kalyan may want to pull off a KTR

Sometimes the best way to get attention is reviewing the work and avoiding senseless arguments. Everyone is aware that Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan raises the issue of North South divide to get National media’s attention. But media is too busy covering AAP and Arvind Kejriwal, thus giving an edge to the regional media.

The national media is possessed over the charges against Kejriwal for taking two crore rupees bribe. Telangana Minister of IT K T Rama Rao shared the same feels and plainly reminded them that there are states outside Delhi. He tweeted “Am I the only one who finds the obsession of ‘National Media’ with AAP/Kejriwal amusing? Guys, 98% of India is outside of Delhi. Just saying” In just few minutes, consulting editor of so-called National Media said “more focus means more accountability”. The Minister accepted the challenge and asked them to focus on Telangana. Kalyan may want to learn from KTR on how to receive courteous attention without asking for it. Jana Sena supremo is unable to realise such response from National Media using his favorite North-South issue. May be someday his case will be considered, only to lose respect.

Kalyan is always noticed by the regional media and consequently, his each and every action is closely monitored. Before getting ambitious in expanding his horizons at national or international level, Kalyan needs to first be responsible to the regional media and people. A star hero singing the same ridiculous song of divisiveness is no longer national news. There are so many issues in the state and Jana Sena keeps holding the dried branch. TTD EO hailing from north would be hardly a matter of concern to Lord Venkateshwara himself. He has too many issues on his plate as the leaders who were supposed to “question” are wasting time by tweeting on absurd issues. Kalyan may want to take up better subjects to get focus or at least scorn the national media, as the north-south thing is no longer happening.

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