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Pic Talk: Pragya Jaiswal wows in a Bikini


Kanche fame Pragya Jaiswal hasn’t been seen in Telugu films in the recent times. But she is offering a treat with her bikini clicks. The actress who loves to tour across the globe is a fitness freak. After she has a perfect bikini shaped body, Pragya Jaiswal sizzles in the outfits and posts them in her social media handle. Pragya Jaiswal wowed in a pink bikini and carried a beautiful smile in the recent click. On the occasion of World Oceans Day, the actress posted a click from the past which was taken across the beachside. Pragya Jaiswal is expected to play one of the female leads in Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming movie that will be directed by Krish.

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Pic Talk: Smoking hot Pragya Jaiswal


Kanche fame Pragya Jaiswal received a decent response on her debut but the actress failed to make it big in South. The actress took a glamorous path but she fell short of offers. Pragya Jaiswal is keeping herself busy after posting a bunch of her sultry poses on her Instagram page. One of her clicks from an indoor shot is recently posted. Pragya Jaiswal looks smoking hot in the click. There are speculations that Pragya Jaiswal will romance Pawan Kalyan in Krish’s film that will roll soon. Pragya Jaiswal enjoys a huge fan base across social media and the actress keeps them active and lively with her regular posts.

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Pic Talk: Pragya Jaiswal’s sizzling show


Pragya Jaiswal created a splash with her debut film Kanche but the actress could not make it big in Indian cinema. She has been struggling for offers. Pragya Jaiswal enjoys huge fanbase across social media circles because of the glamorous photoshoots and the clicks. Her recent sizzling hot click is now viral. Pragya Jaiswal looked super hot in the click and she is spotted in a relaxing mood across the poolside. Her skin tone and her gorgeous looks are a treat to watch. There are speculations that Pragya Jaiswal is one of the female leads in Pawan Kalyan’s next that is directed by Krish. An official announcement on this is awaited.

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Pic Talk: Pragya Jaiswal nails in Style


Kanche fame Pragya Jaiswal started off her career with traditional roles but she later shifted her focus towards glamorous outings. She even sizzled in special songs in various films. Pragya Jaiswal keeps in touch with her fans through social media and is quite frequent in posting her pictures on her Instagram page. Pragya Jaiswal looked dashing, simple and stunning in the recent picture. She sizzled in a simple orange sleeveless frock and her hot looks have been making many sleepless. Pragya Jaiswal is playing a pivotal role in Megastar Chiranjeevi’s next film Syeraa which will release next year.

Pragya Jaiswal nails in Style
Pragya Jaiswal nails in Style

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Pragya Jaiswal Latest Stills

Pragya Jaiswal Latest Stills

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Did Nakshatram Trailer Scare Distributors?


Teasers and Trailers are expected to create hype on films and attract buyers to invest. For ex. after the release of teaser of Pawan Kalyan’s “Katamarayudu”, a film with zero buzz until then, buyers stood in queue to acquire the rights. Such is the potential of a 1-2 minute promo material. In contrast, sometimes the trailers do so much damage that audience as well as buyers lose interest in films. Veteran director Krishna Vamsi’s upcoming film ‘Nakshatram’ unfortunately falls in the second category.

Despite Vamsi’s dubious track record in the recent past, people had decent expectations from ‘Nakshatram’. He pulled a sort of casting coup by roping in the likes of Sai Dharam Tej, Sundeep Kishan, Regina, Pragya Jaiswal, Shriya, Prakash Raj etc. and managed to evoke curiosity on the project. Fans of Vamsi even assumed that he was making another ‘Khadgam’. Some buyers were interested to grab the film’s rights by shelling out decent prices. Well, this is the story before the release of the film’s trailer.

Once the ‘Loud & Low-quality’ trailer was of Nakshatram had been released, the scene reversed completely. Vamsi’s mark was seen only in the ‘erotically’ filmed songs. After witnessing the response of movie lovers to this shabby trailer, the once-interested buyers have now allegedly backed off. Makers have yet to announce the film’s release date as the theatrical rights are yet to be sold.

Unless Krishna Vamsi cuts a second trailer and hopefully doesn’t scare buyers and film buffs with it, Nakshatram may lie in cans for indefinite time. Own release is another option, but the producer needs immense guts for that.

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Sai Dharam Tej worked in ‘Nakshatram’ for free


Actor Sai Dharam Tej, who will be seen in a cameo in filmmaker Krishna Vamsi’s upcoming Telugu action-thriller “Nakshatram”, play his part for free out of his love and respect for the director.

“Since it was a cameo and was something that got Sai really excited, he did not charge any fee for it. Krishna Vamsi went out of his way and thanked him for the gesture,” a source from the film’s unit told IANS.

In the film, Tej will be seen in a 20-minute cameo. He plays a police officer called Alexander.

On working with Krishna Vamsi, Tej said in a statement: “I really enjoyed working with him; he taught me a lot. It is one experience that I would cherish throughout my career. I want to thank him for giving me this opportunity.”

The film, slated for release in August, also stars Sundeep Kishan, Regina Cassandra and Pragya Jaiswal.

Tej is currently busy dubbing for his upcoming Telugu actioner “Jawaan”.

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Shriya Saran signs an Item Number


Timeless beauty Shriya Saran made her comeback to Tollywood with Gopala Gopala after which she grabbed an opportunity in Balakrishna’s Gautamiputra Satakarni. Impressed with her work, she has been retained for NBK’s next film which is being directed by Puri Jagannadh. The actress has been approached for a special peppy item number in Krishna Vamsi’s next titled Nakshatram and the actress gave the team a nod for the song. The special song will be shot during the mid of this month informed the makers with which the entire shoot will be wrapped up.

Krishna Vamsi has been in hunt for a lead actress for the item song and he locked Shriya Saran finally. Nakshatram is said to be a mass action entertainer and Sundeep Kishan, Regina Cassandra, Sai Dharamtej, Pragya Jaiswal are the lead actors. Nakshatram is busy with the post-production work and with many releases in May, the makers are in plans to release the movie during June this year. Krishna Vamsi pinned many hopes on the film.

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Krishna Vamsi’s Nakshatram Updates


Creative director Krishna Vamsi has not tasted success in the past few years. He pinned lot of hopes on his next movie titled Nakshatram. Sundeep Kishan and Regina Cassandra are the lead actors and Sai Dharamtej, Pragya Jaiswal will be seen in other prominent roles. The movie has been under shoot from the past one year and with no recent updates, rumours started flooding that the film has been shelved. A leading web portal came out with the news that the movie has been shelved due to over budget.

Trashing all the rumours the makers revealed that the entire shoot of Nakshatram has been wrapped up except a song which will be shot soon. The movie is currently busy with the post-production work and Nakshatram will hit the screens during May this year. The song will be a special number and will be shot on a lead actress. Sri Chakra Media, Butta Bomma Creations and Win Win Win Creations are producing Nakshatram.

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Om Namo Venkatesaya Review : A Nice Devotional Movie !


Om Namo Venkatesaya movie review, Nagarjuna ONV movie rating

ONV review, Om Namo Venkatesa


Star hero Akkineni Nagarjuna and legendary filmmaker K.Raghavendra Rao are known for delivering devotional hits like Annamayya, Sri Ramdasu and Shirdi Sai. The hit combination is set to weave magic again with yet another devotional outing Om Namo Venkatesaya. After a huge round of promotions, Om Namo Venkateshaya is all set to hit the screens today. Let’s us see if the hit combination of Nag – KRR repeats the magic or not.


Set in 16th century, Om Namo Venkatesaya , is about Raama – an ardent devotee of Lord Sri Venkateswara. Being so fascinated by the appearance of the Lord, Rama ( Nagarajuna) visits Tirumala temple often and spends time looking at the lord continuously. Finding it suspicious, temple authoritarian Govindarajulu (Rao Ramesh) , orders his men to push Raama out of the temple premises. Dejected Raama, begins constructing an ashram on Tirumala. At the same time he leads other devotees in their revolt against Govindarajulu who doesn’t follow Aagama Shastram.
Impressed by his dedication, Lord first appears in his dream and later in real, plays dice with his devotee. One day Lord loses all his Gold ornaments to Raama in dice. Around the same time, some miscreants steal the gold ornaments belonging to Tirumala temple. Temple authorities and the emperor suspects Raama might have done the theft and raids his aashram. Knowing about the presence of ornaments at Raama’s aashram, emperor orders to take him to custody.

Rest of the story is how and why Raama becomes Hathiram Bavaji ! At the end, Raama requests Lord to take his life away by performing Sajeeva Samadhi near his aashram .


Casting is the main strength of “Om NamO Venkatesaya “. While writing about performances, reviewers have a tendency of using “one of the career best performances” so casually, so often. But, in this film, Nagarjuna’s performance is truly lives up to such statements. In Annamaya, Ramadasu movies he performed well but in those films his character was elevated because of the depth & finesse of real characteristics of Annamayya & Ramadasu apart from his performance. Playing the role of Hathiram Bavaji is relatively more challenging as people knew little about Hathiram. Only with performance one has to elevate the character in such circumstances, a good actor always performs with panache. Nagarjuna is one such, hats off for his confident portrayal of a devotee.

Sourabh Raaj Jain as Lord Balaji is a superb choice. His divine looks were already popular in mythological roles such as Srikrishna in TV Mahabharata, and now as Sri Venkateshwara Swami he is top class. He looked little bit young though.Anushka as Krishnamma got good role. Her costumes, pleasant face appeals to the audience. Pragya Jaiswal as Raam’s sister-in-law got a smaller role. In one song , K.Raghavendra rao mark artistic and glamourous portrayal of Pragya Jaiswal appeals to youth.Sampath Raj as emperor, Rao Ramesh as Govindarajulu are just OK. Brahmanandam played an insignificant role.Jagapathibabu’s special appearance is a surprise, has one song with Anushka. However, his role is insignificant.


In Om Namo Venkatesaya , director K.Raghavendra Rao sticks to the core devotional point. Devotee Hathiram’s story doesn’t have Sri Ramadasu like arresting conflict point, nor Annamayya’s like emotional outbursts … yet in this film, the director manages to get our attention.He smartly fills the scenes explaining the concepts like Significance of Swamivari Sesha Vasthram, Agni Teerdham, Venkatagiri and details about rituals like Nitya Kalyanam. This movie is a divine travelogue about Venkateshwara swami / Tirumala at times.First half of the movie is backed by 4 superb songs, while second half is better with core story and the climax is emotional.


  • Two songs are unnecessary drag especially at the times when movie is a bit slow while pathos
  • Lack of  as much as emotional depth of previous installments in these bhakti series
  • Lord and Devotee playing dice scenes are redundant

Behind the screen:

When K. Raghavendra Rao and M.M Keeravani join hands, a musical is assured and Om Namo Venkatesaya is no exception. Background score by Keeravani is fine as well. Producer A. Mahesh Reddy has spent adequate money on this film to look grand. Dialogues by J.K. Bharavi are just average, should have been better. As the film is set in 16th century, he has taken almost current day’s slang at times. Cinematography by S.Gopal Reddy captures K.Raghavendra Rao’s presentation well. The lighting schema for songs, 16th century Tirumala sets are good.

Songs that stand out:

  • “Entho Anandam..” shot on Nagarjuna , pragya jaiswal
  • “Veyi Namala vaada venkatesudaa..” shot on Anushka
  • Song that comes as background while Swami Nija roopa darshanam – Sung by Keeravani – “Brahmanda Bhandamula pal sobagula..”
  • “Akhilanda koti brahmanda nayaka ..”- is the highlight in the movie
  • Shankar Mahadevan’s “Pareeksha” song
  • Some other songs are Govinda Chantings and few are pretty average and couple of them could have been edited


Om Namo Venkatesaya is an effectively made film about Lord venkateswara’s one of the greatest devotees Hathiram Bavaji. Devotional Songs and Nag’s finest performance, Sourabh Raj Jain as Lord are the movie strengths. K. Raghavendra rao deserves an applause for sticking to the core story. Emotionally this film is not on par with Annamayya, but a MUST watch for devotees and a decent watch for all.


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Hardwork behind Pragya Jaiswal’s dream debut


Pragya Jaiswal is another addition to the long list of models who have turned actors. She promises of having her own identity and seemingly has only one distant relative who’s into films, barring a strictly academic family. However, she earned permission to explore this side of the world too, ultimately landing up at the audition of Gabbar is Back, where she was rejected. However, the good news was in wraps for a while. Krish had her in mind for another film, which happened to be Kanche and she was quite surprised to receive a call from the producer. She auditioned yet again but there was no looking back since then. In a conversation with Telugu360.com, she calls her role in the film, Sita Devi, a dream and feels, its her hardwork with the team support which made all of this possible.

The hardwork behind her appearance:

I would like to believe that I am tailor made for this but to be honest I have put in a lot of hard work. The entire team has worked hard to make me look the royal and regal girl from 1930s, a Sita Devi look believable and convincing. Obviously this is how I look, but the role really suited me. Initially, I too had my doubts but later I was very happy. I am excited that I am looking like the part that was expected.

Her background and entry into films:

I was born in Madhya Pradesh and we moved to Pune later. My schooling, college and modelling started there. I did not take it seriously and also my family is remotely connected with cinema but for some distant relative. Acting and modelling were never career options. It has been a natural progression. I had it in me but I didn’t know I could do it. At last, with my family’s permission, I could actually take a step towards it. I was always a dancer and would perform plays in school and college. Since I was into modelling, many doors opened and that’s how the journey began .

In films, you never know what works out, when and how. For me, it all just happened, there was never so much planning and strategising. I had actually auditioned for Gabbar Is Back and it never happened. One day, I got a call from the producer Rajeev Reddy. Maybe, Krish sir had me in the back of his mind as he liked my audition. I was very excited and I have seen quite a few friends in South films doing very well. For me, language is not a big deal as long as you are doing good work. I had to audition again for the Telugu film though the first audition helped. I did a small film in Hindi and Telugu and that time I did not know I wanted to really act. That little experience helped me understand the technicalities of film shoot.

On the sets of Kanche:

Here, everything is so unpredictable and you never know what can happen and where life can take you, so just keep working. It is actually a period film that happens during 1930 and eight years from then and how the two characters fall in love. Dhupati Hari Babu and Sita Devi study in the same college. The love story is happening in the backdrop of World War II. Hari Babu goes to a war which is about the world at large and a village too. The title is Kanche and how people create fences between each other and not what God has created; how we create differences between caste, creed, sex, rich and poor. It is a bigger meaning and a bigger message. My story is very integral to the war, Krish Sir has the knack to bring a lot of metaphorical connection to various stories and lives.

About the experience with the film’s team and the role:

I have seen Krish sir’s films like Vedam, that made me cry. They have a meaning and a message. Varun Tej is just not good looking but a good actor and has completely fit into Hari Babu’s image. He has two different phases, once when he is a young boy, then in college and how he transforms into an Army man. Varun Tej is tall and I am tall too but he had to bend a bit for me.

Getting into the skin of her part

So early in my career, am getting a hard core and yet unconventional role. It was a dream come true. The name is normal 75 years ago, Rajakonda Sita Devi is a big Zamindar’s daughter, very rich, goes to college, sweet, innocent and falls in love. She has strong values, doesn’t adhere to society’s rules and regulations and has her own mind, beliefs and principles, even if the world goes against her. The expression of love at that time is completely different then, very subtle and very intense, cannot be expressed in words. It is slightly different from what we see today. My costumes are done by Aishwarya, the producer’s wife. They went all out to research and also struck a balance between reality and cinema. They did not want to go too far and make it unreachable.

We first shot in Hyderabad, sets like Madras Cultural Club, before Independence with jazz music. Sita Devi was way ahead of her time, in terms of thinking, dressing, outgoing. On her birthday, she goes to the club like what you saw in the trailer. The era so authentic with the chandeliers and the pianos. Baba Sir recreated it so well. There was a palace, like a house where we stayed, me and my family. We also went to villages like Palakollu, Thatipaka, because they had the Brahmin houses which looked authentic. The second schedule was in the villages. Then a big period was in Georgia, where the war sequences was shot including the songs. The equipment war, actual guns, artillery, tanks were found there. You increase your knowledge as an actor with this. Even if my history is not brushed up, you have a great team to help you with it.

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