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Wife fears Govt plan to eliminate rebel Raju in jail


The AP CID officers shifted rebel MP Raghurama Raju to the local jail after completing tests on his injuries at the Guntur General Hospital. His lawyers objected to this, saying that Mr. Raju should be taken to the Ramesh Hospital for conducting a second round of tests. But the CID officials asserted that there were no such orders from the High Court or the lower courts.

Following this, the family members of the arrested MP went into a panic. Raghurama’s wife Rama Devi said she had strong fears that the Government was trying to eliminate her husband in the Guntur jail tonight. Already, the police have beaten him badly. The officials were not at all respecting the orders of the courts or the democratic rights of the people. She alleged that tonight, they were going to kill her husband.

Raju’s wife expressed alarm that they did not know what was happening to him. His life was in grave danger.

Reports came in before that the High Court of Andhra Pradesh has ordered formation of a medical board in order to confirm whether Raghurama suffered injuries while in the CID custody or not. But the CID was following its own plan and shifted the MP to the jail.

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Rebel MP’s son writes to Centre on custodial torture


The arrest and alleged torture of Narsapuram MP Raghurama Raju have become a subject of heated debates all over. Now, the rebel MP’s son Bharat Raju has written a letter to Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla. He said that his father was put to torture and humiliation while in the custody of the AP CID.

Bharat Raju attached the photos of the injuries inflicted on his father Raghurama Raju. All this happened while the MP was in the custody of the CID. These officials should be held responsible for this. The CID officers cannot plead ignorance of this custodial violence. The MP’s son urged the Centre to inquire into the custodial torture of the AP MP and take stringent action against the officials responsible for this.

On its part, the AP CID adopted a strong defensive posture, saying that they were still investigating the conspiracy hatched by Raghurama Raju by joining hands with some disgruntled elements. In this, the MP’s chats with different persons would play a key role in unravelling the conspiracy that was aimed to defame the YCP Government.

The CID was claiming that very soon, they would be able to crack the mystery of whoever played a role behind the Narsapuram MP’s conspiracy against the regime.

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Naidu will meet same fate as Raju, threatens YCP

The threats and counter threats have reached a peak between the ruling YCP leaders and their Opposition TDP counterparts on the issue of the alleged beating up of Narsapuram MP Raghurama Raju. YCP MLA Ambati Rambabu has made fresh allegations that it was TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu who was instigating Raghurama Raju to make baseless and unwarranted remarks against their Government.

Rambabu warned of dire consequences if the TDP leaders continued their vicious propaganda. Now, Chandrababu Naidu was shivering with fear that he would meet the same fate as Mr. Raju. This would certainly happen. Naidu ran the show from behind the scenes till now. But the arrest of Raju has shocked the TDP chief.
The YCP MLA said that Raghurama Raju was a big actor and he complained about his beating up immediately after his bail application was rejected in the AP High Court. The TDP and the yellow media were giving all their support to the arrested Raju for obvious reasons.

Naidu’s allegations of third degree used against Raju would only expose his fears of facing the law. Rambabu said that it was sad that even Purandeswari was supporting Naidu now.

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CBI Court admits RRR plea to cancel Jagan bail


Finally, rebellious MP Raghu Rama Raju’s mission is accomplished. His petition for cancelling the bail of Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy was admitted for hearing by the Special Court for the CBI and ED cases today. Rajugaru has been trying for the admission of his petition for over five weeks. Due to technical issues, his petition could not be taken up for hearing in the court in the beginning.

The court heard arguments on the admissibility of the MP’s petition today. Raghu Rama’s advocates have put out their arguments saying that the Chief Minister is the prime accused in not one or two cases but nearly 11 cases. There were charges levelled by the CBI and the ED against the CM for a fraud of over Rs. 43,000 Cr illegal assets.

RRR has warned the Jagan Reddy loyalists several times in the past that he would not keep silent if they continued their abusive and uncultured attacks on him. The MP has finally proved what he meant.

With the admission of his petition now, the CBI court would now begin detailed hearings on whether Jagan Reddy’s bail should be cancelled or not. The rivals would be able to make forceful arguments for cancellation of the bail considering the fact that the CM was indeed the accused number 1 in over 11 cases probed by the CBI and the ED.

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RRR targets Jagan, seeks Modi ceiling on cash benefits


For a long time, there have been complaints that the Central Government was not giving considerable funds to the Southern States. There were repeated remarks that greater funds were being given to the Northern States when compared to the Southern States. YCP rebel MP Raghu Rama Raju has now come out with his own explanation for the growing gap in the Central funds in this respect.

Rajugaru has pointed out that the Southern political parties have been increasingly making cash promises to the voters for the sake of winning the elections. In the past, Tamil Nadu used to stand in the first place in this respect. But after Jaganmohan Reddy formed his party, AP also joined this race. As of now, the AP Government was implementing massive welfare and cash benefit programmes that were unmatched and unrivalled in the entire country.

Against this backdrop, RRR wrote a letter to Prime Minister Modi saying that there was a need to put a ceiling on the State Governments’ expenditure on the cash transfer promises. This became necessary considering the fact that the Governments in the Southern States were not hesitating to make massive loans only to spend on their free election promises.

After seeing the successive successes of Jagan Reddy in all elections in AP, RRR seemed to have been clearly shaken and unnerved. He told the Prime Minister that if immediate steps were not taken to control this menace of increased welfare spending, the Centre would run into trouble eventually unable to deal with the huge debts in the respective States.

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Constitutional crisis in AP, says RRR


Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party Lok Sabha MP K Raghurama Krishnam Raju on Monday challenged the Jagan government that he is willing to quit the party if an election is held with Amaravati as referendum.

Raju, who revolted against his own party by lodging a complaint with Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla citing threat to life from his party’s leaders, reiterated that he would win the elections with a thumping majority if elections were to be held with Amaravati as referendum.

“Let the Jagan government take up a referendum. I will quit politics if the public verdict in referendum goes against capital city at Amaravati. Or, let Jagan dissolve the government and go for fresh elections on the issue of shifting the capital city away from Amaravati. Why are you scared. If you think you will win the polls, accept Amaravati as referendum.”

Raju has been strongly resisting the Jagan government’s decision to create three capitals. On Monday, he stepped up his protest demanding that Amaravati be retained as the only capital city in the larger interests of Andhra Pradesh. He described the 300-day long agitation by Amaravati farmers as one of the longest and peaceful agitations, taken up purely on Gandhian lines and urged all like-minded people to continue the agitation in the Gandhian method of ‘ahimsa’ to thwart the state government’s “devious plan” to shift Amaravati capital city to Vizag.

Without referring to the recent letter written by the Chief Minister to Chief Justice of India S A Bobde, Raju warned Jagan to desist from lowering the dignity of judges and judiciary. In his letter, the Chief Minister had alleged that the Andhra Pradesh High Court was being used to “destabilise and topple my democratically elected government.” Jagan had levelled charges of corruption and bias against sitting Supreme Court judge, Justice N.V. Ramana, and other high court judges. On Monday, Raju stated that it was a ‘deliberate attempt’ to scandalize the judiciary.

Raju said a constitutional crisis arose and the day is not far when the YSRCP leaders will be sent to prison. He said the YSRCP leaders have been brazenly attempting to terrorise the judiciary. “This is being done to undermine the institution,” Raju said.

Raju has sharpened his attack against his own government ever since the CBI conducted searches on his properties in alleged connection with the Rs 826 crore bank loan fraud case. The CBI had registered on a complaint by the Punjab National Bank against against 10 people and the Ind-Bharath Thermal Power Ltd company based at Secunderabad on the allegations of causing an alleged loss of Rs 826 crore to PNB and other consortium banks.

Raju had stated that Jagan Mohan Reddy met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 6, the same day when the CBI has registered a case against him with the regards to the bank loan he had raised from a consortium of banks. The MP from Narsapuram also said Jagan met Punjab National Bank chairman Mallikarjuna Rao after meeting the PM. Raju had raised doubts that Jagan could have influenced the PNB chairman to press a case against him.

Raju had met President Ram Nath Kovind and submitted two letters – one seeking central forces protection and the second on retaining Amaravati as capital of Andhra Pradesh. Raju held detailed discussions over the Andhra Pradesh government’s plan to change the capital city to Vizag. The YSRCP Lok Sabha MP had appealed to the President to retain Amaravati as the executive capital as it has necessary infrastructure. He also submitted a letter to the President in this regard.

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TTD’s Seven Hills turned into Seven Reddys: RRR


YCP rebel MP Raghu Rama Raju made mocking comments on the conversion allegations under the Jaganmohan Reddy Government in Andhra Pradesh. Conversion here means not the usual religious method but converting everything into a caste stronghold. Now, Rajugaru says that CM Jagan has converted TTD Tirumala shrine into a fortress for his own caste. The Seven Hills has been converted into Seven Reddys. Obviously, Chairman SV Subba Reddy stands at the top followed by the newly appointed Executive Officer Jawahar Reddy. Joint Executive Officer Dharma Reddy is already there.

Besides, many other Reddys are there on the TTD Board. Controversial MLA Chevireddy Bhasker Reddy was an ex officio member. So, the conversion is literally complete. The riches of the TTD were behind this game plan. Anil Kumar Singhal did not agree reportedly for buying AP Government bonds with TTD funds. A truly religious, god-fearing man that Singhal is. He decided to lose the post rather than incur the wrath of God.

Now, RRR says that YCP and Jagan Reddy batch were scared of CBI court hearings. This is why they are doing misinformation campaigns against him. Mr. Raju threatened to file defamation cases against Sakshi media. Three key persons in YCP are sure to go to jail in Jagathi CBI case.

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RRR’s indirect attack on Jagan Govt on Vizag Capital


The Jaganmohan Reddy government is hell bent on making Kapuluppada on the outskirts of Visakhapatnam the centre of the State future administrative Capital. But, rebel MP Raghu Rama Raju (RRR) gave a new twist to this. He says Kapuluppada is heritage place with the presence of historical structures there. It’s located nearest to the Thotlakonda Buddharamam. Hence, the Central Government should declare and include Kapuluppada in the list of the country’s heritage sites.

Rajugaru is further demanding that all efforts should be made to protect Kapuluppada from destruction. It’s clear that the unstoppable MP is making indirect attacks on the Jagan Reddy regime. RRR has even written a letter to the Union Ministry of Culture to protect and preserve the Buddhist heritage place.

The MP wrote another letter to CM Jagan saying that the schools should not be reopened on September 5 considering the rising Coronavirus threat. RRR says the children are very vulnerable and it would be very difficult to enforce social distancing in schools. The parents’ opinions should be taken into consideration before taking a final decision on this. It’s well known that each day nearly 10,000 Covid are being reported in AP.

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Phone tapping falls under MHA? asserts Raju


YSRCP rebel MP Raghurama Krishna Raju on Wednesday statred that phone tapping is an assault on ones personal freedom and that the issue of phone tapping falls under the purview of the Union Home Ministry.

Raju also reminded that Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa had ordered the CBI to investigate the alleged illegal tapping of phones of politicians and bureaucrats by the state police during the previous Congress-JD(S) coalition government headed by H D Kumaraswamy.

‘The Karnataka Chief Minister also stated thar the matter comes under the purview of the Union home ministry. It is wrong to say that the issue of phone tapping does not come under the jurisdiction of the Union Home Ministry,” Raju stated.

He also reminded that the Ministry of Home Affairs had asked the Rajasthan government to send a report on the allegations of phone tapping in a larger
conspiracy to topple Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s government.

“Phone tapping can only be done by authorised agencies as per due process of law and subject to approved safeguards and SOPs,” Raju who had recently alleged his two mobile phones were being illegally tapped for the past few months by the state Intelligence authorities of Andhra Pradesh.

He wrote a letter to Union Home Secretary A K Bhalla alleging that he was getting threatening calls from strange numbers displaying codes of Romania, Denmark, Switzerland, South Korea and Spain.

“For the last few months, I am getting frequent disturbances and noises in my mobile phones and I reliably learnt that our state Intelligence department is tapping my phones, which is a blatant violation of Articles 14, 19 and 21 of the Constitution, he said in the letter to the Union Home Secretary.

Referring to TDP MLA JC Prabhakar Reddy who was diagnosed with the coronavirus, Raju asked the government to stop “corona cases” against its opposition leaders while urging the administration to shift the TDP leafer from Kadapa jail to a private hospital for better treatment. Prabhakar Reddy is currently in Kadapa Jail undergone tests along with other inmates where 317 prisoners of them tested positive for coronavirus.

“Such ill treatment of opposition leaders will being disrepute to the government, Raju cautioned.

Raghurama Krishna Raju also.demanded that the Jagan government give permissions to the public to celebrate the festival by erecting Lord Ganesha mandaps (pandals) in every street of the state as was the practice for decades.

The Lok Sabha MP dashed off a letter to the Chief Minister in this regard.

In the letter, Raju stated that Ganesh Chaturthi is the most significant festival for Hindus across the country and demanded that the government desist from imposing restrictions under the guise of Covid-19 regulations. “The festival is the most significant one for Hindus, imposing restrictions is hurting the sentiments of crores of people. They should be allowed to celebrate the festival without any restrictions,” Raju wrote.

Earlier, state BJP vice-president Vishnuvardhan Reddy had asked the government not to create hurdles in celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi festival.
In a video, Vishnuvardhan Reddy said, “The police and other officials are troubling the people regarding setting up of small pandals to celebrate the festival. The government should not play vote bank politics with festivals. It seems that the state government is thinking of Ganesh Chaturthi from religious angle only. But it is not merely a religious festival; it is a spirit to unite all sections of the society. People voluntarily celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi everywhere. It is their right. Officials should not infringe on their right.”

Although the government is yet to make its stand clear, it is likely it impose several curbs on the lines of the Telangana government which had announced several restrictions.

The KCR government appealed to the people not to erect Ganesh mandaps but confine the celebrations to their respective homes in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Telangana government has already banned installation of idols in public places and asked the people to perform Ganesh puja at home. In all likelihood, the Andhra Pradesh government will announce several restrictions.

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RRR wins the first battle, gets ‘Y’ category central security cover

Finally, the Union Home Ministry on Thursday has agreed to provide YSRCP ‘rebel’ Lok Sabha MP Raghurama Krishna Raju with central security protection.

The government has accorded ‘Y’ category security to the Lok Sabha MP.

On June 18, Raju had written to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla alleging that there is a threat to his life from his own party leaders. In the letter, he requested the speaker to provide him with a central forces security cover.

Under the ‘Y’ category VIPs are provided with 11 security personnel, including one or two commandos and two PSOs. Fewer than five VIPs are currently provided this security cover.

Raju had recently moved the Delhi High Court seeking central police protection apprehending threat to his life from his own party men.

Raju, through his counsel Adinarayana Rao, contended that his own party leaders were threatening him with physical attacks if he entered his Parliamentary constituency in Narasapuram.

Speaking to mediapersons on Thursday, Raju stated that he was sought central forces protection as his written complaints to the local police went in vain.

“I have received several threat calls from my own party leaders. The state police have turned a blind eye to the written complaints I had lodged with the local police. I have no faith and trust in the state police. I am frightened to go to my constituency without protection. Therefore, I sought the protection of the central armed forces,” he stated.

Earlier, Raju had met President Ram Nath Kovind and submitted a memorandum seeking central forces protection and explained to him in detail the current political environment in Andhra Pradesh.

Raju had also informed the President that his own party MLAs in Narasapuram constituency were staging protests by burning his effigies and that the party leaders were threatening that he would be burnt to death if he visited his constituency.

Raju had met also met Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and a host of central BJP leaders including Minister of State for Home Kishan Reddy on the issue.

The YSRCP Lok Sabha MP had been publicly critical of the government’s policies the move to implement English medium in government schools.

He had raised the issue in Parliament seeking protection of Telugu language and Centre’s intervention in ensuring education in mother tongue in primary classes. He had also opposed TTD’s move to sell Sri Vari assets.

Taking a serious view of the MP’s criticism, the YSRCP leadership had issued a show-cause notice and later moved a disqualification petition against the Lok Sabha MP.

The show-cause notice was issued by Rajya Sabha MP Vijayasai Reddy seeking disciplinary action against Raju for his alleged anti-party activities.

In his reply, Raju had questioned the legal sanctity of the show-cause notice stating that it was issued under the letterhead of YSR Congress when the party was registered as Yuvajana Sramika Congress Party with the Election Commission of India.

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Raghu Rama Raju approaches High Court against disqualification


YCP rebel MP Raghu Rama Raju has become an increasingly harder nut to crack for none other than Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy. Taking this very seriously, Jagan Reddy is sending all his party MPs to Delhi to meet Lok Sabha Speaker and get RRR disqualified. But, Godavari Rajugaru is not bending. Even before YCP MPs met LS Speaker, Raghu Rama Raju has met top BJP leaders and got assurances for his safety. Now, RRR has filed a petition in the AP High Court itself.

It is well known the High Court has been giving outright stay orders against many actions of Jagan Reddy Government obviously because there were some constitutional violations. RRR petition may not come up for hearing immediately in view of Coronavirus impact on court activities. On Monday, this petition is likely to come up for hearing. Bhimavaram Rajugaru is confident that he has a valid point in saying that he was not served showcause notice by Vijayasai Reddy in a proper format.

RRR argument is that YSR Congress Party does not belong to Jaganmohan Reddy. In fact, Jagan party is Yuvajana Shramika Rythu Congress Party. But the notice is not served in this name. The notice came in the name of YSR Congress Party which is a different party. Hence, he need not reply to the notice. Simply based on this, RRR says that he cannot be disqualified.

MP Raju is expressing surprise that CM himself is conspiring to get him disqualified going by how public funds were being spent on a special flight for YCP MPs to go to Delhi and complain against him.

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