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Revanth back to his trademark politics with “Mana Ooru-Mana Poru”!


TPCC chief A.Revanth Reddy seems to have realised that it would be of no use if he wastes time addressing press conferences at Gandhi Bhavan or his residence in Jubilee Hills. He also realised that his attempts to pacify party seniors to get closer to them will also prove futile as party seniors continue to trouble him even after making sincere efforts for the past nine months to take seniors into confidence before taking any decisions.

Finally, Revanth decided to switch back to his trademark politics of going aggressively into the people against TRS and KCR by holding public meetings.

Revanth launched “Mana Ooru-Mana Poru” programme to address public meetings in all Assembly constituencies to highlight the failures of KCR government over the past seven years. Revanth is addressing first public meeting in Parigi on Saturday (today).

Revanth’s plan is to remain in public till 2023 December Assembly polls by holding public meetings and bring Congress to power.

Soon after Revanth became TPCC chief in June, he held a series of public meetings against TRS and BJP in the name of “Dalit Girijana Dandora” and also “Vidyarthi-Nirudyogula Jung Siren” in several districts. But he later halted them after realised that seniors were angry at him for not consulting them before holding public meetings.

Revanth tried to pacify seniors but seniors continue to trouble him under one pretext or the other and obstructing him to undertake agitation programmes against TRS. Instead of wasting time pacifying senior, Revanth decided to continue his public meetings and try to bring Congress to power on his own like YSR brought Congress to power on his own in 2004 by conducting padayatra.

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Has TPCC desciplinary committee bitten off more than it can chew?


What if a Disciplinary Committee itself breaks the discipline? That is the strange predicament that he Congress Party is facing in Telangana. The TPCC disciplinary committee is now in the dock for overstepping its brief. The Telangana Congress is now deeply divided with one group supporting it and another slamming it.

After Revanth Reddy’s rival and TPCC working president Turpu Jagga Reddy’s letter to AICC chief Sonia Gandhi complaining against Revanth’s ways became public, the TPCC disciplinary committee has taken a serious view of it. Committee’s chief and former minister G Chinna Reddy has announced that Jaggareddy would be called before the disciplinary committee to explain the leakage of the letter.

Now questions are being asked as to why Chinna Reddy revealed to the media the action that would be taken against Jagga Reddy. This, many argue, is a violation of the party’s code of conduct. Jagga Reddy said that Chinna Reddy is working at the behest of Revanth Reddy. He said that since the committee works under the PCC chief, the PCC chief has used Chinna Reddy to attack him.

The Revanth detractors point out that during the tenure of Kodanda Reddy and Marri Sasidhar Reddy, the disciplinary committee was never involved in any controversy. They were truly neutral and kept the party interests above all, they point out. It remains to be seen how the party’s high command with bring reconciliation among all the stakeholders.

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APCC wants TPCC to repay the loan amount


An interesting tussle is happening between the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee and the Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee. With the Congress units in both the states in dire financial straits, the APCC is seeking the repayment of a loan that its Telangana counterpart has taken. The APCC, which now has no funds whatsoever, is desperately seeking repayment by the TPCC.

This loan issue is from the time when the state was bifurcated. The APCC then functioned for some time from Indira Bhavan in Hyderabad, while the TPCC operated from the Gandhi Bhavan. Later, the APCC shifted its base to Vijayawada. However, during that time, the APCC loaned some Rs 15 lakh to the TPCC. This was given to the then TPCC chief Ponnala Lakshmaiah by the then APCC chief N Raghuveera Reddy.

Now, the APCC is in a deep financial crisis. It does not have any accruals. No donations are being given and not even membership amounts are deposited. The party has spent every paisa in the account and now badly needs funds to run its show. Now, Shailajanath, the current PCC chief, unearthed this and has asked the Telangana PCC to repay the amount.

The APCC has now sent a communication to Revanth Reddy asking him to send the amount. Sources say that the APCC feels that it can run the show for some more time with this amount. The Telangana PCC, which is financially stronger, is yet to respond so far.

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TPCC meet ends up without discussing Huzurabad debacle


As usual, the TPCC’s post-mortem session on the Huzurabad debacle ended up as a fiasco. The senior leaders, who met at the Gandhi Bhavan failed to discuss the humiliating defeat in detail. Instead, it ended up passing the buck.

The party met on Wednesday, but the leaders seemed disinterested in discussing the party’s shameful surrender in Huzurabad. The party that had polled 61141 votes in 2018 assembly elections had to remain content with a mere 3012 votes. This is the worst ever performance of the Congress Party anywhere in Telangana. In fact, this performance is worse than the Badvel bypoll performance, where the Congress could get as many as 6000 votes.

Senior leader Jana Reddy was present in the review meeting for a brief period and then left the venue. He told the waiting media persons that he had attended only to escape criticism of skipping the meeting. He told them that he has merely given his attendance at the meeting. Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, who made a huge issue of the Congress failure on Tuesday, skipped the meeting. Another senior leader Turpu Jagga Reddy too came to the meeting very late and did not raise any issue.

Another veteran VH sought to know how many of the star campaigners had actually campaigned in Huzurabad. He said that most of the star campaigners did not even bother to visit Huzurabad. Such being the case, how the Congress would win in Huzurabad, he asked. At the end of the meeting, party affairs incharge Manickam Tagore said action would be taken against those who made adverse comments against the party leadership after the defeat. Thus ended the meeting without deciding on anything.

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Konda Surekha’s ‘3 conditions’ put TPCC in a fix!


Congress leader Konda Surekha has reportedly laid down three conditions to oblige the request of Telangana Congress to contest in upcoming Huzurabad Assembly bypoll.

The first condition is that the party should bear the complete election expenditure to be incurred on Huzurabad bypoll.

The second condition is that irrespective of the outcome of the Huzurabad bypoll or in the event of even losing the deposit, the prominence for her in the party should continue as usual.

The third and most important condition is that she should be allotted ticket in her native district Warangal to contest 2023 December Assembly polls though she contests Huzurabad bypoll now.

These three conditions have reportedly put TPCC chief A Revanth Reddy and his team in a fix.

But TPCC sources say they have no other option but to concede to Surkesha’s conditions if Congress wanted to put at least a reasonable fight in Huzurabad bypoll .

As per present surveys of the party, it is tough for Congress to retain even deposit in Huzurabad bypoll which turned has a battle between TRS and BJP’s Etela Rajender.

There is no local candidate for Congress in Huzurabad after Kaushik Reddy defected to TRS, who has the capacity to retain the deposit.

Congress feels that caste equations will help the party to some extent and give a good fight only if Surekha is fielded from this seat.

Surekha and her husband Konda Murali hails from Backward Classes. While Surekha is Padmashali, Murali is Munnuru Kapu. These castes account for significant voters in Huzurabad.

TRS fielded BC candidate Gellu Srinivas Yadav while BJP’s Etela Rajender is also a BC.

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Revanth, who criticised KCR over superstitions, is making Gandhi Bhavan Vaasthu compliant


Remember Revanth Reddy was one of the strongest critics of KCR’s mad faith in Vaasthu? He opposed the demolition of the secretariat and the CM’s residence to build Pragathi Bhavan. But now that he has become the PCC chief, he is taking up massive repairs to the Gandhi Bhavan before he takes oath of office. The reason? To make Gandhi Bhavan Vaasthu compliant!

Yes, a massive effort to give a facelift to the Congress headquarters Gandhi Bhavan is on these days and the works are going on at a furious pace. The workers are removing the park right in front of the Gandhi Bhavan and have already removed the railings around the Gandhi statue. Not just that, special chambers are being created for all the senior leaders who have been given key posts. Thus the leaders can operate from their chambers instead of the narrow rooms.

But most importantly, a new entry point is being created on the east side. The east side entrance will be the one that Revanth Reddy would be using. PCC chief’s chambers too will be on the east side. Similarly, the security room and the sales counter of party’s propaganda material are being dismantled. They would be relocated to some other place. Clearly, all these changes have kept the Vaasthu in mind.

Sources say Revanth Reddy’s associates and friends are involved in this work and that they are personally monitoring the progress of the work. The works will be completed by July 7, the day when Revanth Reddy will be sworn in. People are speaking in hushed tones about the Vaathu compliance of the new-look Gandhi Bhavan. And, what about Revanth Reddy’s criticism of KCR? Well! No one is talking about it now.

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Will Revanth Reddy’s best friend be sent out?


The Telangana Congress is abuzz with the stories that party’s state affairs incharge Manickam Tagore might be replaced. Sources say that he was specifically brought in to show the seniors their place and then appoint Revanth Reddy as the PCC chief. Now that the task has been accomplished, he would be asked to take up another assignment.

Soon after taking over, Tagore took on the seniors and showed them that he is the boss. He ignored them and told them in no uncertain terms that he would mean business. Later, he took up the task of eliciting the opinions of the leaders about the next PCC chief. He ensured that Revanth gets the maximum support. Later, the high command finalized Revanth’s name.

Some insiders say that Manickam Tagore now wants to become the PCC chief for Tamil Nadu. He is said to be lobbying hard for the post. He is braving stiff opposition from former Union Minister P Chidambaram. But, Tagore has close friends at the top and he wants to become the PCC chief for Tamil Nadu. He also has a good rapport with Tamil Nadu’s CM MK Stalin. Since the Congress is an alliance partner in the DMK Government, Stalin wants a friendly person as the PCC chief. Hence he is actively lobbying for the post.

Speculations are on in the Telangana Pradesh Congress Party as to who would succeed Manickam. If Manickam is replaced, then it will be the third change of Congress affairs incharge. Less than two years ago, Manickam replaced Ramachandra Kuntia. Sources say Maharashtra’s Mukul Wasnik or Kerala’s Ramesh Chennitala could be appointed as the successor to Manickam Tagore.

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Komatireddy Venkat Reddy to be next TPCC chief?


Senior Congress leader and Bhongir Lok Sabha member Komatireddy Venkat Reddy is all set to be appointed as the next president of Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC).

The present TPCC chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy will be replaced by Komatireddy.

The Congress lost its ground in Telangana under Uttam’s leadership with successive defeats in the hands of TRS from 2014 Assembly polls.

Not only electoral defeats, the Congress also suffered huge setbacks under Uttam leadership with Congress MPs, MLAs and MLCs joining TRS.

Congress situation has become so pathetic under Uttam leadership that it has lost even main opposition status in both Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly.

The Congress high command now wants to revive the fortunes of the party in Telangana and gear up the party for securing power in 2023 Assembly polls.

Despite granting Telangana statehood and fulfilling the six-decade long aspirations of Telangana people, the Congress failed to grab power as it lacked able leadership to fight against KCR and TRS.

The high command is currently appointing new PCC presidents in various states.

It recently appointed new PCC presidents for Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and it’s the turn of Telangana PCC now.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday asked Komatireddy to come to her residence. She is reportedly discussing on appointment of new TPCC chief.

Komatireddy is a vocal critic of KCR and his family members and is also financially very sound to take on TRS. He is also taking up agitation programmes against TRS government frequently in Telangana.

The Congress high command reportedly feels that Komatireddy has the ability to revive the fortunes of Congress in Telangana.

An official announcement on Komatireddy’s appointment is likely to be made in a day or two.

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TPCC to deploy Rahul Brigade as part of Mission31


Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) in making attempts to replicate the Punjab model in the 31 Assembly constituencies reserved for SC and STs in the state with “Mission 31” programme.

Speaking at Congress workers training programme retired IAS officer and AICC SC Cell chairman Koppula Raju said that TPCC leaders should take additional measures similar to Punjab Congress by identifying 3750 workers and grooming them to grow as leaders in these constituencies. He advised setting up polling station-wise committees called ‘Rahul Brigade’ and ensuring that they go door to door and get in touch with every voter. This experiment in Punjab, helped congress bag 22 out of 34 reserved seats.

It may be noted that in the 31 constituencies, Congress won 6 seats in 2014 assembly elections. However, three MLAs defected to ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi.

The strategy is to create leadership in Dalit communities where not much has been done. The party will focus on recognising and establishing relationship with the local opinion makers and influential people in the local castes and occupational groups. These six to seven leaders will be trained for six months, later will be given tasks to identify local issues and raise the voice for people. The party leaders will observe their work, based on which tickets will be given for contesting in 2019 elections.

TPCC president Uttam Kumar Reddy critiqued the government for being silent on the growing violence on Dalits. He would soon initiate the first round of campaign through ‘Rahul Sandesh Yatra’ by touring the state.

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