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Prayed to God not to give winner more than 250 seats: Jagan


Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister designate Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy on Sunday said he had prayed to God not to give more than 250 Lok Sabha seats to the party taking power at the Centre so that he can make it grant special category status to the state in exchange for legislative support but unfortunately the BJP got more than 300 seats.

The YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) chief, who is set to take oath as the Chief Minister on May 30, said this at a press conference here after his separate meetings with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Amit Shah.

Jagan Mohan Reddy, who requested Modi to accord Special Category Status (SCS) to the state as announced in Parliament at the time of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, admitted that his party can do very little in demanding or commanding the new government at the Centre.

“If they had got 250 seats, I could have made them sign the order on SCS before swearing-in but unfortunately they got overwhelming majority. They don’t even need our support,” said Jagan, as the YSRCP chief is popularly known.

During an hour-long meeting with Modi, he requested him to show magnanimity even in the position of strength.

“He listened to the whole thing. He was positive about helping the state and its people. It is a good sign. I am hoping that things will work out positively,” the YSRCP chief said.

The YSRCP, which stormed to power in the state with a landslide victory, also won 22 of the 25 Lok Sabha seats in the state.

Asked about his meeting with Amit Shah, Jagan remarked that this was to request the “second-most powerful man” to persuade the “most powerful man” in helping the state.

He said he invited both Modi and Shah to attend his swearing-in ceremony in Vijayawada but did not get confirmation from them.

The YSRCP leader said he explained to Modi that the state required SCS and the assistance from the Centre as its financial position was weak.

“The public debts which were Rs 90,000 crore at the time of bifurcation rose to Rs 2.57 lakh crore during Chandrababu Naidu’s five-year rule.”

Jagan said the state was surviving on overdraft as it was spending Rs 40,000 crore every year just to repay debts.

To another query, he said only he would take oath on May 30 and he planned to expand the cabinet in a week or 10 days.

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Why Jagan did not properly respond on Viveka murder? thunders Pawan

At the time of the Kodi Kathi incident, the YCP leaders including YS Jaganmohan Reddy made a big issue out of this. They even blew it out of proportions by getting NIA’s investigation. Why was there no similar response in respect of YS Vivekananda Reddy murder? Why did Jagan remain silent while his party leaders highlighted it as a suicide? asked Pawan Kalyan. It is clear from this that there will be no safety to the people if the state is placed in the hands of a leader who gave scope for so much confusion on a murder in his own close family.

Jana Senani expressed concern over what would happen to the state if those involved in murder politics have a chance to come to power. He wondered how could an opposition leader in a state assembly act and behave so non-responsively over murder within his family.

Pawan Kalyan accused ruling TDP and opposition YCP of ignoring the actual interests of the people but they kept busy in sharing illegal money in contracts and projects. It is evident from the fact how the Opposition party did not fight on behalf of the people in the Assembly in any manner so as to make ruling TDP accountable.

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Pics : Jagan at hospital


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Video – Attacker’s brother confirms he is a Jagan fan


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Embarrassing Experience for Jagan during Poll Campaign


As Opposition party chief YS Jaganmohan Reddy has taken the upcoming Nandyala by-poll very prestigious, he has been campaigning relentlessly in the constituency with the aim of securing a win for his party’s candidate. A few days ago, his statement of ‘shooting CM Chandrababu Naidu in public’ during a public meeting backfired and he had to receive flak from TDP cadres. Now, Jagan has faced yet another embarrassing situation during his poll campaign.

On Sunday, YSP planned to hold a Road show in Nandyala. Party chief Jagan was supposed to address public at Sreenivasa Circle as part of the road show. The campaign which was scheduled to commence at 9 in the morning, didn’t start until 11.30 AM as hardly anyone showed interest in Jagan’s meet.

Poor Jagan had to wait in YCP leader Pratap Reddy’s house for more than two hours for people to turn up for his road show. He may not have anticipated such feeble reception especially when he sees Nandyala by-poll as an opportunity to gain upper hand over ruling TDP.

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Guntur police deny permission to Jagan’s fast


Guntur Police denied permission to YS Jagan to launch his indefinite fast from September 26 from Guntur. Stating that the venue (a ground opposite AC College) was located close to the educational institutes and obstructs Ganesh idol immersion procession, the police declined permission, while YSR Congress cried foul.

Jagan has planned the indefinite fast to exert pressure on the state and the centre to declare special category status to Andhra Pradesh. He announced his decision to sit on fast on floor of the Assembly if chief minister Chandrababu Naidu failed to get special status bestowed on Andhra Pradesh in 15 days. (Chandrababu Naidu is in Delhi today to meet many union ministers. And PM is abroad). In the past two weeks, Jagan has done lot of ground work for his fast. He met students from two important universities in the state-Sri Venkateswara University and Andhra University- to rope in them into his campaign. He told them that if they didn’t fight for the special status, more than the states, it was their future that would be at stake.

When everything is ready for his fast, police denied permission to the fast on the ground that his venue of fast was in midst of several schools and hospitals. They also cited the possible obstruction to procession of Ganesh idol immersion as a lot of congregation was expected during fast.
YSRCP MLA Visweswara Reddy said the TDP governments efforts to thwart the indefinite fast would not meet with success.

“Jagan’ s demand has the backing of entire Telugu population, especially students and youth. People will not tolerate if roadblocks are created for Jagan’s fight for special status. The TDP is scared of the mass support to the cause,” Reddy said. Meanwhile tension prevailed at the venue of proposed fast, opposite AC college with state deploying police . A lot of YSRC supporters also reached the venue. Assuring full cooperation to the Ganesh idol procession, the party demanded that permission be issued to the fast.
“TDP has sold out the interests of people of Andhra to centre to bail himself out of cash-for-vote scam. We know pretty well that he would not fight for it. Now, when Jagan is waging an uncompromising fight, instead of supporting him, chief minister Naidu is scuttling it,” he said adding that people were watching TDP politics.

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Jagan’s fast to begin from Sept 26


Opposition leader and YSRCP president YS Jaganmohan Reddy will sit on an indefinite diksha on September 26, in Guntur, to mount pressure on the state and centre to accord special category status to Andhra Pradesh. Earlier it was announced that he would sit on indefinite fast from September 15. But the program was put off due to Vinakaya Chavithi.

“As the State has failed to mount pressure on the Centre, in spite of being its coalition partner. The Centre has gone back on its word. So YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, after a two-day fast at Mangalagiri, one day dhrna at Delhi and one day State bandh, now has decided to go on indefinite fast at Guntur pressing for the issue,” Jyothula Nehru, deputy floor leader of the party, told media after a high-level meeting.

Jagan has given 15-day time for Naidu to get the special status accorded to the state by the centre or face the indefinite fast. Today, the party top-brass met at Lotus Pond office and decided the date of Jagan’s dikshs.

The party is going to mobilize party workers in a big way to the launch of the fast in Guntur.

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Jagan Fast-tracks his political project


The opposition party leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy appears to have put his political project on fast track. While putting chief minister Chandrababu  Naidu on notice, he announced that he would sit on indefinite fast from September 15, if the government fails to achieve anything concrete on getting special status accorded to Andhra Pradesh. He announced his program of action hours after Assembly adopted a resolution urging the centre to bestow the special status on the state, which is in the throes of partition.

Indefinite fast, definitely, is a democratic tool one can use in rarest of rare cases. Normally, politics prefer protracted battles. Instead of exploiting the cause to mobilize the people on a longer course in protracted fight, Jagan’s fast tracking has the potential to alienate him from the other political parties like CPI, CPM and Congress, Lok Satta etc and masses.

Jagan is not attempting to make common cause with these parties. In fact Left have whole heartedly supported him in this case. Before announcing his indefinite fast, Jagan should have taken Left parties into confidence. Another thing, fifteen-day notice is too short for any government to process the decision. In our set-up the resolution has to travel a meandering path to reach its final destination. So, Jagan seems to have reached a conclusion that the announcement by centre is unlikely to come by in notice period, and he should launch the final missile.

Jagan has not prepared the people for his final assault on Naidu, nor has he taken the friendly parties into confidence. Isn’t it going to be a misadventure by a young man in a hurry? Jagan must ensure that his act did not simulate emotions that lead to suicides by the people from poorer section, who are already frustrated by many socio-economic issues. Victims of all political movements always come poorer sections.

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YSR portrait issue rocks the Assembly


The demand of restoring the YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s portrait rocked the Andhra Pradesh Assembly on Tuesday, the third day of five day monsoon session during question hour. As speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao disallowed YSRCP’s adjournment motion on drought and drinking water problem, the opposition member trouped into the well chanting slogans YSR Zindabad, and displaying the portraits of YSR and demanded the restoration of the portrait in the members launge. The raucous led to the adjournment of the motion for 10 minutes.

The portrait, along with portraits of Tanguturi Prakasham and Sanjeevaiah have been removed last month at the instructions from the speaker. This decision was later ratified by the special purposes committee of the Assembly. The committee’s argument was that it was not convention to hang the pictures of formers chief ministers in the Assembly. Only pictures of former speakers are kept. But, the YSRC objected to it stating that it was the decision of the previous assembly and it should be honored. Today, YSRC members did not allow the house run staging dharna in the well. Speaker took strong objection to it and asked them to give a notice on the subject before raising in house.

“If you have real respect for YSRajasekhar Reddy and you think he was your leader, why didn’t you give the adjournment motion on the subject. You gave the notice on drought. The subjects should be raised in Assembly only on prior notice,” he said. Speaker also warned them against the taking house for raise.”You cannot dictate the house to take any subject you wish just like that. Don’t cross the limits,” speaker warned. But, opposition continued their protest, slogans and display of YSR portrait. Speaker asked them why were they stalling the business of the House. He specially asked the members, to remove the picture. He assured them he would permit them to speak only if them removed the picture. As the opposition members un-relented, speaker adjourned the house for ten minutes.

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Is Jagan slipping into bad politics again?



Politics is all about power and the state power is meant to acquire ownership over the state assets. The welfare of the people is only a byproduct of competitive politics. Once you acquire ownership through political power, you can do whatever you desire. You can sell off the government and farmers’ lands, mortgage or transfer them to corporates, you can buy luxury buses and cars for your tours, you can renovate camp office and office with hundreds of crore, you can even rebuild them in the name of vastu, you can demolish buildings, get new ones constructed… all with peoples’ money. It’s this ownership that engenders the fiercest battles in politics.
Anybody(no need to cite names)who is in politics plays the game only to win the ownership of the vast estate called state.


Politicians, however, should not be too obsessed with this motive to gain power. This is bad politics and It would jeopardize the basic objective. Jagan’s political career is marred by bad politics from the very beginning itself. He earned notoriety as a son who tried to sit on thrown through a signature coup even before the funeral rites completed to his dead father. How far it is true, whether Jagan is directly involved in it or not, or some J-zealots did all this is immaterial now . But it had become a major sources of embarrassment for Jagan. It is difficult to erase this episode from the memories of the people.

Everybody was under the impression that Jagan was a man in a hurry and he himself spoiled his chances of becoming chief minister. All his hard labor, Odarpu Yatras, fierce speeches, YSR good will and even the belated-stubborn stand he took against the partition of the state could not save him from the ignominy of the defeat in 2014. Reason, the bad politics he practiced. He was too obsessive with the post of chief minister. Ask anybody in state, pat comes the reply, “had he been a bit patient, he would have become the chief minister in 2014.”


The dharna, he organized near CRDA office in Vijayawada on Wednesday, was clearly an indication to the replaying of the old tragicomedy. The program was meant to organize farmers against the forcible and undemocratic way of acquisition of fertile lands by the government to build a ‘world-class’ capital. It was definitely not the time to talk about becoming chief minister. He should have resisted the urge to tell the people that no force on earth could stop him from becoming chief minister. He should have confined himself to the issues of capital and politics of TDP.

He clearly and unwittingly announced to the whole world that he was organizing these struggle to become chief minister. He also forecast the political fall of chief minister Chandrababu Naidu. His obsession with the post of chief minister was so strong that he got slipped into a delirium of one-upmanship which has not gone down well with those who were observing him from afar. It was clear that what was happening there at the dharna was not the fight for justice, but a fight to settle scores with Chandrababu Naidu.

“Since Chandrababu Naidu is determined to build the capital, It should be opposed with equal determination as an opposition leader” was what his speech conveyed to the people across the state. It appeared as if he was organizing dharna with a sole motive of becoming chief minister rather than coming to the aide of the farmers, who are set to lose multi-crop and uniquely fertile lands. Till then, the TDP, which had been on the defensive on capital lands issue, grabbed the opportunity to launch an aggressive attack on him for this “would be chief minister” remark. Not only the ministers, even the intellectuals at the Special Status Sadhana Samiti had to appeal the political parties not attempt to settle scores using problems of the people.


This too much obsession with the post of chief minister, when the elections are too far away, has the potential to derail his agitational politics. It may earn him tons of cheers from his cheerleaders and those affected farmers, but it would hardly please others who are outside the pen of YSRCP.

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Would ‘special status’ lead to Opposition Unity in AP?


YSRC Congress has called for a statewide bandh on August 28, just before the commencement of  Assembly session. Sharpening his attack with the martyrdom of  Muni Koti,  Jagan today lashed out at the BJP leadership at centre and TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu at state for  ignoring the crucial demand for special status to Andhra Pradesh.

Jagan led a massive dharna near Jantar Mantar opposite Parliament on Monday, in which thousands of party workers from Andhra Pradesh participated. Giving an indication to shape of the political realignment  to happen in the state, CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechuri came down to the Jantar Mantar to call on Jagan and expressed solidarity with YSRCP on the demand of Special Status.

“We will support Jagan and his party on the issue,” Yechuri announced from stage.

He said the CPM would voice its concern in the Parliament and outside by participating in various dharnas.


“We had opposed the division of the State in the Parliament when the Bill came up for discussion. we had also said that the division would lead to many problems in the coming days. Our forecast is coming true. Still, We are extending our support to the cause of special status at all fora,’ the CMP general secretary said.

Observers see Jagan’s support to tomorrow bandh call given by CPI, and today’s CPM support to Jagan as an indication to a possible opposition unity in Andhra Pradesh against  the ruling TDP-BJP combine.

Jagan may use the centre’s apaty  and TDP’s silence on the Andhra peoples’ demand for special category status to achieve a modicum of unity among the opposition parties. Left will have no reason to join hands with as long as Naidu is in Saffron company.

In a way YSRC and Left parties appear to have come together. The other parties,  Congress and Lok Satta, can’t maintain distance, in case these parties announce an action plan.  Who is to be watched is the hero Pawan Kalyan. He may have to take a decision against the wishes of BJP central leadership and TDP leadership in the state. Most likely scenario is that he would  disappear from the scene in the name of movie shooting as he doesn’t rub Prime Minister Modi on wrong side.

Addressing the dharna Jagan said  Andhra Pradesh could not be denied special status when North-Eastern states were brought under special category protection to overcome their problems.

He assailed TDP for trading peoples interests with his personal agenda and maintaining stoic silence even though NDA minister openly denied the special status.

The fight will not stop here, Jagan asserted stating that the YSRCP would take if forward.

He gave a call for state-wide bandh on August 28 and appealed to the people to make it a success.

“It is very unfortunate that one person,MuniKoti, resorted to self immolation, seeking special status as he had foreseen that at least one generation wiould suffer in backwardness if the special status is denied,” he said.

He was critical of Rahul also for having forgotten the demand for about 15 months.

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