‘Tuck Jagadish’ Movie Review


Tuck Jagadish Review

Tuck Jagadish Review

Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5

Story :

Tuck Jagadish shows the journey of a village youth Jagadish – observing the village and family politics from childhood and his attempts to fix the said issues after coming back to the same village in the official capacity of an MRO. Aadisheshu Naidu (Nazar) is the village head of Bhudevi Puram and stands up to the atrocities of Veerendra Naidu (well versed in typical rowdyism with land encroachments etc…). Bose (Jagapathi Babu) takes up the family responsibility upon his father’s death and surprises everyone with marrying his niece to Veerendra Naidu’s son. Jagadish is Aadiseshu’s son, who returns back to the village as an MRO trying to better things for everyone.

Analysis :

Tuck Jagadish is an out-and-out family drama. The whole premise is an outdated one though the greediness and feud for properties are still relevant in families. Director Shiva Nirvana‘s strength lies in producing emotionally plausible scenes and heart-touching dialogues – very evident with his previous movies Majili, Ninnu Kori. Unfortunately, Tuck Jagadish fails to display these strengths, lacking any emotional scenes to sway the audience. Weaving in too many threads without firmly establishing the various characters, leaves the audience a bit confused as they try to understand who’s in the family dynamic. The Nani, Ritu Varma love track seems half-baked.

On a positive note, Tuck Jagadish carries a nice message. It underscores the strength of a joint family where brothers have an unshakable bond. Except for the ‘Inko Sari Inko Sari’ song, the rest are forgettable.


Nani’s performance is on the subtle side in this movie. His emotional scenes with his niece are excellent. However, there are a few intensive scenes, where subtlety is a no-go. Ritu Varma has a very limited screen presence. Nazar, Rao Ramesh got small, tailor-made roles. Jagapathi Babu’s characterization affected his performance. Aishwarya Rajesh got the author-backed role and she did well.

Production values by Shine screens are adequate. Prasad Murella’s cinematography captured the rural flavor nicely. Thaman music works only in one song, the background score by Gopi Sundar is decent.

Verdict :

Tuck Jagadish is a dated story, which eventually goes down a predictable path. Natural Star Nani and competent performances from the rest of the cast save this film to an extent. The slow-paced family story might be a passable watch for the OTT audience.

Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5

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