Vijay Sai mocks at Naidu’s sorry to AP voters


YCP firebrand MP Vijay Sai Reddy has launched an unsparing counter to Chandrababu Naidu’s latest statements. He says Naidu has started a new drama to blame the people for the humiliating defeat he suffered in the 2019 election. It is nearly two years since the TDP was ousted from power but Chandrababu is still not recovering from the hangover.
Vijay Sai is expressing surprise how Naidu can say that he doesn’t understand why he was rejected by the voters. Moreover, Naidu is tendering apology to the voters who never asked for the same. The TDP chief has started multiple dramas on the election, temple attacks, etc. He is saying he is changing now. But the people are having a laugh at all this.
The YCP MP asked how many times Naidu will change. Now, the TDP chief has started another drama to blame people while masterminding the attacks on the temples and idols.
Whatever, CM Jagan, Vijay Sai and Sajjala are all slowly throwing the blame for the temple attacks on the TDP directly or indirectly. The temple attacks are taking such a political turn that there seemed no end to them till the next Jamili 2023 election.
With both the ruling YCP and the opposition TDP ready for a fight along religious lines, the AP political scene has become exciting to watch.

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