Ashwathama Review – Unpleasant Thriller


Ashwathama Review

Telugu360 Rating 2.25/5

Young actor Naga Shaurya is back with new film Ashwathama. The theatrical trailer is a perfect cut and keeps the audience thrilling till the last frame. Naga Shaurya plays a youngster who hunts for a gang who trap women in the city


Gana(NagaShaurya) likes his sister Priya very much. After being engaged (with Prince Cecil),Priya attempts suicide. She is puzzled, reveals to her brother Gana that she did not sleep with anyone. Upon further inquiry Gana learns that the incident would have happened when she was unconscious. Gana takes up the investigation to find out the culprits. In the process he finds dozens of more women are mysteriously disappearing for few days, dropped back at hospitals. Meanwhile, over confident villain gears up his psycho activities. Rest of the story is how the protagonist tracks down the villain


Ashwathama is a dark film for its serial rape and murders theme. Though trailers are projected this film as a sister sentiment theme, which indeed to an extent, the entire second half is gruesome watch for families. The psychopath villain’s acts are overboard. As a viewer, it is hard to understand the rationale behind the scenes in which villain was shown havingsex with the dead bodies in mortuary. There are many other better ways to show the villain as a psycho without being so terrible. Not just disgusting scenes, but the depicted violence scenes also gore.

First half of the film is pretty ordinary with introduction of the family, followed by taking up society’s burning issue. Fisher-men gang in vizag kidnap the girls to handover to their boss. USA returned Gana( NagaShaurya) takes up the investigation to find out the culprits who might have possibly raped his sister. Mehrene plays his girlfriend and has very limited role. Till interval the film goes on without much trouble but at flat graph. Second half, from crime thriller point of view, is somewhat okay but it doesn’t go well with certain section of audience


Naga Shaurya , who often plays and fits lover boy roles, tried a different role this time. As Aswathama inspired character Guna , he did decent work. Jisshusen Gupta is a good fit for the class looking psycho villain role. The lady who played Naga’s sister role is decent, so is prince cecil. Posani Krishna Murali was seen in couple of scenes.
Songs : There are two sister sentiment songs, one duet with Mehrene and another background montage song . All songs are mediocre at the best

Verdict :

Ashwathama is a serious film revolves around a cruel, psychopath villain’s atrocities. The darkside of him might be a bit overboard for telugu audience. On the other hand, the director tried to execute sister sentiment track between hero and his sister.

Telugu360 Rating 2.25/5

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