Bangarraju Movie Review


Bangarraju Movie review

Bangarraju Movie revie w

Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5 

Nagarjuna and his son Naga Chaitanya are teaming up for Bangarraju, the sequel for Soggade Chinni Nayana. The movie is a hilarious rural entertainer that is directed by Kalyan Krishna Kurasala. Ramya Krishna and Krithi Shetty are paired up beside Nag and Chaitanya in the film. Fariah Abdullah, Daksha Nagarkar, Darshana Banik, Simrat Kaur and Meenakshi Dixit will be seen in cameo roles. The music composed by Anup Rubens gained a decent response from the audience. Zee Studios in association with Annapurna Studios are the producers of Bangarraju. The film is releasing in good number of screens on January 14th. Here is the review of the film:

Bangarraju has similar fictional plot as its prequel 2016 hit film ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’. Bangarraju (Sr.Nagarjuna) is sent by Lord Yama (Naga Babu) to the earth on a special mission. At the same time Peddha Bangarraju’s wife Ramya Krishna wants their Grand son Chinna Bangarraju (Naga Chaitanya) to marry his uncle’s daughter Nagalaksmi ( Krithi Shetty) . She assigns the task to Nag to settle the scores between ever quarrelling young duo. Rest of the story is how Nag completes his task


This film is not only a sequel to ‘Soggade chinni nayana’ but copies the same template. In ‘Soggade..’ Nag fixes his son’s love life and in this film it is all about fixing Grandson’s marriage. The first half the film is pretty average as most of it is occupied by Krithi shetty’s village sarpanch thread. Her quarrel scenes with bava Bangarraju are unimpressive. The attempted comedy scenes are failed to generate required entertainment. Even though it is a fictional story few scenes appear illogical. The villainism this time is by the gang which attempt to dig the temple’s jewel treasure. Second half is equally flat if we measure by the script but few mass elements are aptly stuffed at regular intervals. The scene in which Chay saves a kid from an Ox, the climax episodes, and the last song of the film all add to paisa vasool for B C center crowd. Fans will like the scenes written for Nag.

Nag as producer has spent good budget on the film especially for the songs. Songs are the USP of this film. They are done colorfully and appealing to the fans and masses. Anup Rubens music works for the songs


Nagarjuna plays triple variation roles in this film with so ease. He definitely walks away with all the credits in the film. Naga Chaitanya looks good but performance wise dominated by Nag. Krithi Shetty is Cute as Nagalakshmi but due to not so adequate characterization, she is unable to make a positive impression. Ramya Krishna role is T fit for her and she is good. Nagarjuna, Chay, Ramyakrishna cast definitely add value to the film.

– Nagarjuna
– Colorful Songs
-Mass elements in second half

– Lack of comedy entertainment to appeal the regular audience
– Very predictable plot


‘Bangarraju ‘is a routine script which is somewhat compensated by colorful songs, Nagarjuna and Chay presence. The attempted comedy hardly brings any laughter, there is absolutely no freshness nor creativity in the script. At Box-office ,Sankranti season might bring some revenue at B C Centers . A decent watch for fans!

Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5 

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