BiggBoss day 22: Twist in the Nomination process of this week

Monday is day of nominations. However, in this episode, Bigg boss gave a twist this week and asked housemates to come to confession room in pairs and then asked the pair to decide between them who will get nominated and who will get saved. That means, out of the each pair, one will get saved and another will get nominated. This twist made this week’s nomination process very interesting. After nomination process, housemates celebrated Bakr-id in the house.
Vitika – Ravi:
Bigg boss asked Vitika and Ravi to come to the confession room. Out of these two, obviously Vitika is more clever and somewhat cunning (as per the videoclip shown by Nagarjuna in weekend episode) and she could very easily convince Ravi to nominate himself and she got saved.
Shivajyothy and Rohini:
Shivajyothy and Rohini never had any altercation nor very good friends. So each of them expressed their willingness to get nominated to save others. Finally, Shivajyothy nominated herself and Rohini got saved. But Rohini broke the rules by indirectly revealing about the nominations to other housemates and this irritated Big boss. So, he nominated Rohini directly for eviction.
Varun and Mahesh:
Varun and Mahesh both refused to get nominated and prolonged the discussion. Mahesh, at some point told, he doesn’t have confidence of getting saved if he comes to nomination zone and this made Varun to agree to get nominated
Baba Bhaskar and Ashu reddy:
Baba Bhaskar, without even giving an option to Ashu reddy, told that he will nominate himself and save her. He told, he joined the show to understand the show and the house and he is happy to make it till here. Ashu didn’t even offered to get herself nominated, even for the sake of courtesy and even told that she also wanted to nominate Baba Bhaskar because of a previous argument.
Rahul and Himaja:
Here also both of them tried hard to save themselves. But Himaja was very straightforward to tell she wants to play for herself and nominated Rahul. Rahul did not agree for this and tried his level best to save himself but finally, he had to give in. So, Himaja got saved and Rahul got nominated.
In addition to them, Sreemukhi also there in the nominations as she was nominated by Bigg boss during captaincy task of previous week. Ali Reza and Punarnavi got immunity because of completing the secret task successfully. We will have to wait and see who will get eliminated this weekend.
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