Chandrababu’s big plan behind Delhi visit


Is there more to Chandrababu Naidu’s proposed meeting with Union Home Minister and BJP strongman Amit Shah than meets the eye? Is it not a mere angry rant of a helpless opposition leader? Is there some well thought-out plan of action behind Chandrababu Naidu’s announcement that he would complain about the happenings in Andhra Pradesh.

Sources say that foxy Chandrababu has a bigger plan in meeting Amit Shah. During his meeting with Amit Shah Chandrababu is likely to broach the subject of a possible political alliance between the TDP and the BJP. Like Eatala Rajender, who felt that only BJP’s support will help him in winning the Huzurabad bypoll, Chandrababu too is convinced that he cannot take on the might of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy all alone.

He feels he needs the backing of the Central Government, which is run by the BJP. Hence Chandrababu’s ultimate plan is to stitch up a coalition between Jana Sena, BJP and the TDP. He knows this combination had helped the TDP come to power in 2014.

His plan now is to bring to life the 2014 coalition for the 2024 elections. He feels that this combo would be able to defeat the YSRC. Chandrababu knows that another couple of defeats for the TDP would mean that the YSRCP would become more aggressive. The TDP would be further demoralised. Hence, Chandrababu is aiming to bring together the three parties. This is said to be the real reason for the Delhi tour.

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  1. Bjp tdp ki support cheyyakapoyina no problem but. Ysrcp ki out right. Ga help cheyyakapote. Tdp. Gelustundhi. Last time. Bjp, trs, ec. Andaru help chesaru kabatti. Ysrcp gelichindhi. Box lu marcharani rumour undhi.


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