Manchi Rojulochaie Review: A Lackluster Drama


Manchi Rojulochaie review

Manchi Rojulochaie review

Telugu360 Rating: 2.25/5

Director Maruthi completed a quick film titled Manchi Rojulochaie after the second wave of coronavirus pandemic. Santosh Shoban and Mehreen played the lead roles in the film which is touted to be a comic entertainer that is inspired by the pandemic. UV Creations pooled out the funds for Manchi Rojulochaie. The film released today and here is the complete review of the film:


Manchi Rojulochaie is the story of Santhu (Santosh Shoban) and Paddu (Mehreen) who are in love. Paddu’s father Gopalam (Ajay Ghosh) has fears to the core in every aspect. His close friends Murthy and Koteswara Rao take this an advantage and creates much more fear pulling his leg. Gopalam is scared about his daughter Paddu falling in love with someone and he stages a hunt for the right guy to get her married. But unfortunately, he fails to find the right match for Paddu. The biggest shock comes for Gopalam in the form of his friend’s demise. The rest of Manchi Rojulochaie is all about his fears and how Santhu changes the mood of Gopalam and impresses him. Watch Manchi Rojulochaie to know about the complete story.


Maruthi’s stories are quite simple and he pens a script taking a small incident or an episode. Comedy is his strength and it has been the USP for most of his successful films. Manchi Rojulochaie is not the story of Santosh Shoban or Mehreen, it is the story of Ajay Ghosh and he takes the major screen presence. The entire film revolves around his role. Maruthi made the character actor’s role as the lead and penned the script. The audience will be left in shock as it did not work out for Manchi Rojulochaie. There are enough flaws in the script and Maruthi made a mistake right from the core plot to the writing and the narration.

The entire film revolves around the roles of Gopalam and his poking friends who are focused on sharing things about his daughter. Most of the episodes are disappointing as the comedy did not work out from these incidents. Single layered scripts are quite difficult to narrate and if the story is weak, things turn out quite ugly. Maruthi was focused and wrote huge dialogues which never worked out. Manchi Rojulochaie is a film that has too many dialogues and fewer emotions. Though he said that he was inspired by coronavirus, the discussion of the pandemic comes during the pre-climax episodes. All those scenes and episodes are a huge misfire.

There is Maruthi mark comedy at times in the film. Appadala Vijayalakshmi’s role is decent and the episode of the phone conversation is good. Maruthi who had hilarious interval episodes in his films failed with Manchi Rojulochaie. The film has impressive comic scenes at times and this is not enough to impress the audience. There are double-meaning dialogues during the first 20 minutes of the film.


Santosh Shoban has a boy next door looks and he did his part well. The audience should call him a lead actor as he has two songs with the heroine but coming to the screen presence and performance, Ajay Ghosh takes the lead. He got a full-length role for the first time in his career. He played well as a father who is in extreme fear. Mehreen lost huge weight and she looks glamorous in the role of Paddu. Vennela Kishore was ok with his role and Viva Harsha wasn’t utilized completely. Praveen and Sudharshan managed to generate enough smiles.

Manchi Rojulochaie has a lean plot as told. Maruthi’s magic did not work out in this film. His idea of directing a small film is appreciable but he picked a wrong idea and made it into a lifeless script. The visuals are good and both the songs are shot well. The cinematography work is good and the music is just ok. Maruthi’s thought of completing Manchi Rojulochaie on a minimal budget with quality output is successful but the film fails badly to impress the audience.


Manchi Rojulochaie is a huge misfire from Maruthi because of the poor narration and the lackluster comedy.

Telugu360 Rating: 2.25/5

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