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Agnyaathavaasi Verdict: Disaster

Release Date: 2018-01-10 AP/TS First Day: Rs. 26.94 Cr
AP/TS First Week: Rs. 39.63 Cr AP/TS Lifetime: Rs. 41.23 Cr
India First Week: Rs. 47.23 Cr India Lifetime: Rs. 48.83 Cr
Worldwide First Week: Rs. 56.03 Cr Worldwide Lifetime: Rs. 57.88 Cr
USA Locations: USA
USA Premiers: $ 1,522 K USA First Day: $ 1,683 K
USA First Week: $ 2,031 K USA Lifetime: $ 2,065 K


  • ALL INDIA 1st Week: Rs. 47.23 Cr | Final: Rs. 48.83 Cr
  • TELUGU STATES 1st Day: Rs. 26.94 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 39.63 Cr | Final: Rs. 41.23 Cr
  • NIZAM 1st Day: Rs. 5.48 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 10.30 Cr | Final: Rs. 10.40 Cr
  • CEDED 1st Day: Rs. 3.35 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 5.20 Cr | Final: Rs. 5.30 Cr
  • UA 1st Day: Rs. 4.30 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 5.55 Cr | Final: Rs. 5.80 Cr
  • GUNTUR 1st Day: Rs. 3.78 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 5.01 Cr | Final: Rs. 5.13 Cr
  • EAST 1st Day: Rs. 2.86 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 3.84 Cr | Final: Rs. 4.25 Cr
  • KRISHNA 1st Day: Rs. 1.83 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 3.09 Cr | Final: Rs. 3.35 Cr
  • WEST 1st Day: Rs. 3.70 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 4.48 Cr | Final: Rs. 4.75 Cr
  • NELLORE 1st Day: Rs. 1.64 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 2.16 Cr | Final: Rs. 2.25 Cr
  • ROI 1st Week: Rs. 7.50 Cr | Final: Rs. 7.60 Cr

    • Movie HeroPawan Kalyan
    • Movie HeroineKeerthy SureshAnu Emmanuel
    Director: Trivikram Srinivas

    Why ‘Largo Winch’ framework shies away to fit in?


    Tollywood’s interest around director Jerome Salle’s French action thriller ‘Largo Winch’, which is actually based on a Belgian comic, refuses to die down. In the end, however, the local filmmakers are only becoming a black sheep as they try to forcibly imitate that film’s story with their own creative ideas.

    First, we have Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathavasi and now there is Prabhas’ Saaho, which happen to be blatant copies of Largo Winch. The owner of a big company dies, and a secret son emerges, only to take over the company from the bad people. While Trivikram made his protagonist nature-loving guy who takes control of the company, Sujeeth made him a beast who is trying to take over a crime world.

    No matter how hard our filmmakers tried, both these films failed to gain success at the box office. On that note, Largo Winch itself is not a huge box office success as the film made only $30 million while $25 million was spent on production and publicity. Ripping off this story unashamedly, Trivikram and Sujeeth thought of filling it with a ‘secret ingredient’, which only burnt the hands of producers ultimately.

    All in all, 500 crores of investment got wasted on the same Largo Winch story in a short gap as both Agnyaathavasi and Saaho tried to weigh in more style than substance while making the modifications. Both Abhishikt Bhargav and Siddharth Nandan Saaho craved to become better cousins of Largo Winch, but all three of them are lacklustre heroes that couldn’t help luck shine on the movie.

    In case if you are asking why ‘Largo Winch’ framework shies away to fit in, themes like raising a secret son, hiding paper-based shares (a BlackBox in Saaho’s case), too many villains are something that is tried and tested in our films countless times. That drives us to the fact that there will be no basic excitement for such stories.

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    NTR responds about Agnyaathavaasi Disaster


    For the first time in his career, Trivikram tasted a massive debacle with Agnyaathavaasi. This top writer turned director has been badly criticized for his work. NTR’s fans have been left in shock as Trivikram signed his next for NTR. They felt that the failure of Agnyaathavaasi will have an impact on Aravindha Sametha Veera Raghava. NTR during his recent media interaction responded about the debacle of Agnyaathavaasi.

    “I never felt that the result of Agnyaathavaasi would have an impact on Aravindha Sametha Veera Raghava. Every film is a different journey. There may be hits and disasters. I tasted several flops in my career. I don’t believe the result of one’s flop will have a strong impact on his next. Aravindha Sametha Veera Raghava is completely a Trivikram’s film. I am a part of his journey and his dreams. He penned an excellent film with characters that will be remembered for a long time” said NTR. Tarak left Trivikram in heaps of praises and expressed his confidence on Aravindha Sametha Veera Raghava.

    The film is hitting the screens on October 11th across the globe.

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    Can NTR save Agnyaathavaasi distributors ?

    The fate of Agnyaathavaasi distributors is in the hands of NTR. It is well known that Agnyaathavaasi distributors in all areas incurred huge losses as audience rejected the film with disdain. Producer S. Radha Krishna returned some amount as compensation for distributors and also promised to give some percentage of credit for his next film.

    Keeping with his promise, S. Radha Krishna is giving the distribution rights of his upcoming film Aravinda Sametha, which has NTR in the lead role, to the same distributors who released Agnyaathavaasi. All major areas excluding one or two will be given to Agnyaathavaasi distributors with some percentage of losses being adjusted as compensation.

    In overseas, the rights of Aravinda Sametha have been bagged by LA Telugu which released Agnyaathavaasi in a grand way.

    So all eyes are now on NTR who is maintaining a good track record in recent years. Expectations on Aravinda Sametha among audience and trade circles are very high. The first look received a striking response from all quarters. Trivikram is hoping for a strong comeback with this film.

    Can NTR give a new lease of life to Trivikram and bring cheer for Agnyaathavaasi distributors ? Let’s wait and see.

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    Mahesh’s silent enquiry about Agnyaathavaasi compensation


    It is well known that Pawan Kalyan’s Sankranthi release Agnyaathavaasi ended as one of the biggest disasters in the history of Tollywood. Distributors from all areas suffered huge losses as they couldn’t even recover 50 percent of their investments. In some to relief to the distributors, producer of Agnyaathavaasi recently compensated some portion of their losses.

    Our reliable source informed that Superstar Mahesh Babu recently called a star producer and distributor, who released Agnyaathavaasi in one area, to enquire him if media reports are true and how much was he exactly paid as compensation.

    He also queried if the hero paid anything back, and how much did the director return and how much did the producer paid.

    One thing to note here is Mahesh Babu’s last two films ended as massive flops. But, he didn’t return a single penny as compensation . He committed to do a movie both for PVP and Tagore madhu, but unlikely that will happen. He already doing that same movie with Dil Raju.

    For SPYder, Tagore Madhu and NV Prasad paid back 10-12 crores , mostly in form of GST credit. All the buyers have to pay GST and Tagore madhu paid that GST on behalf of them. He also returned 2crs to Dil Raju for Nizam. But, Mahesh didn’t return any. So he is silently checking what his competitors are doing. So he called a star producer who is also a distributor.

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    Agnyaathavaasi buyers get refund



    As we all know that Agnyaathavaasi has incurred a huge loss for buyers, 50 cr in Telugu States alone.

    Click here for : Our worldwide Closing report with area wise losses

    Now makers have refunded buyers an approx 20cr to Telugu States Buyers which tallies to 40% of losses. Karnataka, Rest Of India and Overseas buyers won’t get refund as they were sold on outright basis. Out of 20cr reportedly makers have given 15cr and Trivikram has given 5cr as he has done the film on profit sharing basis. Appreciable news is that the buyers have already got money.

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    Excl Interview : Jerome Salle – Agnyaathavaasi is blatant stealing

    • T-series did not buy rights for Largo Winch, they just signed an “Option to Buy
    • Even the buy option is only for Hindi, and not for rights to Telugu or any other Indian Languages
    • Pawan Kalyan should settle this matter as he is going into politics
    'Largo Winch' director Jerome Salle
    ‘Largo Winch’ director Jerome Salle

    Politician and Tollywood star Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathavaasi has been reeling under copy right controversy. Telugu360 has revealed that the makers have plagiarized the content of French movie Largo Winch. ‘Jerome Salle’ film director of Largo Winch who had been following our updates, speaks to Telugu360’s editor Krishna in a freewheeling interview about Plagiarism row, his experience of watching the film and the future course of action.

    Even before Agnyaathavasi team can think of recovering from the losses, the makers may need to sort out a legal tangle as director Mr.Jerome Salle is making quick steps to sue them for plagiarizing.  In an exclusive interview with Telugu360, Mr.Salle made an shocking revelation. Till date general perception is T-Series is having remake rights for this film for Indian languages , T-Series and Agnyaathavasi makers came to an ( financial) understanding was speculated in media. But Mr.Salle revealed that , “Indian company (T-series) just took an “option to buy” the rights. They ( T-Series) didn’t actually buy the rights. When I read the tweet about the movie, inspired by Largo Winch, I thought that T-series is making the movie in Hindi, for which they “hold” rights. I didn’t realize until later that it was getting remade in Telugu, for which no one except Largo Winch Production company has the rights“.

    It may be noted here that, when a production house takes an option to buy the rights, they blocked the producer from selling the rights to another company by depositing some amount. So evidently T-series has blocked it but has not completely purchased the rights. (Jerome Salle makes it clear that T-series hold option rights only for Hindi)

    Meanwhile, there were speculations that Agnyaathavaasi team tried to settle things with T-series. Mr.Salle who has been keenly following the reports, is aware of gossip and sent out letters to Harika Haasine, while the French production company of Largo Winch sent notices to T-series. Neither of the parties, reverted to the letters wrote. “Even T-series has an option to buy rights only for Hindi and not for Telugu or any other Indian languages. We will mostly hire a lawyer in India and move forward accordingly. If there are any jurisdiction problems, we might as well sue them in France or USA as the movie was screened in these places. Not only the story line, but climax was also not altered from the original version. I was especially taken aback at unabashed lifting of Climax scene. People certainly get inspired by other movies but this is blatant stealing”, said Mr.Salle

    He said that while he read about the movie being copied from his Largo Winch, he did not talk about it until he watched the movie in Paris. While on one hand, he is upset over the plagiarism, Mr.Salle was awestruck by the popularity of actor Pawan Kalyan. “I thoroughly enjoyed the screening experience of the movie with fans in Paris. I never knew how big of a star is Pawan Kalyan. Due to this series of events, I read that he is venturing into politics. So, it is better he settles these things”

    Speaking about Indian Film Industry, Mr.Salle noted that he respects the industry a lot and is important for him. Meanwhile, he is planning for few more movies both in English and French.

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    Dil Raju has a special proposal for Pawan Kalyan

    Powerstar Pawan Kalyan teamed up with Trivikram for the third time with Agnyaathavaasi and the film ended up as one of the biggest disasters of Telugu cinema. With buyers losing huge amounts, the makers have been in talks with each and every buyer personally and have been collecting their proposals to compensate a portion of the loss. Trivikram Srinivas is said to have returned Rs 5 crores from his remuneration and he will not be sharing any profits from the film. The production house Haarika and Hassine Creations too finalized a certain amount to return back to the buyers.

    The producers along with Trivikram met Pawan Kalyan and revealed about their plans. Pawan Kalyan is yet to speak out to them about this as he got with his political engagements. Top producer Dil Raju who bought the Nizam rights of Agnyaathavaasi lost close to Rs 20 crores and was the first one to meet the makers. Dil Raju had an interesting proposal which impressed Trivikram along with the team of Haarika and Hassine. Harish Shankar has a bound script ready for Pawan Kalyan and if the actor gives his nod, Raju is in plans to wrap up the film at the earliest and compensate the buyers of Agnyaathavaasi with this project.

    Trivikram is said to have promised to discuss about this proposal with Pawan Kalyan and the project totally depends on Pawan Kalyan’s decision. Else Haarika and Hassine would return back some amount and offer NTR – Trivikram’s film for decent prices.

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    Agnyaathavaasi worldwide Closing Collections – Highest loss ever in TFI

    Agnyaathavaasi worldwide Closing Collections

    Agnyaathavaasi has closed it’s worldwide business with a distributor share of close to 58 cr. Theatrical rights of the film including expenses are valued at 128cr which tallies a loss of monstrous 70cr. This is the biggest disaster ever in TFI history and 2nd biggest in India. The result of the film is a huge shocker for trade as it didn’t even collect as much as their previous combination film Attarintiki Daaredi. Instead it gave losses on par with amounts that film has collected. The year has started on a bad note for TFI.

    Click here for : Agnyaathavaasi Pre-Release Business – Second Highest for any Tollywood Film

    Below are the area wise Pre- release Business, Closing shares and Area Wise Losses :

    AreaPre-release BusinessClosing SharesLossesLoss in Percentage
    East 8.1Cr4.25Cr4Cr48%
    Total91.80 Cr41.23Cr53.45Cr57%

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    Agnyaathavaasi Distributors to get a Partial Refund?

    Agnyaathavaasi Distributors get Refund

    Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s recent outing Agnyaathavaasi released during the Sankranthi season between huge expectations and the film ended up as the biggest debacle in the history of Telugu cinema. This Trivikram directorial has been badly rejected by the audience so that the film could not rake decent figures during Sankranthi holidays. The buyers who invested huge sum suffered hefty losses and there have been speculations that the makers would compensate for the losses.

    The buyers have been promised partial refund from the production house Haarika and Hassine Creations. Some of the buyers attended the meet yesterday and the makers promised to refund Rs 15 crores while Trivikram promised to refund Rs 5 crores from his remuneration. With Pawan Kalyan sharing no profits for the film, he will not refund any part from his fee informed a source close to the movie unit. We have to wait and see how the makers will convince the buyers with their partial refund who lost huge amounts. Trivikram is all set to team up with NTR for his next which will roll from March this year.

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    When is Pawan Kalyan coming out of his “Agnyathavasam”


    Success and failures are common in any career. Ups and downs are part and parcel of life. However, it seems film stars are so sensitive while handling failures. In fact, super star Mahesh Babu openly told in a TV interview that he couldn’t come out of house for 3 months after failure of Brahmostsavam movie. Mahesh Babu was bold enough to admit his weakness, though. Pawan’s Agnyaathavaasi released 10 days back failed at box office miserably. Moreover, there has been strong attack on his party from various media channels and from Kathi Mahesh. But Pawan did not come out of his “Agnathavasam” and no one has a clue when he will come out of that.

    Forget about movies, but Pawan is now a politician. People expect politicians to be active and properly handle any mud-slinging on their party. For last couple of months, some media channels and critic Kathi Mahesh are making scathing comments on Pawan and his party. But Pawan or any one from the party never responded on the issue. Nobody expected Pawan to come out and respond or apologise Kathi Mahesh’s baseless allegations. But people expected Pawan or his party members to tackle that issue maturely. However, by choosing to be in “Agnathavasam” Pawan made his fans and people wonder whether he has a “Plan B” to handle such issues in future.

    Chiranjeevi, though dillydallied while forming party and on some issues like separate Telangana, SC categorization etc, he always responded immediately when he had to face a defeat or when situations seem to be going out of his control. When his fans attacked Rajasekhar’s family Chiranjeevi immediately came out and apologised them publicly. When 2009 election results were out and PRP bit dust, Chiranjeevi came out immediately on the same day and accepted defeat gracefully. To be frank, even YSRCP chief Jagan could not come out for 4 days after 2014 election results and even when he came out, his face was so sad and he could not even speak properly. Pawan, who always tells Chiranjeevi is his role model, seems not to have learnt anything from his brother on this aspect.

    To quote author Robin Sharma, “Greatness of any person doesn’t reveal from how maturely he behaves when he is in success, but from how gracefully he behaves when he is in failure” . Pawan fans as well as other people are expecting Pawan to come out of his shell and his exile soon and become active in public life, as he is not just a super star but a politician now!!


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    She Is Biggest Effector Of Agnyaathavaasi


    Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathavaasi released on a grand note as Sankarathi special but it has failed to match the expectations of the audiences in cinema halls. It’s been circulated that PK, Trivikram is going to return their remuneration and even producer Chinnababu is agreed to compensate the distributor’s loos with his next film with Jr NTR.

    If a film gets successful it will benefit everyone from the team but if it fails few will be affected to a larger extent and especially heroine is corned to a major extent in TFI. As per industry insider out of all its heroine Anu Emmanuel who has tuned as the biggest effector of Agnyaathavaasi failure. Sources revealed that Anu Emmanuel was considered to be paired with Ram Charan in Boaypati Srinu direction but after PSPK25 result the decision is kept on hold.

    Even Trivikram wanted to cast Anu Emmanuel for his next with Jr NTR but it is said that Nandamuri hero requested not to repeat the cast from Agnyaathavaasi. So Anu is the edge of losing two big projects because of Agnyaathavaasi result. Let’s hope she bags one among both the movies and few interesting projects that help her career in Tollywood.

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    Agnyaathavaasi 1st week worldwide Collections – Biggest disaster in TFI’s History

    Agnyaathavaasi 1st week worldwide Collections

    Agnyaathavaasi had a disastrous first week with a worldwide distributor share of 56.30 Cr. Theatrical rights of the film are valued at 128 Cr and a minimum loss of 69cr is expected which makes it biggest disaster ever in the history of Tollywood. It stands at All time Top 8th in 1st week worldwide shares below Baahubali2, Baahubali, Khaidi No 150 , Janatha Garage, Duvvada Jagannadham, Jai Lava Kusa & Srimanthudu . In comparison with Pawan Kalyan’s 1st week share it’s just ahead of Katamarayudu which had collected 55.85 Cr with less hires and ticket rates. So in real value Agnyaathavaasi with 40cr more Pre Release Business than katamarayudu (Flop) has collected first week shares less than it tells how disaster is this film.

    Below are the area wise 1st week shares

    AreaFirst week CollectionsCollections
    Nizam 10.30Cr5.48 Cr
    Ceded 5.20Cr3.35 Cr
    UA 5.55Cr4.30 Cr
    Guntur 5.01Cr3.78 Cr
    East 3.84Cr2.86 Cr
    West4.48Cr3.70 Cr
    Krishna 3.09Cr1.83 Cr
    Nellore2.16Cr 1.64 Cr
    Total 39.63Cr26.94 Cr

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    Biggest Embarrassment for Agnyaathavaasi


    Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s recent outing Agnyaathavaasi released between huge expectations and the film has been declared as one of the biggest debacles of Tollywood. The actor’s previous films have performed well atleast during the first week irrespective of the film’s talk. But Agnyaathavaasi dropped down instantly on its second day and showed no signs of improvement even during the Sankranthi season. Now here is the biggest embarrassment for the film’s team as Nani’s MCA has been preferred by the audience more than Agnyaathavaasi.

    The evening show collection of Nani’s MCA has been Rs 86,854 while Agnyaathavaasi managed to get Rs 73,369 which is quite less than MCA. With Jai Simha auditorium packed, Agnyaathavaasi failed to get a house full board on Sankranthi’s evening show in the main theatre at RTC X roads which is sure an embarrassing moment. Suriya’s Gang too got its evening show packed. Directed by Trivikram, Agnyaathavaasi failed to impress the audience and has been badly rejected by the audience. The buyers of Agnyaathavaasi are expected to end up in hefty losses.

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    Sankranthi ‘2017 vs 2018’ : USA BO fetches contrasting numbers

    Telugu Movies USA Box office Sankranthi 2017 vs 2018

    Sankranthi is one of the most preferred windows by Telugu filmmakers to release big ticket movies in order to capitalise on the holiday and festival season. Like the domestic audience, overseas moviegoers too lap up films bigtime during the festival season.

    Last year’s Sankranthi saw three notable releases in the form of Khaidi No 150, Gauthamiputra Satakarni and Shatamanam Bhavathi. Much to the cheer of overseas trade circles, all three films performed on par with expectations and raked in good revenues. Khaidi No 150 collected close to $ 2.5 M and GPSK notched up $ 1.5 M. Shatamanam Bhavathi managed to collect $0.8 M. All three films collectively bagged $ 5M haul and emerged as decent hits at the overseas box office.

    This year, it is a contrasting show by Sankranthi releases as all three films failed to make an impact at the overseas box office.

    The distributors of Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathavaasi are staring at huge losses as the film failed to keep the cash registers ringing after a strong start. With close to $ 2M gross as of this writing, the Trivikram directional is heading towards becoming one of the biggest disasters of all time in overseas.

    Balakrishna’s Jai Simha, which opened on a decent note, couldn’t improve its figures and managed to collect below par numbers in the first weekend. The film collected a meagre $ 200K till now.

    Raj Tarun’s Rangula Ratnam, which is the third Sankranthi release, has no trace at the box office with inconsequential numbers on its first day.

    So, with are three Sankranthi films underperforming at the overseas box office, trade circles are likely to incur huge looses.

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    Agnyaathavaasi Goes down day by day – 4 days AP/TS update


    Agnyaathavaasi 4 days collections

    After a huge drop on it’s second day Agnyaathavaasi continued the same trend on it’s third and fourth day’s. The film has collected :

    • 3.78 cr on it’s second day
    • 1.48 cr on it’s third day
    • an estimated 1.30 cr on it’s fourth day.

    The drop on third day is more than 60% from second day which is a monstrous one. Four days total in telugu states stands at 33.50 cr against the valued theatrical rights of over 94 cr. it has chances to pickup today as the pongal festival has started and can put up some decent numbers for the next 4 days.

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    AV and PK: One “lost in translation” and another in “transformation” (part-2)

    “Why is he doing this to us? If he is not interested in movies and he is interested only in politics, he should stop doing movies and plunge into politics rather than giving us this kind of movies. Why is he wasting his time and our time with this kind of movies” , yelled a highly disappointed fan while walking out of the theatre after watching “Agnyaathavaasi” movie on day-1. This highly anticipated movie turned out to be a disaster because of serious screenplay issues that were discussed in part-1 of this article (https://www.telugu360.com/agnyaathavaasi-pawan-kalyan-one-lost-translation-another-transformation-part-1/). In this part-2, let’s focus on “Pawan Kalyan” and see what he is up to and where he is lost.

    Most of the fans who shelled out hundreds of rupees, if not thousands, on special shows felt the same and were highly disappointed with not just Trivikram but also their favourite star Pawan Kalyan. They were wondering why did Pawan accept such movie? What he was doing during the daily shoots? Did he completely leave it to Trivikram and he focused on politics? Movie was sold for such high prices and is it not his duty to ensure the quality of the film. Those highly disappointed fans have many more such questions. But all the questions boil down to one point – “He is not interested in films”. During Khushi time, it was his passion for movies that was lauded by fans and film celebrities alike. Where did he lost it then?

    Forget about PK fans, they may forget the pain in a few days but what about the losses to distributors. Probably, they will remember this film for many years to come. There is huge drop in collections (https://www.telugu360.com/agnyaathavaasi-day2-ap-ts-update-heads-disaster/). There is a logic that some people say regarding distributor losses – that it is business and if there are more profits, these distributors wont share them back to producer, so in case of losses also the same distributors have to bear. But one has to remember such logic will hold good if the movies are sold for “rational” prices. When the movies are sold for astronomical amounts, such logic doesn’t hold good and eventually the distributors will come out asking Producer or even Pawan to compensate their losses.

    Even from political opponents too, definitely he is going to face the question in near future that “What justice did you do to the distributors who lost by buying your films. Before attempting to do justice to others, first do justice to the families of distributors and buyers of Agnyaathavaasi movie”. There is one more issue with Pawan’s politics and his movies. Pawan has always been selective on the issues he responds. He responded on issues like DCI, Uddhanam etc but there are several issues on which he did not respond. Janasena sources or his fans say “He did not respond at that time because he was busy with shooting of his movies”. Now the fans are accusing Pawan Kalyan for focusing more on politics and not doing justice to the movie.As a Hindi saying goes, “Dhobi ka kutta, na ghar kaa na ghat kaa” – his part time politics seem to be affecting his movies and his part time movies seem to be affecting his politics. Isn’t it a high time for him to stop sailing on two boats and focus on one field? Did he “lost in transformation” from movies into politics.

    Above are the questions from fans, distributors and political opponents. Let’s analyze them. Flops are not new to Pawan. Khushi released in 2001 and Gabbar singh in 2012. In these 11 years, he released 9 movies and except Jalsa, that was between “above average” and “Hit”, remaining 8 movies are all duds at box office. Films like Bangaram, Puli and Teenmaar are disasters. He was not in politics at that time and he still faced too many flops. So the argument that he is “lost in transformation from movies to politics” doesn’t completely hold waters. But let’s dig little more. In last 3 years, he did 4 films – Gopala Gopala, Sardar Gabbar singh, Katamarayudu and Agnyaathavaasi. Except Gopala that was made on reasonable budget all other films brought huge losses. 2 out of these 4 are remakes. Moreover, Katamarayudu movie was remake of “Veeram” and Veeram was already dubbed into Telugu and was even telecast in Telugu TV channels several times before the release of Katamarayudu. So again remaking such movie and selling it for high prices- was it irresponsibility or overconfidence? Were there no other stories in Telugu or Pawan didn’t have time (because of politics?) to look into them and he accepted that remake story? Ok, doing remake is not wrong thing. But there is some work involved in that – like buying remake rights, and making proper agreements, ensuring dubbing version of it not releasing and not telecast in TVs. Without sparing anytime for this background work and doing the movie and expecting huge returns – must be either irresponsibility or overconfidence. Moreover, Pawan always gave an impression that he doesn’t have money and he needs some quick money for his political activities as he doesn’t want to depend on other politicians for that. Honesty appreciated. But for that quick money, just remaking some Tamil movie with a cheap budget and selling it high is definitely not a right thing to do. Especially for someone who claims he is an honest person and honest politician. Same honesty is expected in film selection and film making too. There is no clarity on his next film yet. Some say he will stop here (until 2019?). Some say Mythri makers movie (director Santhosh Sreenivas of Rabhasa fame and Tamil film “Theri” remake) and AM Ratnam’s movie (director Nesan of tamil movie “Jilla” fame and “Vedhalam” remake) are still in discussions. If any of these movies materialises, definitely it will give impression that he doesn’t have either time to listen and select good scripts or the patience required for that. And if his “busy” schedule with political activities (background activities) is cited as reason for that, it will give conclusive evidence that he is “lost in transformation”. It is not the “events” -that films becoming hit or flop – that is giving the impression that he is “lost in transformation” but the process he is following for selection of movies (buy a remake, hire a not-so-expensive director, make movie with low budget, sell it for high) and leaving the film to director or producer without checking what is going on (Agnyaathavaasi) is what is giving impression that he is “lost in transformation”.

    Most of the stars have very good story judgement. Take Chiranjeevi or Amir Khan or any other super star. Contrary to the popular opinion that it is their acting or dancing or other skills, it is their story selection and success ratio that keeps a star on top chair. Even Pawan showed this trait in the beginning days of his career. “Toli Prema” movie directed by debutante Karunakaran was rejected by more than 50 production houses before accepted by Pawan. Tammudu, Badri and Khushi all proved his passion as well as his story judgement ability. But somehow he lost that ability it seems. Sometimes we hear the word “Vintage Pawan” when we get to see his histrionics similar to what he did in Tammudu or Khushi movie. But Vintage Pawan is not the one who does some feminine histrionics or sings some folk songs but the one who was able to judge the stories like Tholiprema, Tammudu, Khushi and Badri and gave chances to debut directors by believing in the story. It seems, somehow, that Vintage Pawan Kalyan is “lost in the transformation” long back!!!

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    Venky’s scenes in Agnyaathavaasi from Sankranthi


    Ever since Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathavaasi went on floors, there were many reports that Star hero Victory Venkatesh will be seen in a cameo role in the film. While the makers have kept the details under wraps, it is heard that Venky will be seen for a brief time in a fight sequence along with Pawan.

    There was a even special ‘Thank You’ frame for Venky in the title cards. However, audience were little disappointed to find out that Venky’s cameo was missing in the film.

    Well, the reason is Trivikram and his team had other plans. They decided to add Venky’s scenes after the film’s release as a special treat for audience. Now, it has been confirmed that the new scenes will be added from Sankranthi. This plan would have worked in favour of the film had it garnered good talk. Unfortunately, the word of mouth is very poor and the addition of Venky’s scenes could hardly boost the collections.

    A making video with Pawan and Venky sharing pleasantries while dubbing for that particular scene has been unveiled today by the production team.

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    NTR Fans Not Worried About Agnyaathavaasi Result


    Morethan the hero it’s their fans who keeps a tap on the upcoming movies, directors the hero is going to work on his next projects. Even though it sounds strange but, fans are more worried than the hero about the track record and current status of the director their demigod is going to team up with. But NTR fans are different from other star hero fans and they won’t mind if Nandamuri hero next film directors previous film doesn’t work out as expected.

    Right now NTR fans are not worried about the result of Agnyaathavaasi and are confident about the talent director Trivikram poses in his craft who is directing Nandamuri hero’s next project. Reasons behind NTR’s fans not getting panic with PSPK25 outburst is if the check into the track record of director Trivikram after facing a hit he will witness a flop then again he bounces back with a hit movie. Even NTR has this track record of scoring hit with directors who don’t have a hit movie before teaming with him. So anyways a hit movie is on cards in the combination of NTR and Trivikram, so the Nandamuri fans are unaffected with Agnyaathavaasi result.

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    Agnyaathavaasi enroute a colossal disaster in OS


    Agnyaathavaasi Overseas

    Pawan Kalyan starer Agnyaathavaasi, which released in a grand way on Wednesday, is sending shock waves to trade circles with its dismal collections on the second day. The film took a solid start on its opening day due to the humongous release, but the collections have plunged to an embarrassing range on the second day in all areas.

    In overseas the story is no different as the film is heading towards being a colossal flop at the box office. After a $ 1.5 M haul on its premiers day, which set a non Baahubali record, the collections have outrageously declined on the next two days. The Trivikram directional managed to notch up $ 155K on its first day and the collections have further dented to a very low $ 39K on Thursday which is a very disappointing trend for trade circles considering its wide release in nearly 500 locations.

    Mahesh Babu’s SPYder, which opened to a similar talk in overseas, added $ 550K to its final tally after a $ 1M premiers. Going by the current trend, Agnyathaavaasi is going to be a bigger disaster than SPYder as it may fall short of $ 2M mark by the end of its full run.

    Trade analysts are predicting a massive loss in the range of 11-13 Crores for Agnyaathavaasi.

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    Agnyaathavaasi Day2 AP/TS update – heads for a disaster

    Agnyaathavaasi Day2 AP/TS

    After a below par opening, Agnyaathavaasi dropped huge on it’s second day in Telugu states. It has collected an estimated distributor share of 3.80 cr yesterday taking 2 days total to 30.80 Cr. The collections are even lesser than last year’s biggest Disaster Spyder which had collected 4.55 Cr share (benefited by partial holiday though) on it’s second Day. At this rate the buyers will loose at least 50 percent of their investments but Sankranthi period starting from Sunday should help them to get out from those huge losses.

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