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 “Govt responsible for price-rise”


The opposition YSR Congress demanded the TDP government to initiate steps to  procure agricultural produce from farmers directly and ensure that the prices of essential commodities were checked.

‘Farmers and consumers are bearing the brunt with the MSP being far less that the input cost for farmers and the prices of essential commodities sky-rocketing and the State showing no concern towards the people’s issues,’ party senior leader Botsa Satyanrayan said.

The Government has been neglecting the farm sector totally and the farmer who is bearing the brunt from lack of bank loans, to lack of rains, hike in prices of fertilizers and no sight of procurement facilities should be given a bonus of Rs 200 per quintal besides eliminating middlemen and directly procuring the produce.

It was during YSR period that the MSP has gone up by three times and the present rate of Rs 1,450 is not sufficient as the cost of inputs had increased manifold, he said. Botsa said he prices of essential commodities had been going up steeply and the common man was burdened heavily while the government was paying no attention towards the people’s problems,

‘We will stage dharnas at all the Tehsil offices in the State on November 2 and submit a memorandum highlighting the failures of the government and demanding proper measures to address the problems of the farmers and consumers,” he added.




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Jagan to stage dharna on Sept 30 for tobacco farmers


YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who has been fighting for special status, will take up the cause of tobacco farmers, in between. He is going to stage a dharna in Praksasam district, which witnessed the suicides by half a dozen farmers.

Fist he will console the families of farmers before holding the dharna demanding remunerative prices and government intervention in lifting the tobacco.

‘Our Party President will hold a dharna at the Tanguturu Tobacco Auction Centre against the apathy of the Government is buying the stock from farmers at a reasonable price and the Tobacco Board failing to come to the rescue of the farmers,’ Party MLA Ashok Reddy announced.

The tobacco farmers are the worst hit as the Board has not lifted the stock which it was supposed to complete by July and farmers are in distress as they are not getting the MSP and are resorting to suicide.

‘ Party MP YV Subba Reddy had took the issues of tobacco farmers to the notice of Centre and the Union Minister Nirmala Sitaraman after her visit to the state had assured to give a subsidy but nothing happened so far leaving the farmers in the lurch,” he said adding that government did pay heed to the warnings of Jaganmohan Reddy of the impending crisis well in advance. “No preventive measures have been taken. The Leader of Opposition will console the family members of those tobacco farmers who committed suicide before going to the Market Yard to stage dharna,’ he said.

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Political storm clouds hover over Vijayawada


In the next few days Vijayawada, the temporary seat of government of Chandrababu Naidu, is all set to be encircled by intense political storm.

While Janasena president and movie star Pawan is going make a whirlwind tour of river front villages, YSR Congress has announced its program of agitation against the invocation land acquisition act to acquire the multi-crop lands in Amaravati capital region.

Pawan is said to have cancelled his movie shooting to visit these villages. His proposed visit has already unsettled the ruling Telugu Desam party. As per some sources in TDP, a meeting is likely between chief minister Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan. A team of ministers are planning to meet Pawan to make him understand good intention of government in acquiring the lands for world-class capital.

Any climb down by Pawan after these meetings would erode his image as a power star among the people Andhra Pradesh. Sitting unseen Pawan has raised temperature in the region by tweeting support to the people and urging the government to spare these ‘green-mines’ on the banks of River Krishna. Pawan opposed desctruction of the multi-crop lands in the name of capital construction.

For the past three four days farmers have been organizing dharnas in front of capital region development authority (CRDA) office. Today YSR Congress organized protest in front of CRDA office in Tullur. The party announced their program and it would culminate in party president Jagan’s diksha near the CRDA office in Vijayawada on August 26.

Before that the party would organize Rastha rokho on Prakasam barrage on August 23, and on 24 , YSRC leaders stage a protest dharna near CRDA office, Nidamarru followed by a public meeting. And on August 25, the party is going to organize a bandh in support to agitating farmers in Nidamarru, Betapudi, Penumaka and Tadepalli mandals.

As all opposition parties have undeclared solidarity among themselves versus TDP government all other parties are expected joint the programs and make it a success.

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KCR shelves pending projects: Congress cries foul


Telangana PCC president N Uttamkumr Reddy today along with his comrades staged a sit-in on Gagillapur highway in Karimanagar district opposing the KCR government decision to shelve Thotapalli project.
The party is gearing up to organize a mass movement to save the all irrigation projects started during Congress regime from being dumped by chief minister KCR. Already Mahabubnagar district is on warpath. In this backdrop, party chief spokesman Shravan Dasoju charged that the government was trying stop the Thotapalli reservoir only to save the lands of friendly rich landlord on the pretext that the project cost had gone up. Dasoju, a former professor and management executive of top IT company, spoke to T360 today on controversial irrigation policies of TRS government.

Q. Suddenly Congress has become active in Telangana and activities are moving around irrigation project. Reason?
Dasoju: TRS government is following demolition and destruction policy. And there has been no good intention behind these activities. Every project is scam ridden.Congress will reveal all these in due course. As of now, what is worrisome is TRS is abandoning all irrigation projects started during Congress regime with one pretext or the other. Examples abound. For instance Pranahita-Chevella and Thotapalli.

Q. What is the problem with Thotapalli reservoir?
Dasoju: The project is in Karimnagar. The government has decided to abandon it for the reason that the delay in the execution of project resulted in cost escalation. The real issue is about 140 acres of a landlord friend of the government fall in submerged area. The project is so crucial for the farmers of backward region of district that it would bring 49,000 acres into cultivation.This reservoir was intended to provide water to Husnabad region.It is proposed near Obulapur village and foundation stone was laid for the project in 2007 by the then Chief Minister YS Rajashekhara Reddy. About 1400 acres have been acquired and farmer were paid a compensation at the rate of Rs 2.10 lakh. Also, an amount of Rs 375 crore have already been spent on digging of a tunnel. Now you want to abandon and do not want to give the lands back to farmers.

Q. What are the other projects being shelved by the TRS government? What could be the reason?
Dasoju: Projects like Yellampalli, Flood Flow Canal, SRSP, Kaleswaram (Karimnagar distrit), Devadula(Warngal),Kalwakurthy, Bhima, Nettempadu (Mahabubnagar),SLBC in Nalgond are in hit list. All these projects could be completed with fraction of budget. Instead of completing these projects, he chief minister is planning new projects. There are two reason-one, these projects are initiated by Congress, and two, huge commissions are involved.

Q. What is your plan to save these projects?
Dasoju: Congress is planning a mass movement. PCC president Uttamkumar Reddy is himself leading the movement against the shelving of Thotapalli while MLA DK Aruna organizing resistance against the abandonment of Mahabubnagar district projects. Today PCC president Uttam, MLA T Jeevan Reddy, former minister D Sridhar Babu and former MP Ponnam Prabhakar staged a dharna on Gagillapur Highway. People participated in dharna in great number. Even CPI is also opposing the move against Thotapalli. CPI district secretary Ramgopal Reddy has also launched an agitation.

Q: Can you force the government to take back its decisions?
Dasoju: We are in democracy. Our only tool is mobilizing people against anti-farmer moves of TRS government. If government doesn’t come around then people would punish the ruling party at an appropriate time.

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TRS Stages Dharna in Lok Sabha of High Court


Telangana Rashtra Samithi PMs staged a protest in Lok Sabha on Monday demanding immediate bifurcation of Hyderabad High Court. The MPs stormed into the well the moment house assembled for the day in morning and rushed towards Speaker’s podium with placards and chanting slogans.
Earlier, TRS Mahabubnagar MP Jitender Reddy tried to move a resolution seeking division of the High Court. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, however, disallowed the resolution, which forced TRS MPs to stage the protest in the well of the House.
TRS MPs have been agitating on same demand from the day one of the monsoon session They even staged demonstration near the Gandhi statue in the Paraliamentary premises.
Speaking to media later Nizambad MP Kavaita said Telangana was getting raw deal in High Court as the court was dominated Andhra people. ” When other states got the High Court established without delay after their creation, there is no reason in delaying the bifurcation of Hyderabad High Court,” she said and added that the agitation would continue till their demand was conceded.

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YSRC to mobilize two trainloads of people to Delhi Dharna


TDP Chandrababu Naidu’s weakness is YSRC Jaganmohan Reddy ‘s strength. Sensing that the TDP is not able to wage a battle for special category status, YSR Congress wants to exploit it to become  the champion of the cause and mobilize people around the issue. As the TDP cabinet could not take a stand on the union planning minister Inderjit Singh’s assertion that they had no plan to accord special category status to any state, Jagan has given a call to his party workers to make the August 10 New Delhi Dhrana a grand success.in. It accused the TDP of setting aside the demand for special status for considerations. As the field is left open for opposition party, YSRCP is mobilizing two trainloads of party workers to Delhi for its Dharna.

“Two special trains will leave on August 7 from Anakapalle and Tirupati covering all the districts to ferry Party leaders and cadre to participate in the dharna and the March to Parliament on August 10 ,” party leader Botsa Satyanarayana said Saturday.

He said it was very evident from the tone and conduct of TDP Government that it was trading the Special Status issue for other considerations and was mortgaging the interests of people in Delhi for personal and political gains.

Party MPs, MLAs, MLCs and district level leaders will join the dharna, he added.

Taking objection to the tall claims of Chandrababu Naidu on his influence in conferring highest civilian award to Abdul Kalam, Botsa asked why the same influence did not work in the case of  TDP founder leader NTR.


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“Naidu should revoke support to NDA”


Political tremors have been felt in Andhra Pradesh within hours after centre’s clarification that there was no possibility bestowing special status on Andhra Pradesh.

YSR Congress and CPI raised their voice against chief minister Naidu’s failure to persuade the centre to get the special category status which Andhra Pradesh needs badly to take the path industrialization.

“Chandrababu Niadu government should withdraw its support to the BJP-led NDA government as it has failed to live up to the promise the leaders made to the people of Andhra Pradesh in parliament on  Special Status,” party senior leader K Parthasarathi said.

“While the Centre has been apathetic on the issue, the State has failed to put up stir the Centre into action from biding time. The TDP should come out from the NDA coalition instead of mortgaging Telugu pride in Delhi,”  he said.

“It is high time for Chandrababu Naidu to give an ultimatum to the Centre on the special status issue as  the BJP leaders have changed their stance after coming to power,” he said.

He also said  YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had  been reminding the Centre on the issue at every available opportunity but it was  the TDP which was maintaining intriguing silence.

Stating that his party had also planned a dharna at Delhi on the issue, Parthasarathi demanded that Chandrababu Naidu should give an ultimatum to BJP.


Meanwhile the CPI has also intensified its attack on Naidu and gave a call for a state bandh on August 11. On Friday the Communist party has announced its plan of action to exert pressure on the centre. Party Andhra Pradesh secretary said they would organize Bus Yatra in all  13 districts from August 1 to 9 and wait for the response from the centre and the state. ” It we don’t get any positive signal about the special status we will organize the bandh on August 11,” Ramakrishna said.

He wondered as to how the BJP leaders assured special status for 10 years on the floor of the Rajya Sabha and go back once formed the government. He extended support to Jagan’s fight against NDA government.

CPI secretary Ramakrishna


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Jagan to stage dharna before parliament on Aug 10


YSR Congress will stage a dharna on August 10 at Jantar Mantar in Delhi to protest against the delay in according the Special category state status to Andhra Pradesh and to highlight the TDP Government’s indifference on the issue.

Party president and Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will lead the dharna  and a  march of party MPs, MLCs, MLAs, and other leaders, to the Parliament.

“Though our Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has time and again brought the issue to the notice of the concerned authorities in Delhi there was no response and the State Government has been silent on the issue for reasons not known. Hence we have decided to hold a dharna in Delhi on August 10,” party leaders Pilli Subashchandra Bose and Jyothula Nehru announced  on Thursday.

The special status issue was raised by BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu, who wanted it to be extended to ten years and not five years, while the then Prime Minister Dr Man Mohan Singh has assured of special status. Our state can develop industrially and on other fronts only if the special status is accorded.

As the TDP government is not taking any initiative, we will pursue the matter by holding a dharna,” they said adding that perhaps Andhra Pradesh is the only State in the country which has no capital in its territory.

Earlier in the day, Jagan held a meeting with the party leaders and discussed the political developments in which the special status and the strategy for the ensuing assembly session were discussed, they said.






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TDP stages Dharna “Drama” in Parliament


The problem of TDP in Parliament is that it is neither here nor there. Since the party is a partner in the Mody led NDA government it is not expected to shout like the Opposition in the parliament and rush into the well, at the same it can’t afford to remain silent when part-time politicians like Pavan Kalyan also started attacking it. This predicament of the party is making it butt of a joke even among the party MPs.

As if it is a reply to Pavan, who asked what were the TDP MPs doing parliament to get special status accorded to Andhra Pradesh, TDP MPs today staged a dharna demanding special category status to Andhra Pradesh.

The MPs led by Rajya Sabha MP CM Ramaesh demanded the implementation of all assurances given at the time of passage of Telangana Bill such as incentives to industries, grants to bridge the deficit created by loss of revenue of after bifurcation and granting the special category status .

Holding placards, the TDP MPs chanted slogans such as “grant of special category status” and “implement all promises made to successor state of Andhra Pradesh”.

The MPs finally ended up criticizing Congress for disrupting the house and  preventing TDP members from raising the special status issue in Parliament.

But, JC Diwakar Reddy cracked serous joke on the dharna.

The Ananatpur MP, who might have participated in a dharna probably for the first time in his political career, was not happy with party’s  perfunctory approach to these issues.

“This dharnas is staged perfunctorily,” he let the cat out of the bag.

” This dharna program has been taken up as a knee jerk reaction to Pavan Kalyan’s attacks. This won’t take you any where,” he revealed what is in his mind.

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Rahul to Rub Shoulders with Anantapur Farmers


AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi is expected participate in a Padayatra in Andhra Pradesh and a dharna in Telangana in next 30 days as part of his program to revive the party in a territory which was once fortress for the party.

The scion of Nehru-Gandhi family is on a mission to enthuse the party workers who are disillusioned by the rout Congress faced in  2014-election in two Telugu states.

He discussed his tours to Anantapuramu on July 24, and Hyderabad in the first week of August with PCC leaders of the two states on Wednesday in New Delhi.

The Congress vice-president held separate discussion with TSPCC president N Uttamkumar Reddy and working president Mallu Bhatti Vikramarkha and APCC president N Raghuvira Reddy .

In Anantapuramu district, besides interacting with farmers who are in distress, Rahul will lead a padayatra to express solidarity with the farmers of the district, APCC president N Raghuvira  Reddy said.

Rahul had undertaken padayatra in  Nirmal of Adilabad district  on May 25 to express solidarity with the kin of those farmers, who committed suicide in the new state in the past one year.

In his August visit to Hyderabad the Congress vice president will sit in  dharna to pressure on the TRS government to address problems being faced by people of the state.

He said to have advised the AP and TS Congress leaders  to mobilize party machinery for agitations on the failures of their respective State governments in past one year.
Telangana PCC chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy, party State working president Bhatti Vikramarka and APCC chief N Raghuveera Reddy, who were in the national capital on Wednesday, called on AICC general secretary Digvijaya Singh first and later party vice president Rahul Gandhi.

“The AICC vice president is keen on reviving the party in the TS. He asked us to formulate an action plan as to how to undertake agitations on issues concerning people in the State,” TPCC chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy said.

Later, while addressing mediapersons in Delhi, APCC chief N Raghuveera Reddy said Rahul would be undertaking padayatra from Obula Devara Cheruvu  to Kondakamarla in Anantapur district on July 24.

He further disclosed that the AICC vice president would interact with farmers, weavers, agricultural labourers and members of women self-help groups during his padayatra to have first hand knowledge of their problems.

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