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Jagan ‘not reachable’ to Mamata, KCR!


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Telangana CM K.Chandrasekhar Rao have intensified efforts to bring all regional parties together against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP-led government at the Centre.

Mamata Banerjee already spoke to KCR and Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin on this issue. Mamata wants to hold a conclave of CM’s of regional parties to speed up the process to form a coalition of regional parties against BJP.

Mamata Banerjee on Monday (today) said that she had spoken to KCR and Stalin. Stalin confirmed this saying that DMK will support Mamata’s initiative to hold conclave of CMs of regional parties.

KCR is going to meet Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray to discuss on national conclave.

However, YSRCP chief and Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy is reportedly avoiding Mamata Banerjee and KCR.

The buzz is that Mamata and KCR tried to reach Jagan over phone on Sunday and Monday but he was reportedly not reachable.

This gives indications that Jagan does not want to join hands with Mamata and KCR and also does not want to confront Modi under present circumstances.’

Jagan wants to adopt a wait and watch policy and take a decision later after seeing how BJP fares in UP, Punjab Assembly polls. Jagan does not want to confront Modi if BJP wins UP polls.

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Setback to KCR’s national plans as Mamta Didi takes the lead


In a huge setback to KCR’s plans to emerge as a key player in national politics, Trinamool Congress chief and West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee on Wednesday almost announced that she is going to spearhead the fight against Narendra Modi. Inter alia, she signaled that all other regional parties, including Akhilesh Yadav of Samajwadi Party and KCR of Telangana.

Mamta with over200 MLA seats, the third highest number of MP seats in Parliament and a significant number of Rajya Sabha seats is planning to take on Modi in Varanasi in the next election. She is also planning to campaign for Akhilesh Yadav. As of now, there is no invite to KCR or KTR to campaign in UP. This shows that Mamta Banerjee has more political weight than KCR at the national level.

Even the Tamil Nadu CM, whom KCR met recently, has categorically said that he has not discussed national politics and the third front with KCR. He said it was a mere courtesy call and nothing more. On the other hand, Stalin has written letters to 35 key leaders to join hands against the BJP at the Centre. Interestingly, KCR did not figure in the list of the leaders.

All these incidents show that KCR’s attempts to emerge as an important player has come to a naught. With just nine MP seats, he is not being taken seriously at the national level. Both Mamta and Stalin have clearly shown that they neither trust KCR nor have any role for him at the national level.

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Mamta meets Sonia, Rahul to discuss opposition unity


Hyperactive Mamta Banerjee had a high voltage Delhi visit on Wednesday. She met Sonia Gandhi late in the afternoon and discussed the political situation with her. Even Rahul Gandhi was present on the occasion.

Mamta Banerjee said that the opposition needs to unite to fight Narendra Modi. She said that only a united opposition can fight Narendra Modi. She also discussed the issue of Pegasus spyware with the AICC president. Sources said that even the Covid situation was discussed. However, Mamta evaded questions about who will the face of the opposition. She merely said that it would depend on the situation.

Mamta has been staunchly opposing the Central Government led by Modi on various issues. She has been questioning Modi’s vaccination policy and the handling of the Covid situation. She is also raising the issue of allocations to the state governments.

Mamta didi seems to have had her effect on Rahul Gandhi. Rahul, who usually meets only Congress MPs and never takes part in floor coordination, was on Wednesday seen to be very active. He held a floor coordination meeting with the leaders of various parties and was seen discussing issues with the leaders of these parties. If sources are to be believed, he is even planning to file a notice for an adjournment motion on the Pegasus row.

Thanks to Mamta Banerjee’s high voltage visit, Rahul too was compelled to be active and energetic. Some said he was worried about losing out to Mamta and Sharad Pawar in the race to be the leader of the Opposition parties.

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PM Modi will Rename India’s Name after His! – Mamata Banerjee


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee slammed PM Narendra Modi saying that he will rename India after his name! Calling Modi ‘self-absorbed’ for putting his picture on Covid-19 vaccine certificates, she also blamed him for naming colleges and stadiums after himself.

Also, she pointed to the fuel price hikes and how Modi is selling LPG cylinders for Rs 900. “What is the use of giving free rice when the government is increasing the price of LPG cylinders,” she questioned.

She said that if really Modi wants to do something for the people, he should give LPG cylinders for free. Mamata also reminded that her government is providing free ration.

Along with Modi, she also blamed Amit Shah for not providing proper women safety in BJP-ruled states like Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. Also, Mamata challenged a one-on-one debate, saying “Khela hobe”!

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Mamata Banerjee ropes in Prashant kishor


Didi, as she is fondly called by the people, Mamata Banerjee, chief minister of West Bengal roped in political strategist Prashant kishor for the upcoming assembly elections in the state. Prashant kishor recently proved his mettle by making y s Jagan as CM of Andhra Pradesh

It is known news that, Jagan’s YSR Congress had lost the 2014 assembly election. Immediately after losing the elections in 2014, Jagan signed Prashant kishor for 2019 elections. During Nandyal by polls, Jagan himself announced publicly that Prashant kishor will make him CM in 2019. Prashant kishor, with his meticulous planning, kept his promise and made Jagan as CM. This attracted many other political parties of the country. Mamata Banerjee, who is going to face the assembly elections in 2021, now roped in Prashant kishor.

Mamata Banerjee has been chief minister of West Bengal since 2011. She has been in that post for last 8 years, and so it is but natural to have anti incumbency on the government. Recent Lok Sabha election results also gave a jolt to Didi. So Mamta is now banking heavily on Prashant kishor in the upcoming elections. We’ll have to wait and see if Prashant kishor will be able to turn the tables in favour of her.

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Naidu still in campaign mode as KCR gets busy with Federal Front


AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is going to address election rallies of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal today and tomorrow. Naidu has already campaigned in Karnataka. Regional allies are preferring Naidu’s presence in their electioneering considering the TDP’s strong stand against PM Modi and the BJP. Whereas they have many doubts on the true intentions of Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao and his Federal Front. With nobody inviting for election campaign, KCR apparently got busy with his so-called tour in Southern States to boost his Front.

Analysts say that KCR’s idea of unity among regional parties is very convincing but the problem is whether he can inspire confidence of the regional leaders or not. Chandrababu steadfastly maintained a pro-Congress stand though he didn’t openly support Rahul Gandhi’s candidature for the PM post. Naidu’s firm stance against Modi has also gone down well with regional leaders. KCR couldn’t get similar confidence because of his secret understanding with the BJP. Moreover, KCR met with Modi in the past which made other leaders suspicious of his Federal Front’s actual agenda.

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Changed colours of West Bengal political scene


Left parties once ruled West Bengal as their stronghold for over three decades. The Congress used to give it a strong fight at that time. Now, both these parties are waging a battle of struggle for existence. The ruling Trinamool Congress Party under the leadership of dynamic Mamata Banerjee established a firm hold in all parts of the state. In the past few years, the Bharatiya Janata Party has risen from strength to strength to be in second place after Trinamool.

The present election is presenting a bitter fight between Trinamool and the BJP while the Congress and the Left parties are battling for a third position. The political circles are amazed at the way the BJP has picked up its strength in a state where the Left parties have dominated till recently.

The BJP could attract strong leaders from other parties in West Bengal. Even leaders from Trinamool have joined BJP. They are attracted to the leadership of PM Modi. Now, the BJP leaders’ hopes have risen to the level of winning at least 23 out of the total 42 Lok Sabha seats in the state. Seeing a little erosion of public trust in Trinamool, Modi has criticised that the present leadership of CM Mamata Banerjee is worse than that of even the Left parties.

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Mamata’s opposition rally not enough to elevate her as face of opposition


Even as West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee went all out to bring leaders of 23 opposition parties on one stage and launched a stinging attack against the Narendra Modi regime at her ‘United India Rally’, political analysts said it might not be enough to catapult her as the prime face of anti-BJP politics as her party lacks a national presence.

Terming Banerjee “a national leader in her own merit”, political analyst Udayan Bandyopadhyay said the January 19 mega rally might have added more significance to Banerjee’s continuous tirade against the BJP government. But it is too early to predict whether she can emerge as the face of the opposition, with her party’s geographical limitation also being a hindrance.

“At the moment the rally might have added significance to her efforts. But her Trinamool Congress does not have any presence outside West Bengal so practically the party can’t have a lot of impact on national politics. But it is true that the more Lok Sabha seats Trinamool gets, the easier it would become for them to bargain in the post-election scenario,” Bandyopadhyay told IANS.

“She was rail minister under two governments and also a long term MP. She is a national leader in her own merit. But it is too early to say that she would be the face of the opposition. The alliance would need more time to materialise,” he noted.

The analyst claimed most of the opposition leaders attended Banerjee’s rally to fulfil their personal agenda and said Banerjee has to give these personal agendas suitable political articulation to lead them.

“Most of the leaders have come together to protect their self-interests. They want to save their parties from getting marginalised. Leaders like (former prime minister H.D.) Deve Gowda and (Karnataka chief minister H.D.) Kumaraswami of the JD(S) came here so that their government in Karnataka can be saved,” he said.

“If she can give a political articulation to these self-interests, it can be of a different significance but the parties have not reached that point yet. That would be a post-election phenomenon,” said Bandopadhyay, a professor of Political Science in Bangabasi College.

Another political analyst, Anil Kumar Jana, claimed that Banerjee’s effort to lead an anti-BJP front may fail as most leaders have come to the alliance to put pressure on the BJP and might go the other way if they are helped out by the ruling regime.

“Except Mamata Banerjee and the DMK in Tamil Nadu, most of the other leaders are busy bargaining with the BJP to solve their own crisis. The alliance for them is a pressure tactics on the BJP. They are more interested in bargaining with the BJP than forming an opposition front. So the picture of the opposition alliance is still not clear,” Jana told IANS.

“It cannot be said that Mamata successfully projected herself as the face of opposition. The absence of (BSP Chief) Mayawati, who is another prime ministerial aspirant, is also significant in this regard,” he said.

“It is very much possible that the likes of Chandrababu Naidu’s Telugu Desam Party and H.D. Deve Gowda’s Janata Dal-Secular, might backtrack on their anti-BJP stand and even form an alliance with them if the BJP negotiates with them. Banerjee’s anti-BJP rally and her efforts will lose its significance at that point,” Jana said.

However, Banerjee’s party leadership was convinced that she is now the face of the anti-BJP opposition.

“This rally in terms of attendance, duration and number of leaders is a record. She not only provided a common platform to the anti-BJP forces, but her efforts were also roundly appreciated by the leaders present on the dais.

“It’s a big achievement. Not only our party, the entire country now holds her as the prime anti-BJP face,” Trinamool Secretary General and state minister Partha Chatterjee told IANS.

The Bengal BJP leadership, on the other hand, said the people would reject Banerjee.

“She brought all corrupt leaders on one stage. Her party is the pinnacle of corruption in Bengal. It is a meeting of the corrupt, who are talking about destabilising a stable and honest government led by Modi ji. People will not like it. They will reject her,” BJP National Secretary Rahul Sinha said.

State CPI-M legislator Sujan Chakraborty claimed Banerjee’s “utopian dream” of becoming the Prime Minister would remain a dream as she has failed to convince the people about her credibility as an anti-BJP face due to her party’s “constant but secret understanding” with the saffron outfit.

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Why KCR is staying away from Mamata Banerjee mega rally?


Telangana CM Chandrasekhara Rao has given hints that his party is not taking part in the massive rally being organised by West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee in Kolkata on Saturday. The reason for this is that the TRS does not want to share any dais with AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. It is known Naidu is playing a crucial role in forming an anti-BJP front at the national level. KCR has been invited for Mamata Banerjee’s rally because of which his party has to take a decision not to attend.

The TDP leaders say KCR cannot attend the anti-BJP rally in Kolkata just because he is a puppet in the hands of Modi-Shah duo in national politics. Already, KCR is facing criticism from all sections that he is forming the Federal Front only to divide anti-BJP parties thereby spoiling the chances of the Congress party.

The TDP feels that it is just a pretext that KCR is giving as to why he is staying away from the Mamata rally. Over 20 political parties are being represented at the Kolkata rally for which Chandrababu Naidu, DMK leader Stalin, SP leader Akhilesh Yadav and others have reached Kolkata. The Mamata rally is being seen as a show of strength by the anti-BJP parties ahead of the coming general election. Mamata’s party has not taken KCR seriously since they know that TRS has secret understanding with the BJP.

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Mamata Banerjee follows Chandrababu Naidu : West Bengal bans CBI


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has followed in the footsteps of AP CM N. Chandrababu Naidu and she withdrew permission given to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to carry out any probe in her state. From now on, the CBI officials would have to take prior permission from WB in each and every case. There will be an exception only in court referred cases.

Announcing the ban on CBI, Mamata Banerjee told her party colleagues that this became necessary as the Modi government at the Centre has been misusing CBI to harass political opponents. She said that the CBI was being used to carry out raids and searches in the premises of rivals and their associates in non-BJP states. Appreciating the struggle launched by AP CM in opposing the BJP, Mamata Banerjee gave a call to all anti-BJP parties to rally together with unity to defeat the Modi government in 2019 general elections.

Way back in 1989, the then Left government in WB gave ‘general consent’ permission to CBI to carry out investigations in any case in that state. After so long, the present WB government withdrew the permission amid a political turmoil where non-BJP states are rising in revolt against the Modi government. Already, Karnataka and AP have banned the CBI from entering their states without prior permission.

The Congress welcomed Mamata’s decision saying that PM Modi and Amit Shah have been unfortunately using CBI and other central institutions as their private armies. On its part, the BJP has criticised Trinamool Congress saying that the ruling party in WB is neck deep in corruption which is why it is afraid of CBI.

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Mamata Banerjee defends CBN decision on CBI ban


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has welcomed the decision of AP CM N. Chandrababu Naidu who has barred the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) from carrying out any raids in Andhra Pradesh. It may be recalled that AP government has withdrawn the general consent given to CBI to investigate cases in the State in special circumstances. The AP decision triggered widespread speculation on whether it is possible or not.

Some leaders have questioned the relevance of CBN decision as nobody can stop the CBI from probing a case in AP if there is an order from the court. Others have said it is just a procedural aspect that AP has used to blow the issue out of proportions to take political advantage.

The main reason given by AP government is that it no longer wants services of CBI as the national institution itself is caught in internal conflicts and scams. The state contended that it has got ACB of its own to perform the functions of CBI in the state.

While defending Naidu’s decision, Mamata Banerjee has opined that the national institutions in the country are in danger following political interference of PM Modi and the BJP government at the Centre. Naidu has been raising the same issue ever since his visits to Delhi when he blamed Modi for the deteriorating conditions in the Reserve Bank of India, CBI and other central institutions. Mamata’s word of support came for Naidu at a crucial juncture. Mamata is to play an important part in the grand scheme of CBN to put together a national level anti-Modi front for the 2019 general elections.

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Key takeaways of MOTN survey- Part 2: Best PM candidate and best CM


We have seen in the part-1 of MOTN survey that how would UPA and NDA would fare in 2019 in various permutations and combinations. The India today-Karvy Insights Mood of the Nation (MOTN) survey, also focused on who is best CM in the country and who is best alternative to Modi as PM candidate.

Question-1: Who is best alternative for Modi?

“Can a Congress-led grand alliance challenge the Narendra Modi juggernaut in 2019?” is the question, among others, examined by this MOTN survey. To find answer to this question, various permutations and combinations of scenarios have been put forward in front of the people and obtained answers from people. Also, another question put forward is “Who is the best alternative to Prime Minister Narendra Modi among opposition leaders in the 2019 elections”. For this question, 46% answered “Rahul Gandhi” is the best alternative to Modi, and Mamta Banerjee is at 2nd position with 8% opining she is the best alternative to Modi. Priyanka Gandhi was at 4th position with 6% and Kejrival at 6th position with 4%.

Rank Who is Best alternative to Modi
Percentage of votes
1 Rahul Gandhi 46%
2 Mamta Banerjee 8%
3 Chidambaram 6%
3 Priyanka 6%
5 Akhilesh Yadav 4%
5 Kejrival 4%

Question-2: Who is best CM?

As per MOTN survey, ‘Didi’ Mamta Banerjee is nation’s No. 1 chief minister. It is to be noted here that, Mamata has won the best performing CM thrice in a row till now. Nitish Kumar was at 2nd position with 10%, Kejrval also at same position with 10%, Yogi Aditya at 4th place with 9% (2nd and 3rd positions shared), Chandra babu at 5th place with 7%, Raman singh of Chattisgarh and Shivraj singh chouhan at 6th positions with 5%, KCR and Naveen Patnaik were at 8th position with 4%.

MOTN added a disclaimer that – as this MOTN is a subjective study of voter perception across the country, the No. 1 status is more a reflection of political popularity rather than a test of governance. That means, Mamta being number 1 CM doesn’t mean her governance is very good. It just means, she is more popular CM. Usually in movie awards, we see 2 categories – best movie and best popular movie. Best popular movie need not be best movie.

Another highlight of this survey is even though it named Mamta as number one CM, it didn’t mention how much % of votes she got. It mentioned Nitish and Kejrival at 2nd position with 10% but it nowhere mentioned how much percentage she got.

Rank Who is Best CM
Percentage of votes
1 Mamta Banerjee
% not mentioned
2 Nitish 10%
2 Kejrival 10%
4 Yogi Aditya 9%
5 CBN 7%
8 KCR 4%

Anyway, MOTN survey created huge debate among political circles as well as common public.

Click here for part 1 – Key takeaways of MOTN survey- Part 1: How would parties fare in 2019

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KCR – Mamata Banerjee Meeting is a mere stunt – Uttam Kumar Reddy


TSCC President, Congress Leader Uttam Kumar Reddy made left-hand comments on KCR – Mamata Banerjee meets, that took place today evening in Kolkata. Speaking at a press meet, hosted in Gandhi Bhavan, Uttam Kumar Reddy said that, ‘the meeting between KCR and West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee is a mere political move to divert the people’s attention’.

The Congress leader condemned KCR’s West Bengal visit, venting out his anger on how the assembly sessions are being run. ‘The assembly sessions are being run for namesake. At this juncture, KCR’s visit to West Bengal shows his commitment towards Telangana and its people. TRS will not even win a single seat in the upcoming elections.

Commissions have become a part of TRS Government. The same thing has been shared by Sirisilla Municipal Chairman very recently. The TRS leaders are following the footsteps of KCR, and are demanding commission in every project.

Owing to the corruption in Sirisilla municipality, Telangana IT Minister should immediately resign from his MP post’.

The TRS leaders are yet to react on Uttam Kumar Reddy’s latest comments.

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Mamata backs TDP-run Andhra in its ‘fight’ against centre


Against the backdrop of the strained ties between the BJP and the TDP, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday extended her support to Andhra Pradesh’s ruling party, saying she would support any state which was facing neglect from the centre just like her Bengal.

“West Bengal is facing the maximum deprivation and neglect under the present (National Democratic Alliance) regime at the centre (led by the BJP). You can’t browbeat the Trinamool by treating Bengal in a step-motherly way.

“And it is for similar reasons that Andhra Pradesh has also become vocal. I have been told that the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) would leave the NDA because of the way Andhra Pradesh is being deprived by the Centre.

“I would like to extend my backing to Andhra Pradesh. I am with Andhra Pradesh. I am with all states who are being deprived, just like us,” Banerjee said, while addressing a rally of the youth and student wings of the Trinamool Congress here.

Banerjee’s overtures to the TDP is being seen in the light of her constant emphasis on forging alliance of regional parties, which she had christened Federal Front in the past.

Soon after the by-poll wins in the Uluberia Lok Sabha and Noapara assembly constituencies last week, she had spoken on the need for a one-on-one fight against the BJP.

“I still feel, parties which have strength in a particular state, should fight (the BJP) there with all its strength. There should be one is to one (fight). This is what I feel.

“Again in some areas, there is need for adjustments and re-adjustments. If this is done properly, this (BJP led National Democratic Alliance) government will not be in saddle at the centre after the 2019 elections,” she had said last Thursday.

Upset over “injustice” to Andhra Pradesh in Union Budget 2018-19, the TDP, a key ally of the BJP, has decided to raise the issue in Parliament.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP President N. Chandrababu Naidu has asked his party MPs to pressurise the BJP-led NDA government to undo the injustice, calling it only the first step.

The TDP chief has said the party’s next course of action would depend on the response of the Narendra Modi government. Naidu has been demanding that the centre help his state till it overcame its revenue deficit and developed at par with the other neighbouring states.

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