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TV9 former CEO Ravi Prakash gets anticipatory bail


In a big relief to former TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash, the Telangana High Court on Friday granted him anticipatory bail.

Hearing an appeal for anticipatory bail, Ravi Prakash was asked to appear before the Enforcement Directorate every Saturday for interrogation. The High Court also permitted ED to continue with its investigation into alleged fraudulent withdrawal of Rs 18 crore from Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited (ABCPL) which runs TV9 Telugu news channel besides a basket of news channels in other languages.

In 2019, Ravi Prakash was arrested by the Banjara Hills police. On July 1, the ED booked cases against Ravi Prakash under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). Following this, Ravi Prakash had approached the Telangana High Court seeking anticipatory bail in the case registered by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). Ravi Prakash counsel T S Anirudh Reddy argued that the ED was gearing up to arrest the petitioner though there was the court stay on all further proceedings in the case against him. After hearing the case, Justice G Sri Devi granted Ravi Prakash anticipatory bail.

It may be noted that YSRCP MP Vijayasai Reddy also wrote a letter to Supreme Court Chief Justice to order an investigation into the disproportionate assets of Ravi Prakash.

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HC fires at Telangana police over Ravi Prakash cases


The KCR government and its friendly realtor Rameswara Rao have targetted TV 9 CEO Ravi Prakash in a very unusual way. Following this, the police are filing one case after another apparently to confine RP forever within the four walls of jail. The vendetta politics reached such a nasty point that even the High Court expressed shock and disbelief over how Ravi Prakash is being hunted down by the police.

The court commented badly on how the police are unabashedly trying to misuse the judiciary to harass persons like RP. The judges pointed out that there’s a clear motive behind the police filing a fake email case against Ravi Prakash only to get his bail rejected. A new case is registered just when RP is expected to get bail in the bonus case filed by the Alanda Media. Are the police making fun of the judicial system?

Expressing total anger, the High Court ordered the Telangana police to submit to it all the cases that are filed against Ravi Prakash till now. The judges asked whether the police are taking directions from elsewhere in order to keep RP behind the bars permanently.

The RP lawyers are appealing to the court to make the police disclose details of those who are behind the political and police harassment of RP.

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High Court stay on Ravi Prakash ‘bonus case’


It is well known that the TV 9 new management has filed the new ‘bonus case’ against former CEO Ravi Prakash. Now the Telangana High Court heard both sides and issued stay orders on this case. The court has directed the Telangana police not to take action on these allegations leveled against RP till October 2. With this, Ravi Prakash has got some temporary relief from the non-stop harassment from the police authorities.

RP lawyers say that the latest HC relief will be useful in getting bail finally for Ravi Prakash. They are confident that the false charges made by the Alanda media will not stand in the court. The allegations are just that RP has hugely benefited from the bonus given by the previous management.

Meanwhile, the Alanda media lawyers are arguing that the HC orders were not yet received at their end. So, they are objecting to the bail petition of RP. The arguments were run in the Nampally court. Now, RP lawyers are busy getting copies of the HC orders in order to get bail for him as early as possible.

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RP’s defamation case against Vijayasai?


Has YCP MP Vijayasai Reddy given a strong ground for TV9 Ex CEO Ravi Prakash to file a defamation case? Ravi Prakash has already decided to file defamation for Rs. 100 Cr. The case is indeed going to be very serious. It is because Vijayasai wrote his letter to Chief Justice of India. In this, he made allegations of money laundering against RP. Now, RP’s lawyers say that Vijayasai will have to provide evidence of his charges. Otherwise, the Supreme Court will take a very serious view of this.

Vijayasai’s political activities are very controversial. He is co-accused in Jagan illegal assets cases. He spent many months in jail in money laundering cases. Ravi Prakash firmly believes that Vijayasai wrote letter to CJI only to get his bail plea rejected in Alanda media case.

It would be a less serious issue if Vijayasai made just a political statement. Obviously, he straightaway complained to CJI without valid proofs. Analysts say that if Vijayasai has necessary evidence, he would have already got full blown cases filed against RP by now. TDP Legal Cell chief and MP Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar says that Vijayasai has intentionally released his CJI letter to media to obstruct bail to RP.

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Why Vijayasai targetted Ravi Prakash?


TV 9 former CEO Ravi Prakash is not working for any channel right now. He is imprisoned in the Chanchalaguda jail in the Alanda Media cases. Everybody thought TRS and YCP have taken enough revenge. But all of a sudden, YCP MP Vijayasai Reddy restarted his serious attack once again. This time, he wrote a letter straight to Supreme Court Chief Justice to order probe against Ravi Prakash for his money laundering activities and FERA violations.

Why is this sudden sharp focus on RK? Analysts say that KCR, Jagan and Vijayasai are perceiving trouble from Ravi Prakash in the immediate Huzurnagar by-election. Congress leaders are taking his support to form winning strategies. It is only in this backdrop that Congress MP Revanth Reddy visited Ravi Prakash in jail.

There are reports that RK is actively working from jail itself to launch his news channels soon. This is what is bothering TRS and YCP more than ever. They suspect that RK may bring unity in opposition parties to somehow defeat TRS in Huzurnagar seat immediately.

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Former TV9 CEO arrested in cheating case


Hyderabad Police on Saturday arrested Ravi Prakash, former CEO of multilingual television news channel TV9, for alleged cheating by diverting company funds.

The police also took former Chief Financial Officer M.K.V.N. Murthy into custody. They were taken to Banjara Hills police station where they were being questioned.

The arrests were made after two cases were registered against them on a complaint by Alanda Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd, which owns TV9 group of channels. The management alleged in their complaint that Ravi Prakash and Murthy withdrew Rs 18.31 crore from the bank accounts of the company from September 2018 to May 2019.

They allegedly withdrew the money without the permission of other directors of the company and claimed it to be their bonus. Another case was registered against them for selling TV9 logo. They were charged with cheating and criminal breach of trust.

This is the second time that Ravi Prakash and Murthy were booked by the police on the complaint of Alanda Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd. They were earlier charged with forgery and cheating.

Ravi Prakash, who had been heading TV9 channel since its launch in 2004, was sacked in May as the CEO by Alanda Media, which last year acquired 90.54 per cent stake in Associated Broadcasting Pvt Ltd (ABCPL), then owner of the TV9 group of channels.

After evading arrest for nearly a month, Ravi Prakash had appeared before police on June 4 following the Supreme Court’s refusal to grant him anticipatory bail and asking him to appear before the investigators. He was questioned in the case. The well-known anchor claimed that he was falsely implicated.

The cases are a fallout of Ravi Prakash’s rift with Alanda after it acquired majority shares in ABCPL in August 2018 and nominated four persons to be appointed as directors on the board.

The company alleged that Ravi Prakash and Murthy resorted to unfair methods to block new directors from taking over. Alanda alleged that they had malafide intention of not allowing it to participate in the management of the ABCPL through its new directors.

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Can Ravi Prakash outsmart Jagan and KCR?


The ruling governments in the twin Telugu states are suppressing the Opposition parties ruthlessly. In the process, they are also oppressing the media that is not toeing their line. Consequently, there is no effective media group that can successfully expose the misdeeds of the KCR and the Jagan Reddy governments. This is the feeling that is driving TV 9 Expelled CEO Ravi Prakash to open his own new TV Channel group. He sees a visible vacuum in the Telugu news media. His brand image has already convinced some investors to open the group sooner than later.

Ravi Prakash is especially confident of his success because of the existing political uncertainty in both the states. The age old Congress is losing its identity. The TDP has lost its grip in Telangana and is struggling in Andhra Pradesh. The BJP is finding it difficult to emerge as alternative opposition in the two states. The division in opposition is increasing confidence in YCP and TRS which are indulging in misgovernance and getting very bad public image. Ravi Prakash has all the journalistic abilities to encash such uncertain scenario. But can he survive the manipulations and cunning of KCR and Jagan?

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Ravi Prakash to start a new channel soon


Ravi Prakash, former CEO of TV9 is contemplating to start a new channel on his own. He has already started groundwork on the same. As per Ravi Prakash offline statements, there is huge gap in current Telugu media as all the channels are pro-government and no channel is strongly questioning the governments of Telugu states. Details as below.

It is known news that, after the change of the management, the relation between the management and then CEO Ravi Prakash turned sour as the management alleged Ravi Prakash is not allowing them to take over full control of the channel. On the other hand, Ravi Prakash still has 10% stake in the channel and approached NCLT through actor Sivaji (who became popular with Operation Garuda theory last year) to protect his rights a minor stakeholder.

Meanwhile, the latest update is that Ravi Prakash has started groundwork to start a new channel. Knowing this, many investors approached him and expressed their willingness to invest in his project. However, Ravi Prakash is cautious on selecting his investors so that he will have all the freedom in the channel even at later point of time.

Wee will have to wait and see by when will this channel be materialized.

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Another case against TV9 Ravi Prakash


Alanda Media, the present management of TV 9, has filed one more police complaint against Ex CEO Ravi Prakash. The police registered a case against him for not returning the car, cell phones and laptops owned by the media company. The police visited Ravi Prakash residence at BN Reddy Colony in Banjara Hills but he is not available at home. His family members did not allow them to seize the vehicle in his absence.

Alanda Media has targetted Ravi Prakash over his refusal to co-operate with the transition of management. It is saying that Ravi Prakash enjoyed many luxuries in his capacity as CEO but he is not ready to surrender the company property after his removal.

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Alanda Media rubbishes Ravi Prakash’s allegations

“Today it has come to our knowledge through various news articles that Mr. Ravi Prakash, the former CEO of Associated Broadcasting Company Limited (“ABCL”) made complaints to investigating authorities by making some unfounded and baseless allegations against the current and former promoters of ABCL regarding transfer of shareholding from the former promoters (Chintalapati Holdings Private Limited and Ilabs Venture Capital Fund (“CHPL / Ilabs”)) to the current promoters (Alanda Media & Entertainments Private Limited (“Alanda”)).

In these complaints, it appears that Mr. Ravi Prakash has alleged that the sale consideration for the acquisition of shareholding was paid by way of cash and the hawala route was invoked for transferring the consideration.

On behalf of the current and former promoters, we are issuing this joint press release to inform one and all that there is not even an iota of truth in the false and baseless allegations made by Mr. Ravi Prakash.

These allegations are being made solely with an intent to divert attention from the ongoing criminal investigations against Ravi Prakash for his wrongful and fraudulent conduct.

As of August 2018, CHPL, Ilabs, Clifford Pereira and M.V.K.N. Murthy held a total shareholding of 90.54% in ABCL. On August 24, 2018, Alanda Media acquired the said shareholding from CHPL, Ilabs, Clifford Pereira and M.V.K.N. Murthy.

The entire consideration for the purchase of the said shareholding was made pursuant to duly executed Share Purchase Agreement and exclusively through the bank channels.

There were no cash payments. Alanda had infused Rs. 150 crores into ABCL to clear the outstanding dues and paid an amount of Rs. 264 crores to the former promoters and other shareholders towards consideration for transferring their shareholding.

The share consideration has been duly reflected in the records of the current and former promoters.

The Ministry of Information and Broad Casting, Government of India was also intimated about the said transfer. There is nothing clandestine about this transfer of shares and is done in accordance with the law.

The entire transfer happened in August, 2018. Mr. Ravi Prakash was a party to the Share Purchase Agreement and the entire transfer happened with his knowledge.

However, after nine (9) months, Mr. Ravi Prakash has now chosen to make these allegations only with the hope that it will provide him with a defence in the ongoing investigations into the criminal acts committed by him.

We understand that certain allegations have also been made with respect to the proposed settlement with SAIF III Mauritius Company Limited (“SAIF”).

Even these allegations are without any basis. As on the date of the acquisition, there was a dispute pending in the National Company Law Tribunal, Hyderabad (“NCLT”) for shares held by SAIF in IVision Media India Private Limited (“IVision”). This dispute was duly settled pursuant to a Settlement Agreement.

The settlement consideration was transferred by way of regular banking channels and in accordance with the RBI regulations. After the remittance, NCLT permitted the SAIF to withdraw its case.

We request one and all not to be influenced by his allegations and dismiss them with a contempt that they deserve. We will be taking legal steps for false and defamatory allegations made by Mr. Ravi Prakash.”

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Video: Ravi Prakash Speaks With Media

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TV9 Ravi Prakash presents himself before cyber crime police


TV9 former CEO Ravi Prakash today presented himself before cyber crime police. Recent Supreme court order, that is seen as jolt to Raviprakash, seems to have forced him to present himself before the police.

It is known news that TV9 was bought (90% share) by Alanda media from Srini Raju but, as per the complaint by Alanda media, Raviprakash obstructed them from taking over full charge of the channel. There are also complaints on Raviprakash of forgery and selling the logo of the channel unauthorizedly. Ravi Prakash moved to high court as well as supreme court for the anticipatory bail but he didn’t get any relief.

With no option left for him, today he presented himself before the cyber crime police. The details of of the police inquiry are yet to come out.

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Ravi Prakash ‘Golmaal’: selling TV9 logo rights & diverting ads to Mojo


New details are coming out regarding various fraudulent activities done by TV9 former CEO Ravi Prakash after the copies of police complaint and FIR came out. As per complaint filed by the new management of TV9 against Ravi Prakash, the two main complaints against Ravi Prakash are selling TV9 logo To Mojo TV mala fide intention & diverting TV9 ads to Mojo TV. Details of Police complaint as below.

Against whom:

  • V. Ravi Prakash,
  • M.V.K.N Murthy
  • Hari Kiran Chereddi (Mojo TV)

What are complaints:

  • Fabrication of documents,
  • cheating,
  • criminal breach of trust
  • Causing wrongful loss to the company (in order to cause wrongful gain to other company)

Selling TV9 logo to Mojo TV for 99,00/-

As per the police complaint by Alanda media, Ravi Prakash sold TV9 logo rights to Mojo TV for 99,000 Rs and that transaction also shown wrongly in the records. As per the complaint by Alanda media to police- “We submit that said two persons being the Directors of the company having felt that they are going to lose control over the Board of the company, created and executed a Deed of Assignment dated: 31-12-2018 allegedly transferring the copy rights and registered trade mark No. 16036317, TV-9 of the company and other Trade Marks of the Company in favor of Media Nxt India Pvt Ltd, in which said Sri. Hari Kiran Chereddi is having vested interest, for a alleged consideration of Rs.99,000/-. On verification of records the alleged payment of Rs.99,000/- was made by Media NXT India (P) Ltd to ABCL for other repairs and maintenance expenses on 22-01-2019 and recorded in the books on 28-02-2019. The said payment of was wrongfully shown as consideration for the trademarks and copy rights.”

Diverting TV9 ads to Mojo TV:

Now, the allegation is, by showing Mojo TV also ‘part of TV9 group’, Ravi Prakash diverted the ads worth of 32 crores to Mojo TV. There have been rumors that Ravi Prakash has some vested interests in Mojo TV and has even invested in Mojo TV. Now the latest allegations are in sync with those rumors. And, this is definitely criminal breach of trust as Ravi Prakash used his position as CEO of TV9 to benefit other company/ channel Mojo TV at the cost of causing wrongful loss to TV9. Moreover, all this transaction happened without the knowledge of 90% stakeholders.

Frivolous case at NCLT to hide all these wrongdoings?

Alanda media also observed that Ravi Prakash entered into agreement with actor Shivaji (more popularly known as Garuda Shivaji in recent times) with ante-date documents only to file some frivolous case at NCLT so that it will cause hindrance to the new management in their proceedings. The police complaint by Alanda media notes, ” We submit that Sri. V. Ravi Prakash and Sri. M.V.K.N Murthy created an ante-dated Share purchase agreement between Sri. V. Ravi Prakash and one Sri. S. Shivaji and on that basis initiated a frivolous litigation before the National company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Hyderabad Bench and the same was already brought to the notice of Cyber Crime Police Station, Cyberabad Cammissionerate by M/s Alanda Media wherein FIRs vide Nos 84/2019, 87/2019 U/Sec 406, 420, 467, 471, 120 (B) IPC and 66, 72 of IT Act were booked and the investigation is in process. On further verification of records it was also noticed that Mr. Hari Kiran Chereddi is also involved in this conspiracy and thus requesting for investigation.”


It looks like Ravi Prakash has breached the trust by selling TV9 logo rights to Mojo and by diverting the ads to Mojo. Moreover, creating ante-dated documents with the purpose of some wrongful gains is considered as serious crime in corporate law. We will have to wait and see on further updates on this case.

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Ravi Prakash has no option but to start new channel?


TV 9 former CEO Ravi Prakash is standing at the cross roads. This is something not easy to digest for a professional who has worked hard for a decade and a half to make TV 9 what it is today. He has been levelling allegations against the Alanda Media and My Home Chairman Jupalli Rameswara Rao that they have conspired to take away the channel from his control. Still, Ravi Prakash has explained his emotional attachment and his desire to conduct shows for TV 9.

However, the new management is not at all interested in continuing or allowing Ravi Prakash to conduct shows on TV 9. They have made this clear already and they reiterated the same several times. It is because of this he has hinted at starting his own channel with the same determination to develop it.

TV industry is full of speculation that Ravi Prakash would have no chance left but to open his channel now. They are also saying TV 9 former CEO has taken it as a prestigious issue and he has already got a good forum to develop his new channel.

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Allegations on Ravi Prakash — What is his camp saying?

TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash’s issue has been dominating the news cycle for last few days. After Ravi Prakash has resigned from TV9, people are curious to know his whereabouts and also about a bunch of allegations were levied against former CEO of Tv9.There has been no response from Ravi Prakash’s camp and this has caused a one way news cycle without any reponse from other party. Telugu360 tried to get in touch with some current employees of TV9 to get other side of the coin

Allegation -1 : Ravi Prakash forged  company secretary Devender Agarwal’s signature 

Rebuttal – Devender Agarwal has resigned as company secretary of ABCL on March 28th 2019 . TV9 directors approved his resignation after multiple requests from Devender. Ravi Prakash’s camp alleges that directors made a futile attempt to upload new directors through Devender Agarwal, at 2:30 AM in the morning, but were unsuccessful as his resignation was already in effect. Ravi Prakash camp alleges that the new management updated directors through backdoor method. Where is the case for forgery here asks Ravi Prakash’s camp? In fact, they contend that it is new management team that has to be under the scanner as they updated new directors through backdoor.

Allegation – 2 : Share transfer agreement with Sivaji 

Rebuttal – Share transfer agreement between Sivaji and Ravi Prakash is a completely private party transaction. Ravi Prakash’s camp argues how does it matter to new directors on how this transaction was executed. It could have been just a word of mouth, white paper or demat and it is completely up to the two persons involved in the transaction on how they want to execute this.

Allegation – 3: Funds transfer to MOJO TV

Rebuttal — Marketing team in TV9 tell telugu360 that there was an official agreement between TV9 and MOJO TV and since TV9 is the No #1 Telugu channel it frequently has ‘spill overs’. In these cases, TV9 sells these additional ad inventory to MOJO TV at a 10% commission. Today tv9 owes payments to MojoTV. The TV9 team also informed that MOJO TV management was very upset with such false and baseless allegations where the transaction was fully documented on both sides.

Allegation – 4: TV9 Bharatvarsh funds 

Rebuttal — Ravi Prakash’s team tell that they were able to launch Bharatvarsh with half the budget they initially projected. In fact, Ravi Prakash team contends that they were able to bring buzz to the channel by inviting Modi to inauguration due to Ravi’s connections.

Also, Ravi Prakash’s camp contends that they were blindsided by myhome’s investment into TV9. Megha  approached Ravi Prakash with a minority investment into TV9 and later Myhome related persons entered into the deal contents Ravi Prakash’s team.

Will Ravi Prakash come out and tell his side of the story ? Wait and watch in next few days.

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TV 9 Ravi Prakash went underground?


The Cyberabad police special team and crime team launched a manhunt for TV 9 former CEO Ravi Prakash. They have tried to contact him but all his cell phones are switched off for the last few days. Once again, the police teams enquired at his residence and with his friends who said they were not given any information about where he has gone.

The Telangana police are investigating a case of forgery filed against Ravi Prakash who in turn accused his opponents of hatching systematic conspiracy to remove him from the organisation that grew enormously with his hard work. The new management has asserted that Ravi Prakash is just like any other share holder but he is creating hurdles in the transition of management.

Ravi Prakash lawyer has contacted the Cyberabad police and asked for 10 days time. The police already questioned TV9 former CFO Murthy. They are also giving notices to actor turned activist Shivaji who is also not turning up for police questioning.

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Why TV9 deal not going to happen anytime soon?

TRP topper TV9 which goes by the tagline ‘For A Better Society’ is witnessing several dialogues within financial investors who are looking for an exit from the Associated Broadcasting Company Pvt. Ltd. (ABCL). Instituted in 2004 by Ravi Prakash, 80 percent of the stakes rests with the financial investors while the founder and the team owns about 18 percent stake. Even though Ravi Prakash holds minority stake, he holds the veto power to pick suitable acquirer. Since the motives for the marquee journo turned CEO and VC’s are not aligned, sources opine that it will take a long time to find a suitable buyer who works for both the parties.

As per the reports in Hindu Business line, at least four media groups have completed due-diligence by roping in multi-national consultants to make a bid for the stake. They are yet to revert with a number. However, the negotiations failed to reach a breakthrough as the CEO Ravi and major stake holder Srini Raju are yet to reach an accord. “There are have ongoing discussions from the last few years. But there is no concrete deal so far to my deals”, avers Ravi Prakash , CEO of TV9 group, to Telugu360.

ABCPL had given mandate to its investment bankers to look for buyers at a valuation of Rs 500-600 crore about three years ago. If the words are to be believed nothing concrete has happened so far as their terms and demands were not accepted. While one condition is about the CEO having veto power on whom to sell, the other demand is valuing the company between Rs 800-1000 crore

The company soon after its inception, instituted more news channels in different languages like Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati and English.

TRP Toppers TV9 Telugu and TV9 Kannada bring steady income and profits with an accumulated revenue of Rs 136.91 crore in FY 2015-16 while the unaudited revenue of the six channels amounted to Rs 188.56 crores for the same fiscal. As per the financial projections for 2016-17, the six channels are likely to generate Rs 228.30 crore. While the toppers will hit 150 crores this fiscal, the laggards News9, TV1, Gujarati and Marathi channel will together fetch rupees 70 crore.

Srini’s stake in TV9 allegedly ranges between Rs 500 crore to Rs 600 crore. If the iLabs founder had his way, the deal would have clinched long ago. As per the contract, the stakes are to be sold to the party that Ravi agrees upon despite holding merely 18% stakes.

Earlier reports emerged that Srini is in talks to sell his TV9 stake to Network 18 and Quintilian Media founder, Raghav Bahl, but the rumours were slated. Since Srini and Ravi have conflicting motives, they are unable to arrive to consensus, consequently delaying the process. However, the discussions are aimlessly drifting, so there is some time for anything concrete to happen.

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TV9 Ravi Prakash meeting CBN is fake news by Sakshi


To be persuasive, a media house must be believable. To be believable, it must be credible and to be credible it must be truthful. But the actions of Sakshi seem otherwise. Recently a it reported that TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash met Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. Sakshi reported this incident as a banner headline in first page where it wrote that the duo met at Park Hyatt and held discussions for an hour.

It’s bizarre to assume that any personality who visits that hotel is bound to meet the CM. “I happened to go to Park Hyatt for lunch that day and apparently AP CM was also there. It’s been a year since I met Chandrababu.” told Ravi Prakash to Telugu360. Based on this report, several other stories emerged about the agenda of the meeting. It is ridiculous to connect dots without fact checking. It is unfortunate that media house that is run by senior journalists such as Ramachandra Murthy believes in their own lies and the story they make up in their heads. It’s high time for Sakshi to realize that credibility comes from acting in others interests before your own.

PS: Yesterday, one of the ‘great’ gossip website a sister of Sakshi added their own flavor about this meeting, which never happened. Incidentally, the article was deleted in few hours. In fact, this has been modus operandi by a particular group of media. First it comes in Sakshi, then in few YouTube handles started with sole intent to propagate gossip and then finally it lands on Sakshi’s sister gossip website.

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