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Inquire Neelam Sahani to know facts on Skill Development project, demands Pattabhi


CID chief, Sanjay, who has been alleging that the very establishment of the Skill Development Corporation is totally irregular, should first question Neelam Sahani, who played a key role in the whole project by issuing the GO Nos 47 and 48, said TDP spokesman, Kommareddy Pattabhiram, on Tuesday.

If this retired IAS officer who is now holding the position of State Election Commissioner, Neelam Sahani, is inquired, the CID chief will know whether the project it is irregular or totally correct, Kommareddy Pattabhiram told media persons at the party headquarters here. Or another retired IAS officer, Ajay Kallam, who actually has released funds for the project, too can be inquired to know the facts about the project, he said.

Making sarcastic comments on Sanjay, the TDP national spokesman said that Sanjay has conducted press meets at the State capital (Amaravathi), at the capital city of the neighbouring State (Hyderabad) and in the national capital (New Delhi). “I think his next plan to organise a similar media conference is only on the moon,” Pattabhi remarked. After listening to the hilarious comments like ‘idar ayiye’ of Additional Advocate General (AAG), Ponnavolu Sudhakar Reddy, everyone comes to a conclusion that even noted comedians of the Tollywood are nothing before him, the TDP national spokesman observed.

Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, and the systems that are playing into his hands are somehow trying to find fault with former chief minister, Chandrabbau Naidu, by completely diluting the very goal of the Skill Development Corporation, Pattabhi felt. They are making every effort to cover-up their faults while the TDP has been regularly bringing the facts before the public on this project, he stated.

As part of this, the very facts on how the Skill Development project has taken birth have now been brought before the public, Kommareddy Pattabhiram said and added that the CID chief only uttered complete falsehood till now on this project. Observing that Jagan has totally destroyed Amaravathi in just five months, Pattabhi said that the people have realised the difference between Jagan and Chandrababu.

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AP HC reserves judgment on Naidu’s quash petition


The AP high court on Tuesday reserved its orders on the quash petition filed by former chief minister and TDP supremo N Chandrababu Naidu.

Supreme Court senior advocates Harish Salve, Siddhartha Luthra and Siddhartha Agarwal argued for Chandrababu Naidu, while senior advocate Mukul Rahtgi, Ranjit Kumar and Ponnavolu Sudhakar Reddy argued for the state government and the CID.

This FIR is completely illegal, when read with the judgement in the Yaswant Sinha case rendered by the Supreme Court , in the absence of a prior approval from the competent authority, said Salve. He further said that according to 17A of PC Act, No police officer shall conduct an inquiry, enquiry or investigation on the decisions taken in discharge of duties of a public servant without a prior approval.

Salve also said that in this case, the prior approval of the governor is mandatory as the investigation is initiated against the chief minister. The CID must have seen the document dated 22 March 2016 which is a public document, before it has arrested the petitioner (Naidu). The document speaks about handing over of evaluation of the skill development project to Central Institute of Tool Design (CITD), a reputed central government organisation having expertise in the fields of mechanical and electronics including skill development.

The CITD has conducted full evaluation of the project and concluded that the cost of each cluster is Rs 549 crore, he said adding that according to the agreement the Siemens would bring in software, expertise, intellectual property but not money. It was the government which brought money for infrastructure required for establishing the skill centres.

The tripartite agreement clearly defined the roles and responsibilities of each party. He further said that Siemens agreed to provide design, simulation and robotics systems. The then MD of APSSDC, Srikanth acknowledged the delivery of equipment and services as satisfactory on 5 August 2021 and this is after the change of regime, Salve said.

Arguing for the state government and the CID, senior counsel Rahatgi said that the petitioner was arraigned as accused in the FIR on 7 September and arrested on 9 September and today we are in 19 September. It is only a matter of 10 days. The case is still at a nascent stage. The petition should not be entertained at this stage. This involves a huge scam which requires investigation, he added.

As the petitioner applied for bail before the trial court and the matter is slated to be heard today, there is no teary hurry to press for quash of the FIR. A loot can never be part of the public function of a public servant. It is a calculated scam of the chief minister to loot the public exchequer, he said.

According to the landmark Niharika judgement, the court will not thwart investigation, he said and argued that the petitioner is not entitled to seek quashing in a matter of 10 days without there being an investigation.

The Supreme Court has said in strong terms that the courts are barred from usurping the jurisdiction of police, Rohatgi argued. The SC has time and again said powers under 482 of CrPC should be exercised only in rare and exceptional cases, he said. He wanted the police to be allowed to complete the investigation.

No tender was called for the project of this nature, another senior advocate, Ranjit Kumar said and added that Ganta Subba Rao was not a government official. He was an IT professional, handpicked and given four posts, he added.

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Pattabhi comes out with 35 documents to ‘end stories’ on Skill Development project


TDP spokesman, Kommareddy Pattabhiram, on Friday made it clear that the 35 documents that his party brought out will end the fabricate stories being circulated by the State Government and the CID on the corruption in the Skill Development project.

Advisor to the Government, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, CID chief, Sanjay and the advocate, Ponnavolu Sudhakar Reddy, who came before the media with half-knowledge escaped once the media persons began raising questions. “These persons are only making efforts to make people believe that former chief minister, Chandrababu Naidu, had committed some mistakes with their fabricated and concocted stories,” Pattabhi remarked.

“We have now thoroughly exposed with evidence the baseless allegationsed. made by the Jagan Mohan Reddy Government and the CID against Chandrababu,” the TDP national spokesman observed. Maintaining that with these 35 documents he has proved beyond doubt with perfect evidence that all the allegations levelled against Chandrababu are totally false, he noted.

Daring both Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy and Sanjay to come for an open debate on the evidence that he produced through these documents, Pattabhiram felt that the whole country has been keen observing the failures of the CID and the YSRCP Government.

Producing the documents before the media point-wise, Kommareddy Patatbhiram said that the TDP still has confidence in judicial system.

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TDP launches website with all facts on Skill Development project


The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) on Friday launched a website apskilldevelopmenttruth.com, to tell the people about the actual facts on the Skill Development Corporation project which is now a hot topic in the Telugu States.

Launching the website, president of the State unit of the TDP, Kinjerapu Atchen Naidu, told media persons that if one goes into the website, the details on what Chandrababu Naidu did as the chief minister of the State for the future of the youth will be available. One can easily understand as to how Chandrababu perfectly designed the project to take the youth to greater heights, he said adding that the details on the State Government’s mispropaganda also is available in detail on the website, he added.

Stating that the TDP is bringing all the facts before the people daily that there is no corruption at all in this project, Atchen Naidu felt the need for the whole world to know that a national-level leader, Chandrababu Nadu, never resorted to commit any kind of mistakes. All the details, with proper evidence, are available on the website and the party wants to bring all such facts before people.

Details on beginning the need to go for setting up the Skill Development project to how it was implemented and how many persons got benefitted with this are available, he explained. Observing that before AP implemented the Skill Development project, several States have for this, he narrated that in Gujarat the project came into existence in 2014, in Jharkhand in 2016, in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in 2017. The details on how these States have implemented the project are also available on the public domain, he said, adding that the Jagan Reddy Government too praised the implementation of this project.

While the project was implemented during the TDP regime, the award given for the State was received by this YSRP Government, Atchen Naidu stated. Even advertisements were given in the print media and in other forums with the photo of Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, taking the whole credit for the success of the project, he observed. “Still, we never responded on the publicity as we are happy that the youth has a better future with this project,” he remarked.

While 2,17,500 youth got trained through six clusters as part of the project of whom nearly 70,000 got employment while the details of others are not available yet, he explained. Atchen Naidu gave the cluster-wise details on how many persons got training and how many of them got jobs.

Maintaining that the entire Telugu society is strongly condemning the illegal arrest of Chandrababu Naidu and sending him on remand by making mispropaganda, Atchen Naidu said that the details available on the website clear all the baseless allegations made against Chandrababu. Since the downfall of this Government has begun it has committed such a great blunder, the TDP State unit president felt.

The TDP politburo member and Leader of Opposition in State Legislature, Yanala Ramakrishnudu, other senior leaders like Chintakayala Ayyananpatrudu, Kommareddy Pattabhiram, Dhulipala Narendra, Bida Ravichandra and others were present on the occasion.

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Skill Development issue is to divert attention from defeat in MLC polls, says Payyavula


PAC chairman and TDP MLA, Payyavula Kesav, on Monday felt that Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, brought the futile Skill Development project issue onto the scene only to escape from the defeat in the Legislative Council polls.

Kesav told media persons at the party headquarters here that what the Jagan Government was doing in the past four years except buying time in the name of investigation into the matter.

“It is really surprising that a leader like Jagan is uttering words like shell companies and corruption. In fact, it is corruption king Jagan who introduced the words quid pro quo and money laundering,” Kesav commented and stated that such a leader finding fault with Naidu is really surprising.

Observing that if there are any malpractices in the Skill Development project, it is the Enforcement Directorate (ED) that investigates into it and comes to a conclusion, the PAC Chairman asked when the ED is already probing into it why Jagan ordered for a CID investigation into it.

Does it not amount to influencing the investigating agencies if the issue is raised on the floor of the House when the investigation is already on, Payyavula asked.

The Chief Minister, who, on the floor of the House, did not spell out even a single word about the problems being faced by the people, including the incessant rains that lashed the State causing heavy damage to the standing crops, has given two-hour lecture on the Skill Development project, he pointed out. This clearly indicates that Jagan wants to sling mud on Naidu and other TDP leaders, Payyavula felt.

“After the State bifurcation, the TDP government wanted to turn farm based-AP into an Information Technology hub by creating jobs for the youth in the State. In view of the radical changes in the IT industry across the globe, the Siemens company has been invited when the heads of the company stated that they had set up skill development centers across the country, including Gujarat.

The then chief minister, Chandrababu even deputed some IAS officers to Gujarat to study the ongoing skill development centres and later a tripartite agreement was entered into with Siemens, Design Tech and the State government,” Kesav explained.

Besides Andhra Pradesh, States like Karnataka, Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu too entered into an agreement with the Siemens company, he pointed out.

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