Tollywood stars continue to announce new Films


The coronavirus pandemic shattered the film industry but Tollywood recovered well and the audience are rushing to theatres to watch good films. Tollywood stars are in demand like never before and every actor signed 3-4 new films in recent months. Most of the stars are also taking hefty advances from filmmakers. Considering their demand, the producers too are paying advances and locking stars. Films without stars have not fared well in recent months.

Ram Charan signed two new films and he is now occupied till the end of 2023. Samantha announced two new films on Dasara’s eve and several other actors are busy signing projects. Nani has two projects and he announced Dasara. All the young and top actors are occupied for the next two years and they are keen to work without any breaks to wrap up their commitments. Star directors too are in demand and they are penning scripts and locking new films.

The Indian market is yet to reopen completely but Tollywood has a new trend now. No Tollywood actor slashed down his remuneration after the pandemic arrived. Some of them even hiked their fee which indicates their demand. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Tollywood stars are in their best phase currently.

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