Why did Allu Arjun pick up December 6th for Pushpa 2: The Rule?


It is official that Allu Arjun’s Pushpa 2: The Rule release is pushed and the makers announced that the film hits the screens on December 6th. The team initially planned to release the film on August 15th which happens to be one of the best dates as there are a number of holidays around. But leaving many in surprise, the team announced December 6th as the new release date. There are no holidays around but Pushpa 2: The Rule needs a pan-Indian release and the team wants to avoid clashes in all the languages. If the film releases in the first week of December, Pushpa 2: The Rule will have a great chance for a long run as the biggies are slated for Sankranthi.

In Hindi, there would be ample number of releases for Christmas and Pushpa 2: The Rule will complete a run of three weeks by then. There would be a number of releases in Telugu and Tamil too. Sankranthi 2025 releases too will not be a threat for Pushpa 2. Hence, Allu Arjun and Sukumar may have thought that December 6th would be a better date than releasing the film in a holiday season along with a bunch of releases. Sukumar and his team can now work without stress as there is ample time for the release. Allu Arjun also will have enough time to promote it on all the platforms and languages.

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