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Visakhapatnam real estate collapsed under Jagan fear: Venkanna


TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna has blamed the Jaganmohan Reddy Government’s ‘undemocratic and anarchic’ regime for the unusual steep fall in real estate values in Visakhapatnam ever since its announcement as the State’s future administrative capital by the Chief Minister.

Mr. Venkanna asked YCP leaders to feel ashamed of how the people started withdrawing their investments in the port city out of fear of the ruling party mafia. Nowhere in the world such a peculiar situation has arisen where land rates collapsed in a city which was promoted as the future capital by the Government.

The TDP MLC said the whole Andhra Pradesh was getting crushed under the present misrule contrary to the previous Chandrababu Government whose policies caused an overall economic boom right from Ichchapuram to Anantapuram in all parts of the State. While Coronavirus was proving to be a big danger for the rest of the world, it is Jagan Reddy misrule which is proving to be a greater danger than even the pandemic in Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Venkanna deplored that CM Jagan Reddy seemed to be asking for Special Category Status not for AP but for himself so that all illegal assets cases against him would be dropped and no central agency comes anywhere near him. Why did not the Chief Minister ask for Special Status for AP in his latest meeting with Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan. People gave YCP 22 MPs but now the ruling party was behaving as if its priority has changed for using Special Category Status demand for getting relief from assets cases.

Mr. Venkanna told the Government that its bid to shift Amaravati Capital City would not be easy like changing existing colours and applying YCP flag colours on schools, water tanks, walls of burial grounds and each and every public place. Jagan Reddy’s design to eliminate and uproot TDP would not also work considering its previous record of overcoming such challenges since 1983 itself. Kodela Sivaprasada Rao ended his life unable to face ugly persecution by Jagan misrule and TDP would fight back the political vendetta of YCP with greater determination and unity.

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CM crippling AP with nonstop J-tax collections: Venkanna


Telugu Desam Party MLC Buddha Venkanna has accused YSRCP of collecting huge commissions from distilleries. The too much J-tax collections are ruining the state. He slammed the reopening of liquor shops by the YSR Congress Party government. CM Jaganmohan Reddy was crippling the state just as the rakshasas have ruined the yagnas in olden times. The whole country is suffering with Corona. Temples, shrines, schools and colleges have been closed for the last 45 days. At this time, it is surprising that the Red Zones also were opened with liquor shopes for collecting J-tax.

Mr Buddha Venkanna alleged that the CM, who came to power requesting for a single chance, is now opening up liquor stores and playing with the lives of the people. Even essential commodity shops under lockdown can be opened upto 9 am only. But it is surprising to keep liquor stores open all day.

He expressed surprise to see queues up to kilometers without the minimum physical distance in front of liquor shops. Talking about the price hike, he said cases were being booked against farmers if they are selling for more than the market price. But why has the government hiked 25 per cent on liquor prices? Is this not robbing people? No state has opened any liquor shops in the south. The adjoining Telangana chief minister declared that the liquor shops would not be opened. But by opening liquor shops in our state, the chief minister’s sense of integrity over the lives and property of the people is understandable. Workers and poor were not employed for a month and a half. But opening up liquor stores now by the government is to exploit the poor.

Venkanna said that until yesterday, MLAs, Ministers and MPs spread the corona by holding public meetings and gatherings. The chief minister is taking it to another level by opening liquor stores in the state.

“Due to the lockdown, the people were out of alcohol. People gave you a chance to enforce a complete alcohol ban, but you have taken it to play with people’s lives for J Tax. The chief minister had thrown the state into the deep crisis. Close liquor shops immediately. Save the lives of the people who voted for you” said Mr Venkanna.

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CM Jagan failed to inspire public confidence to face Corona: MLC


Telugu Desam Party is asking YSRCP why it has not taken effective preventive measures if COVID-19 is a long-time disease as per CM Jagan latest realization. MLC Buddha Venkanna has expressed concern that the YSR Congress Party Government was not taking enough steps to prepare AP people for the long-drawn battle against the deadly Coronavirus epidemic. Surprisingly, Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy was simply asking people to live with the virus threat for a long time while not creating required confidence among them by taking all necessary preventive measures.

Mr. Venkanna said that if the CM was really serious about fighting the prolonged virus war, he would have come out of his Tadepalli residence to ensure proper treatment facilities at COVID quarantine centres. Persons suffering from virus symptoms were afraid to go to quarantine centres because of lack of minimum amenities there. The CM had not come out to visit and give confidence among patients being treated at the government hospital located just one kilometre from his residence.

Mr. Venkanna said that the latest statements dismissing COVID as a common fever were highly objectionable at a time when the dangerous virus was rapidly spreading in Andhra Pradesh. The YSRCP Ministers and MLAs were not doing anything to create awareness among the people. The CM’s failure was evident from how +ve cases were reported among the Raj Bhavan staff and also those of Health Minister himself. One YSRCP MP’s family members also tested positive.
The TDP MLC demanded that MP Vijayasai Reddy’s followers stop collecting donations in the name of his Pragathi Bharathi Trust in North Coastal Andhra as the industrialists and businessmen were already in losses because of lockdown. If at all relief assistance was to be asked, it should be accepted only from voluntary donors. Such donations should be collected in the name of CM Relief Fund but not private trusts. Businessmen and even big companies were being terrified because of extortion by followers of Vijayasai, who was behaving like the Chief Minister of North Coastal Andhra.

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Is Jagan ‘Sudda Pappu’? Venkanna asks Vijayasai


AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy found it very difficult to read and pronounce some Telugu words in one of his latest speeches. Jagan was reading from a text but he slipped his tongue and pronounced ‘nirakshrasyatha’ as ‘niraarakshatha’ and ‘jeevithanni’ as ‘deevithanni’. TDP firebrand MLC Buddha Venkanna took this golden opportunity and began a scathing attack on the YCP MP Vijayasai Reddy.

Venkanna asked Vijayasai to clarify whether he would now describe CM Jagan as ‘sudda pappu’. Just for a minor slip, Vijayasai called Lokesh as ‘pappu’. Referring to this, Venkanna asked whether Jagan should be branded as an illiterate going by his inability to read ‘niraksharasyatha’.

The TDP MLC has linked the video of CM video. The Twitter war between Vijayasai and TDP leaders is reaching a new low. Vijayasai is using words like ‘pappu’ and ‘ummi veyinchukunnaru’ frequently. The TDP is making an equally bitter attack.

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Buddha Venkanna good bye to Twitter war


TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna has decided to stop his Twitter confrontation with MP Kesineni Nani. At the same time, he has indicated that he will not even react to any further tweets from his rival. Venkanna said that Chandrababu gave him MLC post as he is a backward classes leader. His decision comes amid Nani’s ultimatum.
Meanwhile, YCP Vijayawada leader Potluri V Prasad made satire of the TDP internal fight. He advised rivals to attend to people’s problems rather than sitting in seats and growing their buttocks. Even the BJP is closely following the Twitter war between TDP leaders. The party is waiting eagerly to win over unhappy leaders and dissidents from other parties.

Analysts say that Nani is just creating controversies within the party out of sheer frustration over lack of weightage to his word on issues relating to Vijayawada West assembly segment. Despite this, Nani has no immediate plans to resign from TDP. Leaders like Nani are immediate target of BJP which wants to expand its base in Andhra immediately.

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Buddha Venkanna’s counter on YCP betting


Political circles are full of rumours that many gangs are going around challenging others for betting on winning chances of YCP and TDP. These gangs are carrying loads and loads of money with them. They are placing bets on the certain victory of YCP and that Jaganmohan Reddy will become the chief minister. In a strong counter to this, TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna said that Jagan is bringing out most of his ill-gotten money hidden in his Idupulayapaya estate bunkers.

Venkanna further expressed happiness that Jagan’s ill-gotten money was in fact belonging to the public and now this money was flowing back to the people in different ways – first in the forms of cash gratification to voters and now in the name of betting. The TDP MLC accused Jaganmohan Reddy of spending over Rs. 8,000 crore money from out of his huge reserves he amassed during his father YSR’s rule.

Venkanna asserted that Jagan’s tactics of using money and muscle power did not work in this election. The voters had given their support to CM Chandrababu Naidu who is ruling the state like Lord Sriramachandra of Indian mythology. Venkanna said that Jagan’s evil strategies would miserably fail in front of Naidu’s fight for justice and dharma.

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Modi should visit AP only after giving special status: TDP MLC


The Bharatiya Janata Party leaders are busy making arrangements for PM Modi’s public meeting to be held on a massive scale opposite Acharya Nagarjuna University in Guntur district on January 6. They are facing criticism from rivals over their enthusiasm. TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna questioned the wisdom of conducting this public meeting, saying Modi should set his foot on the AP soil only after fulfilling the promise of Special Category Status.

Venkanna’s comments assume importance in the light of the fact that the TDP is bringing increased pressure on the Modi government over non-fulfillment of bifurcation promises and also absence of required fund allocations for the Polavaram and Amaravati capital city projects.Moreover, the TDP leaders are also talking about secret understandings of the BJP and the TRS parties in Telangana early polls that are termed opportunistic. Buddha Venkanna accused Modi of provoking Telangana CM K Chandrasekhara Rao to attack and cause harm to the TDP in AP. He said Modi has been deliberately carrying out activities that are hurting the people of AP in different ways. Venkanna said in creating differences between AP and Telangana, Modi is playing the role of ‘Sakuni’ who became responsible for the ravaging war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas in the Mahabharata.

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Jagan’s talk on corruption 21st Century joke: Govt Whip


The whole world knows Opposition leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy has faced charges and jailed for sometime in the illegal assets cases but what the TDP leaders do not understand is Jagan’s talk on corruption. TDP Government Whip and MLC Buddha Venkanna says it is a 21st Century joke that of all the people, Jagan is giving lectures on corruption forgetting the fact that the assets cases he is facing.

Venkanna advised the YCP leader to choose subjects other than corruption as the people will not forget easily the massive corruption he has resorted to during his father YSR’s regime in the united AP state. With so many black spots on him, Jagan is daring to make charges of liquor and sand mafias and their corruption against the TDP rule. Whenever the YCP leaders try to corner the ruling TDP on corruption and irregularities in projects, it is backfiring on them because of the TDP’s immediate counter attacks.

Jagan has shown to the world his lack of sincerity and capacity by not contesting in Telangana polls and there is no doubt along with Pawan, Jagan has also secretly tied up with the TRS chief KCR who are all led by PM Modi, says Venkanna. This game plans of this secret alliance will be a flop show as the Telangana people have decided to give a chance to People’s Front of Congress and TDP this time, Venkanna says.

He further says these leaders cannot match AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu whose strength as well as weakness are the people of Andhra Pradesh and for whom Naidu is making grand plans for their bright future.

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BJP’s 3 leaders damaging AP interests : Buddha Venkanna


The TDP leaders are hell bent on making BJP a greater villain in the issue of injustice done to AP people. It not only supported state division in Parliament in 2014 but later did not do much to help the fledgling state after coming to power at the Centre.

Now TDP MLC and Government Whip Buddha Venkanna came out with a list of three betrayers among BJP leaders who are doing everything they can to further sabotage AP. Their names are given as MP GVL Narasimha Rao, party state president Kanna Lakshminarayana and MLC Somu Veerraju.

According to Venkanna, these three leaders have no moral right but still they talk a lot about irregularities and corruption in AP. GVL is known for his power-mongering nature and his tendency to make use of leaders in power corridors in Delhi whichever party is in ruling there. GVL has no connect with people at the grassroot level and that his only strength is his ability to spread misinformation, said Venkanna.

With regard to Kanna Lakshminarayana, the TDP MLC says that Kanna has received notices from the CBI in connection with a corruption case. Kanna is known for his strong arm politics and there is evidence of how he got BJP state president post by threatening to quit that party if a decision was made against him.

Buddha Venkanna later attacked Somu Veerraju dismissing him as a serious politician saying that the BJP MLC has no capacity to win a sarpanch seat in a village. Everybody knows how Veerraju has violated dharma of alliance politics in the state by constantly criticising TDP.

In the end, Venkanna concluded by saying that it is under the nose of Narendra Modi that most corruption is going on in India now and that BJP leaders have lost their moral high ground to talk about others in this respect.

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Somu Veerraju should come out of Jagan’s Direction: Buddha Venkanna


TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna took a dig at BJP MLC Somu Veerraju. Earlier in the day, the BJP leader made some stark remarks on the AP CM, who has been expressing his discontentment towards the centre on AP Special Status.

Countering Somu Veerraju’s comments, TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna held a special press meet. In his speech, Buddha Venkanna said, ‘What is more important to you (Somu Veerraju), the interests of the State or the post you hold. You shouldn’t forget the fact that, it is because of CBN you are currently holding this post.

Firstly, I ask you to come out of YS Jagan’s direction and speak in the best of the state and the people of the state. Don’t try to score some brownie points for your political gains.

The Centre has deceived us in the name of ‘Special Package’. They promised to deliver what all has been listed in Special Status, under Special Package. We will not spare anyone if they try to fool us and the people. I request all the minority parties in the nation, to think why this kind of situation has raised. Every one of you should standby Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

We will intensify our fight against the Centre until they fulfil their promises towards the state of Andhra Pradesh.’

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