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“Political war” in Gadwal between Aruna and her nephew MLA!


A “political war” is brewing in Gadwal between firebrand BJP leader DK Aruna and her nephew, Bandla Krishna Mohan Reddy, who is now TRS MLA from Gadwal constituency.

Aruna was elected thrice as MLA from Gadwal constituency from Congress in 2004, 2009 and 2014.

However, TRS candidate Krishna Mohan Reddy defeated Aruna in 2018 Assembly polls.

Later, Aruna quit Congress and joined BJP in 2019 and became national vice-president in BJP.

Aruna is now trying to politically fix her nephew Krishna Mohan Reddy over nursing college lands in Gadwal.

When Aruna was a minister in Congress government between 2009 and 2014, she distributed house pattas to poor in Gadwal over an extent of 30 acres.

However, those lands are lying vacant as the poor failed to build their houses. Now, TRS government has decided to take over those lands to build a nursing college and a hospital.

Aruna is strongly opposing this and waging a battle against TRS MLA Krishna Mohan Reddy for sitting silent on this issue though the government is taking over lands meant for poor.

Krishna Mohan, on the other hand, is supporting government saying that the lands are being taken to build hospital and nursing college and to provide better medical facilities for poor.

Both are trying to gain upper hand over the other raising political heat in Gadwal.

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Secret meet at DK Aruna’s farmhouse: BJP to lure TRS dissidents


Is the BJP in Telangana planning a major Operation Akarsh? It is trying to net disgruntled leaders from both the Congress and the TRS? Has it already prepared a list of the people it wants to bring into the BJP from other parties? Is it targeting the TRS leaders with an eye on the local body constituency MLC polls?

If sources are to be believed, the top brass of the Telangana BJP met at the farmhouse of national vice-president DK Aruna on Saturday evening to discuss the issue. Aruna herself is said to be in touch with several Congress leaders in Telangana. Union Minister Kishan Reddy, party state president Bandi Sanjay, MLAs Raghunandan Rao, Raja Singh, former MPs AP Jitender Reddy and Vivek Venkata Swamy were also present.

The main attraction of the meet was newly elected Huzurabad MLA Eatala Rajender. Eatala is said to be in touch with several dissident TRS leaders. He is said to have given a list of the TRS MLAs, MLCs and others who are not happy with the way the things are going on in the TRS. He has reportedly been asked to get in touch with them.

Meanwhile, the BjP has decided to put off the second phase of Bandi Sanjay’s yatra. The much-touted Million March of the Unemployed too has been deferred. Sources say the postponement is due to the election code imposed due to the MLC elections.

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D.K.Aruna creates ‘neutral group’ in BJP!


The BJP in Telangana is already hit by ‘group politics’.

After Banji Sanjay took over as BJP Telangana president in April 2020, the ‘group politics’ intensified.

Party leaders and cadre hailing from Backward Classes rallied behind Bandi Sanjay.

But senior BC leaders like Dr K.Laxman, who was president of Telangana BJP, prior to Bandi Sanjay, are not happy at Bandi Sanjay’s elevation as state party president.

With this, senior BC leaders are staying away from Bandi Sanjay.

Until Bandi Sanjay took over, the Telangana BJP used to be dominated by upper castes like Reddys, Brahmins like G.Kishan Reddy, K.Ramachander Rao etc.

These upper-caste leaders formed another ‘group’ in BJP and doing group politics.

Now latest, it is being speculated in BJP circles that DK Aruna, senior leader, who quit Congress to join BJP in 2019, has formed a new group.

This group is reportedly called a ‘neutral group’ in which all leaders and cadre who are opposed to Bandi Sanjay group and Kishan Reddy group are joining and extending support to DK Aruna.

This group mainly consists of leaders who defected from Congress and TRS just before 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

It remains to be seen how party command controls group politics in Telangana BJP and makes them work together to come to power in Telangana in 2023 December Assembly polls.

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BJP asks KCR to lie-down across RDS canal to stop water to AP!


BJP national vice president DK Aruna on Wednesday demanded Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao to take steps to close the right canal of RDS project and to protect the interests of the people of old Palamuru district.

She said that if required Chief Minister and his MLAs should lie-down across the right canal and should stop illegal diversion of water from RDS to Andhra Pradesh.

Alleging that Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao has a tacit understanding with AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, she reminded that KCR has stated in the past that he would turn drought prone Rayalaseema of AP into a prosperous area.

She criticised that the Chief Minister was not bothered even though the interests of the old Palamuru district were undermined with the irrigation projects of AP. She said TRS MLAs said that they would wage a war against AP government for illegal diversion of water and now time has come for them to keep their word.

She alleged that the Chief Minister was not caring an iota about the irrigation projects of old Palamuru district. The government was unable to stop the illegal projects on Krishna River being taken up by AP government and moreover he has been blaming the BJP for the issues.

“Whenever some issue goes out of the hand, the Chief Minister blames the Centre and claims credit for successes. The Chief Minister should stop these dramas immediately. Old Palamuru district has been meted out with lot of injustice during the rule of TRS,” Aruna stated.

She said that Telangana has been achieved to stop the loot of water, funds and jobs by the Andhra people. Even though state has been formed, TS government was unable to stop loot of water by AP government.

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TRS banks on KCR magic to defeat Congress in Gadwal segment


TRS Minister and KCR nephew T. Harish Rao is paying special attention to the politically sensitive Gadwal assembly segment in Mahboohnagar district. He is leading from the front the electioneering in this segment to secure victory for the party candidate Krishnamohan Reddy. This is the third time that Krishnamohan is challenging his mother-in-law D.K. Aruna, who is senior leader contesting on Congress ticket.

Aruna has become known for her fiery, angry comments against KCR and she is considered a firebrand woman leader in Congress circles. Coming from a long political family, Aruna is very assertive and she first contested from Gadwal on Samajwadi Party ticket after the Congress denied ticket to her in 2004. She won in the first attempt itself and continued her success journey in the next two elections as well in 2009 and 2014.

This is the fourth time that Aruna is aiming to win Gadwal segment. She is asserting that all the development presently seen in Gadwal has taken place under her leadership as minister in the past. Her serious comments against KCR has made her as one of the main targets for TRS party. Aruna is facing criticism from some sections who say that her strong family background has made her inaccessible to people.

TRS candidate Krishnamohan is making every effort to defeat Congress on the strength of development brought in by TRS government. He is referring to Rs. 45 crore worth 350-bed hospital and also Rs. 800 crore project to supply protected water to Gadwal area. Krishnamohan is making special mention of diversion of Krishna river water through KC Canal and Pothireddypadu projects. He blames Aruna for silently allowing this diversion by Andhra leaders though she was the minister at that time.

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Revanth removes cloak from Telangana politics


Firebrand TDP MLA Revanth Reddy removed the cloak from the Telangana politics exposing the caste contours clearly. He said TRS government was targeting the Reddys, a social group which is generally seen as the rival to TRS in politics. Ever since Congress lost the 2014 election and TRS formed the government, Reddys are worried of their removal from the political power. All attempts have been made to re-consolidate the Reddy as a political force in the new state. In an attempt to bring all the prominent Reddys together, a conference also was held in Ravindra Bharati. But all this was cloaked in different jargons. Now, Revanth Reddy, on Saturday, reacting to the attack on Ch Rammohan Reddy in Mahabubnagar Zilla Parishat meeting by TRS MLA Guvvala Balaraju, said Telangana government was targeting all Reddys, including himself (for having trapped him in cash-for-vote sting operation by T-ACB).

This is for the first that Telangana politics have been made to seem Reddy versus TRS (Velama).Revanth cited three instances in which Reddys were targeted. One, the attack on Wanaparthy MLA G Chinnareddy in March this year; two, TRS minister Jupalli Krishna Rao stalling S Rajinder Reddy, Narayanpet TDP MLA; three, slapping of Rammohan Reddy by Guvvala Balaraju. He even cited the case booked against home minister Nayani Narasimhan Reddy’s son-in-law as the attack on Reddys. What Revanth made was not a sudden announcement. It was the explosion of pent up anger among the Reddys since day one, when TRS formed the government under the leadership of K Chandrasekhar Rao.

Evolution of Reddy versus Velama politics

1.Even though TRS wave swept the Telangana in 2014, all prominent and militant Reddys weathered it successfully.

2. All these Reddys are concentrated mostly in Ranga Reddy, Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda and Hyderabad districts. These district form a separate geography of South Telangana.

3. In these districts Congress and BJP emerged stronger than TRS. Even those Reddys who lost the elections are vocal and militant like Nagam Janardhan Reddy etc.

4. First, Congress MLAs noticed a sort of discrimination against the Reddy region by KCR regime. But instead of calling this as discrimination against Reddys, they carefully, constructed a theory called South ( of Reddys) and North ( of Velamas) divide.

5. MLAs DK Aruna and G Chinna Reddy raised the South voice in Assembly and outside as discrimination against Southern districts.

6. Chinna Reddy beautifully constructed a cultural divide between South and North Telanganas.

7 .According to Chinna Reddy, who is popular as Chinnanna, ruling TRS was trying to force the culture of the northern districts upon people of South Telangana.

8.Names of schemes were being borrowed from North Telangana. He says Bathukamma is being thrust on South Telangana. He objected the naming water tanks restoration scheme as ‘Mission Kakatiya’. According to Chinnareddy Kakatiyas built water tanks only in North Telangana.

9. Bonalu, Chinna Reddy says, is the major festival of South Telangana. Though the TRS government declared both as state festivals, it is unduly skewed in favor of Bathukamma and Bonalu given minor attention.

On Saturday, Revanth Reddy removed this cultural cloak of geographical division by making it look like an assault on Reddy social group by Velama TRS.

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Threat to YSR Legacy in TS: Jagan’s Intriguing Silence


In Telangana, politics always makes strange bedfellows. The enemies forget their past and embrace, and the very next moment brandish the swords to cut throats. This is how politics flourished in the region and going to flourish in future as well. Otherwise, YSR Congress can’t be expected of maintaining deafening silence even though chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is destroying  the traces of YS Rajasekhar Reddy from the soil of Telangana.

A leader, who never fails to refer to the name of Maha Neta (this is how YS Jaganmohan Reddy addresses his father) has been silent in Telangana on the annihilation of YSR’s projects. Why is it that Jaganmohan Reddy, who wants to build his political empire on the legacy of his father, is winking at the acts of destruction of YSR legacy? Is it just because, he wants to take help of chief minister Chandrasekhar Rao, in weakening TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu. His silence lends credence to the talk that Jagan is in league with KCR.

As Jagan is silent, Congress is owning up YS Rajasekhar Reddy in the new state to derive political advantage.

1. Neither Jagan nor his sister Sharmila in her tour in Telangana last month asked if there was need to abandon the Pranahita-Chevella project,  which was the dream-project of YS Rajasekhar Reddy. YRS laid foundation for the project in 2008 and works have been taken up spending thousands of crores of taxpayers money.

It is the Congress which alleged that KCR was obliterating the YSR legacy.  They charged that  KCR had abandoned the project just because it had been initiated by Rajasekhar Reddy.

2. Entire Mahabubnagar district is up against KCR government for setting aside four irrigation projects, Nettempadu, Kalwakurthi, Koilsagar and Bhima in favor of a new project Palamuru-Raga Reddy lift irrigaton project. Congress sounded war bugle against ignoring the project which are in the final stages of completion. According to G Chinna Reddy (MLA Vanaparthi), DK Aruna (MLA, Gadwala), Bhatti Vikramaraka (TPCC working president) a meager allocation of Rs 500 cr – Rs 600 cr was enough to complete these projects.

“If completed, these projects would helpirrigate 8 lakh acres in the district,” Bhatti told Telugu360.com. A meeting of Congress leaders held  two days ago at DK Aruna’s residence had decided that Congress leaders visit these projects on July 24 and July 25 to study their status and place facts before the people, Bhatti said.

However, from the YSR Congress side, except the lone MP Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy(Khammam), no other leader reacted against  the abandonment of Pranahita-Chevella project in Telangana which people of Adilabad fear would deny water to their district. While the party president Jagan is not keen to  rub KCR on wrong side, as a party, YSRC also failed to take a view on the KCR’s decision. Jagan made a feeble voice only once against the taking up of Palamuru-Ranga Reddy Lift Irrigation Project some time back with out referring the four project ignored by TRS government.

Jagan’s inaction on the projects is being attributed to  the purported political understanding he has with KCR. Since Jagan sees little future for his party in Telangana, he seems to have settled for an undeclared alliance with KCR, who is hell bent on driving  away Naidu from Hyderabad.

Strangeness of these political games is that KCR and Naidu were friends in  2009 elections and the fell apart after the drubbing at elections. KCR hated YSR to the bone. As long as YSR was in power, KCR did not dare talk Telangana. Later , Jagan openly opposed Telangana. Now, KCR and Jagan  are not enemies, if not friends.





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