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Jayadev complains of fake votes in AP


TDP Parliament member Galla Jayadev on Thursday said that there are a large number of fake voters in Andhra Pradesh. He wanted the government to take action against the officials who enrolled the fake voters in the list to the advantage of the ruling YSR Congress Party.

Participating in the discussion on the Election Commissioners appointment bill in the Lok Sabha on Thursday, Jayadev said that the District Returning Officers in Andhra Pradesh were changing the voter list under the influence of the ruling party. The officials were not following the guidelines of the Election Commission, he said.

He further said that a delegation of the TDP led by party chief N Chandrababu Naidu met the Election Commission officials in Delhi and lodged a complaint. However, so far no action was taken by the election commission to correct the irregularities in the voter list, he said.

He sought to draw the attention of the election commission to correct the mistakes committed by the officials in Andhra Pradesh before the state goes for the next general election. Several TDP supporters’ votes were removed from the list and several fake votes were included, he said. He wanted the officials to check the voter list at the grassroots and make required corrections.

The TDP had lodged a complaint with the officials on the fake votes and the removal of the TDP voters’ names from the list. He also told the Lok Sabha that the officials have found over 13 lakh fake votes in the list.

The TDP MP sought the intervention of the Central government in correcting the voter list in Andhra Pradesh. He also wanted the government to restore democracy in the state and ensure free and fair elections in 2024.

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Chandrababu’s arrest is a black day in AP history, Galla Jayadev tells Lok Sabha


TDP MP, Galla Jayadev, on Monday told the Lok Sabha that the arrest of former chief minister and TDP supremo, Chandrababu Naidu, is merely out of political vendetta and termed it as a black day in the history of Andhra Pradesh.

“Today we can see an unblemished and seasoned leader is arrested and it is a black day in the history of AP. I would like to bring to the attention of the Prime Minister and the Union Minister how law is being broken in the State,” Jaydev told the House.

He made an appeal to both the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister to initiate steps to release Chandrababu Naidu immediately and unconditionally.

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Is Galla quitting active politics to protect business interests?


One thing that went unnoticed in the TDP hullabaloo during Chandrababu Naidu’s recent Delhi visit was that TDP MP from Guntur Galla Jayadev was absent. He was not there with Chandrababu and was nowhere to be seen. While the other two MPs – Rammohan Naidu and Kesineni Nani – were present, Galla was simply not there.

In fact, on every earlier occasion, Galla was a prominent fixture. He used to get the appointments fixed for Chandrababu. But this time around, Galla was conspicuous by his absence. Not just that. He was absent even during the 36-hour Deeksha of Chandrababu Naidu at Mangalagiri. Interestingly, the area where the protest was held comes under Guntur Lok Sabha constituency represented by Galla Jayadev.

Of late, Galla has been keeping a low profile. He has been silent ever since the YSRCP targeted his businesses. The YSRCP government cancelled the land allocation to the Amara Raja Batteries that Galla family owns. It also sent a closure notice to the unit alleging that it was polluting the villages. Cases were also booked against him and his family members on charges of land grabbing.

Some reliable sources revealed that Galla was contemplating quitting politics as business interests came first for him. He is planning to leave active politics behind and focus on his businesses.

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Business interests forcing Jay Galla to go silent?


Why has Guntur TDP MP Galla Jaidev suddenly fallen silent? Why is he not active in his constituency? Why is he not organising any programmes these days? Why is he not reacting to any happening? These are the questions that the TDP activists in Guntur Lok Sabha constituency are asking these days. There are also rumours that he is all set to take a sabbatical from politics.

Highly placed sources say that Galla has lost interest in Guntur. Sources say that he wants to contest from Chandragiri assembly constituency, which is his mother Galla Aruna’s borough. They say that he is interested in state politics and has no interest in national affairs. The sources say that in Modi’s regime, political lobbying is not possible and furthering business interests as an MP is not possible. Being an MP was both fashionable and beneficial earlier. But not anymore under Modi rule.

According to some political observers, Galla Jayadev wants to remain low key for some time in view of the attacks on his businesses by the ruling YSRCP. The Jagan government has already closed down his units in Chittoor district saying that they were causing pollution. To minimise the attacks and to protect his interest, Galla has fallen silent.

Interestingly, even Chandrababu Naidu is not talking about Galla Jay. He has neither criticised or backed Galla on the issue of attacks on his business interests. Meanwhile, some say that Galla Jay is planning to move away from politics and focus on his business interests. Let’s wait and see how things pan out.

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Jagan next target Jayadev and Amara Raja


In the last few days, the Government has been targetting the TDP leaders one by one. Dhulipalla Narendra was arrested. Social media case was filed against Devineni Uma. Now, the Jagan Reddy Government has targetted TDP Guntur MP Galla Jayadev and his family owned Amara Raja Batteries. Taking its revenge game a step forward, the Government got the electricity officials to stop power supply to the industries of Amara Raja Batteries located near Tirupati in the Chittoor district.

The power supply was cut off and closure notices were issued to the MP’s industries, saying that the AP Pollution Control Board has found violations in pollution control norms by the industries. However, the officials have indicated in their notices that the Amara Raja management may negotiate the issue with them.

Of late, the YCP is bringing greater pressure on the officials of different wings to coerce the TDP leaders. In the past, the YCP leaders issued political threats to Galla Jayadev not to get actively engaged in the TDP protest programmes. Jayadev has been in the forefront of the Amaravati Capital City agitation.

Nearly 16,000 employees are dependent on Amara Raja Batteries and another 20,000 derive indirect employment opportunities. The Amara Raja management has however clarified that they have conformed to the pollution norms.

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Jayadev plea in Lok Sabha for Amaravati in Central list


TDP MP Jayadev Galla has raised the issue of Andhra Pradesh Capital shifting despite protests from the people. He urged the Parliament to include the Capital City related issues of any State in the Central list so that the Central Government can take a final and conclusive decision on such matters.

Jayadev told the Lok Sabha that as of now, Amaravati or any State Capital issue is not included in either State or Central or Concurrent list. As a result, there is a lot of confusion resulting in the AP Government changing the Capital City already finalized and developed by the previous regime.

Jayadev told the Central Government that there was the danger of other States also changing Capitals to settle political scores if the unlawful decision of AP is not stalled now.

The TDP MP’s comments in the Parliament came amid the ruling YSRCP MPs’ continued criticism that corruption took place in the Amaravati Capital lands. Jayadev asserted that in the name of land irregularities, the YSRCP Government in AP was bent on shifting the Capital with utter disregard for the laws and the Constitution. Thousands of crores were already spent and thousands of farmers gave their lands for Amaravati but the AP Government was behaving atrociously and ruthlessly.

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AP is India’s number 1 in revenue fall: Jayadev


AP stood first in the entire country by registering a revenue growth decline of 42.7 per cent in the first quarter of this year. Last year, Andhra recorded over 5.9 per cent revenue growth. Global financial companies expressed concern over the dark future lying ahead for Andhra economy. TDP MP and industrialist Galla Jayadev says that the situation is fast worsening because of stopping of all development projects by Jagan Circar. There were massive multi-crore projects during previous Naidu Regime. But now Jagan Reddy is unlikely to restart most projects including Amaravati Capital City.

The Elara Capital Services Company analysed data of CAG on the reasons and impact of recession in different states in India. The company analysts were shocked to see the rock bottom fall in Andhra revenue in just five months of Jaganmohan Reddy rule. The prosperous state of Punjab also saw revenue fall but it’s only 12.5 per cent.

So, AP will get less funds from the Centre because of its poorest performance. Collapse of construction industry in Vijayawada and Guntur is a major reason for the revenue fall.

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Galla Jayadev gets TDP again for Guntur MP seat


AP CM and TDP National President N Chandrababu Naidu gave green signal for sitting MP Galla Jayadev to contest from Guntur MP seat for the second consecutive time. Educated in America and coming from an industrialists’ family, Jayadev has also got the backing of his brother-in-law and film hero Mahesh Babu. His services in criticising the Modi government in the Parliament are recognized by Chandrababu. In the past two days, review meetings were held on segments in Guntur district at the CM camp office at Undavalli. Naidu cleared the name of Jayadev and also those of Dhulipalla Narendra Kumar for Ponnur and Alapati Raja for Tenali assembly segments. Naidu recalled the effective fight given by Jayadev on behalf of the AP state over special status and projects in the Parliament.

The TDP leaders are in an upbeat mood as Naidu has cleared the names for the most important segments of Tenali and Ponnur. Both these segments are known as strongholds of TDP. Interestingly, this time Alapati Raja will face tough fight from YCP candidate and former assembly speaker Nadendla Manohar.
In Ponnur, Dhulipalla Narendras is going to test his luck in getting a double hat trick there in the coming election.

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Galla Jayadev’s impressive record in Parliament


After his impressive speech in Parliament, many people started observing Galla Jayadev statements as well as his excellent track record in Parliament. Official parliament websites will give data about each member of parliament track record in terms of his attendance, number of debates he has participated in, number of questions he asked in parliament and the number of private bills he has introduced in parliament. It is interesting to see Jayadev’s statistics in all these parameters are above the national and state average numbers.

For the sake of comparison, national and state average numbers along with Jayadev and few other members of parliament are mentioned below. While Jayadev has record of surpassing national and state average numbers in all parameters, T. Subbarami Reddy earlier had impeccable record in the number of questions asked and number of private bills introduced. While Chiranjeev is track record is very bad, Dasari Narayana Rao statistics are even dismal. Vijay Sai Reddy KVP Kothapalli Geetha also have decent numbers.

In addition , he has been a member of various committees :

Member, Standing Committee on Commerce

Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Power and Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

Member, Committee on Private Members Bills & Resolutions

Member, Tobacco Board, Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Member, Joint Committee on the Enforcement of Security Interest and Recovery of Debts Laws and Miscellaneous Provision (Amendment) Bill, 2016

Member, Standing Committee on Defence

MP NameAttendanceNumber of debatesNumber of Questions askedNumber of Private bills introduced
National/ Sate average80/7658/35252/2271.8/0.6
Galla Jayadev841054326
Vijaya Sai Reddy987528310
Kothapalli Geetha97825990
JD Seelam88871930
Sujana Chowdary78503690
Dasari Narayana Rao13000
T. Subbirami Reddy7197175226
KVP Ramachandra Rao85449474

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Tussle between J C Pavan & Galla Jayadev costs AP National Games


The tussle between J C Diwakar Reddy’s son Pavan Reddy and Guntur MP Galla Jayadev over recognizing the Andhra Pradesh Olympic Association costed the state 37th National games. GoAP will not be able to host next national games and may have to wait just about a decade to fulfil the fantasy.

The 36th National games for 2018 has been allotted to Goa, 37th to Chattisgarh, 38th to Uttarakhand by the Indian Olympic Association(IOA). Even though the 39th and 40th editions have not yet been disclosed, as per the sources of DC, at least till 2025 AP will not be given a chance to host.

N Chandrababu Naidu asserted that 2019 national games will be held in Vijayawada, Vishakapatnam and Tirupati. The possible reason for the setback is due to the differences between Sports authority of Andhra Pradesh(SAAP) and Andhra Pradesh Olympic association(APOA).

APOA blames SAAP and GoAP for not recognizing the team headed by Galla and deliberately supporting the rival association. As per reports, AP won the bid for 37th games, but GoAP did not send confirmation to IOA.

It may be recalled that Pavan knocked the doors of the court alleging that Galla, floated a parallel APOA using his relations with IOA and taking advantage of the state bifurcation, even though the APOA has been in existence since 1960. IOA recognised Galla’s association ignoring the longstanding one.

AP desired to host the 36th national games in association with Goa, considering that may not be able to allot the budget. It also planned everything, but recently the state has allotted about Rs230 crore.

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