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Pawan Kalyan’s stance on reservations is puzzling


Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan said that Telugu Desam Party has to give reservation to Kapus without any further delay. On the contrary he also said that, it is reprehensible that reservations are being discussed even now, though Dr B R Ambedkar aspired for reservation free India.

He said that the present situation has come up because of the poor implementation of the reservations. If this is the way forward, Kalyan held that reservations needs to be given even for higher castes. He requested the well-to-do families and IAS, IPS officers to give up on reservation, the way he did when he was young.

On the other hand, the actor-cum-politician said that TDP has to ensure that the implementation of kapu reservation and compared it with the special status issue which was guaranteed during elections. The Jana Sena Chief asked the government to clarify its stance whether it will give reservation or not instead of swaying the issue.

Kalyan said that the need for reservation has gone past social backwardness and now financial backward people need quota. Nevertheless, he said that he will clarify his stance on reservations only in 2018.

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Jana Sena and Lok Satta to tag along Left Parties against TDP and YSRCP


CPI State Secretary K Ramakrishna said that CPI, CPM, Lok Satta and Jana Sena will unite on one stage to fight against the ruling TDP and opposition YSRCP. He held that Pawan Kalyan said that Jana Sena would work along with the Left parties.

Speaking at Guntur on Monday, Ramakrishna alleged that Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and Opposition Leader Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy are petrified of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He demanded reply from Jagan for supporting NDA Presidential candidate Ramnath Kovind.

CPI state secretary said that Kovind who follows the RSS principles and in the past said Muslims and Christians do not require reservation, may not safeguard the constitution after becoming the President of the country.

Alleging several frauds under the TDP rule, Ramakrishna demanded CBI probe in Vishaka land scam. He deplored that SIT will not do justice to the victims. He condemned the words of Minister Jawahar who said beer is good for health and demanded explanation from the chief minister. CPI extended support to women who are fighting against the new liquor policy.

CPI state council meeting to be held in Ongole on July 17-18 will discuss on the anti-people policies of the government and subsequent steps to stage direct protests will be strategized.

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Pawan Kalyan extends support to Congress rally

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan extended his support to Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee’s (APCC) rally today at Guntur demanding Special Category status (SCS). The actor-turned politician however said that due to short notice he will not be able to make it to the venue and share the stage with Rahul Gandhi and other prominent leaders.

Kalyan after about a month of absence, returned to twitter accept the invite extended by Raghuveera Reddy, who in his open letter invited YSRCP leader Jagan Mohan Reddy and Jana Sena Supremo to participate in the public meeting. Furthermore, the Jana Sena chief asked every political party to join the fight for SCS, indirectly applauding congress for bringing all the leaders under “one common dias”. He conveyed best wishes to Raghuveera Reddy and hoped that the public meeting achieves the intended goal.

It may be noted that APCC is gearing up for Prateyka Hoda Bharosa Sabha demanding the implementation of SCS for the state as per the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act 2014. Congress called for all the parties to unite for protest against NDA to join them at Muslim College at Guntur along with Vice-President Rahul Gandhi.

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Pawan Kalyan has to stand up and take charge


Konidela Pawan Kalyan marched against his brother and courageously established Jana Sena, which stiffened the spines of other politicians. But Jana Sena Army is unable to take charge in creating the revolution it projected to do. Nara Lokesh is addressing problems of people on twitter. The rate at which the problems are being acknowledged and solved is faster than the rate at which Jana Sena issues press releases inked by Kalyan. Even YSRCP ensures that it is available for people in some way or the other. It’s high time for Jana Sena to do right things over easy things.

Almost all the political parties in the state are visible and take a stand either by opposing or acknowledging happenings. Kalyan takes forever to decide on which topic he should speak. The pace at which Jana Sena recruitment is happening will surely give competition to government job recruitments process.

The chilli farmers are facing crisis for quite sometime now. Was Hindi Chauvinism more important topic than farmers? Was responding to Tarun Vijay’s comment critical than addressing sand mafia?

It would be better if Kalyan stops sitting on the fence and starts picking sides. It will give a chance for people to evaluate the stance of his party. This neutral outlook in critical situations is not going to help the victims. The ultimate measure of Jana Sena is not where Kalyan chooses to stand but the party’s policies during challenging situations. There is no point in having conversations with Harvard political strategists when the core idea of setting up the party “to question the government” is not being religiously followed.

Even google image search returns his pictures in top five when searched for a part-time politician. The actor keeps snoozing off which is not suitable for a person who aims to be in full-time politics. The last time he was called “part-time politician” he accused TDP leaders of being part-time politicians who are available full-time and more visible. Nara Lokesh resigned on paper to Heritage and responds to almost every incident.

At least hire temporary employees to act on behalf of the party till the recruitment is completed. The ultimate measure of a party is not where it chooses to stand but where it stands during challenges. People will start ignoring a part-timer who makes random statements without being aware of the state’s political developments. In democracy, people are going to rate Kalyan as politician, they might hate him, shake and break his party, but how strong and quickly the Jana Sena Chief reflects back on issues is what makes him a leader.

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Anam Viveka to join Jana Sena?


TDP leader and previously congress hat-trick MLA Anam Vivekananda Reddy is apparently going to bid goodbye to the ruling party in AP. Reports surfaced that he would defect into YRSCP. But migration into JanaSena is also on cards. Speculations are that party leaders are already in consultations with Anam Viveka and he may soon meet the party chief Pawan Kalyan.

Ever since the Anam brothers switched sides from congress to TDP, there was a discontent and constant affronts. They were not invited to the party meetings in the district. Recently the Anam brothers even skipped the vital party coordination committee meeting which added fuel to the stories. Buzz in Nellore is that Viveka will defect to JanaSena. Anam sources did not deny these rumors either.

YCP Ongole MP Y V Subbareddy invited the Anam family into the party. They demanded Nellore ticket to be given to AC Subba Reddy for which the YCP seemed reluctant. So, the family is considering going towards JanaSena.

But Pawan Kalyan speeches about party membership seemed otherwise. Jana Sena sounded more like giving opportunities to the newbies. However, if the party is to get ready for snap elections, there can be chances for turncoats in the party.

Last year in January Anam brothers Ramnarayana reddy and Vivekananda Reddy switched to TDP. Naidu promised Athmakuru ticket and MLC ticket to the brothers. But for MLC ticket Viveka’s name was not even considered. Viveka won three times in Nellore when he was in congress. But in 2014 his son Anam Chenchu Subba Reddy contested elections only to lose from Nellore.

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Pawan’s new found enemy: the BJP!


(Ramesh Kandula)

Pawan Kalyan, at last, found his political enemy. It is the BJP, besides the Congress of course.

The Jana Sena leader launched a no-holds barred attack against BJP for denying special status to Andhra Pradesh. The state is being looked down by the north Indian-centric BJP, he said.

Time and again, the saffron party humiliated Seemandra people, he thundered.

That is about the only clarity that Pawan gave during his hour-long speech, delivered in fits and starts.

He was mildly critical of the TDP, and did not dwell much on YSR CP. He mentioned several times how he had helped BJP-TDP combine in Andhra Pradesh during the 2014 election campaign.

As can be expected, Pawan once again came across as a rebel without any ideological base, a man burdened by too much thought, but no concrete plan of action.

The speech, attended by a large gathering in Kakinada, is marked by the usual Pawan-mark hysterical declamations, spurts of emotional outbursts and characteristic vehemence.

It is mostly a meandering speech with not much coherence. As is his wont, Pawan got carried away by his own personality, indulging in chest thumping in place of logical, point by point rebuttal of any criticism against him.

TDP and Chandrababu Naidu may feel relieved that the maverick actor-turned-politician chose not to target them. Besides, Pawan’s firing guns at the Centre will only help it put more pressure on Modi.

However, the fans-turned-Jana Sena-activists are likely to get a confused message as Pawan did not clearly spell out the future course of action.

But one outcome of Pawan’s meet is clear – his ties with BJP are snapped for good. He is all set to take up cudgels against the party whom he had supported not long ago against the wishes of his own brother Chiranjeevi.

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Pawan is Ignoramus: Raghuvira Hits Back


In a quick reaction AP Congress  expressed dismay at the ignorance Pawan was displaying day in and day out about the politics of the state. APCC president N Raguvira Reddy said Powan’s reactions suffer from paucity of information.

“Congress Party has been  continuously fighting for Special Status for One year. Right from Madam Sonia ji, and entire state Congress cadre is involved in the fight. It will continue till the special status achieved. Whey was Pawan whey we were collecting one crore signatures to exert pressure on center fof special status. Pavan Kalyan  is making comments against  Congress, may be, due to of lack information.  ,” Dr. N.Raghuveera Reddy said and added that he was ignorant of Congress activities.

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Where is Prashninche Pawan Kalyan?


The opposition YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh is ensuring that no stone is left unrolled in cash for vote scam. The party that is making best use of the issue is not only taking on TDP and its supremo Chandrababu Naidu but even its allies.
YSRCP legislator, Sridhar Reddy has questioned as to where Pawan Kalyan who came with the motto “Prashninchadaniki” (meaning to question) when TDP’s leaders allegedly involved in cash for vote scam.
It is known that Pawan Kalyan had set up Janasena party that supported BJP and subtly Chandrababu Naidu in Telugu states. Why Pawan Kalyan is remaining mute over the issue is not only being questioned by YSRCP but even common people.
Let us wait and watch if this power star will now at least condemn cash for vote episode.

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