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Pawan Kalyan’s party to step up agitation against Vizag Steel Plant privatisation


The Jana Sena Party (JSP) has warned that it would soon get into action mode in the agitation against the disinvestment of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant.

Stating that the time is right for taking the next step in the agitation, JSP leader Nadendla Manohar said on Tuesday that party president Pawan Kalyan will meet with workers’ unions next month.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Manohar said that Pawan Kalyan has conveyed the party’s stand on the issue to the BJP leadership in Delhi. The JSP is optimistic that its ally will act positively to secure the employment opportunities of the people of the state.

The Central government’s moves on disinvestment in the Visakhpatnam Steel Plant have been met with opposition from all quarters in Andhra Pradesh, with the employees continuously holding protests on the issue.

Pointing out that the JSP has been patient for so long, Manohar said the party will now get into direct action mode.

Taking a dig at Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy for his alleged non-confrontational approach with the Central government over the issue, Manohar said that JSP leader Kalyan has no need to compromise.

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Strange politics: Why are both TDP, YSRCP courting Jana Sena?


The MPTC election may have been a cakewalk for the YSRCP and the Jana Sena may have done extremely dismally. But, there is one place in AP, where Jana Sena has done interestingly well. It was won 4 seats out of the 17 seats. On its own it cannot get its MPP elected. But, its support is absolutely necessary for any party to win the MPP seat.

In West Godavari’s Atchanta mandal praja parishad, the TDP won seven seats, two short of a majority. The YSRCP has got six seats, three short of the half-way mark. With four MPTCS, the Jana Sena is in a crucial position. Its support has become crucial for both the TDP and the YSRCP. Both the parties are now trying to woo the Jana Sena. To prevent poaching of its MPTCs, the Jana Sena has shifted them to a secret place.

The TDP too has shifted all its victorious MPTCs to an unknown destination. The YSRCP has deployed minister Cherukuwada Sriranganatha Raju and former minister Pithani Satyanarayana have camped in Atchanta to lure the MPTCs from other parties. With this the politics in Atchanta have hotted up.

Thus the Jana Sena, which has been rejected lock stock and barrel elsewhere in the state and has not even reached double digits has become very important here in Atchanta. Let’ wait and see which way the Jana Sena go!!

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Janasena constructive politics on AP roads appreciated by all


Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan taking up the issue of Andhra Pradesh roads is appreciated by all irrespective of their political parties. AP CM Jagan also reviewed the condition of the roads and finally there’s a statement from government that road repair works will be taken up after October. However, Pawan pointed out the loop holes in this statement. Details as follows

It is known news that Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has given a call to his fans to post pictures of roads of the state. There was tremendous response for this and almost 6.2 lakh people tweeted on this issue. Pawan also also asked his fans to consolidate the information related to roads so that party can fight till each and every road is repaired. YSRCP leaders initially tried to criticise Pawan on this issue but as they understood it is backfiring, they kept quite. AP CM Jagan reviewed the condition of the roads and gave a statement that, after October, when rains stop, governments will call for tenders to repair roads.

However Pawan found fault with this statement and told if the government starts tender process in October, repair world may not complete by next January also. If the government is really concerned, they would have planned in such a way that repair works will start by October itself. But anyway, Pawan taking up this issue and his constructive politics regarding this issue are appreciated by all.

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#JSPForAP_Roads super hit, govt in damage control mode


Fans of Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan responded to his call on exposing the condition of Andhra Pradesh Roads and made the hashtag #JSPForAP_Roads trending at 5th place at national level. This has put government of AP in an embarrassing situation. Details as follows

Andhra Pradesh has approximately 1.2 lakh kilometre long roads. However, since last two years, the condition of roads of Andhra Pradesh is very bad and there have been complaints from people to repair the roads. But the officials were helpless due to the lack of funds. It seems diverting the funds allotted for the purpose to welfare schemes is the root cause of the issue. Pawan Kalyan precisely wanted to highlight this fact and stated that even the funds allotted from central government for roads under various PM schemes of Sadak Yojana also not utilised for the roads. He gave call to his fans to take a picture of the roads and posted on Twitter .

The response for this was huge and it is not only from his fans but also from the common people who are suffering due to the bad condition of roads. Almost 3,00,00 pictures of the roads have been posted on Twitter. Even the women posted selfie pictures with damaged roads. But YSRCP leaders like Ramakrishna Reddy are criticising Pawan for exposing this issue. It seems Andhra Pradesh government is in damage control mode on this issue.

we need to wait and see whether Andhra Pradesh government will take some action and repair the roads or not.

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Jagan-Kishan meet upsets Jana Sena


The Jana Sena is said to be deeply upset over the bonhomie between its ally, the BJP and arch rival, the YSRCP. How can BJP’s union minister G Kishan Reddy call on YS Jagan Mohan Reddy while on a party tour, this is what the Jana Sena is asking. The Jana Sena wants to know why Kishan Reddy met Jagan at a time when the Jana Sena is fighting Jagan’s governance and policies tooth and nail.

Recently, during his Jana Asheervad Yatra, which is essentially party programme aimed at promoting the policies and principles of the BJP, Kishan Reddy called on YS Jagan and had a meeting with him. In fact, the neither the BJP nor Kishan Reddy keep the alliance partner Jana Sena in the loop while meeting YS Jagan. Normally, when meeting arch rival like Jagan, the BJP should have discussed the issue with the Jana Sena. But, the BjP did nothing of that sort. This has rankled the Jana Sena.

The Jana Sena is of the opinion that at a time when the BjP and the Jana Sena are waging a relentless war against YS Jagan, such meeting will send a wrong signal. The Jana Sena has been opposing Jagan’s three-capital move and several other schemes. It has also questioned YS Jagan for not taking adequate care of the poor and the marginalised people. Even in Tirupati and local body polls, both the Jana Sena and the BjP have opposed YSRCP. Given all these, how can Kishan Reddy meet Jagan without informing the ally Jana Sena?

If sources are to be believed, Jana Sena top leadership is now planning to discuss the issue with the BjP’s national leadership and if it doesn’t get a satisfactory reply, it would even consider breaking the alliance with the BJP, sources said. With this kind of cross relationship, there is no point in continuing the alliance, the Jana Sena leaders said .

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Why did Pawan Kalyan, Somu Veerraju suddenly meet in Vijayawada?


Why did Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan and BJP AP state president Somu Veerraju meet suddenly in a Vijayawada hotel for well over two hours in a Vijayawada hotel? While both the parties have not come out with any statement, the meeting is quite significant as it has come at a time when the relations between the two parties are developing severe strains and there are reports that the Jana Sena is looking towards the TDP.

If highly placed sources are to be believed, both the parties wanted to show that they are united despite the differences. They also wanted to send a clear message that they may not move closer to the TDP anytime soon. That the meeting was attended by the likes of BJP co-convener Sunil Deodhar, senior leader Daggubati Purandeswari and Jana Sena’s Nadendla Manohar shows that this was no mere courtesy meet. Sources say this was a clear signal that the leaders of the two parties want to stay together and also that there is no immediate chance of an alignment with the TDP as was being speculated in a section of media.

Sources said that any realignment of political forces such as joining hands with the TDP is not going to prove useful at this juncture. The Jana Sena wants to adopt a wait-and-watch approach for some more time. The alignment, if any, would be feasible only in 2023, the Jana Sena thinking heads feel. The BJP and Jana Sena for now have reportedly decided to launch common programmes to counter the YSRCP.

Ever since the Tirupati debacle, distance has grown between the two parties. Both have been organizing programmes separately. Post the recent visit of BJP incharge Shiv Prakash Singh and his stern message to the party leadership, the BJP state president has gone into an active mode again. This meeting is being said to be a part of this new-found activism. What common programmes the two parties would come up with in AP remains to be seen.

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What Eluru civil poll results say about Jana Sena’s future?


Is Jana Sena a spent force in Andhra Pradesh? Is it now on a downward spiral with no hope of a political future? These are the doubts that one gets when seeing the results of the Eluru municipal corporation. Will the party be able to catch the imagination of the people and revive itself?

Eluru is part of the Kapu heartland and Jana Sena was expected to have a strong influence there. In fact, the twin Godavari districts are considered Jana Sena strongholds. But if the results of the Eluru Municipal Corporation are any indication, the party is in for deep trouble. The Kapus clearly have shown no confidence in Pawan Kalyan.

Out of the 34 MLA seats in the twin Godavari districts, the party could win only Razole. Even party chief Pawan Kalyan had lost from Bhimavaram assembly and Lok Sabha seat. The lone victor from Razole – Rapaka Varaprasad – is now with the YSRCP. But the party had hopes of reviving itself in the municipal elections. Eluru being Kapu citadel, Pawan had personally campaigned for the party. But the results, which were out on Sunday, showed that the people have no confidence in the Jana Sena.

Out of the 50 divisions, the YSRCP has won 47, leaving just three to the TDP. The Jana Sena had contested 20 divisions and left 16 to the BJP. The alliance could not contest even the total 50 seats. They have failed to win even a single seat. One can understand the BJP drubbing as the party does not have a base in AP. But, Jana Sena, which is supposed to have a lot of influence on Kapus, has drawn a blank.

It is clear that along with the rest of the state, even Eluru has rejected Jana Sena lock stock and barrel. Post this drubbing, there are indications that even the BJP-Jana Sena alliance might become more fragile. What will Pawan Kalyan do now?

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Straight from Pawan Kalyan’s mouth: RIP Jana Sena Telangana?


Has Pawan Kalyan finally come to the conclusion that it is wise to wind up the Jana Sena Telangana unit? Has he now decided to focus only on Andhra Pradesh? Has he realised that it is difficult to ride two boats at the same time? This is the sense one gets from Pawan Kalyan’s latest chat with the mediapersons.

Speaking recently to mediapersons in Hyderabad he said that it is increasingly becoming difficult for him to focus on party building in Telangana. When asked about the party’s future in Telangana, he said he was lagging behind in the money game and admitted that it was extremely tough to survive in a set up where thousands of crores of rupees are needed for running a party. He added that Telangana does need a motivated, dynamic, ideology run party and felt that youth need to take the lead to change the politics in Telangana.

Political pundits are interpreting Pawan Kalyan’s latest statement as an admission that it is no longer possible for him to sustain the party in Telangana. It also implies that his future focus would be solely on Andhra Pradesh. In fact, Pawan Kalyan has never focused on party-building and organisation building in Telangana. In the 2019 Telangana assembly elections, he had decided not to enter the electoral fray. Even in the case of the recent GHMC elections, after much dilly-dallying, he announced that his party would not contest the elections and that it would back the BJP.

After squandering both the opportunities to build the party in Telangana, he contested in 2019 assembly and Lok Sabha elections in Andhra Pradesh. Needless to say, the result was disappointing and he himself lost from both the seats he had contested. Though his party did slightly better in the panchayat elections in AP, it again forfeited an opportunity by choosing not to contest in Tirupati bypoll.

As of now, he is busy with film making and has several projects on hand. It is likely that his focus will now be only on AP and not on Telangana. So is it RIP Jana Sena Telangana?

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This Jana Sena leader is giving a tough time to YSRCP Minister


Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena is organisationally weak across the state. Despite the enthusiasm of the young cadres, it lacks proper leadership at the grassroots level. Vijayawada West seems to be an honourable exception. Here, a young leader, who fought and lost in 2019 assembly elections, is giving a torrid time to well-entrenched YSRCP leader and endowments minister Vellampalli Srinivas.

Pothina Mahesh, who contested and lost from Vijayawada West against Vellampalli has trained his guns against the minister. He has been making allegations galore against misuse of power and favouritism against Vellampalli. He has highlighted the irregularities in the Kanadadurga temple in Vijayawada, which is part of the minister’s constituency. He has also gone to court against the double increments given to an endowment official, considered close to Vellampalli.

Initially, Vellampalli ignored Mahesh’s tirade. But, as the attack became increasingly intense, he has begun to counter the Jana Sena leader. Strangely, even the TDP is not targeting Vellampalli the way Mahesh is doing. Except for an occasional attack by MP Kesineni Nani, the TDP has been largely silent. But, Mahesh of Jana Sena is carrying on a relentless attack on Vellampalli.

A troubled Vellampalli is now said to be digging up Mahesh’s past and is said to be getting cases filed against his brother’s land dealings. One does not know how far this battle will go, but as of now, Pothina Mahesh is fast emerging as a rebel leader in Vijayawada West. Mahesh has vowed to continue his fight against Vellampalli Srinivas.

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Will TDP-Jana Sena alliance be possible?


A pre-2014 political formation might just come back in AP in the coming days but with a difference. In the runup to the 2014 elections, the TDP paired up with the Jana Sena led by Pawan Kalyan. This was a winning combo. Pawan’s filmi charisma and his strong following among the youths had helped the TDP round off corners and win the elections. Chandrababu’s clever politics also tried to use the alpha factor of Narendra Modi to full benefit.

Thus TDP’s organisational acumen, Pawan Kalyan’s charisma and Modi factor together brought back TDP to power after a gap of 10 years. Because of this mastercombo, the YSRCP had to wait for another five years to have a go at power. In 2019, the combo was broken and each contested separately. As a result, the YSRCP came to power.

Chandrababu has realised this and has tried to bring back the BJP into its fold. But, BJP has firmly refuted these overtures. So, the TDP is now courting the Jana Sena. Even Jana Sena is reportedly unhappy with the way the BJP is taking it for a ride. The BjP has been using Jana Sena as a satellite and nothing more. So, the Jana Sena too is looking to come out of the uncomfortable embrace of the BJP.

Sources say that the TDP feels that if Jana Sena joins hands with it, even the BJP may be forced come into the alliance. If this happens, the TDP-led combine will emerge as a strong force. So as of now, efforts are on to bring Jana Sena and TDP closer. This will also bring together two major social groups into one fold, sources say. Let’s wait and watch how things unfold and see whether the alliance comes through.

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Pawan Kalyan in Modi Cabinet: Who created the rumour?


The biggest buzz in Telugu social media these days is that Pawan Kalyan is all set to become a Central Minister in Modi’s cabinet. There were rumours that he was leaving for Delhi to meet PM Modi. Though it was clear as crystal that Pawan Kalyan is busy as a bee in films, the rumour did rounds and even PK’s biggest supporters began believing it.

The fact is Pawan Kalyan has never confirmed it, nor was he approached by the media to verify the rumour. Neither the BJP nor the Jana Sena spoke about it. No BJP leader has ever said that there would be a cabinet expansion now. Nobody even tried to query as to how Pawan Kalyan would become a minister without becoming at least a Rajya Sabha member. Interestingly, neither the TDP, nor the BJP have the necessary numbers to send him to Rajya Sabha. The other states, where the BjP is in power, have their own long lists of aspirants for Rajya Sabha.

Moreover, with several films under various stages of production, how can Pawan Kalyan devote time for the ministry? Given the fact that Modi is a tough task master and asks for daily work reports from all ministers, can Pawan Kalyan be a mere ornamental minister? Yet, some even went to the extent of saying that both GVL and Sunil Deodhar have escorted Pawan Kalyan to Delhi. The reality is that Pawan did not stir out of his home.

So how did this rumour arise in the first place? Sources said a popular Telugu TV channel has re-published an old story of two years vintage. The people just saw the date of publication and started speculating. So powerful were the stories that even Pawan Kalyan’s media and PR teams too started believing them. It took some time for the people to realise that the media house was pushing a two-year-old story.

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Pawan faults Govt on high costs of remdesivirPawan faults Govt on high costs of remdesivir


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has launched a scathing attack on the Jagan Reddy Government on the issue of shortage of oxygen and Covid treatment facilities. He asked why the Government was failing to provide beds and ambulances to the people in their hour of need. He mocked the statements of the Chief Minister, saying that the people also need the Covid treatment facilities but not just internet and goats.

Senani has criticised and asked what the Government was doing when the virus patients were losing their lives for lack of timely treatment and medicines. How can an average family afford to buy the remdesivir injections when they are sold at over Rs. 40,000 each? Each injection’s original cost is just Rs. 2,250. The blackmarketing is going on unchecked but nobody is trying to stop this.

Pawan Kalyan advised the AP rulers not to turn the State into Rome and not to turn themselves into a kind of Emperor Nero. The rulers have boasted that thousands of ambulances have been made available to the general public. But now, the ground situation is that they are not able to rush the needy patients to the hospitals in time.

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Jana Sena upset with BJP on Tirupati fake voters


Growing doubts are being expressed from all sides going by the way the BJP top leaders at the State and the Central levels handled the Tirupati by-election. The Jana Sainiks are especially angry that the BJP has forcibly taken away the ticket but has eventually failed to give a tough fight. What is more disturbing is that the BJP Delhi leaders themselves have failed to check the influence of large scale ‘bogus voters’ in the bypoll.

Leaders like GVL Narasimha Rao made eloquent speeches before the bypoll that they would prevent the YCP from using the fake voters. All other Opposition parties, including the Jana Sena, thought that the BJP would use the Central Election Commission to put the YCP leaders in their place. At the time of the 2019 election, the Modi regime used the CEC very conveniently to spoil the Chandrababu Naidu show.

However, nothing of that sort happened in the recent Tirupati bypoll. The BJP top leaders were nowhere to be seen after the polling day. BJP candidate K. Ratna Prabha made some complaints and also filed a petition in the High Court, which would be of no immediate help.

Overall, the Jana Sainiks are now feeling totally upset that the BJP has denied them a golden opportunity to damage the Jagan Reddy party.

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Will Jana Sena voters remain loyal to BJP in Tirupati?

It is now only two days for the polling day in the Tirupati parliamentary by-election. As CM Jagan Reddy said, the country’s whole attention is on this bypoll. The April 17 polling has drawn nearer amid rising confrontation between the YCP and the TDP. In the midst of this, the BJP has lost much of its edge with the Jana Sena Party nearly vanishing from the scene in the last and final leg of the campaign.

Though Pawan Kalyan campaigned for the BJP candidate, it was only in the initial days. Thereafter, a real gap developed with the Senani even skipping BJP National President JP Nadda’s election meeting. With this, doubts are being raised now whether the Jana Sainiks would vote for the BJP or not. The Pawan followers were already unhappy over the manner in which the BJP top leaders were not giving the importance that was due to their power star.

If a considerable chunk of Pawan fans and Kapus do not vote for the BJP, then which party will get their support? This has become the big question. The present bypoll has also become a sort of test for Pawan Kalyan and his party loyalty towards the BJP as a whole.

Political circles say that Jagan party is sure to get its expected high majority if the Jana Sainiks favour Dr. Gurumurthy. Else, it is going to be a tight rope walk.

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Pawan Kalyan in Quarantine!


Jana Sena official Twitter handle has shared shocking news saying that Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is in Quarantine. However, in the same tweet, they revealed that it is just a safety measure as his party members, security persons, and others who stay close to Pawan were tested positive.

As a precautionary measure, Pawan met doctors and he is now in quarantine to be extra careful. He has chosen a peaceful entertainment to stay as per the doctor advice.

Also, he is conducting meetings online with his party members to discuss political issues. On the film front, his Vakeel Saab which was recently released is getting love everywhere, though opposition parties are trying to spoil it!


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Pawan Kalyan a ‘mike for hire’, says Andhra minister


Andhra Pradesh Information and Public Relations Minister, Perni Venkataramaiah slammed Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan for his remarks against the state government during the campaign for the by-election to Tirupati Lok Sabha seat.

Alleging that that the actor-politician has been trying to whip up the Hindu sentiments, the minister, addressing a news conference, noted Pawan is campaigning for the BJP, whom he earlier targeted for giving two ‘rotten laddus’ in the name of a special package for the state.

Nani, as the minister is popularly known, said that Pawan is more like a “rental mike, which would be in anyone’s hands that pay for it”. He said that politicising god was not a good thing, and “one that commits such sin shall repay”.

He claimed said that the same Pawan had remained silent when his allies (TDP-BJP government) had demolished numerous temples in Vijayawada city, but is now alleging that 150 temples were destroyed in the state.

Nani remarked there is no other actor than Pawan who brilliantly acts in real life than in reel life. “Although he asked people to question the YSRCP government on irregularities, people are ready to question him over his vague political stand. In 2014, he gave a slogan ‘Congress hatao, desh bachao’ and stood by Chandrababu Naidu and BJP. However, in 2019, he accused the BJP of neglecting southern states and went to polls, joining hands with Communist parties and Mayawati, but again after facing a huge defeat, joined hands with BJP,” the YSRCP leader said.

Countering the allegations in the Y.S. Vivekananda Reddy murder case, Nani wanted to know if Pawan Kalyan is aware that Vivekananda Reddy was assassinated during the reign of his partner Chandrababu Naidu. He said that CBI which is investigating the case is working directly under Home Minister Amit Shah and criticised Pawan Kalyan for being ignorant and in exile.

Further, the minister said that Pawan Kalyan has no commitment towards people or public service, and only comes out during elections to seek votes. He said that Pawan was never there for Kapus and least bothered to stand up for them during “hard times” for them during the TDP regime.

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TDP, BJP, Janasena boycott SEC meet on MPTC, ZPTC polls


The all-party meeting held by AP State Election Commission on Friday (today) to discuss the upcoming MPTC, ZPTC elections turned to be a disaster as major opposition parties of Andhra Pradesh skipped the meeting.

This is the first meeting held by the newly appointed SEC Nilam Sawhney.

The TDP, BJP and Janasena have boycotted the meeting to protest the release of election schedule by the SEC unilaterally even before the all party meeting was held and ignoring the demand raised by opposition parties earlier to issue a fresh notification for the elections.

Nilam Sawhney declared that the elections will be held based on old notification issued in March 2020 when Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar was SEC.

However, Nimmagadda postponed those elections citing corona then.

At that time, there were several allegations against ruling YSRCP leaders of not allowing candidates of opposition parties to file nominations. For this reason, opposition parties demanded Nilam Sawhney to cancel old notification, issue fresh notification and call nominations afresh.

But Nilam decided to go ahead with old notification.

Opposition parties fired at Nilam alleging that she is dancing to the tunes of YSRCP leaders and issued poll schedule as per old notification to benefit YSRCP.

The TDP, Janasena and BJP boycotted the meeting alleging the ‘undemocratic attitude’ of SEC in conducting the MPTC, ZPTC polls.

Representatives of only YSRCP, Congress and CPM attended the SEC meeting.

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Ratna Prabha is BJP-JSP nominee in Tirupati


At long last, the BJP has announced its candidate for the Tirupati bypoll. Karnataka former Chief Secretary and retired IAS Officer K. Ratna Prabha will be the BJP-Jana Sena alliance candidate in the byelection. After prolonged discussions, the BJP top leaders decided on Ratna Prabha candidature given her administrative background.

With this, the battle lines are drawn now. YCP has brought in CM Jagan Reddy’s personal physiotherapist M. Gurumurthy while the TDP has fielded former MP and former Union Minister Panabaka Lakshmi. As expected, the BJP has chosen a high-profile former Chief Secretary as its candidate to give a strong fight to the rivals.

Now, going by the track records of the respective candidates, the TDP and the BJP would stand to gain. Both Panabaka Lakshmi and Ratna Prabha have proved themselves in their fields. Panabaka Lakshmi has been in politics for several decades and served as an MP for several times already. Ratna Prabha has earned a name for herself as an IAS officer and she has also served in AP on deputation for sometime.

The YCP candidate has no major experience in public life except the fact that he served as the personal physiotherapist of the Chief Minister. He is totally banking on the party strength and support from CM Jagan Reddy.

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Will Pawan campaign heartfully for BJP in Tirupati?

At the last minute, Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan had to give the Tirupati bypoll ticket to the BJP. He agreed for this only after the BJP national leaders persuaded him. However, Senani continued to maintain an enigmatic silence ever after. His party just released a small message saying the BJP candidate will contest in Tirupati on behalf of their alliance.

The YCP and the TDP are making progress in the electioneering. The BJP AP leaders have also descended in the temple town to plan for their party victory. But, there is not much election related activity in the Jana Sena camp. In the beginning, the Jana Sena teams became very active in the hope that their party would get the ticket to contest. Now, they are maintaining a low profile.

Pawan Kalyan is also not making any statements with regard to this bypoll as of now. With this, speculation is rising whether the Senani will heartfully support the BJP nominee or not. Amidst this, reports say that Pawan has set many conditions to the BJP Delhi leaders before accepting their arguments for the BJP nominee to contest in Tirupati. Of this, the most challenging one for the BJP is the fact that Senani asked them to select an efficient candidate who would be strong enough to counter the nominees already announced by the TDP and the YCP.

This has become a tricky issue with the BJP AP leaders unable to find such a strong candidate till now. There are reports of Karnataka former Chief Secretary Ratna Prabha entering the fray on the BJP ticket. But it is not finalised yet. Will Ratna Prabha accept the ticket knowing full well defeat is certain?

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“Caste politics” heat up in Tirupati, Janasena happy!


“Caste politics” have gained momentum in Tirupati ahead of the upcoming crucial byelection for Tirupati Lok Sabha seat.

The latest political developments in Tirupati seem to be unfolding in favour of Janasena.

Speculations are rife in political circles that over 250 key Kapu leaders held a ‘secret meeting’ in a farmhouse near Chandragiri to decide their ‘political strategy’ for the Tirupati bypoll.

Leaders from five Balija caste associations are also said to have participated in this meeting.

In the meeting, Balija, Kapu leaders reportedly decided that they should take part in voting only if BJP leaves Tirupati Lok Sabha seat to Janasena.

If BJP contests this election and denies seat to Janasena, Balija, Kapu caste leaders decided to vote for NOTA option in Tirupati election.

In the meeting, Kapu, Balija leaders reportedly expressed anger at the Reddy community belonging to ruling YSRCP saying that Reddys were politically suppressing them.

They questioned why Balija Bhavan was not constructed in Tirupati when there are Reddy Bhavan, Kamma Bhavan, Yadav Bhavan etc in Tirupati.

They have decided to construct Balija Bhavan with their own funds and mobilising donations from Balija, Kapu castes etc and not to seek the help of Reddy leaders of YSRCP.

These caste politics are making BJP leaders worried as they are making attempts to contest Tirupati bypoll.

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