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Jana Sena protests make life difficult for defector MLA


He is the sole MLA from his party and soon after the victory he latched on the YSRCP bandwagon. Since then, he has been functioning as a de facto YSRCP member, attending the party meetings and speaking in the house in support of the YSRCP. Yet, he is not a formal member of the ruling YSRCP. Yes. We are talking about the Jana Sena-turned-YSRCP MLA Rapaka Varaprasad of Razole.

But, the Jana Sena, it appears, is in no mood to forgive Rapaka. The Jana Sena showed that it still has the sting in its tail and that it can win the elections. In the local body elections, the Jana sena did very well. It has won both the MPTCs in Malkipuram mandal, which is part of the Razole constituency. The MLA-backedYSRCP candidates failed to win.

Now, they have of late, begun to stage protests against the MLA. Recently, they protested against the MLA in Katrenikona. They are putting up posters, banners and flexis slamming the MLA. In Katrenikon, only deft negotiations by the police saved the blushes for the MLA. The Jana Sena is now planning to hold similar protests at other places too.

A harried Rapaka suspects that some YSRCP leaders, who are opposed to his joining the party, are behind the Jana Sena protests. They are said to be encouraging the Jana Sena to protest against the MLA. Rapaka has reportedly filed a complaint against the YSRCP leader to the party top bosses.

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AP political scenario to change: TDP, Jana Sena to come together?


Are Jana Sena and the TDP merging? Are they coming together with an aim to win the 2024 elections? Are they going to make things tough for the ruling YSRCP? Is the AP political scene set for a major change in the coming days? These are the questions that are being hotly debated in the political circles of Andhra Pradesh.

The ruling TDP has reportedly set for itself a target of winning at least 100 MLA seats. It wants to win 80% of the seats in central Andhra, where it is relatively stronger, 50% of the seats in North Andhra and 30 percent in Rayalaseema. It has prepared a list of A grade seats, where it can win quite easily. In the B grade seats, there are seats that could be won if it makes a serious effort. The party is said to be working on this.

To win 100 seats, the party feels that it needs the support of Jana Sena. So, it has begun serious efforts at entering into an alliance with Jana Sena.

Though the Jana Sena too feels the same, it is apprehensive that the TDP could once again take it for a ride. In 2014, the Jana Sena had helped the TDP win the election. But, the TDP did not reciprocate the way it should. Hence Jana Sena reportedly wants some guarantees from the TDP. It feels that the TDP might give it fewer seats and limit the party to the margins.

The Jana Sena reportedly feels that the TDP should offer it more seats and should even specify the ministries the TDP would give in the event of the TDP coming to power. The Jana Sena wants this arrangement to be worked out before actually formalising the alliance. It wants guarantees about the TDP not marginalise Jana Sena and poach on its leaders. If sources are to be believed, both parties are trying to arrive at some agreement. Let’s wait and watch how things unfold.

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BJP-Jana Sena relationship to suffer as Kamineni plans to join Pawan Kalyan!!


The Jana Sena – BJP alliance is set to suffer a major jolt soon. One of the BJP stalwarts is all set to join the Jana Sena. This is likely to rock the Jana Sena-BJP boat. Sources say that senior BjP leader and former minister Kamineni Srinivas is planning to join the Jana Sena.

If and when that happens, it could cause tremors in the BJP and its relations with the Jana Sena are likely to suffer. Kamineni Srinivas, a diehard TDP man, was asked to contest on the BJP ticket in 2014 and was made the minister for health by Chandrababu Naidu. But since then, his relations with the BJP leadership both in the state and at the centre have been stormy to say the least.

After the 2019 elections, the BJP leadership marginalised Kamineni and has stopped inviting him to party programmes. His role in the Nimmagadda Ramesh affair too was not to the liking of the BJP leadership. Since then, the BJP has kept him at a safe distance. However, the BjP has not expelled him or suspended him from the party. Now, if he joins the Jana sena, it is sure to affect the relations between the two parties.

There are already lot of strains between the Jana Sena and the BJP relations. Already Jana Sena has won the MPP posts in East and West Godavari districts in association with the TDP. In Badvel, the Jana Sena did not campaign or work for the BJP candidate. In the latest local body polls too, both the BJP and the Jana Sena went separate ways. If Kamineni joins, then relations could further worsen.

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Pawan Kalyas’s Blow-hot-Blow-Col policy: no support then, full support now


Is Pawan Kalyan again sending conciliatory signals to estranged friend BJP? The other day, he gave a call to the voters of the state to vote for Jana Sena. Interestingly, he asked the people to vote for the BJP candidates wherever they are in the fray. He said the BJP was a friendly party and that the Jana Sena was in alliance with the BJP.

This is being considered quite significant as Pawan Kalyan did not back the BJP in the recent Badvel bypolls. Despite the BjP claims that Pawan Kalyan will campaign for it candidate, Pawan Kalyan did not even issue a statement. But now, he has asked the people to vote for the BJP in places where it is contesting. Even during the recent protests on the Vizag Steel Plant, Pawan Kalyan stopped short of criticising the BJP. He only targeted the YSRCP.

The BJP is clearly happy with this development. Sources say that Pawan has come to the conclusion that to take on YSRCP he has to be pally with the BJP, which is in power at the Centre. Sources also revealed that the Jana Sena is interested in having an alliance with the TDP also. But, he feels that it can happen sometime later.

Sources say that Pawan Kalyan wants to repeat the 2014 winning alliance, which included TDP, BJP and Jana Sena. But, he feels that there is a need to keep the surprise element. He feels the alliance can come true at the right time.

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Triangular love story: Alliance with one, association with another!!


What is Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan up to? Officially, he and his party, the Jana Sena, are in an electoral alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party. But the Jana Sena is fighting the upcoming elections to Nellore municipal corporation and the 11 municipalities across the state in association with the TDP. Officially, the party has not issued even a single statement about the state of alliance.

Interestingly, both the Jana Sena and the BJP are contesting wherever they are strong. But, nowhere are they being seen working together. The BJP and the Jana Sena are campaigning separately from one another. They were not seen together during the filing of nominations or even during the campaigning. Each party is independent of the other.

At the same time, the TDP and the Jana Sena are openly in alliance in Akiveedu municipality in West Godavari. They are campaigning together. Interestingly, the same trend of the TDP and the Jana Sena working together was witnessed during the mandal parishad elections recently. There is no official announcement from either Chandrababu naidu or Pawan Kalyan about this.

Stranger still is the fact that the BJP is not even questioning Pawan Kalyan or the Jana Sena. They are focused on their own candidates. Why is Pawan Kalyan in an amorous relationship with the TDP and why is he still in the alliance with the BJP? Well, a triangular love sotry perhaps!!

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Pawan Kalyan’s fans annoy him, yet again

Telugu film star and Jana Sena Party founder Pawan Kalyan, who has been questioning the Andhra Pradesh government on several welfare issues, had attended a strike aimed at opposing the privatisation of the state’s renowned Vizag Steel Plant.

As Pawan Kalyan was being reasonable, going by his speeches, his fans who were supposed to understand the gravity of the issue happening there, behaved in a contrasting way.

They had brought up Pawan Kalyan’s screen title ‘Powerstar’ as their slogans, which eventually irked their leader.

The angry politician asked his fans not to chant his screen name, which his fans fail to do most of the time.

“I don’t want this title ‘Powerstar’. I have no ‘Power’. How can I be a ‘Powerstar’? I am here to address some important issues. Please cooperate,” Pawan Kalyan had warned his fans.

Sunday’s strike angered Pawan Kalyan, much more than earlier.

Even the inside reports suggest that Pawan Kalyan is not happy with the behavior of his fans. His political supporters also suggest that his fans need to understand that the actor has turned into a politician, and hence must not behave in a way that disturbs his cause in the political events.

“These fans do not vote for him. But, attend the events and chant his screen names, while Pawan is trying to question the government on several important issues. This must change,” one of the Internet users wrote.

While another fan wrote: “See them shouting Powerstar as if it is a movie event. Fans themselves do not understand that his fight has such authenticity, which is to be changed.”

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Is there a rethink about Jana Sena in the TDP?


There seems to be a rethink among at least a section of the TDP about the party’s plans to lure the Jana Sena Party. While some leaders feel that by aligning with the Jana Sena, the TDP can bring about a Kapu-Kamma detente and win elections in 2024, there are others who feel that this could be counter-productive. There is a significant section of the leadership, which feels that by courting the Jana Sena, the TDP is only ending up making Pawan Kalyan stronger.

A section of the TDP is eager to join hands with the Jana Sena and form a formidable alliance against the YSRCP. But, the YSRCP feels that it stands to gain if the Jana Sena becomes stronger. If the Jana Sena-BjP alliance is worked out, then there would definitely be a three-way contest in AP by 2024. This would cause a three-way split in the votes and thus the YSRCP could romp home comfortably because of this.

Senior TDP leaders like Harsha Kumar are already questioning the rationale of courting the Jana Sena. A two-time MP, Harsha Kumar, feels that Jana Sena will stand to benefit because of the alliance with the TDP. Several leaders are backing him. But, the majority still feel that the TDP will benefit by aligning with Jana Sena as it would bering about Kapus and Kammas together. Kapus are numerically stronger and could play a key role in defeating the YSRCP, they feel.

Let’s wait and see how things pan out by 2024!!

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Is this why Akhila Priya is moving closer to Jana Sena?


Though out of power, former minister Bhuma Akhila Priya never fails to make it to the news headlines. Spate of kidnap and extortion cases later, she is now in the news for another reason. Highly placed sources say that she is considering joining the Jana Sena now. If sources are to be believed, she has already held talks with Pawan’s emissaries and is all set to quit the TDP.

Her main grouse is that TDP Chandrababu Naidu has not given her an appointment for the last one-and-a-half-year. In fact, Chandrababu was upset with the cases of extortion and kidnap that she was involved in. He felt that she was bringing disrepute to the TDP through her actions. Sources also said that Chandrababu is also fully aware of her attempts to join the YSRCP and the BJP. In fact, she had opened channels with both the parties. However, it is another matter that both the parties showed no interest in her. In fact, her brother and political rival Bhuma Kishore Reddy joined the BJP and this had closed doors for her in the party.

With her father’s best friend and her worst rival AV Subba Reddy working hard in the TDP and his daughter Jaswanthi Reddy building up a base in the party, Akhila Priya feels that the TDP may not even give her a ticket in 2023 elections. Left with virtually no options, she is said to have opened p channels of communication with the Jana Sena. She is said to have leveraged on her parents association with the Praja Rajyam Party. Her father was incharge for Rayalaseema PRP and her mother was elected an MLA from the party . She is using this channel to befriend the Jana Sena establishment.

Sources say that there is another reason for her choice of the Jana Sena. Her husband Bhargava Ram is from the Balija community, which is the mainstay of the Jana Sena. She is hoping that the community will rally behind her. This, sources say, is one of the main reasons for her overtures to the Jana Sena. Sources say that she might soon announce her joining of the Jana Sena.

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2 Ex-ministers, 1 ex-MLA in touch with Pawan Kalyan?


Is Pawan Kalyan finally shedding his diffidence and planning something big in politics? Has he decided to focus more on political issues and take key decisions with respect to strengthening the party organisationally? It appears so.

If his attempt to perform Shramadanam over bad conditions was an indication of his new-found intent, his recent speech at Rajahmundry is being seen as a giveaway of his political intentions. Speaking at Rajahmundry, he said that he was in talks with some big ticket politicians and that they would soon join the party. Sources watching Jana Sena say that two former ministers and and a former MLA are in touch with Pawan Kalyan.

Jana Sena watchers say that Vizag north MLA and senior leader Ganta Srinivasa Rao could join the party. Similarly, former MLA Vishnu Kumar Raju, who is currently in the BJP is said to be in touch with Pawan Kalyan. Pawan is said to be in touch with some key leaders who were earlier with Praja Rajyam Party and then moved to other parties.

Another name doing round is that of Kamineni Srinivas. Kamineni is quite close to Chandrababu Naidu. This, the party watchers say, could help in bringing Kamma social community closer to the Jana Sena. Kamineni is a senior politician and has considerable influence in Krishna district.

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Badvel by-election: Pawan let down fans yet again

Pawan Kalyan let down his fans once again with his statements on Janasena not contesting in Badvel by elections. Details as follows.

Janasena chief announced that they won’t contest in Badvel:

Venkata Subbayya, who won as MLA from YSRCP in 2019, recently passed away. YSRCP gave the ticket to his wife Sudha. TDP already announced that Rajasekhar, who lost in 2019, will be contesting again. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan now announced that his party is not going to contest in Badvel as their party would respect the lady who lost her husband and contesting the elections now. He also asked YSRCP to make the election unanimous by consulting other political parties that want to contest.

How many more sacrifices Pawan ?

It is known news that Janasena sacrificed the seat to BJP in Tirupati by-election. Now when it is time to contest from Janasena , as part of alliance Dharma, Pawan sacrificed the seat once again in the name of political tradition. Irrespective of the result, a political party is expected to contest the election and gauge its performance. While the same Pawan cried foul about the “forced unanimous elections by YSRCP ” during local elections, he is now asking the same YSRCP to make this MLA by-election a unanimous one and this is seen as inconsistency from the side of Janasena chief. Even though Pawan can justify that, in Tirupati, YSRCP didn’t give the seat to family member of the deceased MP and that’s the reason for contesting then, still his fans could not hide their disappointment with the decision of their demigod.

Pawan is still not behaving like a politician:

Most of his fans opine that, there is a huge anti incumbency on the ruling government and the political parties should give an opportunity for the people to express their opinion. They also opine that, even though Pawan Kalyan said that their party is not contesting out of the respect to the lady who lost her husband, ruling YSRCP will use, in future, this decision of Pawan also to portray Janasena as the party that has no guts to contest. Moreover, Pawan recently commented that he did not behave like politician till now but he will behave like politician in future. But his latest decision doesn’t conform to his statement.

We need to wait and see whether Pawan will understand the emotions of his fans and keep contesting the elections irrespective of results or will he keep sacrificing the seats for one reason or other.

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Pawan questions Jagan government’s attacks on Kammas


Pawan speech today garnered lot of attention due to severe verbal attack by YSRCP ministers and leaders like Posani. However, today Pawan’s speech was very matured and profound. Details as follows.

Pawan Kalyan started his speech reminding that he never criticised women or family members of rival party members and asked his fans also to maintain same restraint. After that, he started talking about YSRCP atrocities on one specific community. He condemned the attacks on targeted attacks on people belonging to Kamma caste. He added, when government changes, the next government also can target the Reddy community the same way.

On the other hand, he also reminded his affection for Vangaveeti Ranga. At the same time, he reminded that Vangaveeti fans, who used to attend in lakhs to his meetings, couldn’t save him despite knowing the danger of being killed by the then ruling party. This was indirect criticism on the failure of his own community people. He emphasised on the unity of castes.

He shared one incident that happened during the beginning days of Janasena . He revealed that many people asked him who is his “class enemy”. Usually communists talk about class enemy. He explained people that during the Telangana movement, “Andhra rulers” are his class enemy. The same way, YSRCP treated “Kammas” as their class enemy. But Janasena, Pawan added, has no class enemy except for corruption and looting people money.

Overall, Pawan’s maturity in today’s speech surprised many.

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Jana Sena to throw its hat into Badvel ring, wants BJP to back it


Now that the line is clear for the Badvel bypoll, the political situation has suddenly hotted up in Kadapa district. While both the ruling YSRCP and the Opposition TDP have already announced their candidates, there are questions about who would be the candidate from the BJP-Jana Sena combine.

Sources say that the Jana Sena is determined to contest the election this time. In the Tirupati Lok Sabha constituency bypoll, the BJP had contested the poll and lost its security deposit. Though Pawan Kalyan himself campaigned on BJP’s behalf, the situation did not improve. The Jana Sena wants to contest this time and try its luck. On Wednesday, Pawan Kalyan will hold wider consultations with the party rank and file from Kadapa district on Badvel bypoll. Based on the discussions, the party would take a final call.

The Jana Sena cadre feels that the party should be given a chance to contest this time. They feel that since BJP was given the ticket to contest from Tirupati , the Jana Sena should be allowed to contest from Badvel. The party will decide on the candidate soon. The YSRCP has already decided to field Dr Dasari Sudha as its candidate. She is the wife of Dr Venkata Subbaiah, whose death necessitated the bypoll. The TDP has already announced that Obulapuram Rajasekhar, who contested and lost the 2019 elections, would be its candidate.

Issues like whether Pawan Kalyan will campaign for the party and how BJP will cooperate with the Jana Sena would also be decided soon. This has assumed significance especially in view of the supposed rift between both the BJP and the Jana Sena. The Jana Sena hopes to give a tough fight to both the TDP and the Jana Sena.

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Pawan serious comments on Jagan


Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan vehemently came down on Jagan’s government and his party. He called Jagan’s ruling as directionless, cruel and worst. Details as follows

Pawan Kalyan congratulated the Janasena candidates who won in Parishat elections despite facing troubles from ruling YSRCP. He told, Janasena won in 177 seats out of the 1200 seats they have contested. He also added that Janasena got 25.2% votes in this recent Parishat elections. He also told JSP won 2 ZPTC seats. He stated that this is the beginning of the new era. He explained that YSRCP party, despite winning so many seats, is now trying to harass JSP candidates. He reminded that, even during elections and counting also, YSRCP did lot of manipulation. Pawan told, he will visit Vijayawada on 27th and 28th to give direction to the party cadres on how to defend themselves from the atrocities of ruling party. Pawan reiterated that he will protect his party cadres and candidates at any cost.

Overall, Pawan’s serious comments on YSRCP government seems to have found some consonance with the people as ruling YSRCP has agreed won 80% of seats and still trying to harass or lure the remaining 20% candidates.

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Pawan Kalyan’s party to step up agitation against Vizag Steel Plant privatisation


The Jana Sena Party (JSP) has warned that it would soon get into action mode in the agitation against the disinvestment of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant.

Stating that the time is right for taking the next step in the agitation, JSP leader Nadendla Manohar said on Tuesday that party president Pawan Kalyan will meet with workers’ unions next month.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Manohar said that Pawan Kalyan has conveyed the party’s stand on the issue to the BJP leadership in Delhi. The JSP is optimistic that its ally will act positively to secure the employment opportunities of the people of the state.

The Central government’s moves on disinvestment in the Visakhpatnam Steel Plant have been met with opposition from all quarters in Andhra Pradesh, with the employees continuously holding protests on the issue.

Pointing out that the JSP has been patient for so long, Manohar said the party will now get into direct action mode.

Taking a dig at Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy for his alleged non-confrontational approach with the Central government over the issue, Manohar said that JSP leader Kalyan has no need to compromise.

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Strange politics: Why are both TDP, YSRCP courting Jana Sena?


The MPTC election may have been a cakewalk for the YSRCP and the Jana Sena may have done extremely dismally. But, there is one place in AP, where Jana Sena has done interestingly well. It was won 4 seats out of the 17 seats. On its own it cannot get its MPP elected. But, its support is absolutely necessary for any party to win the MPP seat.

In West Godavari’s Atchanta mandal praja parishad, the TDP won seven seats, two short of a majority. The YSRCP has got six seats, three short of the half-way mark. With four MPTCS, the Jana Sena is in a crucial position. Its support has become crucial for both the TDP and the YSRCP. Both the parties are now trying to woo the Jana Sena. To prevent poaching of its MPTCs, the Jana Sena has shifted them to a secret place.

The TDP too has shifted all its victorious MPTCs to an unknown destination. The YSRCP has deployed minister Cherukuwada Sriranganatha Raju and former minister Pithani Satyanarayana have camped in Atchanta to lure the MPTCs from other parties. With this the politics in Atchanta have hotted up.

Thus the Jana Sena, which has been rejected lock stock and barrel elsewhere in the state and has not even reached double digits has become very important here in Atchanta. Let’ wait and see which way the Jana Sena go!!

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Janasena constructive politics on AP roads appreciated by all


Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan taking up the issue of Andhra Pradesh roads is appreciated by all irrespective of their political parties. AP CM Jagan also reviewed the condition of the roads and finally there’s a statement from government that road repair works will be taken up after October. However, Pawan pointed out the loop holes in this statement. Details as follows

It is known news that Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has given a call to his fans to post pictures of roads of the state. There was tremendous response for this and almost 6.2 lakh people tweeted on this issue. Pawan also also asked his fans to consolidate the information related to roads so that party can fight till each and every road is repaired. YSRCP leaders initially tried to criticise Pawan on this issue but as they understood it is backfiring, they kept quite. AP CM Jagan reviewed the condition of the roads and gave a statement that, after October, when rains stop, governments will call for tenders to repair roads.

However Pawan found fault with this statement and told if the government starts tender process in October, repair world may not complete by next January also. If the government is really concerned, they would have planned in such a way that repair works will start by October itself. But anyway, Pawan taking up this issue and his constructive politics regarding this issue are appreciated by all.

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#JSPForAP_Roads super hit, govt in damage control mode


Fans of Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan responded to his call on exposing the condition of Andhra Pradesh Roads and made the hashtag #JSPForAP_Roads trending at 5th place at national level. This has put government of AP in an embarrassing situation. Details as follows

Andhra Pradesh has approximately 1.2 lakh kilometre long roads. However, since last two years, the condition of roads of Andhra Pradesh is very bad and there have been complaints from people to repair the roads. But the officials were helpless due to the lack of funds. It seems diverting the funds allotted for the purpose to welfare schemes is the root cause of the issue. Pawan Kalyan precisely wanted to highlight this fact and stated that even the funds allotted from central government for roads under various PM schemes of Sadak Yojana also not utilised for the roads. He gave call to his fans to take a picture of the roads and posted on Twitter .

The response for this was huge and it is not only from his fans but also from the common people who are suffering due to the bad condition of roads. Almost 3,00,00 pictures of the roads have been posted on Twitter. Even the women posted selfie pictures with damaged roads. But YSRCP leaders like Ramakrishna Reddy are criticising Pawan for exposing this issue. It seems Andhra Pradesh government is in damage control mode on this issue.

we need to wait and see whether Andhra Pradesh government will take some action and repair the roads or not.

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Jagan-Kishan meet upsets Jana Sena


The Jana Sena is said to be deeply upset over the bonhomie between its ally, the BJP and arch rival, the YSRCP. How can BJP’s union minister G Kishan Reddy call on YS Jagan Mohan Reddy while on a party tour, this is what the Jana Sena is asking. The Jana Sena wants to know why Kishan Reddy met Jagan at a time when the Jana Sena is fighting Jagan’s governance and policies tooth and nail.

Recently, during his Jana Asheervad Yatra, which is essentially party programme aimed at promoting the policies and principles of the BJP, Kishan Reddy called on YS Jagan and had a meeting with him. In fact, the neither the BJP nor Kishan Reddy keep the alliance partner Jana Sena in the loop while meeting YS Jagan. Normally, when meeting arch rival like Jagan, the BJP should have discussed the issue with the Jana Sena. But, the BjP did nothing of that sort. This has rankled the Jana Sena.

The Jana Sena is of the opinion that at a time when the BjP and the Jana Sena are waging a relentless war against YS Jagan, such meeting will send a wrong signal. The Jana Sena has been opposing Jagan’s three-capital move and several other schemes. It has also questioned YS Jagan for not taking adequate care of the poor and the marginalised people. Even in Tirupati and local body polls, both the Jana Sena and the BjP have opposed YSRCP. Given all these, how can Kishan Reddy meet Jagan without informing the ally Jana Sena?

If sources are to be believed, Jana Sena top leadership is now planning to discuss the issue with the BjP’s national leadership and if it doesn’t get a satisfactory reply, it would even consider breaking the alliance with the BJP, sources said. With this kind of cross relationship, there is no point in continuing the alliance, the Jana Sena leaders said .

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Why did Pawan Kalyan, Somu Veerraju suddenly meet in Vijayawada?


Why did Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan and BJP AP state president Somu Veerraju meet suddenly in a Vijayawada hotel for well over two hours in a Vijayawada hotel? While both the parties have not come out with any statement, the meeting is quite significant as it has come at a time when the relations between the two parties are developing severe strains and there are reports that the Jana Sena is looking towards the TDP.

If highly placed sources are to be believed, both the parties wanted to show that they are united despite the differences. They also wanted to send a clear message that they may not move closer to the TDP anytime soon. That the meeting was attended by the likes of BJP co-convener Sunil Deodhar, senior leader Daggubati Purandeswari and Jana Sena’s Nadendla Manohar shows that this was no mere courtesy meet. Sources say this was a clear signal that the leaders of the two parties want to stay together and also that there is no immediate chance of an alignment with the TDP as was being speculated in a section of media.

Sources said that any realignment of political forces such as joining hands with the TDP is not going to prove useful at this juncture. The Jana Sena wants to adopt a wait-and-watch approach for some more time. The alignment, if any, would be feasible only in 2023, the Jana Sena thinking heads feel. The BJP and Jana Sena for now have reportedly decided to launch common programmes to counter the YSRCP.

Ever since the Tirupati debacle, distance has grown between the two parties. Both have been organizing programmes separately. Post the recent visit of BJP incharge Shiv Prakash Singh and his stern message to the party leadership, the BJP state president has gone into an active mode again. This meeting is being said to be a part of this new-found activism. What common programmes the two parties would come up with in AP remains to be seen.

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What Eluru civil poll results say about Jana Sena’s future?


Is Jana Sena a spent force in Andhra Pradesh? Is it now on a downward spiral with no hope of a political future? These are the doubts that one gets when seeing the results of the Eluru municipal corporation. Will the party be able to catch the imagination of the people and revive itself?

Eluru is part of the Kapu heartland and Jana Sena was expected to have a strong influence there. In fact, the twin Godavari districts are considered Jana Sena strongholds. But if the results of the Eluru Municipal Corporation are any indication, the party is in for deep trouble. The Kapus clearly have shown no confidence in Pawan Kalyan.

Out of the 34 MLA seats in the twin Godavari districts, the party could win only Razole. Even party chief Pawan Kalyan had lost from Bhimavaram assembly and Lok Sabha seat. The lone victor from Razole – Rapaka Varaprasad – is now with the YSRCP. But the party had hopes of reviving itself in the municipal elections. Eluru being Kapu citadel, Pawan had personally campaigned for the party. But the results, which were out on Sunday, showed that the people have no confidence in the Jana Sena.

Out of the 50 divisions, the YSRCP has won 47, leaving just three to the TDP. The Jana Sena had contested 20 divisions and left 16 to the BJP. The alliance could not contest even the total 50 seats. They have failed to win even a single seat. One can understand the BJP drubbing as the party does not have a base in AP. But, Jana Sena, which is supposed to have a lot of influence on Kapus, has drawn a blank.

It is clear that along with the rest of the state, even Eluru has rejected Jana Sena lock stock and barrel. Post this drubbing, there are indications that even the BJP-Jana Sena alliance might become more fragile. What will Pawan Kalyan do now?

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