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Pawan to expand Janasena party in Telangana


Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan today made key remarks that he is planning to expand his party in Telangana as well. What made all this interesting is that he made these comments just at the time when Sharmila is planning to announce his party in Telangana soon. Details as below.

Pawan Kalyan convened Janasena Veeramahila Conference in Hyderabad today and he made key remarks at that conference. While revealing his plans to expand Janasena in Telangana, Pawan Kalyan reminded that Janasena was born on Telangana soil. He explained that he did not focus on expanding the party in Telangana earlier because he was respecting the sentiments of the people of Telangana. He also reminded that the first MPTC Janasena won was in Telangana. He also recalled how political leaders objected to him when he tried to solve the fluorosis issue in the Nalgonda region.

Pawan Kalyan’s comments raised a lot of questions among political circles. Especially Pawan announcing his plans to expand the party in Telangana just ahead of Sharmila launching her party is becoming the topic of debate. As BJP is going strong on the cause of Hindutva, TRS needs the consolidation of anti-BJP votes towards TRS. If Sharmila’s party also vies for the same vote bank, it will be definitely a cause of concern for TRS. So, Pawan Kalyan, who is BJP’s ally in AP, planning to expand his party in Telangana is causing a lot of confusion at this moment as Pawan’s move may indirectly help TRS rather than BJP.

We need to wait and see how other parties respond to this.

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Pawan sets eyes on municipal polls, urban voters


The Jana Sena could not get expected results in the panchayat polls considering the local level factors there and also because of the YCP’s aggressive efforts. But still, there has been some satisfaction among the candidates that the party has won a considerable number of panchayats despite many obstacles.

When it comes to the municipal elections, it is going to be a totally different game. The voters are more educated and well equipped to face the election violations by the ruling party. Right from the beginning, Pawan Kalyan has got some hold on the urban areas because of his charisma, fan following and the presence of large number of Kapu voters in towns and cities.

Keeping this factor in view, the Jana Sena cadres have become active ahead of the municipal polls. Many candidates are coming forward to contest on behalf of the Jana Sena in municipalities and municipal corporations. Especially, there has been a lot of enthusiasm from the party cadres in Tirupati, Guntur, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry and Visakhapatnam.

On the other hand, the TDP is also getting activated with its leadership deciding to leave no stone unturned in taking on the ruling YCP candidates. The party is expecting lesser chances for the YCP managers to manipulate the counting and final results.

With both Naidu and Pawan getting high hopes, the civic polls are indeed going to be a mini assembly election in AP in the coming days.

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Janasena files petition for new MPTC, ZPTC polls notification


Janasena party leader and actor-politician Pawan Kalyan’s aide, Nadendla Manohar, on Monday filed a writ petition in the High Court to direct the State Election Commission (SEC) to issue a new notification for MPTC and ZPTC polls.

Manohar said that he could not find time to file such a petition for the forthcoming municipal elections but managed to do so for MPTC and ZPTC polls as time was available.

“I hope the High Court accepts our petition and teaches a lesson to the government,” claimed Manohar.

According to Mahonar, if a new notification is issued, it bodes well for saving the democracy.

“In last year’s elections, government resorted to several irregularities, that is why Janasena is demanding a new notification for MPTC and ZPTC elections. If a new notification is issued, it is like keeping democracy alive,” claimed Manohar.

Saying that elections should be conducted in a free environment, the former Speaker of Andhra Pradesh Assembly claimed that the government conspired to make all panchayat polls unanimous.

He alleged that wherever polls were inevitable, volunteers were fanned out to threaten voters that welfare programmes would ceased if they didn’t voter for the ruling party.

Manohar claimed that he never saw such kind of elections in the past.

He claimed that unanimous polls should not occur in panchayat polls and as Kalyan called for the upholding of democracy.

Manohar reminded that large number of Janasena supporters contested the ward and sarpanch polls recently.

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Jana Sainiks sweet revenge against Razole MLA


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has lost his election in both places in the 2019 elections. But, his party had saved its face by winning only one MLA seat which is Razole. Even this MLA has eventually betrayed Pawan as he has joined hands with the YCP. What more, Jana Sena rebel MLA Rapaka Vara Prasad has even said that he won the 2019 election by virtue of his own personal strength but not the charisma of Pawan Kalyan.

Thereafter, the Jana Sainiks have been vowing to teach a strong lesson to Rapaka. They have been waiting for a good opportunity all these days. Now, the panchayat elections came as a golden chance for them. They have campaigned door to door and made sure that the supporters of Rapaka Vara Prasad would meet with defeat.

Now, over 10 important village panchayats have been bagged by Jana Sena. They included Padamatipalem, Kesavadasupalem, Ramarajulanka, Kathimanda and other villages.

Despite having the YCP support, Vara Prasad could not show his impact in these villages. He lost both the support of Jana Sena while the ruling YCP leaders also did not give him enough support.

Following these victories in Razole, the Jana Sena leaders

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Pawan fires at Ramesh Kumar over ZPTC, MPTC polls


The BJP is not at all talking about the ongoing local body elections. It is literally non-existent. But its ally, Jana Sena, is now and then raising its voice. It has also bagged a considerable number of seats. Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has made a latest attack, saying that State Election Commissioner Ramesh Kumar is not taking action against the perpetrators of election violations. The SEC is saying that he will take action but that is not happening at all.

Pawan says his party has lost all confidence and trust in Ramesh Kumar. Their party has demanded a fresh notification for the ZPTC, MPTC elections just because the ruling YCP committed massive violations in nominations last year. The Jana Sena has made several representations in this regard already. The SEC has promised to take action but that is not done in the field level till now.

Senani said that their party is frustrated over the indifference of the SEC and that they would go to the court for relief. They would seek the court’s order for a fresh notification.

Pawan said that when their party leaders made complaints to the election officials, they were promising to take action. But there was no response thereafter. This has led to erosion of trust in the democratic process of elections.

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Pawan statement on Panchayat results, Josh in cadres


Fans of Pawan Kalyan and cadre of janasena party are on cloud nine now, after first phase of Panchayat elections. Pawan Kalyan statement on the results and his video byte went viral and Janasainiks are happy about the results. Details as below.

Media houses reporting incorrect number for Janasena:

Panchayat elections are not conducted on party symbols. Parties can only support the contenders who contest on different symbols. Usually multiple people belonging to same party contest. That’s the reason, ruling parties always have more wins in their kitty in Panchayat elections. Moreover, after results, every party claims that winning candidate had their support. Recently there is a bitter war of words between TDP and YSRCP leaders as both claimed winning candidates belong their parties.

At the same time, except a few, most media houses reported very less numbers for Janasena. Some of the channels did not even mention the name of Janasena and just reported as “Others”. Some other houses reported as “BJP+”, though Janasena got much more seats and votes than BJP in the first phase of Panchayat elections. Janasena leaders like Bolisetti Satyanarana lambasted on this and commented that, media houses in AP have either “Yellow eyes” or “Blue eyes” indirectly referring the allegiance off media houses to TDP or YSRCP. Janasena spokes person Kusampudi Srinivas also found fault with these channels for reporting incorrect numbers.

Pawan Kalyan video byte and the reason:

As most of the media houses are reporting incorrect numbers, Janasena party decided to announce their numbers officially. Pawan Kalyan gave a video byte and told, around 18% people voted for Janasena in first phase of Panchayat elections. He also added that, candidates supported by their party won in 1000+ wards and many other Sarpanch posts. 1700+ candidates who stood at second place also were supported by JSP, he added. Overall, it seems, these results brought happiness to the party as well as the cadre.

But is this sufficient reason to be happy?

At the same time, common people really don’t care about these numbers as the candidates did not win on party symbols. Janasena party needs to prove its mettle in the upcoming municipality/ corporation elections where the elections are contested on party symbols. Tirupati election is going to be the litmus test for BJP-Janasena alliance. If they at least stand at second place in this triangle fight, people may start considering be BJP-JANASENA alliance seriously.

Overall, the party as well as cadres of Janasena, who were disappointed since 2019 elections, got some breather after the latest Panchayat results. Whether this ‘Josh’ will be continued or not will depend on the results of the upcoming elections in next 6 months.

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BJP, Janasena denounce Andhra govt’s call for unanimous polls


Even as the Andhra Pradesh government is encouraging unanimous elections declaring financial incentives up to Rs 20 lakh for gram panchayats, the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its local ally Janasena denounced the move on Wednesday.

“Unanimous elections are a ploy by the government to scare people, to bring pressure on candidates who want to contest. Using the local administration to make people withdraw from elections, it is a conspiracy to make elections unanimous,” alleged Janasena leader Nadendla Manohar.

Manohar said as a political party, the Janasena has a responsibility in the matter and called for nominations across the state.

“But the government is encouraging unanimous polls. It is surprising that the government is encouraging unanimous polls with press conferences and wide publicity,” he observed.

He demanded that the State Election Commission on behalf of the BJP and the Janasena take suo motu cognizance of the issue and look into it, calling for elections to take place in all villages and panchayats, to negate unanimous polls.

Manohar said both the parties have taken an appointment with Governor Bisaw Bhusan Harichandan on Friday to make a representation.

“Elections should happen in a free and transparent environment. Democracy should be upheld. Administration should also work to uphold democracy,” he said.

On Tuesday, the Andhra Pradesh government announced financial incentives up to Rs 20 lakh in the forthcoming panchayat polls to encourage unanimous elections and thereby enable the gram panchayats to concentrate on development work.

Unanimous elections in gram panchayats (GPs) with a population less than 2,000 will receive a financial incentive of Rs 5 lakh while GPs with a population between 2,001 to 5,000 will receive Rs 10 lakh.

Likewise, GPs with a population between 5,001 to 10,000 will receive an incentive of Rs 15 lakh for unanimous elections.

Those GPs with a population above 10,000 will receive Rs 20 lakh.

Manohar, an aide of actor-politician Pawan Kalyan, who founded the Janasena just before the general elections in 2014, said the alliance partners, BJP and Janasena, will encourage the youth to contest elections across the state.

“This opportunity will encourage youth to move forward in public life, which Pawan Kalyan also called for. Both the BJP and the Janasena decided to contest at all places in the panchayat elections,” he added.

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Pawan asks if thousands of crores make leaders happy


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has finally registered his strong protest by visiting the affected people under the Divis industry at Kothapakala in East Godavari district. He expressed deep concern over the bitter criticism launched by the YCP leaders. He said his parents had raised him on values and discipline and that he would not resort to loose talk like the ruling party leaders.

Senani asserted that he did not enter politics to make easy money nor for the sake of caste or religion or such narrow minded matters. He asked whether leaders could be really happy if they could make hundreds and thousands of crores of rupees. The Divis industry brought just 1,500 jobs to the local people. But the pollution it was causing would endanger the livelihoods there.

Pawan Kalyan demanded the Government and the industry to give an undertaking that there would be no danger to the fish wealth in the place because of the pollution. Who would bear responsibility for the pollution in future? There was a likelihood of diseases breaking out because of this.

Pawan demanded unconditional release of 36 persons who were arrested during the protests. They did not float any illegal companies nor ran suitcase companies nor used ‘Kodi Kathi’ to injure people.

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Tirupati BJP-Pawan candidate not yet decided: Purandeswari


The Bharatiya Janata Party used to be known for its discipline in the beginning. But it seemed to be changing its style to suit the emerging political requirements on the national level and also in the States. BJP AP leaders have already announced that their party would field its nominee in Tirupati bypoll as part of their alliance with the Jana Sena. But now, BJP National General Secretary Purandeswari came out with a different statement. She said that their alliance nominee was not yet decided and it was still open for discussions at both ends.

Purandeswari further said that the BJP national leadership would not figure in this aspect. The joint candidate would be decided at the level of the State level leaders. The BJP AP President and the Jana Sena President would hold discussion on this and take a final decision.

But the question is that BJP AP President Somu Veerraju was already saying at different forums that it would be the BJP candidate who would contest the Tirupati bypoll. At the same time, Pawan Kalyan had also silently formed his own party committee to go around and study the field level situation whether they would stand the chances or not.

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Is Jana Sena stronger than BJP in Tirupati LS seat?


Suspense is still continuing on whether Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan will field his party candidate in Tirupati bypoll or not. It is mainly because the Jana Sainiks are sticking to their statements that their party is stronger than the BJP in the overall parliamentary constituency. The Jana Sena Tirupati leaders are coming out with their latest statements that their party would not take BJP AP leaders’ comments seriously.

The Jana Sainiks are even brushing aside the statements of BJP AP President Somu Veerraju who says that the BJP candidate will contest on behalf of the BJP-Jana Sena alliance. The question arises now why Senani and his Sainiks are so strongly seeking the alliance ticket to contest Tirupati bypoll.

The Jana Sena is obviously making its claim based on its performance when compared to the BJP in each of the seven assembly segments in the 2019 assembly polls. Wherever contested, the JSP candidates got more vote share than the BJP. In Tirupati assembly segment, JSP got 6.83 percent which was impressive when compared to 1.32 percent of BJP.

In other segments, Jana Sena did better and it got 2.69 percent as against BJP’s 2.04 percent in Srikalahasti. JSP got 2.86 percent while BJP got 0.90 percent in Sullurupeta SC reserved segment. In Sarvepalli also, JSP got 1.01 percent compared to BJP’s 0.75 percent.

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Will Pawan Kalyan field his party candidate in Tirupati?


The political gap is gradually growing between the Jana Sena and the BJP in the past few days. Both the parties are not able to hold talks to take a final decision on their joint alliance candidate for Tirupati bypoll. Pawan Kalyan says a joint committee will decide the alliance candidate. But, Somu Veerraju has said that it is the BJP candidate who will be contesting. What more, the BJP is also making field level preparations in the Tirupati constituency.

Obviously outwitted and not to take any chances, Jana Senani has also swung into action. He has formed an internal committee within his party in order to visit all the assembly constituencies and study the emerging political situation. Even the Sainiks are also upset and unhappy over the manner in which the BJP AP and Delhi leaders were taking light of their leader. This was despite Pawan Kalyan’s visit to Delhi to meet with BJP National President JP Nadda.

With this, speculation is rife that Tirupati bypoll is going to see an all out electoral battle in which all major parties like the YCP, TDP, Jana Sena and the BJP would leave no chance to show their strength. Even the Jana Sainiks were not willing to let go of this opportunity to once again prove their strong presence in the temple town.

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BJP, Janasena meet in ‘Bhagyanagar’ to strategise for Andhra


Riding high on the success in Hyderabad civic polls and the Dubbaka by-election in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh BJP leaders met with the leaders of their local ally, Janasena, in ‘Bhagyanagar’ on Tuesday to fine tune their strategy for Andhra Pradesh.

“A joint meeting between the state BJP and Janasena was held in Bhagyanagar today,” said BJP national secretary and co-incharge for Andhra Pradesh, Sunil Deodhar.

In a sign of how BJP leaders will refer to Hyderabad city in the future, he has called the city by the name ‘Bhagyanagar’, propagating the tone set for city renaming offensive for Hyderabad.

Deodhar, Andhra BJP president Somu Veerraju, Tollywood actor-politician and Janasena founder Pawan Kalyan, his aide Nadendla Manohar and others met in what looked like a Hyderabad luxury hotel.

Immediate compensation to Nivar cyclone affected farmers, implementation of EWS reservations, poor roads conditions and other issues were discussed during the meeting.

However, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has already directed officials to complete Nivar crop loss enumeration by December 15 so that compensation could be paid by the month end.

Deodhar claimed that there is huge unemployment in Andhra Pradesh due to the alleged ‘failed’ schemes of the ruling YSRCP.

He claimed that these policies are eventually harming the state’s economic growth.

They also said that a thorough inspection should be conducted into the causes of the mysterious illness in Eluru.

The BJP is yet to taste power in the Telugu states and is aiming for that, spending considerable time, energy and resources in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Deodhar is spending considerable amount of time in the southern state. However, it remains to be seen if the national party can eat into the vote share of regional heavyweights Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and YSRCP.

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Is Jana Sena facing identity crisis during Assembly sessions?


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has made a visit to the Nivar cyclone-hit areas in Krishna district. His visit assumed significance as it comes amid the high voltage session of the AP Assembly in Amaravati Capital city. Expectedly, the voice of the Jana Sena is not being heard at such a crucial time.

The lone MLA of Jana Sena used to raise his voice on some issue or other in the beginning. After he became a part and parcel of the YCP, the Jana Sena’s presence in the Assembly was completely lost. Razole MLA Rapaka Vara Prasad was not even claiming his right as the Jana Sena MLA to speak on burning issues in the House.

The only way to overcome identity crisis during the Assembly session is for Pawan Kalyan to visit the State and raise immediate issues at hand. He visited the damaged crops in Vuyyur area and enquired from the farmers about the extent of the damage. In the process, former MP KP Reddaiah, who is father of YCP MLA K. Partha Sarathy, came to meet Senani.

Reddaiah expressed anguish before Pawan how the farmers were losing heavily and nobody was showing interest in cultivation any more because of lack of profits. Giving his response, Pawan said that he came to create some confidence in the farmers. He promised to bring pressure on the Government for giving due financial assistance towards the damages.

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Is BJP seeing Pawan as a star campaigner but not an ally?


In 2014 elections, the TDP and the BJP jointly contested elections with support from Pawan Kalyan. Their alliance got a comfortable majority. In 2019, the TDP, BJP and Pawan contested separately. They met with a humiliating defeat. The YCP got a landslide victory with 151 out of 175 MLA seats and 50 per cent vote share. The TDP got 40 percent vote as against over 6 percent of Jana Sena. The BJP got less than 1 percent vote share.

Despite knowing the clear electoral statistics, Pawan Kalyan hurriedly rushed to Delhi and joined hands with the BJP without setting any preconditions for their alliance. Now, the situation is becoming clear how the BJP is taking too much advantage over the Jana Sena. Doubts are expressed whether there was a joint conspiracy of the BJP-YCP behind attacks on the Jana Sena that eventually made Pawan to join hands with the BJP as if there was a helpless situation for the Senani.

The YCP was using threatening tactics from the beginning against the TDP also. Some TDP leaders and MLAs have also joined the YCP, unable to bear its harassment. But Chandrababu Naidu continued his fight. Whereas, Pawan Kalyan has landed in the trap laid by the BJP-YCP. Eventually, Senani is being forced to make one tactical mistake after another.

Analysts say that Pawan Kalyan is already sandwiched between the BJP and the YCP. The BJP is not seeing Pawan as an important ally but just a celebrity who can be used as a star campaigner in times of elections in South Indian States.

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Pawan warns Jagan regime over attacks on JSP leaders


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has launched an all out attack on the Jaganmohan Reddy government in Andhra Pradesh. He was greatly alarmed at the latest attack on the Jana Sena Srikalahasti incharge Kota Vinoota. The rising political heat ahead of the local polls is causing friction between different parties. The ruling YCP leaders are mounting their pressure on the rival leaders who are threatening their chances. Amid this, the Srikalahasti attack came as a big shock to Senani.

Pawan has asked whether there is democracy in the state. Very unusually, the police are filing cases against the persons who are victims of the attacks. Out of sheer arrogance and power mania, the YCP was attacking everybody who is expressing their dissent against the anti-people activities of the ruling YCP.

Senani further warned that the YCP should behave itself since the people were watching its unwelcome activities and unacceptable decisions. The Jana Sena will not keep quiet if the ruling party leaders continue their atrocities. The Jana Sena will question the government’s unlawful activities.

When elections are round the corner, the ruling YCP leaders are making unsparing attacks on all the rivals. The BJP and the Jana Sena allies are no exception.

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Pawan vows support to BJP despite no tie-up


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has made politically confusing statements on the issue of the alliances for the polls to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). He has admitted that his party could not reach a tie-up with the BJP because of some communication gap. However, the Jana Sena Party would give its unconditional support to the BJP.

Senani further wished that the BJP emerge victorious in the GHMC polls. At the same time, he admitted that there was a lot of dissatisfaction among his party leaders and cadres about the latest development.

Pawan said that like in Andhra Pradesh, his party would continue to work with and for the Bharatiya Janata Party as before. In unavoidable circumstances, the Jana Sena had to give its support to the BJP in GHMC elections.

Interestingly, though there was no alliance, Pawan Kalyan has agreed to do campaign for the BJP in the GHMC polls. Union Minister Kishan Reddy has himself announced that both the parties would work together for strengthening the leadership of Modi.

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Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena to contest GHMC polls alone?


The Jana Sena Party has announced its decision to contest the elections to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). But it has not clarified whether there will be an alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party or not. Jana Sena Telangana incharge Vemuri Sankar Goud has announced that their party will contest in the GHMC elections. Jana Sena did not contest the Dubbaka election.

The sudden announcement came like a big surprise to the voters in the Telangana Capital and also to the political circles in the Telugu States. Actually, Pawan Kalyan has been praising the Prime Minister in a big way at every given opportunity. There were reports that the Jana Sena support has also made some impact in favour of the BJP sensational victory in Dubbaka.

Now, the reason for the last minute entry of the Jana Sena has become a mystery to one and all. The TDP is already in the fray and it is expecting support from the voters considering Chandrababu Naidu’s contribution to the city development. However, the main fight is expected to be between the TRS, the Congress and the BJP.

Analysts say that if the Jana Sena contests election alone, then the Andhra vote bank would be split mostly between the TDP and the Jana Sena. Thus, Pawan entry into the GHMC elections will again hurt the TDP rather than any other party there.

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Can BJP-Pawan alliance win Tirupati SC MP seat bypoll?


BJP AP incharge Sunil Deodhar, party AP President Somu Veerraju and other leaders are now talking about their full focus on winning the Tirupati MP byelection. They are repeatedly saying that they will pull off a surprise victory in Tirupati also just like they did Dubbaka assembly segment in Telangana.

In 2019, Bommi Srihari Rao contested on the BJP ticket and as part of its alliance with Jana Sena. There is considerable presence of the Jana Sena Party in Tirupati assembly segment and surroundings. Now, there is a view that the BJP should give the MP seat to the Jana Sena for winning it.

For close observers of the AP political scene, the BJP leaders’ big targets are undoubtedly unrealistic. The BJP central leaders may be thinking that Tirupati is the most prestigious religion place for the Hindus. As such, their party will and must have big scope for a win in view of the changing people’s opinions about the ruling YCP and the Opposition TDP in the State. But, the big question is how the BJP can attract the large number of Dalit and tribal voters who are not strict adherents to Hinduism.

The BJP is also losing sight of the fact that Tirupati MP seat is an SC reserved constituency. Tirupati assembly segment is unreserved. There are assembly constituencies like Sullurpet and Gudur in Tirupati Lok Sabha constituency that have a predominant presence of the weaker sections. If all this is taken into consideration, there is not even a remote possibility of the BJP to come anywhere near the winning range.

Analysts say that the BJP’s focus on Tirupati is certainly going to upset the TDP’s calculations in a big way. Chandrababu Naidu might have been confident of winning Tirupati bypoll because of the backlash against the Government in the wake of continuing atrocities against the Dalits and backward classes. But, the threat of a vote split is still there. Just like in the 2019 polls, the BJP and Jagan Sena may once again split the vote bank leading to a clear advantage to the YCP. Tirupati will see a tight contest between the TDP and the YCP if the BJP-Jana Sena alliance enters the fray separately.

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Janasena party leader detained


Jana Sena Party (JSP) leader Potina Venkata Mahesh was detained on Saturday after he called for a protest over the incident of three silver lion statues missing from Kanaka Durga temple.

The Jana Sena Party leader made a bid to protest in front of Endowments Minister Vellampalli Srinivas Rao’s residence on Saturday. The Jana Sena leader demanded that Vellampalli Srinivas quit as endowments minister and Suresh Babu as executive officer owning up responsibility for the missing silver lion statutes.

BJP, an ally of Jana Sena, has launched ‘Chalo Amalapuram’ agitation over the Antarvedi incident in which a century-old chariot was burnt. State BJP president Somu Veerraju also met Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan and submitted a representation over the increasing attacks on Hindu temples, including the Antarvedi chariot fire incident and the arrest of Hindu activists by East Godavari police two days back, rushed to the temple and inspected the chariot. Former Chief Minister and TDP president Chandrababu Naidu also condemned the government for its failure to protect Hindu temples in the state.

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Senani withdraws ‘Chalo Antarvedi’ call, welcomes CBI probe


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has withdrawn his party’s ‘Chalo Antarvedi’ protest programme following the CBI inquiry announced into the chariot torching incident. Senani asserted that the Jagan Reddy Government came down only after pressure from the Jana Sena, BJP, dharmic organisations and devotees. He says that now the people were confident that the CBI will catch the culprits behind the mystery fire that hurt the sentiments of Hindu devotees.

BJP State President Somu Veerraju welcome the YSRCP Government’s decision and described it as a joint victory of the BJP and Jana Sena online Deeksha protests. He said that the AP Government was shaken at the thought of ‘Chalo Antarvedi’ call given by their parties. The CBI inquiry was the collector victory of all the Hindu organisations and believers.

Interestingly, even six days after the chariot torching occurred, there was no clue available to resolve the mystery fire. Even the forensic available so far is yet to achieve any breakthrough. It remained a perplexing thing that the chariot was burnt to ashes hundred percent. The extensive questioning of all sections of staff and people at the temple and in local villages yielded no results. Even the likelihood of honey hunters being cause was being ruled out in the absence of any evidence available to that extent.

The non-functioning of CCTV cameras fixed at chariot was considered a major lapse. It is indeed going to be a big challenge for the CBI to unravel the mystery in the absence of any immediate or remote evidence so far.

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