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KTR responds to Naidu’s arrest, says its AP issue


Telangana minister K Tarakarama Rao on Tuesday responded to the arrest of TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu. Speaking to the media, KTR said that the arrest was limited to Andhra Pradesh. He said it was an issue that happened in the neighbouring state.

He took exception to the people holding protests in Telangana against Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest. He said that Telangana has nothing to do with the arrest. He said he would not allow any one to hold a protest here when the issue is not related to the state.

The protest attempts by some IT personnel in Hyderabad had disturbed the peaceful atmosphere in the city. It was for this reason that the government had stopped such protests, he said.

He further said that Nara Lokesh, Pawan Kalyan and Jagan Mohan Reddy are his good friends and he would not take sides. He said Lokesh had asked him why the Telangana government was not giving permission to the people to hold protests. He said he had told him that Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are two different states and the issue of Naidu’s arrest was limited to Andhra Pradesh and not Telangana.

Let the two parties fight over the issue in Andhra Pradesh, but not in Telangana, he said. He sought to advise the two parties not to take the issue on to the streets of Telangana. There are several cities in Andhra Pradesh where they can fight.

“There is Amaravati, there is Vijayawada, there is Rajahmundry where they can fight,” the Minister said.

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Razakar: Another Cinematic Controversy in India’s Historical Narrative


In recent times, Indian cinema has become a platform for films that delve deep into historical events, sparking emotions, discussions, and sometimes even heated debates. Movies like “Kashmir Files” and “Kerala Story” have not only captivated audiences but also ignited strong reactions across the nation. While some perceive these films as propaganda or pro-BJP narratives, others commend them for their storytelling prowess.

“Razakar”: The Teaser That Set the Stage

Adding to this cinematic wave is the upcoming film, “Razakar,” produced by BJP leader Gudur Narayana Reddy. The mere release of its teaser has sent shockwaves throughout the country. The teaser launch event was graced by the presence of suspended BJP leader and Goshamahal MLA T Raja Singh, who, along with other speakers, hailed the film as an exceptional endeavor that aims to raise awareness. Interestingly, comparisons were drawn between “Razakar” and earlier films like “The Kashmir Files” and “The Kerala Story.”

Controversy Brews: Political Reactions

However, the release of “Razakar” has not been without its fair share of controversies. Telangana Minister K T Rama Rao (KTR) expressed his concerns on Twitter, suggesting that certain factions within the BJP were attempting to exploit communal sentiments for political propaganda. He firmly committed to taking the matter up with the censor board and Telangana police to ensure that the state’s law and order remains uncompromised.

Unearthing History: Who Were the Razakars?

“Razakar” delves into a significant chapter in Indian history by examining the controversial paramilitary organization led by Qasim Razvi during the pre-independence era. Primarily active in the princely state of Hyderabad, the Razakars staunchly supported the Nizam’s rule. However, their methods often included violence, intimidation, and even atrocities against those advocating integration with India. This turbulent period ultimately led to the Indian government’s intervention in Operation Polo, resulting in the annexation of Hyderabad into independent India in 1948.

The Divisive Impact of Historical Films

The release of such historical films tends to polarize opinions. On one hand, some argue that these films threaten secularism and stoke communal tensions. On the other hand, there are those who believe that they shed light on crucial historical events that deserve acknowledgment. The influence of “Razakar” on contemporary politics, particularly on parties like MIM and BRS, remains a topic of keen interest.

As the debate surrounding “Razakar” continues to unfold, one thing is evident: this film marks another chapter not only in India’s cinematic journey but also in the political landscape of India.

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Don’t subscribe to view that BJP or Congress should be nucleus of any front: KTR


The Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), which skipped the meeting of opposition parties held in Patna on Friday, has made it clear that it doesn’t subscribe to the view that the BJP or the Congress should be the nucleus of any front or coalition.

BRS Working President K.T. Rama Rao hinted that BRS will maintain equidistance from both the Congress and the BJP and it maintains that people and not parties should unite.

“We believe in uniting people on issues and not in uniting parties,” he told media persons in New Delhi. Interestingly, he was in the national capital to meet Union Ministers on a day when leaders of 15 opposition parties, including the Congress, met in Patna and decided to work together.

KTR, as the leader is popularly known, stated that any effort will be successful only when people unite and not parties. “Even if 20 parties unite and there is no outcome, which is people-centric, there is no point in it. It can’t hinge on your blind hatred for one party or another,” he said.

“If you have to ensure that people vote for you, you have to tell what you have done when given the opportunity. Unfortunately, the Congress can’t claim much.

“A simple philosophy we have been championing is that it’s not about uniting political parties. The agenda should be to unite people on issues. Unfortunately, in India political rhetoric eclipses everything around it,” he remarked.

“We have maintained all along that people should unite, based on people centric issues. Unfortunately, the whole ecosystem that has been built is that the BJP or Congress should be the nucleus of any front or coalition. This is something we don’t subscribe to,” the BRS leader said.

KTR alleged that both Congress and BJP have miserably failed in ensuring development of the country during the last 75 years despite people giving them huge opportunities. “Congress was given 50 years to administer the nation and BJP was given 15 years. If today you look around, our neighbours are doing better and so many countries moved on in the last seven decades while our country is where it was,” he said.

“If India still has villages without electricity and drinking water, it is because of these two national parties. There is a need for people to unite against both these parties. We will continue our efforts to unite people on the basis of issues against these two parties,” he added.

KTR stated that the BRS will continue its efforts to expand itself in other states. “If a small state like Telangana is able to do wonders in a short span of nine years, the rest of the country has a lot to pick and learn. We want the Telangana model of development to be replicated across the country. That is why we are spreading wings and ambitions to other parts of India including Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh,” he said.

KTR launched a scathing attack on Congress while reacting to the allegation by its leaders that his BRS skipped the Patna meeting as it is the “B team” of BJP.

“Everyone knows how Congress and BJP colluded in Nizamabad and Karimnagar parliamentary constituencies. People know who is colluding with whom,” he said.

He dubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the weakest Prime Minister in the history of independent India and said that his party has been ahead of others in criticising Modi’s “inefficiency”.

To another query about Congress, he said: “Congress has been a disaster for this nation. They have been, in fact, the root cause for every malice that plagues India today. The fact that Congress has been given 50 years at governance has not been able to deliver reflects in their mindset and in their silly criticism.”

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KTR meets Rajnath Singh, seeks transfer of defence lands in Hyderabad


Telangana’s Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister K.T. Rama Rao on Friday called on Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in New Delhi and requested him to transfert certain defence lands in Hyderabad to the state government for development of skyways and other various infrastructure projects.

After the meeting, Rama Rao said the state government had requested the Centre for transfer of lands for developing skyways. Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao himself had met Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make the request but there was no response.

“Defence Ministers are changing but there is no change in the stand of the Central government,” said KTR, as Rama Rao is popularly known.

The state minister told media persons that the state government had been requesting the Centre to transfer defence lands for construction of skyways from Jubilee Bus Stand to Rajiv Rahdari, from Paradise Circle to Medchal ORR. He said he met Rajnath Singh to make a request once again.

KTR said that if the Defence Ministry comes forward to give 96 acres of land for Jubilee Bus Stand-Rajiv Rahadari skyway and 56 acres for Paradise Circle-Medchal ORR skyway, the state government would give alternate lands of equal value.

He said the state government was also developing skywalks. While the skywalk at Uppal has been completed, the work on the skyway at Mehdipatnam was stalled as the Defence Ministry had not given the permission.

The state has also sought defence land for a road to link Golconda and Ibrahim Bagh. It also demanded transfer of unused defence lands in Secunderabad Cantonment to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) so that hospitals and community halls can be constructed for local people.

KTR said he would meet Union Urban Development Minister Hardeep Singh Puri on Saturday to once again request approval for extending Metro Rail from Lakdi Ka Pul to BHEL and from Nagole to LB Nagar.

He said the state government submitted DPRs to the Centre several times. The minister said while the state government has provided funds towards its share in MMTS, there was no response from the Centre.

He claimed that the state government completed several works under Strategic Road Development Programme (SRDP) but the work at Rasoolpura could not be completed as the Union Home Ministry had to transfer 3-4 acres of land. He said he would try to meet Union Home Minister Amit Shah over this issue.

KTR said that he wants the Centre to support the state government’s efforts to strengthen public transport system in Hyderabad

He demanded that the Centre also approve extension of Metro Rail from Patancheru to Hayat Nagar.

Stating that Telangana received no support from the Centre for nine years, the BRS leader said that it appears that the Centre may continue its discrimination towards the state. KTR made it clear that if there is no change in the Centre’s approach, the BRS would take this issue to the people.

He questioned the Centre when it can sanction Metro Rail to 10 small cities in Uttar Pradesh, why can’t it cooperate with Telangana for extending Metro in Hyderabad. He also wanted to know why the Centre, which provided no funds for Hyderabad during floods, extended the assistance for flood relief in Gujarat and other BJP-ruled states.

KTR reminded BJP that there are Telangana funds in the development of poor states ruled by it. He said the BJP leaders should thank Telangana people and the government for their contribution in the national development.

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Ward office system launched in Hyderabad to improve citizen services


Initiating a new urban administrative reform, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) on Friday launched a ward office system to address public complaints about civic services at the ward level.

Municipal Administration Minister K. Taraka Rama Rao launched the new system to facilitate decentralization and people-centric governance.

GHMC will have a ward office in each of the 150 wards. Led by an Assistant Municipal Commissioner, each ward office will have a team of 10 officials to meet the service levels published in the citizens charter.

KCR, who inaugurated the GHMC ward office in Kachiguda, said that the system aims to streamline civic services and ensure faster access for the residents of Hyderabad. By bringing services closer to the communities, the system enables the GHMC to swiftly address public issues and deliver efficient solutions.

The ward offices will be headed by Assistant Municipal Commissioners, responsible for overseeing various departments. A dedicated team of 10 officers from departments such as road maintenance, sanitation, entomology, town planning, electricity, and water supply will operate from these offices.

This ensures that issues related to these departments are monitored and addressed efficiently at the ward level. KTR shared plans to attach additional officers from departments such as health and police to the ward offices in the future, ensuring comprehensive service delivery.

He Aoutlined the key features of the system, emphasizing the positive impact it will have on the citizens and governance.

Minister KTR acknowledged the existing dearth of bureaucracy at the ward level and highlighted how the ward office system bridges this gap and enhances local governance.

He underscored that the ward office system has been introduced with the genuine intention of providing good governance to the citizens of Hyderabad. He called upon all public representatives to rise above political affiliations to work together for the success of this system, emphasizing the importance of collaboration. He assured that the government would extend full support to the ward offices, irrespective of the political parties represented by the public representatives.

The success of this system in Hyderabad has the potential to serve as a model for other cities across the country. Minister KTR expressed his optimism that if the system proves effective in Hyderabad, it could be replicated nationwide, revolutionizing governance and service delivery. Hyderabad already stands at the forefront of cities known for their good governance, and the ward office system further strengthens this reputation.

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Hyderabad to introduce ward office system to address civic grievances


Hyderabad will become the first metro city in the country to introduce a ward office system to enable people to lodge their civic grievances, Telangana’s Minister for Municipal Administration, K. T. Rama Rao said on Saturday.

The minister said that 150 Ward Offices will be inaugurated on June 16. Each of the ward offices will have 10 staff members from various departments led by the Ward Administrative Officer (WAO).

An Assistant Municipal Commissioner rank officer will be the WAO. People can lodge their civic grievances at these offices. The pioneering initiative will take administration closer to people, he said.

Asserting that no other metro city in the country has implemented the Ward Office system, minister KTR exuded confidence about its success. He hoped that this will become a model for other cities in the country.

He held an interactive session with Ward Level Officers of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). The programme was organised on the occasion of Telangana Good Governance Day held as part of the decennial celebrations of Telangana State formation.

KTR detailed the main functions of ward offices and job responsibilities of each of the staff members. One of the objectives of the offices is to ensure proper maintenance of all civic infrastructure provided under all ongoing schemes, development projects in the ward.

The minister also said that a Citizens Charter will be released which will detail the time to redress a grievance. This will be displayed at the offices.

The following staff members will be assigned to each ward office: Ward Administrative Officer (WAO), Engineer, Town planner, Entomologist, Sanitary Jawan, Community Organiser, Urban Biodiversity Supervisor, Assistant, Line Inspector, Computer Operator and Receptionist.

The minister said that a WAO will coordinate with all government departments, escalate issues to additional or deputy commissioners or others. Ward engineers will look after roads, drains, repair or construction of community halls and other infrastructure in the ward. They also have to address water logging issues, filling of potholes, and repair of minor patches on roads.

Ward town planners monitor buildings construction, ensure public property is not encroached, and enforce building rules.

A Ward Entomologist has to identify water logging areas and undertake anti larval operations. Ward Sanitary Jawan will supervise overall sanitation works in the ward.

Ward Urban Biodiversity Supervisor is responsible for all the green programs of the government.

Ward Community Organiser will coordinate with Self Help Groups (SHG) and NGOs. Ward Assistant will be from HMWSSB, who will receive complaints with regard to water supply, sewerage, bills and others, and redress them. The Ward Line Inspector will attend complaints regarding power supply.

Addressing the huge gathering of the staff members, the minister exhorted them to receive grievances from all platforms: in-person, social media.

He emphasised the importance of recording every suggestion and request made by citizens. If the staff members are unable to provide a solution to an issue, they should escalate it immediately.

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Hyderabad Pharma City will be world’s largest pharma cluster: KTR


Telangana has undertaken massive infrastructure development projects to compete globally and attract investments, state Industries and Commerce Minister K.T. Rama Rao said on Tuesday.

The initiatives include the construction of the Kakatiya Mega Textile Park, the largest textile park in India, and Hyderabad Pharma City, which is poised to become the world’s largest pharma cluster, he noted.

Telangana has also made significant strides in the pharma sector, with the establishment of the largest medical devices park in Sultanpur and the presence of the world’s largest stent manufacturing unit, he added.

KTR, as the minister is popularly known, was addressing an event to mark the Telangana Parishramika Pragathi Dhinotsavam or industrial development day as part of decennial celebrations of Telangana state formation.

He proudly proclaimed Hyderabad as the vaccine capital of the world, with over half of the world’s vaccines projected to be manufactured in the city by next year.

The recently-launched Telangana Mobility Valley, similar to the success of Genome Valley in the life sciences sector, has garnered an excellent response from the industrial community and is expected to contribute significantly to the state’s progress in the automobile industry, he said.

The minister launched the annual report 2022-23 of the Industries and Commerce Department, and the decennial report of Handlooms & Textiles Department. KTR also felicitated prominent industrialists, and outstanding employees from the Industries Department, IT,E&C Department, and the Textiles Department.

KTR emphasised the government’s commitment to attracting domestic and international investments while creating employment opportunities.

He announced Telangana’s outstanding achievements in terms of per capita income and Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP). Telangana currently holds the highest per capita income in the country, amounting to Rs 3.17 lakh, demonstrating the state’s economic strength. Additionally, Telangana’s GSDP has soared from Rs 5 lakh crore in 2014 to an impressive Rs 13.27 lakh crore today, indicating significant industrial growth.

He emphasised the exceptional progress in the IT sector, with IT exports increasing from Rs 57,000 crore in 2014 to Rs 2.40 lakh crore in 2022-23. The state’s progress extends across various sectors, including agriculture, ensuring inclusivity and benefiting all segments of society, from rural to urban areas, and from the poor to the rich.

He applauded the substantial growth of the IT sector, which has nearly tripled its workforce from 3.23 lakh employees to 9.5 lakh presently. Telangana’s industrial advancements have not only strengthened the state’s economy but also stimulated other sectors, including real estate, he said.

KTR stated that the Telangana model is characterised by holistic, integrated, inclusive, and balanced development, with the aim of achieving economic, social, and industrial progress in harmony. He reiterated the state government’s commitment to innovation, exemplified by the establishment of T-Hub, the largest technology hub and workspace in the country.

Expressing pride as both a Minister and a citizen, he acknowledged the exceptional progress achieved by Telangana in the industrial sector. He commended the state’s pioneering projects, such as the world’s largest lift irrigation project, Kaleshwaram, and Mission Bhagiratha, which provides drinking water to households.

Telangana has consistently been at the forefront in fields like education, medicine, irrigation, drinking water, and the environment, receiving numerous national awards and international accolades for its achievements, he said, urging the people of the state to reflect on the significant improvements achieved since 2014 in areas such as drinking water, irrigation, education, and electricity supply. He encouraged a fair assessment of Telangana’s progress and expressed optimism for a bright future.

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KTR hits back at Owaisi for ‘BRS taking minorities for granted’ remark


A war of words has broken out between Telangana’s ruling BRS and its ‘friendly party’ AIMIM with BRS Working President K.T. Rama Rao on Thursday hitting back at Asaduddin Owaisi with the remark that not all minorities vote for his AIMIM.

Rama Rao’s remark came in response to Owaisi’s surprising attack on Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) government for taking minorities for granted.

In an interaction with journalists here on Thursday, the BRS leader said that their party doesn’t take anyone for granted.

He also made it clear that it would be wrong to say that minorities vote for only the AIMIM or the Congress or the BRS. “We do not believe that people vote on the basis of religion. We believe that people vote for a party which can provide them good governance,” he said.

Asked about Owaisi targeting the BRS government at his speeches in public meetings in Telangana, KTR, as Rama Rao is popularly known, said that the same MP goes to other states and praises Telangana’s model for minorities welfare. “So it’s for him to decide which Asad Owaisi one should believe,” he remarked.

On the AIMIM contemplating to contest more seats, he remarked that it’s an independent party and it can contest anywhere.

KTR, who is also Telangana’s Industries and Information Technology Minister, exuded confidence that the BRS will score a hat-trick of electoral victories in Telangana. He believes that the party will win 90 to 100 seats (in 119-member Assembly) in the elections due later this year.

He also remarked that tnhe BJP has almost no existence in Telangana. “There is no BJP in Telangana. It’s only on social media,” he said and predicted that the saffron party will lose even the three seats they have in the present Assembly.

He also believes that Congress is no competition for the BRS in the state.

“If the Congress party has a delusion about coming to power, it is up to them. People like Sharmila and K.A. Paul are also saying that they will come to people,” KTR said.

Stating that KCR will become the Chief Minister once again, he dared BJP and Congress to announce their candidates for the post.

Claiming that under BRS rule, Telangana achieved in nine years what Congress and BJP had done in 75 years, he dared Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge to name a state which is doing better than Telangana.

Asked if BRS would support the efforts for opposing unity, KTR said that the BRS was against the idea of bringing only one party to power. “Instead our aim is to implement the good practices of Telangana state in other states. The propaganda and the thinking that there are only Congress and BJP in the country is wrong. The BJP came to power because of the failures of the Congress.”

Listing out the failures of the BJP-led government at the Centre, KTR termed Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the most ineffective Prime Minister. He also slammed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over some of his statements and remarked that he should open a NGO or a shop.

On the result of recent Assembly elections in Karnataka, KTR said that it was not the victory of Congress but rejection of bad governance by the people.

“Our party has the right to contest in Karnataka, Maharashtra and other states as well. We are thinking in that direction. Our party has also started work in Andhra Pradesh. We have also started the state party office,” he said in reply to a query about his party’s plans.

On proposed delimitation of parliamentary constituencies, he reiterated that states that have undertaken population control should not suffer.

“All states should have equal opportunities in a democracy. The number of seats likely to be increased in a single state like Uttar Pradesh will be more than the total number of seats in the southern states. Southern states which have supported the country’s progress should not suffer,” he said.

Stating that no one will tolerate such a situation, KTR called for healthy debate on the increase in Lok Sabha seats.

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KTR slams Centre over treatment meted out to wrestlers


Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) working president K.T. Rama Rao has slammed the Centre for the treatment meted out to wrestlers during their protest in New Delhi.

“Can any responsible leader from Govt of India tell us why it has to be this way?,” KTR asked on Twitter.

“These are champions who brought us glory on world stage! They deserve our support and respect,” he said.

KTR, who is also a state minister, was reacting to a tweet by wrestler Sakshi Malik, who posted a video clip in which police personnel are seen dragging the wrestlers.

Police had detained protesting wrestlers who were trying to march towards the new Parliament when it was being inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The wrestlers, who started the march from the site of protest at Jantar Mantar, were stopped by the police from proceeding towards the new Parliament. There was a scuffle when the protesters breached the security cordon.

Wrestlers Vinesh Phogat, Sakshi Malik and Bajrang Punia were detained by the Delhi Police. They along with their supporters wanted to hold ‘Mahila Mahapanchayat’ near the new Parliament building demanding arrest of Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh for allegedly sexually harassing women wrestlers including a minor.

Brij Bhushan Singh is a BJP MP from Kaiserganj in Uttar Pradesh.

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Hyderabad preferred destination for US aerospace, defence firms: KTR


Hyderabad has emerged as the most preferred investment destination for US aerospace and defense companies, said Telangana’s Minister for Industries and Information Technology K.T. Rama Rao during his ongoing US visit.

Amid the visit, he led the aerospace and defense roundtable in Washington DC, where prominent US majors, advisory firms, think tanks, and startups participated, according to a statement from the minister’s office in Hyderabad.

KTR, as the minister is popularly known, showcased the spectacular growth of the aerospace sector and private sector defence investments in Telangana in the past nine years, it said.

Stating that aerospace and defence is a thrust sector in Telangana, he said that Telangana has achieved a remarkable feat by winning the best state awards for aerospace for three years in 2018, 2020, and 2022. Hyderabad was also ranked No 1 Aerospace city of Future in Cost effectiveness parameter by Financial Times FDI rankings 2020-21. These recognitions reflect the State’s progressive outlook towards the aerospace sector, he said.

Telangana hosts multiple production lines for US majors including Lockheed Martin joint venture with Tata group that manufactures and exports Sikorsky helicopter cabins, C130 J empennages and F 16 Wings. Similarly, Boeing JV with TATA manufactures the entire Apache fuselages, Chinook aerostructures including tail and nose cones, and vertical stabilizers for the 737 series of aircrafts.

GE manufactures engine parts in Hyderabad. Raytheon group’s Pratt and Whitney has their only engine training centre in India in Hyderabad. Safran has recently inaugurated their aero engine parts manufacturing facility and announced the first Engine MRO by an OEM in India in Hyderabad.

The manufacturing ecosystem is supported by 1000 plus MSMEs exclusively into aerospace and defence manufacturing, many of whom are already integrated into the global supply chains of the OEMs, the minister said.

Telangana has created several dedicated aerospace and precision engineering clusters with world class infrastructure. Adibatla Aerospace SEZ is one amongst the first aerospace SEZs in the country which host most of the mega projects of the Tata Group and their US JV partners. The minister highlighted how TS-iPASS, the revolutionary industrial policy, helped boost industry confidence by granting online time bound and transparent approvals based on self-certifications.

Leadership teams from industry giants met with KTR in Washington and New York. The discussions revolved around investment opportunities and expansion plans.

KTR met Lockheed Martin Corporation senior leaders Ray Piselli, VP International Business and Global Business Development and Dave Sutton, Director for International Government Affairs on ongoing manufacturing programmes in Hyderabad and new programmes in pipeline.

During the meeting, held in Washington DC, the Lockheed Martin leaders appreciated the unmatched support received from Telangana government during the pandemic days and assured support for the various skilling initiatives undertaken by the state including the plan to establish a world class aerospace university proposed in partnership with leading OEMS.

“Glad to note that Lockheed is planning their next supply chain meet in Hyderabad and is actively speaking to several Telangana based MSMEs and start-ups for fruitful collaborations,” said KTR.

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Telangana becomes first state to launch robotics policy framework


Telangana has become the first state in the country to launch a state robotics framework with a vision to create a sustainable robotics ecosystem.

This is aimed at promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and research and development to position Telangana as a leader in the field of robotics.

Information Technology and Industries Minister K.T. Rama Rao launched the robotics framework, the sixth such framework launched by the Emerging Technologies Wing of the ITE&C Department.

He noted that Telangana, from the very beginning itself, realised the pivotal role that technology has to play in the progress of a state, and focused immensely on adopting every latest technological advancements and on becoming a catalyst for technological innovations.

It was in 2017 that Telangana set up a first-of-its-kind dedicated vertical called the Emerging Technologies Wing. “We chose eight emerging technologies which are at the forefront of the fourth Industrial Revolution such as AI, Blockchain, Drones, Additive Manufacturing, IoT, Space Tech, Cloud and Robotics and set to drive ecosystem development and government adoption in these areas,” he said.

The state has already released 5 actionable policy frameworks on AI, Cloud, Blockchain, Drone, and SpaceTech. With this Telangana has become a pioneer in embracing emerging technologies and a role model for other states, he said.

The robotics framework is a comprehensive roadmap that outlines the state’s vision for the development of the robotics ecosystem in the state and contributing to the growth of the industry in the country. The framework has been developed by the Emerging Technologies Wing in collaboration with the All India Robotics Association and inputs from academia, industry experts and stakeholders.

The framework focuses on leveraging robotics technology to drive growth and development across identified four key domains – agriculture, healthcare, industrial automation and consumer robotics.

The key points in the framework are that the state will set up a Robo Park equipped with testing facilities, co-working options, and co-production/manufacturing options either at sites owned by the state or in partnership with the industry, academia, and incubators, at competitive rates. Additionally, the state will establish a world-class robotics accelerator to provide startups with the necessary incubation, infrastructure, authorisation support, market insights, investor connect, and mentorship support.

In order to achieve the vision of the framework, the government has identified five key pillars: infrastructure access, business enablement, fostering research & innovation, human capital enhancement and responsible deployment.

The state will set up a separate body called the Telangana Robotics Innovation Center (TRIC)which will be responsible for the implementation of this framework and will be the nodal point to implement the key pillars of the framework.

The state government also signed MoUs with five organisations, including academic institutions, industry associations, and incubators. They are IIT Hyderabad, ART PARK IISC, GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd (GHIAL), AgHub (PJTSAU), and the All India Robotics Association (AIRA).

The state government is planning to organise a Global Robotics Summit to showcase its growing robotics ecosystem and attract investments from across the world. The summit will provide a platform for startups, researchers, and industry leaders to showcase their work, network with potential partners and investors, and explore new business opportunities.

Principal Secretary, ITE&C and Industries, Jayesh Ranjan, and Director of Emerging Technologies Rama Devi Lanka also spoke on the occasion.

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Telangana minister KTR invited to AsiaBerlin Summit


Telangana’s minister for information technology and industries K.T. Rama Rao has been invited to the ‘AsiaBerlin Summit 2023’, to be held in Berlin, Germany, from June 12 to 15.

This year’s summit will be held on the theme ‘Connecting the Startup Ecosystems’ and will be inaugurated by the Governing Mayor of Berlin in the Berlin City Hall

The invite from the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, requested minister KTR to speak at this year’s Summit and thus strengthen the partnership between our countries and send a visible signal for intensifying this cooperation.

The AsiaBerlin Summit is the annual summit addressing economic connections between Berlin and Asia, with the goal of connecting Berlin startups with valuable markets and ecosystems in Asia.

This year, the summit will focus on three main topics — mobility and logistics, energy transition, green tech, climate change and artificial intelligence. In addition, a dedicated investor program, a startup pitch competition and guided tours through the Berlin ecosystem will be organised.

Earlier on May 4, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) invited KTR to the 14th WEF annual meeting of the new champions, to be held from June 27 to 29, 2023 in Tianjin, China, with the support of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

WEF’s President BA,rge Brende stated in the invitation that driven by KTR’s vision, Telangana has become a beacon of innovation and a pioneer in embracing emerging technologies.

“Telangana is leading India’s start-up and innovation system through future-oriented policies and enablers such as the T-Hub. Participants will be keen to hear your insights on promoting growth in Telangana led by entrepreneurship, innovation and digital transformation,” reads the invitation.

The meeting will convene over 1,500 global leaders from business, government, civil society, international organizations and academia at a pivotal time for the global economic recovery. It will focus on key transformations such as accelerating the energy transition, making progress on climate and sustainability, deploying innovation across economies and industries, and post-pandemic consumer behaviour.

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Telangana takes IT to tier-II towns, opens fourth facility


Expanding the information technology sector to tier-II towns in Telangana, the state government on Saturday opened an IT tower in Mahabubnagar.

Minister for Information Technology and Industries, K T. Rama Rao, inaugurated the IT tower, which is the fourth such facility in tier-II towns.

The minister said that the proximity of the facility to Hyderabad and Shamshabad airport will attract companies to establish their operations in the area.

Spread across four acres, the IT tower in Mahbubnagar consists of G+four floors where companies and the state government’s innovation ecosystem are provided with space to set up their offices or centres.

The building consists of 44 office spaces, 10 conference halls, an Innovation Centre, a Knowledge Hub and a Cafeteria.

On the occasion, the IT Minister also inaugurated Telangana Academy of Skill and Knowledge’s (TASK) centre, facilitation centres of T-Hub and WE-HUB located in the building.

Besides this, Seat Allocation Letters were handed over to nine companies, to set up their operations at the facility. The companies are Mueller dotKonnect, Amara Raja Group, Zuven Technologies, Intuites LLC, Urpan Technologies, E-grove Systems, IT Vision 360 Inc, Four Oaks Inc and BCDC Cloud Centers Pvt Ltd.

KTR on Friday inaugurated four IT companies in Hanamkonda. The four companies are LTI Mindtree, Genpact, HRH Next, Hexad Solutions Pvt Ltd. The Minister handed over appreciation letters to representatives of the companies for setting up their facilities in Hanamkonda.

Genpact has already hired 400 associates from the local colleges.

LTI Mindtree has hired 60 associates from the local colleges. HRH Next has hired 120 associates at Warangal. It plans to grow this to 500 plus in the coming months.

Hexad Solutions Group already hired 50 people at Warangal Design Center offering engineering and design services to Wireline, Wireless and CATV communications.

KTR noted that Hyderabad has made significant improvements in IT by becoming home to top global brands of the world such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Qualcomm, Uber, Micron, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and UBS. Mahindra, MRF, Olectra, Mythra and Race Energy have also set up new centres in Telangana. ZF, Frisker, Stellantis, Hyundai and Biliti too set up their campuses in Hyderabad.

He said that by creating the policy framework, infrastructure and access to human capital, Hyderabad has become a chosen destination. “We are likely to cross 2.2 lakh crore exports in 2022-23 which is close to 20 per cent growth Year over Year from 1.83 lakh crore. The IT Sector with a total employment of 785,614 direct jobs in 2021-22, added over 1.5 lakh jobs in 2021-22 alone,” he said.

As part of the vision of Telangana, the plan is to spread the growth across Telangana, not limiting this to Hyderabad Northwest Corner – Hitec City and Gachibowli. Telangana Government has rolled out GRID (Growth in Dispersion) and rural development policies to spur the growth across Telangana.

As part of that strategy, Telangana state has already inaugurated IT Centres at Warangal, Karimnagar and Khammam, which are already operational and creating local employment with multiplier effect to the local economy.

KTR said that IT towers in Nizamabad, Nalgonda and Siddipet will be inaugurated in a few months. The IT tower in Adilabad is also shaping up well.

Besides creating employment to rural youth, these IT Towers reduce migration to larger cities, boost local businesses and aid in equitable development of the state.

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Hyderabad improves biodiversity, reveals city index


Hyderabad has significantly improved biodiversity in the last one decade as the city scored 57 out of 92 marks in the latest biodiversity index released on Tuesday.

In 2012, the city had scored only 36 out of 92 marks.

Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister K.T. Rama Rao released the City Biodiversity Index of Hyderabad.

The index is useful for monitoring, conservation and development of biodiversity in the city. Also called the Singapore Index, the City Biodiversity Index is the only index designed specifically for monitoring and evaluating biodiversity in cities.

Earlier, Hyderabad got its City Biodiversity Index in 2012 (COP11 meeting), and Kolkata created it in 2017. Hyderabad registered itself as the first city to create the Biodiversity Index for the second time.

The index is prepared based on 23 various biodiversity indicators such as ongoing biodiversity conservation efforts in the respective city, support extended by the local government in this direction, and measures conceived for enhancement of biodiversity. A total of 92 marks are allotted for the 23 indicators.

The city witnessed significant improvement in the Biodiversity Index due to the various green initiatives initiated by the Telangana government, namely Haritha Haram, urban parks, rejuvenation of water bodies and forests to name a few.

Hyderabad, which was known as the city of lakes, currently has 1,350 water bodies spread over 2,000 hectares. It also has important rock formations which cover an area of 1,600 hectares. KBR National Park and Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park in the city contribute significantly to biodiversity. Besides, huge campuses of the University of Hyderabad, the Osmania University, and ICRISAT host wide species of diversity. Protection of the natural biodiversity in the city led to the improved ranks in the latest index.

According to the report, there are 1,305 species of plants of which 577 were native and 728 were introduced. The city is home to 30 species of odonates, 141 species of butterflies, 42 species of spiders, 60 species of fish, 16 amphibian species, 41 reptile species, 315 bird species, and 58 mammalian species.

Appreciating officials for preparing the Hyderabad specific Biodiversity Index, KTR, as the minister is popularly known, said that biodiversity is a crucial aspect in the process of becoming a world-class city. He said that Haritha Haaram, conservation of lakes, increasing forest cover, and improving urban lung spaces helped in improving biodiversity.

The minister added that along with the city, biodiversity in localities around it too will improve.

KTR stated that the implementation of Haritha Haram by the Telangana government was aimed at enhancing biodiversity in all municipalities. To achieve this objective, a green budget has been allocated for various programmes such as Pattana Prakruthi Vanalu and Nurseries, which aim to increase the green cover. As a result of these extensive efforts, the green cover across the state has increased, leading to an improvement in biodiversity.

Noting Hyderabad and other towns have received many awards and accolades for their impressive green cover and biodiversity initiatives, he emphasised the importance of continuing these efforts and instructed officials to develop a five-year action plan to enhance biodiversity.

In addition, the minister urged them to organize World Environment Day (June 5) on a large scale and raise awareness among the public about ways to improve biodiversity.

He announced that the Haritha Awards would be presented to the best-performing municipality and municipal officers and staff who contribute to increasing green cover.

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ED and CBI are mere puppets, says BRS leader KTR


Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) working president K. T. Rama Rao on Thursday said that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) have become mute spectators and mere puppets.

He also voiced the apprehension that former Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satyapal Malik may be arrested for his revelations on corruption.

“Nation is watching keenly as ED & CBI become mute spectators & mere puppets. I suppose they will now arrest former Governor Satyapal Ji for the revelations,” he tweeted while reacting to Satyapal Malik’s reported allegations against RSS leader Ram Madhav.

The BRS leader told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that talking big on corruption is easy. “But when it comes to commissions and omissions of the BJP Government in Karnataka & Adani, the Anti-corruption Bhashans & Rules don’t apply,” KTR added.

Satyapal had alleged in an interview that Ram Madhav tried lobbying to clear a file which involved Rs 300 crore kickbacks.

In another tweet, KTR hit out at BJP leaders who felicitated an accused in Telangana SSC paper leak case after he was released on bail.

The BRS leader posted a picture of BJP leaders felicitating the accused number two in the case. Telangana BJP chief and MP Bandi Sanjay was named as accused number one in the case and he too was released on bail.

KTR also posted pictures of BJP men felicitating accused in heinous crimes.

“Celebrating rapists of Bilkis Bano, Union minister welcoming murderers in UP shooting the effigy of Mahatma Gandhi Ji in UP welcoming the SSC paper leak criminal in Telangana. There is something seriously demented in these dimwits & more importantly the people who support them,” wrote KTR.

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Aaditya Thackeray visits T-Hub, meets KTR


Shiv Sena-UBT leader Aaditya Thackeray on Tuesday visited T-Hub in Hyderabad and met Telangana’s Information Technology and Industry Minister K.T. Rama Rao.

Accompanied by Rajya Sabha member Priyanka Chaturvedi, he went around the T-Hub premises in Hitec City and was impressed with the facility set up by the Telangana government as innovation hub and ecosystem enabler.

The Shiv Sena leader later tweeted that it is always fantastic and encouraging to meet KTR and connect over “our common interests over sustainability, urbanism, technology and how it will help fuel India’s growth”.

He wrote that he visited T-Hub and witnessed the amazing work that’s happened there for start ups, innovators, and ideators.

“Pleasure reconnecting with you Aaditya Ji after our meeting at Davos last year Look forward to more conversations in future,” tweeted KTR.

The two leaders had met in May last year in Davos on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Thackeray was then Maharashtra’s Tourism and Environment Minister.

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KTR challenges PM to name a better performer than Telangana


Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) working president K.T. Rama Rao on Sunday challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to name a state that has performed better all-round than Telangana in the last 9 years.

A day after Modi addressed a public meeting in Hyderabad, Rama Rao took to Twitter to throw the challenge.

Listing out the achievements of Telangana, KTR said that despite all this the Prime minister had not a single word of appreciation.

The BRS leader alleged that the Prime Minister has refused to acknowledge a performing state for petty politics.

KTR claimed that Telangana had the highest per capita growth in India. It is the first state to provide drinking water to all homes.

He pointed out that Telangana completed the world’s largest lift irrigation project and has the best rural development model in India with 100 per cent Open Defecation Free (ODF) plus villages. Telangana is the second highest paddy producer in India and also the highest number of IT jobs creating state in India.

KTR claimed Telangana has the highest green cover growth of 7.7 per cent in India. It also won the second highest number of awards (26) for municipalities in India.

The minister for industry and information technology also pointed out that Telangana is among top 4 contributing states to Indian GDP. It is a top 3 ranked state in Ease of Doing Business.

He claimed that Telangana also has the best industrial policy in India. It is home to India’s largest textile park – Kakatiya Mega Textile Park (KMTP).

The state is also the vaccine hub of the world and has highest per capita power consumption in India. It is the second largest renewable energy producer in India.

Telangana has one of the lowest Debt – GSDP ratio in India. “Hyderabad is rated by Mercer the Best Indian city 5 years in a row: 2015-20,” he wrote.

The BRS leader stated that Telangana has lowest corruption in India as per latest survey of Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS). The state also won many international accolades.

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Telangana launches cool roof policy to reduce heat stress


Telangana on Monday launched Cool Roof Policy, thus becoming the first state in the country to come out with the initiative aimed at reducing the urban heat island impact and to bring down energy consumption.

Minister for municipal administration and urban development K.T. Rama Rao launched the policy with a vision to make the state a more thermally comfortable and heat resilient.

The policy has come into effect from April 1 this year and is already incorporated with building permissions applications.

Telangana Cool Roof Policy 2023-28 suggests adoption of cool roof as a measure for implementation to build resilience against extreme heat. “We aim to be an eco-friendly state with reduced dependence on energy consumption for cooling,” he said.

The cool roof is now mandatory for all government, government-owned, non-residential and commercial buildings irrespective of the site area or built up area. Occupancy certificates will be issued only after ensuring compliance with the policy.

Cool roof application is mandatory for residential buildings that have a plot area of 600 square yards and above. However, for buildings that have plot area of less than 600 square yards, it is optional or voluntary.

Leading by example, minister Rama Rao personally got cool roof painting done for his house. He said that it is very beneficial.

He directed officials to explore awarding incentives to encourage builders and property owners to adopt cool roof policy guidelines.

A special training programme for builders and all those involved in the construction industry about cool roof products and their benefits will be conducted.

The minister revealed that the cost for cool roof painting or tiles would be Rs 300 per square metre.

The policy aims at developing an ecosystem of suppliers, trained man power, testing and materials to support implementation of cool roofs.

Cool roofs are painted with solar reflective paint, covered in white tiles or with white membrane. They are an easy and cost-effective way to help fight climate change by mitigating the urban heat island effect and reducing cooling demand.

A cool roof takes in less heat from the sun than regular roofs. It stays relatively cool in the sun by reflective sunlight to minimise solar absorption and emitting thermal radiation to help dissipate solar heat gain. Cool roofs reflect around 80 per cent of the sunlight as compared with 20 per cent from regular roofs.

Experts say cool roofs can help keep indoor temperatures 2.1-4.3 degree lower than households with traditional roofs.

Cool roofs need limited maintenance and can save 20 per cent in energy costs and can increase the longevity of the roof beneath them.

Under the cool roof policy, Telangana has set a target of 5 square kilometer area for Hyderabad urban agglomeration and 2.5 square kilometer for the rest of the state in 2023-24. This will be doubled every year to reach 200 square kilometer in Hyderabad and 100 square kilometer in the rest of the state by 2028-29.

A total of 300 square kilometers of cool roof in the entire state is expected to help save 600 million units of energy per year.

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Centre should apologise to the nation for fuel price hike: KTR


Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) working President K.T. Rama Rao on Thursday sought an apology from the BJP-led Union government for skyrocketing fuel prices.

Slamming the Central government for ‘burdening the common man with increased fuel prices’, the BRS leader said in an open letter that the Centre is looting the public by citing international crude oil prices as the reason for the fuel price hike, but their deceit has been exposed.

“In 2013, when the cost of one crude oil barrel was $110, the cost of one litre petrol was Rs 76. Now, when the cost of one crude oil barrel is $66, the cost of one litre petrol is Rs 110,” KTR pointed out.

KTR added that the Centre is fleecing the poor and middle class people by increasing prices just to benefit a few corporates.

“Due to the 45 per cent hike in fuel prices since 2014, all the essential commodities have become costlier,” the state minister said.

KTR also said that due to the rise in diesel price, the state governments have been forced to increase public transport charges and the public transport system is on the brink of a crisis because of the Central government.

“The inflation is also at a 45-year high due to the failures of the Union government,” he added.

The minister wondered that though the Centre makes tall claims regarding importing crude oil at lower prices from Russia, the same benefit is not passed on to the common man and only two oil companies are reaping huge profits.

“The Union government is importing crude oil at lower prices from Russia, refining it, and selling the refined fuel to other countries. They are hiding this key information from the public,” KTR said.

He added that the Centre also reduced windfall tax on fuel to benefit some corporate entities.

KTR took a potshot at Central ministers for their remarks that bringing fuel under the purview of GST would reduce prices.

“The LPG cylinder price, which is under GST, has been hiked from Rs 400 to Rs 1200, making it the costliest LPG cylinder in the world,” KTR said.

He also accused the Central government of conspiring to stop discussions on price rise in the Parliament.

“Rejecting the BJP is the only way to stop the looting of the Central government and to reduce fuel prices,” KTR said.

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Telangana BJP chief refuses to apologise to KTR


Telangana BJP President Bandi Sanjay Kumar on Wednesday said he would legally counter the notice served by Industries and Information Technology Minister K.T. Rama Rao but ruled out tendering an apology.

Rama Rao had Tuesday served legal notices to Bandi Sanjay and state Congress chief Revanth Reddy over their allegations against him in Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) paper leak issue, asking them to withdraw their allegations and tender public apology or face defamation suit to the tune of Rs 100 crore.

Reacting to this, Bandi Sanjay said he would legally counter the notice and made it clear that he will not be scared of “empty threats” of KTR, as the minister is popularly known. “If the damage to KTR’s reputation is Rs.100 crore, what is the damage caused to the future of 30 lakh youth,” he asked.

Sanjay remarked that attempting to make money in the name of defamation is shameful. The BJP leader said KTR had alleged that he was involved in paper leakage. “What is the damage I should claim from him,” he asked.

He reiterated the demand that the paper leakage issue should be investigated by a sitting judge of the high court and that the state government should pay Rs 1 lakh compensation each to every unemployed person who suffered because of the paper leak. He said the BJP was also fighting for dismissal of KTR from the cabinet.

The BJP leader said KTR owes an answer to the people of Telangana how he amassed hundreds of crores after coming to politics.

KTR’s lawyer had Tuesday sent legal notices to Revanth and Sanjay. The notice said that unless the leaders refrain from making such defamatory statements and tender a public apology, KTR will take forward the legal proceedings and file a defamation suit in the courts of competent jurisdiction.

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