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Roja meets KCR after KTR’s jibe on AP


A few hours ago, Telangana minister KTR had made some objectionable comments against the neighbouring Telugu state. Though he did not name it, the reference was obviously to Andhra Pradesh.

He said a friend of his had gone to his native for Pongal and witnessed the bad state of affairs in that state. There was no power, no water and the roads were too bad, the minister said.

KTR further said that his friend had advised him to take some people from Telangana to parts of the neighbouring state to experience how good they are in Telangana when compared to the neighbouring state.

Though these comments of KTR were uncalled for and unwarranted, Minister for Tourism from AP R K Roja visited KTR’s father and chief minister KCR at Pragati Bhavan. She said she had visited the TS chief minister only to seek his blessings.

When KTR’s comments were referred to her by the media persons, she said those comments were not about Andhra Pradesh.

“I don’t think his (KTR) comments were about AP. There are many neighbouring states to Telangana,” she quipped.

When asked what if KTR’s reference was about AP, Roja said that she would take KTR to AP and show him how best the state is being developed. She said KTR was misguided and misinformed by the friend.

Whatever Roja said to take light of KTR’s comments, one wonders what prompted him to talk about Andhra Pradesh.

Does it mean that TRS is going against the YSR Congress, breaking the relations with the other Telugu state?

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Roja good bye to Jabardast and movies, to handle civil supplies ministry


Actress turned politician Roja is all set to bid adieu to the most popular TV show Jabardast and movies. Details as follows.

The name of Roja was not in the initial list of probable MLAs getting ministries. However, to the surprise of everyone, Jagan decided to have both Peddireddy and Roja who belong to same community and same district in his cabinet. Roja, who is elated with this development announced that she will be quitting all the movies and TV shows to fully focus on her ministry. She said, while TDP government suspended from Assembly, Jagan not only made her MLA twice but also giving her ministry. She has been working in Jabardast tv show for almost a decade now and she now decided to quit this show to focus on the role given by Jagan .

It is expected that Roja will be given the ministry of civil supplies that was handled by Kodali Nani earlier.

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Why did Roja seek an appointment with YS Jagan Mohan Reddy?


The hottest topic of discussion in the YSRCP circles is firebrand MLA from Nagari RK Roja seeking an appointment with Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Roja sought an appointment with YS Jagan on Wednesday and if sources are to be believed, the meeting would be a stormy one.

Why did she seek an appointment with Jagan and what would she be discussing with the CM, this is the hot topic of debate! Many feel that Roja is likely to press for a ministerial post for herself. Roja, a two-time MLA from Nagari, sees herself as a strong contender for the ministerial post. Her firebrand ways and her strong defence of the party and its programmes both within and outside the house, are a great asset to the party.

But she has been facing problems from within the party. Egged on by a strong minister from Chittoor, the dissidents have been giving her sleepless nights. The dissidents have tried to target her in the name of sand mining, MPP elections and other issues. Even Jagan’s birthday became a subject of dispute in Nagari with Roja’s opponents holding separate celebrations. Roja is unhappy that several of her political rivals in the party were given plum posts, weakening her position in the party and the constituency.

Sources also say that she could also press for the inclusion of Nagari assembly constituency in Sri Balaji district instead of Chittoor district. Whatever be the reason, her appointment with YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is now the hot topic of debate in the YSRCP, especially those from Chitttoor district.

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Roja’s rivals getting prominence in YSRCP!


YSRCP firebrand leader, actress and Nagari MLA Roja has been encountering a shock after shock in YSRCP.

YSRCP chief and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has been dealing big blows to Roja without citing any reasons since June 2021.

What is more disturbing for Roja is that her rivals in her own Nagari constituency are getting priority over her.

With this, Roja is reportedly spending sleepless nights unable to understand the mind and moves of Jagan.

Former Nagari municipal chairperson KG Kumar, who is the bitter rival of Roja, secured Eediga caste corporation chairperson post to his wife Shanthi.

In Nindra mandal parishad elections, Reddyvari Chakrapani Reddy who gave tought fight to Roja’s camp, secured chairperson post of Srisailam Temple Board.

Roja was shocked to know that Jagan appointed Chakrapani Reddy as chairperson of the prestigious temple board in AP.

Roja’s rivals are giving a tough fight to her in five mandals in her Nagari constituency by securing nominated posts from YSRCP top leadership.

Roja’s bad time in YSRCP started in July 2021 when Jagan dropped him as APIIC chairperson. Since then, she is just continuing as MLA.

Jagan nominated Mettu Govinda Reddy as APIIC chairman in her place. At that time, it was told that Roja would get a cabinet berth which did not happen to date.

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Roja’s ‘strategic moves’ puts YSRCP, CM and ministes in a fix!


YSRCP firebrand leader, actress and MLA Roja is making ‘strategic moves’ to take on her own party leaders in her home constituency Nagari. Her rivals in YSRCP are undertaking an aggressive negative campaign against her on social media platforms accusing her of indulging in illegal transportation of sand and indulging in other irregularities to make huge huge money by misusing her power.

Roja, who kept mum all these days, suddenly sprung into action to check her political rivals in YSRCP. But Roja is using TDP as a weapon to gain upper hand over her rivals.

Roja met Chittoor SP Senthil Kumar and complained that some vested interests with an aim to benefit and strengthen TDP in Nagari were resorting to false propaganda against her on social media platforms and requested the police to file criminal cases against them.

She complained that some persons with vested interests are spreading false information on social media that she was transporting sand illegally but the fact remains that the sand is being transported legally by government departments to undertake development programmes in Nagari and also to build Jagananna colonies.

She said this false propaganda is damaging the reputation of YSRCP government, CM YS Jagan, Chittoor district ministers, mining minister and government departments.

Instead of taking on her rivals directly, she complained in a manner by dragging YSRCP government, CM Jagan and ministers into this issue.

Now, party high command is not in a position to talk anything on this issue as she complained in a strategic manner by approaching police against TDP.

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Aircraft with Andhra politicos diverted to Bengaluru following technical snag


Film personality and ruling YSRCP MLA Roja Selvamani, and senior leader of the opposition TDP in Andhra Pradesh, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, were among the 70 passengers aboard a Rajamahendravaram-Tirupati flight which had to be diverted following a technical snag on Tuesday.

The Indigo flight which was to land at Renigunta was diverted to Bengaluru instead.

Renigunta Airport sources said that the flight has landed safely at Bengaluru. They said that the aircraft had been diverted there because the Renigunta Airport is not equipped to repair the snag.

The aircraft is expected to return to Renigunta after the snag is rectified. While the airline has not commented on the development, Nagari assembly constituency representative Selvamani took to social media to update her status.

She said that the doors of the aircraft have not been opened yet, and that passengers are waiting for further word on the status of their journey.

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Will Roja be disappointed again?


Will her caste become film star-turned politician RK Roja’s bane? Will she be denied a place in the Jagan cabinet this time too? Political watchers say it is likely that Jagan, who is known to take caste equations quite seriously , may ask her to stand down one more time.

Roja has carved a niche for herself in politics. This is mainly due to her film glamour, her firebrand image and her work in the constituency. This two-time MLA is hugely popular in the constituency mainly because of her activism. She is a great supporter of YS Jagan and is known to defend him to the hilt. Thus, she has all it takes to become a minister.

But she could not be made a minister because there were already too many Reddy’s in the contention. When she wasn’t made a minister, she fretted and fumed. She made displeasure known to the party biggies by skipping the swearing in of the ministers.. Later, Jagan tried to mollify her by offering her the chairperson post of the APIIC. However, being a Reddy has become a headache for her. This time too, it is likely that she many not be picked this time too. Another major reason is that Chittoor strongman Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy is staunchly opposing Roja’s inclusion in the council of ministers. Let us wait and see how things unfold for Roja.

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“Jabardast” question before RK Roja


The hottest topic of discussion in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh these days is whether actor-turned politician RK Roja, the MLA from Nagari in Chittoor district, will become a minister in YS Jagan’s cabinet. Though a two-time MLA, the ministry has been eluding her all these days mainly due to unfavourable caste equations.

But the question bigger than whether she becomes a minister is whether she will stop being a judge in the Jabardast show. Yes. This is the most debated topic and there are reasons for this. The show borders on the lewd and some of the skits are way too below the belt and bawdy. Yet, Roja did not stop being a judge in the show despite becoming an MLA and the chairperson of the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (APIIC).

The second and the bigger objection is that the show is aired in a TV channel that is known for anti-Jagan approach. Despite its political stand, Roja continues to be on the show. This has been questioned by several YSRCP leaders. But, Roja has steadfastly maintained that she has been on the show even before she became an MLA and even before the YSRCP came to power. Hence, there is no reason why she should shun it, she argues.

But, being an MLA or being the chief of a corporation are different. But, should she continue on the show even after becoming a minister? This is the question being posed in political circles. In fact the likes of NTR have acted in films even after becoming the CM. Similarly, the likes of Ch Vidyasagar Rao anchored TV debates even after being an MLA. TDP MP Shiva Prasad (now deceased) used to act in films even while he was an MP. So, what is wrong with Roja doing a show on TV, ask her supporters.

But, will Jagan allow her to continue with the Jabardast show if she is made a minister? Well! One has to wait and see how things shape up.

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RK Roja Vs Vani Viswanath in Nagari


Yesteryear heroine Vani Viswanath who recently confirmed her entry into politics by joining Telugu Desham Party will lock horns with her contemporary actress and YSR Congress Party firebrand RK Roja.

The duo will be contesting in Roja’s constituency Nagari, which is in Chandrababu Naidu’s home district Chittoor. While Vani is ready to contest from anywhere in the state, TDP wants to cash in on her acting career to reduce the charm of the Jabardasth TV show judge.

Following the defeat in Nandyal and Kakinada elections, speculations were rife that Roja had to face the heat for her reckless comments on the ruling party leaders and became the scapegoat for loss.

However, a former minister and YSRCP leader dismissed the rumors that Roja was not queried or was sought explanation. He even advised that the charisma of the actor-cum-politician has not faded a bit evident from the way she is attracting people wherever she goes.

Another YSRCP leader asked if Roja has lost charm, why is TDP planning to launch Vani to counter her.

Speaking of her peer Roja, Vani said that the if they contest against each other it will be political rivalry and nothing personal.

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Naidu’s growth target a mirage: Roja


YSR Congress on Sunday dismissed chief minister Chandrababu Naidu’s ‘tall talk’ of 15 per cent growth rate as mirage. ‘When the highest growth rate in the World has been that of China at 7.40 % and the national figure has been pegged at 5.60 %, how can Andhra Pradesh achieve or even think of the impossible 15 % growth rate,’ party MLA RK Roja asked.

‘The sum of goods and services produced during the year when compared to the previous year, determines the growth rate. In Andhra Pradesh farmers are in distress, their loans are not waived and are declared as defaulters. With the financial crisis, agricultural operations were not taken up in half of the cultivable land and floods have damaged the crops adding to the misery. Most of the industries are left out in Hyderabad city and the production figures are bound to show a downward trend. The IT industry is heavily concentrated in Hyderabad and no income could be expected. When it comes to service sector, there is little or no scope as there is no proper infrastructure. How would Naidu talk of such a high growth rate unless he wants to play fraud on the people,” she said.

Stating that even in booming economies Naidu’s rate of growth looks questionable, Roja asked the TDP president to make public how much growth rate he achieved during nine years he was chief Minister.

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